Bella Hadid photos Without Makeup

21 Best Photos Of Bella Hadid Without Makeup

Sristi Shaw

Updated At  28 Mar 24

If you are a fashionista, we are sure you must be aware of the Hadid sisters. Bella Hadid, a name synonymous with high fashion and striking beauty, often graces the glossy pages of magazines with her stunning, makeup looks. But what happens when the layers of foundation, mascara, and lipstick are stripped away?

We cover Bella's gorgeous no makeup looks and showcase her real beautiful face. 

We specifically cover:-

  • Bella's no makeup selfies
  • Family photos
  • Beach photos
  • Gym Photos


21 Bella Hadid No Makeup Photos





1. A Simple and Sweet Smile

It's a saying that a smile is the only makeup you need. This photo screams a charming and endearing look in its simplicity. Bella's subtle look is adorned by her simplistic smile, which is perfect without any extravagant makeup.




2. Early Morning Glow

Do you like to begin your day with a radiant morning selfie? Well, Bella does! This selfie gives us a glowing, new-day look of Bella with a dewy complexion. Her bare face serves as a canvas, reminding us that beauty is not just about the colors we paint on but also about the stories our natural selves can tell. Similar to Bella, do make sure to check out Ana De Armas natural photos as she looks stunning in all her no makeup photos.




3. A Sweet Time With Siblings

This photo features all the Hadid siblings, where Bella is again seen without makeup. Looking at Bella, we cannot stop ourselves from admiring her warm, fresh look, perfect for cherished moments with loved ones.




4. Filter-free Beautiful

Bella’s allure is simply mesmerizing. In this selfie of Bella, we can admire her makeup-free look with a touch of sunlight. Bella is showing off her skin without any hesitation. The way she embraces her freckles in the bright sunlight is exemplary. 




5. The Fairy Tale Look

This look gives a whimsical and dreamy appearance, emphasizing on Bella’s natural features. With this bare-skinned soft girl look, she is flaunting a natural glow with an aesthetic setting. Looking for more inspiration from celebs?Do check out Sofia Vergara's natural photos as we capture her 25+ gorgeous makeup free moments.




6. Gym Look

How does someone look so perfect even while gyming? A sporty, no-fuss appearance is perfect for showcasing her dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This no-makeup look is suitable for those who are inspired by a workout session, emphasizing a natural and no-make-up appearance.



7. A Fresh Flowery Look

Imagine a look that’s vibrant and youthful, reminiscent of a blooming garden; that's what Bella looks like here, even in a swimsuit! Perhaps it's her inner glow that is giving us a skin goals vibe. 



8. Just Basking in the Sun

In this photo, her sunkissed, relaxed look highlights the natural warmth of her skin. In the simple sundress and without makeup, Bella exerts a sexy and radiant glow.



9. Beach Day

By looking at this photo of Hadid, you can say it's an effortless and breezy look, ideal for a day by the ocean. This natural look in a bikini reflects the carefree vibes associated with beach days, often with minimal or no makeup.

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10. Young Bella

Let's give you a throwback to her earlier days! This photo captures the innocence and simplicity of her youth. Here, Bella embraces her youthful look with a no-makeup look, accentuating her natural skin and textures.




11. A Casual Look

Bella Hadid never fails to go wrong in an everyday appearance that’s laid-back yet still put-together. Even in this appearance and no makeup, she is simply killing it without compromising on style and comfort.




12. A Chill Time with Dad

In this photo, you can see the lovable looks of the father-daughter duo. This easygoing, sunkissed look of Bella can be an inspiration for spending chill moments with family.



13. A Chic Look

A sophisticated, minimalist look that’s stylish without even trying too hard that's only Bella can do! Combining sophistication with no makeup, she emphasizes elegance and style in that fit.

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14. That Chiseled Fresh Look

Just look at this photo; the light hits all the right places, accentuating her well-defined features with a clean, sharp finish. From her outfit to her bare skin, this look of Bella highlights her chiselled facial features which create a sculpted and naturally beautiful appearance.



15. Just a Cute Mirror Selfie

In social media, celebrities usually share glamorous looks. This selfie of Bella revealing her bare morning skin with absolutely no makeup captures a real moment. This photo inspires all the girlies out there to be confident in their natural skin. Similar to Bella, Kylie's no makeup selfie had gone viral as it showcased her natural no makup face which looked gorgeous.





16. The One with a Fan

Often celebs are spotted clicking photos with fans but when celebs embrace a no-makeup look with fans, it showcases a genuine and unfiltered interaction. This gracious interaction is engaging and friendly, and no doubt Bella looks cute and smiley.  




17. A Sexy Beach Look

The perfect beach outfit inspo! This look by Hadid is a sultry, confident look that’s alluring and perfect for a beach setting. It combines sensuality with a beachy vibe, featuring a natural beauty without heavy makeup.




18. Morning Glow

During an outing in the South of France, Bella shared fresh-faced, filter-free pictures on her Instagram wearing a white slip gown. Her dewy, makeup-free look proves that she’s just as captivating as the ocean behind.




19. Sunkissed Lavender One

Bella’s Instagram feed features this makeup-free moment by the Lavender field. Despite the sun’s rays, she manages to look like a goddess, effortlessly basking in the sunlight with the lavender blooms in hand.




20. Fresh-Faced in France

Outside the Hotel Martinez in Cannes Paris, Bella was caught by paparazzi in a makeup-free look. Even without the glam, she exudes elegance and beauty. 




21. Greece Glow

In an Instagram post, Bella looked absolutely stunning while enjoying her vacation in Greece with her girlfriend. The beach glow accentuated her features without any make up, leaving us in awe of her radiant complexion.




Lastly, throughout this blog, we see that even celebrities are not afraid to step out in the world without makeup. This move shows they feel confident in their skin and embrace their natural beauty. Celebrities, including Bella Hadid, inspire millions of women and send a strong message that everyone should feel beautiful with or without makeup.