Sister Tattoo Designs

75 Popular Sister Tattoo Designs To Celebrate The Bond

Anushka Maheshwari

Updated At  08 Mar 24

Sisters share a unique bond that can be celebrated with permanent tattoos, showcasing their deep connection. Whether you’re looking for small, meaningful, or unique sister tattoos, there are plenty of options to explore.

Here, we present 75 heart-touching sister tattoos capturing the essence of the sisterhood between them.


75 Heart Touching Sister Tattoo Designs





1. Big Sister, Little Sister

This is a simple yet meaningful design that displays the special bond between sisters. These tattoos serve as a constant reminder of the unbreakable connection that defines sisterhood. One of the top women tattoos, this holds a special place as it celebrates the unique bond between sisters.





2. Waves Design On Hand

If you’re a fan of the ocean, these wave tattoos are perfect for matching with your sister. They celebrate your shared love for the sea.


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3. Flower Inspired Sibling Tattoo For 4 

If you and your siblings opt for a simplistic flower design then this tattoo design is a perfect reminder of your sisterly connection.


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4. Mandala Inspired Sister Tattoo Designs 

This tattoo idea is inspired by mandala art. This design has a delicate and simple touch to it, making it a design for versatile for you and your siblings. 





5. Holding Fingers

You can also consider getting this tattoo. This reflects the connection and promises shared between you and your sister. This is a constant reminder of the special promises and support you both offer each other.





6. Conversations Around Everything

This sister tattoo is inspired by a photo of sisters. It’s a cute and endearing design that can be personalized to mirror your clothes and hairstyles.





7. Purple Flower Tattoo Ideas

These matching flower tattoos for sisters showcase a vibrant purple flower and the word ‘sister’ inked into the stem. This captures the essence of a connection that blossoms and thrives like a flower.





8. The Hakuna Matata Symbol  

Embrace the carefree spirit with the Hakuna Matata-inspired symbol tattoo, inspired by The Lion King. The symbol means: 'There are no worries when we are together.’





9. Mermaid

You can get mermaid-inspired sister tattoos reminding you of your deep connection. Just like the ocean waves, this will represent a strong and lasting bond. 





10. Small Sister Tattoo Designs

These tiny initials make for the ideal sister tattoos, capturing simplicity. These showcase the beauty of your relationship in a small yet impactful tattoo.




11. Big Quote tattoo

You can consider getting a quote tattoo like this one. It is a quote from a poem by E.E. Cummings: ‘I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart.’ It captures the strong connection between sisters. Get this as an arm tattoo, and it will look stunning.





12. Birds

This sister tattoo design is meaningful and is a great way to showcase your closeness and share experiences with your sister.




13. Little Hearts On Wrists 

Tiny hearts are perfect for sweet sisters tattoos. They are a great choice that adds a simple touch to represent your bond.


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14. Infinity Tattoo Idea With Feather 

Matching sister tattoos with an infinity sign and feather is a wonderful choice. This combination creates a meaningful representation of everlasting sisterhood.



15. Small Tattoos For Sisters

These matching meaningful sister tattoos are adorable. One of them says ‘big sister’ while the other says ‘little sister.’ These linked labels celebrate your unique connection. Get this small tattoo on the arm or on the shoulder and it will look stunning.



16. Lavender Flowers

If this fragrant flower has sentimental value to both of you then you can consider it for a matching sister tattoo.



17. Matching Owls

These owls share a similar design but have unique differences. These showcase a perfect blend of similarity and individuality.




18. Plane Tattoo

These matching tattoos with planes are ideal for a simple sisterly ink. You can choose between a minimalistic plane design like this one or a detailed plane design. It’s a lovely and uncomplicated way to showcase your special connection with your sister.




19. Behind the Ear

Behind the ear is a place where you will only be able to pick simple and small tattoos. You can consider getting flowers, hearts, or dates.




20. Big-Small Elephant Tattoos On Shoulder

This big and small elephant tattoo idea is perfectly ideal for matching sister tattoos. The tattoos show how the big sister leads the way for the small sister which makes the bond even more inspiring.




21. Colourful Infinity Tattoo

Colorful tattoos enhance the vibrancy of the tattoo design, especially for detailed flowers. Getting an infinity loop combined with a colorful flower symbolizes the everlasting love in your sisterhood.




22. Heartbeat Sister Tattoo Designs 

This meaningful sister tattoo shown here is a lovely design where one sister gets the heart of the heartbeat, and the other sister gets the remaining part of the tattoo.




23. Quote Sister Tattoo For 2 

You can also consider getting a quote that describes your bond or relationship. For example, phrases like ‘She keeps me wild’ and ‘She keeps me safe.’ This represents a carefree sister and a cautious one.



24. Small Heart Tattoos

Getting a matching heart tattoo is a wonderful way to show how much your sister means to you. If you’re the older sister, you can color the first heart, and the younger sister can color the last heart to represent your age.




25. Simple Flower Sister Tattoos For 2 

Flower tattoos are simple and are a popular choice among many. Choosing this and tattooing this on places like arms is a nice way to hold a sentimental value.




