Best Mehndi Designs For Men

32 Stylish Mehndi Designs For The Modern Men

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  12 Mar 24

This page serves as evidence that mehndi is not just for women—it also looks fantastic on men. Here, one can discover mehndi designs for men of all ages, ranging from classic to contemporary styles, as well as some mehndi designs for grooms. The trend of men's and boys' mehndi designs is growing constantly. It has various health advantages in addition to being used for aesthetics. One could consider placing mehndi on their neck, shoulders, or chest in addition to their hands. Just have a peek at these 32 gorgeous and fashionable mehndi designs for men and apply them to a special occasion.


Stylish Mehndi Designs For Men




1. Let's Be Together

Jaine, a well-known mehndi artist, displays through her incredible design that henna art can beautifully represent love. The depiction of a bride and groom holding hands in the design symbolizes the special meaning of being together. Jaine's mehndi design showcases a wonderful way to express love and togetherness.




2. Peacock Leaf

Use this gorgeous mehndi pattern to make your design distinctive and easy to apply. It takes minutes to recreate this men's mehndi design.



3. Groom Mehndi

Invite your hands to blossom with this mehndi design! The flowers are the masterpiece in this front hand mehndi design for men. Just embrace this wedding layout and utilize it.




4. Back Hand Mehndi For Men

Men can use mehndi designs on a regular basis, in addition to during weddings. This gorgeous mehndi includes the names of bride and groom and this makes it really special.




5. Simple Groom Mehndi

This front hand easy mehndi for groom is perfect if you are looking to add a touch of elegance to the celebration. This in a way announces the deep love of the groom for the bride.




6. Mandala Mehndi For Men

The circular designs on the backhand for men look unique and elegant. Observe the open spaces on the backhand. The mehndi artist has beautifully used the spaces here to retain the focus of the mehndi on the mandala design which is the differentiating feature here.


Mehndi design for men 5


7. Modern Mehndi For Men

This mehndi is hand-picked for anyone looking for a trendy and attractive mehndi design for men. Put this mehndi design on your body without thinking twice!

Mehndi design for men 20


8. Full Hand Mehndi For Men

One of the greatest mehndi designs for men is this one, and it looks amazing on everyone. Replicating it could take hours, but the effort will be worthwhile.


Mehndi design for men 5


9. Henna Mehndi On Shoulder

This is the mehndi pattern for someone who wants a large circle tattooed on their chest. This mehndi design for boys includes exquisite embellishments throughout its motifs.


Mehndi for boys


10. Floral Mehndi For Men

Men cannot have a mehndi design on their hands without flowers. They are among the most well-liked rear-hand mehndi designs for boys and are regarded as auspicious.

Mehndi design for men 25


11. The Blasting Bat

One of the sophisticated mehndi designs for men that they can wear with pride has dots that resemble jewelry beads.

Mehndi design for men38


12. Shield For Neck And Shoulders

This is among the most elementary mehndi designs for men that one may easily replicate. Low necklines and sleeveless T-shirts look well with this mehndi pattern.

Mehndi design for men 28


13. Triangular Mandala

The majority of mandalas that we have seen have elaborate internal mehndi designs for men; however, this one is quite simple to display and looks wonderful on your skin.


Mehndi design for men 14


14. Traditional Mehndi 

This is among the most classic and adorable back hand mehndi designs for men. Although the patterns of this mehndi design appear complex, embellishing them is quite simple. 


Mehndi design for men 18


15. Magnificient Mandala

Searching for an expansive mandala? Then, to make them appear alluring, this is the best mehndi design for men to adorn.

Mehndi design for men 45


16. Blooming Mehndi Design

We're about to hear wedding bells! This is the best option for someone looking for an obvious yet attractive mehndi design for their wedding. 

Mehndi design for men 19


17. Fusion Art

This is a distinctive mehndi design for boys since it combines traditional and modern elements with a modern knife motif and classic florals.

Mehndi design for men 31


18. Attractive Circles

This mehndi pattern will have the look of a tattoo. With its gorgeous and striking triangles, this is one of the most modern mehndi designs for boys.

Mehndi design for men 33


19. Symmetric Love

Such a lovely Rajasthani mehndi design on a guy's hand is really remarkable. So just tell your friends and family to keep this gorgeous mehndi design for men as well as for the soon-to-be groom.

Mehndi design for men 24


20. Diamond Lotus

At your next auspicious family get-together, adorn this mehndi pattern in honor of the lotus emblem, which stands for purity and enlightenment. Men's mehndi designs that are most in demand!

Mehndi design for men 32


21. The Shapes

The shapes in this mehndi design will be the style statement. It's a lovely, effortless mehndi design for boys.

Mehndi design for men1


22. Traditional Groom Mehndi

This mehndi design features bold, elaborate patterns with well-chosen embellishments. The most exquisite groom mehndi design for their wedding.

Mehndi design for men 42


23. Mehndi For Weddings

The groom can rival their bride with this stunning mehndi design. Use bold henna to inscribe the name of your sweetheart and the fortunate knot.

Mehndi design for men 44


24. The Life Knot

Heaven decides on weddings! So let's use this life knot to make that day even more precious. This mehndi design for men is sure to leave an indelible mark.

Mehendi design for men 40


25. Simple Mehndi Design For Men

Desire an elementary wedding mehndi design? Then use this elegant minimalist mehndi design for your nuptials. Remember to include your partner's initials as well.

Mehndi design for men 43


26. Simple Front Hand Mehndi Design

Use your partner's name in a design to give her a more personalized touch. An extremely charming men's mehndi design!

Mehndi design for men 46


27. Lord Ganesha

May the Almighty bestow upon us plenty and joy! One of the lucky and spiritual mehndi designs for men to have etched on their wedding day is this one.

Mehndi design for men 47


28. The Divine Mehndi

Our wedding would be more fortunate and auspicious if the Almighty presented us with flowers and leaves in our mehndi. This is probably the most blessed mehndi design for men.


Mehndi design for men 48


30. Trendy Mehndi Design

A wedding mehndi design for the men in the Arabic style would be interesting. The Arabic style could fit perfectly in anyone's hand, so this choice can never go wrong.


Mehndi design for men 49


31. Chic Mehndi Design

One of the most outstanding mehndi designs for men that can even surpass the bride's mehndi design is this one.


Mehndi design for men 50


32. The Necklace

Is this evening's gathering calling for a low-neck T-shirt? Then, for your contemporary ensemble, this is the most exquisite mehndi design for boys to adorn and cherish.