25 Stunning Easy Back Hand Henna Designs - 2023

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  15 Jul 23

Henna has been used for thousands of years in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa for its cooling properties, and also for decorative purposes. Henna is a very traditional form of art that exists in India for a long time. Henna is mainly associated with weddings but today women are applying mehndi for diverse occasions owing to the variety of designs that exist today. There are numerous occasions on which one can sport such back hand mehndi designs.


25 Easy Back Hand Henna Designs


Square Mehndi


1. Square Henna Design

We love this tribal easy back hand henna design, which is made of only dots and lines. This square henna design is very unique and simple to make at the same time. We reckon both the artist and the client will be crushing hard on this design, for different reasons!

Flower Henna Design


2. Flower Henna Design

This back hand mehndi design is just a tattoo that one can make on the backside of little girls' hands or use in a bigger design to fill space. If one wants to sustain their career in the business, one needs to know these tricks to save time.


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Floral Chain Design

3. Floral Chain Design

Keeping it simple and easy yet dainty as ever, this floral chain henna design for the backhand is a millennial bride's favourite. Not only for the brides, but this easy henna design is also a much-loved one even for the bridesmaids.


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Floral Henna Design


4. Floral Henna Design

While intricate designs are mostly preferred by the brides to make their hands look fuller, mehndi artists can opt for elaborate easy floral henna designs for the backhand or half-hand henna designs that the other females in the family or the bridesmaids and friends can flaunt. 


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Abstract Henna Design


5. Abstract Henna Design

One just has to be good at making a straight line, which is necessary for every mehndi artist. For brides or guests looking for easy henna designs that are stylish and modern, abstract henna designs are perfect. From an artist’s perspective, abstract designs are the best easy henna designs for beginners.


 Netted Pattern Design


6. Netted Pattern Design

Another design for beginners is this backhand design that includes, flowers, lattices and a bracelet pattern around the wrist. The elaborate lattice pattern which is also known as the jaali pattern and the parallel line of flowers that run to the tip of the fingers make this design a hoot.

Leafy Design


7. Leafy Design

There was a time when women had gone mad over bale mehndi designs as they did not have to sit for hours at an end to get beautiful henna-clad hands. That is why bales are a part of this easy henna design for beginners list!

Leaf Bracelet


8. Leafy Bracelet Design

This easy henna design can decorate the bride's and bridesmaids' hands. One such easy back hand henna design for beginners is this backhand mehndi with leaves. This easy henna design does not need you to be an absolute pro, but it sure looks perfect.

Easy Front hand design


9. Easy Front Hand Design

This easy henna design consists of connecting dots with flowers, leaves and stripes. This is one of the easiest and chic henna designs for beginners. Just rock the wedding with this easy henna design and forget to decorate the nail with nail polish.

Easy Henna design for kids


10. Easy Henna Design For Kids

This easy back hand henna design is specially made for kids. This easy henna design has an elephant decorated with flowers and swirls. No need to spend too much time with the kids if one wants to go with this easy henna design. Kids will love this front-hand design.

Just Leaves


11. Just Leaves

Just decorate the hands with leaves, sounds weird! But here is proof that even leaves are enough to show attractiveness. This easy henna design saves precious time and at the same time, it makes our hands attractive. Work smart, not hard!



12. Flowers With Dots

This easy henna design has different sizes of dots with flowers and leaves. This is one of the easiest and most time-saving henna designs. Just sculpt the design on the hands to get a marvellous look. Beginners can begin with this design.

Mandala forever


13. Mandala Forever

The mandala design never gets outdated. Just go with this easy mandala design. Don't worry about the results mandala will do magic on our hands. This easy henna design can be done from the age of 6 to 60. The love for mandala never ends.

Subtle Henna Design


14. Subtle Henna Design

These gorgeous and subtle henna designs for the front hand are the best to start. These easy henna designs are so unique and suitable for all kinds of occasions. This easy henna design with perfect nail art will give a stunning look to the hands.

Easy And Cute Henna Design


15. Cute And Easy Henna Design

This cute and easy back hand henna design with leafy patterns is so simple yet beautiful. One can go for this as a bridesmaid to show off that gorgeous manicure. The swirls in this easy henna design make it look more attractive. This easy henna design can be decorated with different shapes of dots.

Leafy Chain Design


16. Leafy Chain Design

These beautiful henna design with leaves and dots are our favourites because of how simple they are to make. A beginner can easily make such designs and these will look beautiful no matter what. Leaves and flowers make their presence in all henna designs.

Finger Henna Design


17. Finger Henna Design

Finger henna designs are trending nowadays. Such easy henna designs are interesting to make and versatile that they are loved by all age groups. No need to decorate your whole hand, just one finger henna design is enough to make your hand look stunning.

Spotted Henna Design


18. Spotted Henna Design

This easy mehndi design is filled with dots around the rounds and swirls. The dotted chain adds beauty to this super easy back hand mehndi design. This finger henna design fills the entire finger flawlessly.

Cute Little Dots


19. Cute Little Dots

This simple henna with cute little dots is so simple and easy to make for beginners. In this easy henna design, the dots play a vital role to make the design look stunning and starring. Is it possible to make a henna design with dots? The answer is here.

Curved Henna Design


20. Curved Henna Design

This easy henna design has curves with lines and dots. The wrist is covered with a striped bracelet and the wrist bone is covered with a floral design. The fingers have a combination of lines and dots. This henna design might look messy yet it is a gorgeous design.

Arabic Henna Design


21. Arabic Henna Design

Today people want their life, as well as hands, clutter-free. Arabic henna designs are easy henna designs to carry as well as easy designed to draw. Deep and dark floral patterns and creepers define the Arabic henna designs.

Mandala Madness


22. Mandala Madness

If a person is a mehndi lover, sure they will love mandala design. This is one of the easiest mandala designs where beginners can start. This easy henna design has a mesmerising style, one of the most adorable henna designs.

Haathpool Henna Design

23. Haathpool Henna Design

This beautiful and simple henna look like we are wearing a haathphool. This is a must-try design for beginners as it is fresh and unique with a modernistic touch to it. This design will be suitable for weddings and parties. 

Minimal Henna Design


24. Minimal Henna Design

This minimal design is loved by people who do not like a lot of fuss and mess. This mehndi design begins at the wrist and ends at the fingertips. Just having a spiral leaf can save one's time and makes the look incredible.

Jewellery Henna Design


25. Jewellery Henna Design

This minimal and easy henna design is a great choice for anyone from teens to adults. This easy henna design will be suitable for any occasion. This design goes well with kids and bridesmaids. One can extend this design based on their creativity level.