26. Ohana Tattoo On Shoulder 

‘Ohana’ means ‘family.’ This shoulder tattoo is a simple yet powerful choice that captures the deep bond between you and your sister. This tattoo is a lovely way to celebrate the family ties and the unique relationship that you have with your sister.




27. Cute Little Tattoo On The Forearm 

This is a cute design that depicts two girls engaged in a phone conversation. This design captures a moment of connection and communication between sisters and symbolizes the closeness in their relationship.



28. Finger tattoo

This is a small and aesthetic tattoo that can be inked on the finger. It looks very beautiful. If you are interested in a small tattoo then you can use this tattoo idea.





29. Serotonin Tattoo

If you and your sister bring each other joy, then these matching serotonin tattoos are perfect for you guys. They symbolize being each other’s source of happiness.




30. Floral Tattoo Ideas

Simple floral designs are the perfect choice for matching sister tattoos. They offer a timeless and elegant aesthetic. They are uncomplicated and beautiful which symbolizes the enduring bond between sisters.




31. Roses

You can consider getting tattoos of rose with a significant date. This design blends the timeless beauty of roses with the everlasting memory of a memorial day. Whether it’s a shared birthday, an unforgettable moment, or a symbolic date, adding these will add a personal touch to the tattoo.



32. Small Lotus Flower Design

The lotus flower is known for its symbolic significance of purity. Getting these cute little lotus flowers captures the essence of a shared bond that grows and flourishes with purity.


33. Starfish Tattoo Ideas

These tiny yet exquisite starfish tattoos capture a unique bond, much like starfish clinging to each other in the vast sea. This adds a touch of perfection.




34. Numbering

These Roman numerals create a perfect sister tattoo. The firstborn can ink the ‘one’ numeral, symbolizing her position as the elder sister. Meanwhile, the second sister can opt for the ‘two’ in Roman numerals.




35. Big Flower Design On Forearm 

These roses add a charming touch that reflects the beautiful bond between sisters. The choice of roses symbolizes love and growth. 




36. Simple Triangle Design

The triangle tattoo captures strength and unity within the sisterhood. The triangle, with its clean lines and balanced structure, becomes yet powerful symbol of the unbreakable connection between sisters.




37. Butterfly Tattoo 

Butterflies capture growth and transformation, and the beauty of sisterly bonds evolve. Here each butterfly reflects the uniqueness of a sister, making these tattoos a beautiful and timeless representation of the enduring sisterhood shared between the sisters.



38. Simple Matching Face Masks Design On The Forearm 

Two face masks, one crying and one smiling, capture the duality within sisterhood, representing shared joy and shared sorrows. The crying and smiling masks mirror the highs and lows of life. This tattoo showcases the emotional support and understanding unique to sisters.




39. One Of Two

Opt for a unique tattoo idea with ‘one of two’ for sisters. Each sister can choose the ‘one of two’ tattoo, creating a complementary set. It’s a touching way for sisters to express their special connection.




40. Colourful Flower Bouquet

Brighten your bond with colorful flowers as a matching sister tattoo. This vibrant and lively design celebrates the unique beauty of your sisterhood. With a mix of hues, these tattoos symbolize the diversity within your connection.



41. Fist Bump

You can consider getting this meaningful tattoo which captures the essence of your bond as sisters. The big heart signifies the depth of your love while the fist bump adds a playful touch that symbolizes your support.



42. Simple Sister Tattoo

You can consider getting this simple tattoo featuring the word ‘sisters’ with a little heart. This adds a touch of love and warmth.




43. Flower Heart

This delicate design symbolizes the blooming love and shared experiences between you and your sister. The heart, composed of flowers and petals adds a touch of elegance representing the uniqueness of your bond.




44. Elephant Tattoo

Capture a heartwarming moment with this adorable tattoo featuring an elephant showering cascades of water. On the elder’s arm, the words ‘big sister’ are written with a little red heart, while ‘little sister’ is written on the younger sister’s hand.



45. Playful Moments

In this tattoo idea, the elder and younger sisters are depicted in a playful tussle, with their respective birth dates inked underneath. This tattoo makes a vivid recollection of the times when you have stood united or fought over trivial matters. It’s a unique and memorable way to cherish the moments of your shared past.



46. No Matter What

‘No Matter What’ is a powerful and heartfelt phrase that signifies the enduring support and commitment shared between sisters. Whether in moments of joy or challenges, this tattoo serves as a reminder of the bond you share with your sister.



47. Little Butterfly Tattoos

This is a subtle and graceful design where the tiny butterflies on the middle finger add a touch of charm and signify the secrets shared between sisters.



48. Colorful Watercolor Flowers

In this tattoo design, the colorful flowers are adorned with the initials of each sister’s name. The choice of colorful flowers amplifies the joy and vibrancy of your bond.



49. Continuation Quotes

Here, one sister bears the phrase ‘Remind me that we’ll always have each other,’ while the other completes it with ‘When everything else is gone.’ This heartfelt quote captures the support and enduring bond between siblings.



50. A Heart Formation

In this charming tattoo idea, two coconut trees form a heart shape. This is a unique and playful concept that captures the essence of your shared bond.

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51. Sibling Tattoo Design For 5

Each of the five siblings in this design adds dots based on their birth order. The first one, born first, has a circle in the first spot with four dots. The second sibling has a circle in the second spot and dots elsewhere, and so on. It's a creative way to show who came first and adds a personal touch to their group design. 




52. P & J Tattoo

The peanut butter and jam sandwich is a whimsical tattoo idea symbolizing the inseparable and complementary nature of your bond. It’s a delightful reminder that, just like the perfect sandwich pairing, your sister completes and enhances your life.




53. Frozen Themed Design

You can also choose this unique sister tattoo featuring Frozen’s Elsa and Anna. This design is divided between the two sisters, with half of Elsa beautifully displayed on the eldest sister’s hand and half of Anna adorning the little sister’s hand.



54. Colorful Unicorn Design

This vibrant colorful and enchanting design captures the magical spirit of your sisterhood. The unicorns become the guardians of your sisterly bond, representing the magical moments when you are together.




55. Mountain Design Tattoo

Here, each sister proudly carries a representation of a unique mountain, symbolizing the individual strengths, challenges, and heights they conquer.




56. Land And Sea

Here are the matching tattoos featuring the elements of land and sea. One sister carries the essence of solid ground representing strength while the other embodies the fluidity and depth of the sea.




57. Colorful Watercolor Heart Theme Tattoo

In this design, one sister has the phrase ‘Moon of My Life,’ while the other bears ‘My Sun and Stars’ and when your hands unite, these intertwine to form a celestial heart. It’s a visual representation of the profound love and admiration you share.




58. Sun and Moon Inspired Tattoo

This tattoo has the sun and moon symbols on each sister. One sister has the moon filled in with black ink while the other has the moon colored with the black ink. This captures the duality within your relationship.





59. Half And Half Design On Wrist 

In this tattoo, the sisters have a split butterfly design. One sister has half of the butterfly in her hand, while the other completes it with the other half. This is a beautiful representation of the shared growth between you two.




60. Butterfly Quote Tattoo On Finger 

This design has a ‘My best friend is a sister Destiny forgot to give me,’ quote with a delicate butterfly. This is a powerful tattoo to celebrate the best-friend relationship you and your sister have.



61. Small Heart Tattoo

In this tattoo design, the sisters have a tiny heart on the middle finger. This becomes an expression of the love, support, and understanding that defines your unique bond.




62. Aesthetic Flower Design

You can consider getting these floral arrangement tattoos that symbolize the beauty and vibrancy of your shared bond.




63. Colorful Elephant Tattoo

If you and your sister want colorful tattoos that add an artistic expression you can consider this tattoo featuring colorful elephants. The elephants symbolize strength, loyalty, and the joyous moments you share.



64. ‘Soul Sisters’ On Wrist

This is a lively and memorial design for 'soul sisters' that captures the dynamic nature of shared sisterhood. 



65. Cute Elephant Duos

This tattoo has a big and little elephant with their respective dates of birth on their hands. The big and little elephants represent the protective and nurturing dynamics within your relationship.



66. Evil Eye

The ‘Evil eyes’ design serves as a protective symbol, reflecting the shared strength and unity within your sisterhood. This design shields you both from life’s challenges.




67. Arrow Hand Design

The arrow tattoo idea is a unique and dynamic design that symbolizes precision, focus, and strength within your sisterly bond.




68. Endless Love

This tattoo is straightforward and uncomplicated and requires no embellishments or symbols. Here both the sisters have ‘Endless Love’ tattooed on their arms in a beautiful font.




69. The Dreamcatchers Design For 2 

These dreamcatchers hold diverse meanings. They are symbols of dispelling nightmares and safeguarding positive dreams. Therefore, this tattoo is a profound representation of your shared bond. Many feel that this good luck tattoo would bring good times in your life as well.




70. Capricorn Tattoos

This could be the perfect tattoo for you and your sister if you both are Capricorns. Opting for this matching sister tattoo enhances your connection and holds a special significance for both of you.



71. There’s No Better Friend Than A Sister

This tattoo design shows that there isn’t a stronger bond than between sisters. The delicate and exquisite font of the tattoo adds a soft touch making this tattoo even more special.



72. Powerpuff Tattoo Design For 3 On Hand

Indulge in the charm of matching Powerpuff Girl tattoos that you and your sister will adore. You can consider picking your favorite Powerpuff Girl and opt to get inked on the same spot.



73. Simplistic Flower Tattoo Design

This subtle matching rose tattoo beautifully expresses your connection and love. If you embrace simplicity with just the outline then you can consider getting this tattoo with your sister.




74. Together Forever

‘Together Forever Never Apart Maybe in Distance But Never in Heart’ is a sweet sentiment for any sister. This will show deep love between you and your sister.



75. Swing Tattoo Design

This is an adorable way to show love and affection to your sister. This sister design features two people seated on a swing. Whether in vibrant colors or black ink, this would beautifully capture the bond between you and your sister.