Brad Pitt Tattoos And Their Meanings

All 12 Brad Pitt Tattoos And Their Meanings

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It's widespread that Brad Pitt is a legendary actor in Hollywood. Fans are drawn to him for his acting and distinctive style, but it's possible that most of them are unaware of his interesting tattoos. Brad has an interesting assortment of tattoos that have profound emotional meanings. However, he keeps his tattoo collection mainly concealed, so we may never learn the real motivation behind each one. Certain tattoos may have broad implications that are easy to understand, while others may seem close and private to the wearer. Together, let's explore the universe of Brad Pitt's tattoos and the meanings underneath the majority of them.


All Brad Pitt Tattoos and their Meanings




1. Tank Tattoo

When "Bullet Train" first appeared in 2022, Brad Pitt flaunted his formidable tank tattoo on the billboard. The tank tattoo is associated with the military and combat and stands for protection, tenacity, strength, and power. It may also represent his power and guardianship over his loved ones. 



2. Motorcycle Tattoo

In 2017, the actor from "Oceans' Eleven" acquired this incredible and lifelike motorbike. Brad Pitt was an avid enthusiast and had a deep affection for motorcycles. He has twenty different motorcycle models in his collection, and this adorable tattoo is evidence of his marvelous passion for motorcycles.



3. Otzi The Iceman Tattoo

In an interview, Brad Pitt inquired about the otzi tattoo on his left inner forearm. Having grown up in the Ozark Mountains, he dedicated this tattoo to the individuals that made up that community. He stated, "I'm quite reverential when it comes to a tree. On my forearm, I had tattooed 94.9m (311.4ft)-the height of the largest sequoia." "Invictus" is the title of a poem by British poet William Ernest Henley that acknowledges fortitude and overcoming adversities in life.



4. Hurricane as a Back Tattoo

In the first interview, complying with his separation from Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt flaunted his tattoo to the public. It featured a picture of a hurricane on the left side of his back, along with a line from Bob Dylan that said, "We live, we die; we know why not, but I'll be with you," which reflects their past love lives.



5. Right Arm Rumi Tattoo

On Brad Pitt's right bicep, there are two tattoos. The first is a poem by the 13th-century poet Rumi, which says, "There exists a field; beyond all notions of right and wrong, I will meet you there." According to some, Brad got this tattoo before he married Angelina Jolie; therefore, it may be a tribute to her. Some speculate that it might have something to do with the actor's ardor for social justice activism.

The man's tattoo next to the poem is the second one, which surfaced sometime in 2019. Though some speculate that it may be a reference to Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt—the guy gazing at his own shadow—is actually the genuine meaning.



6. Rhino and Human Skull

The two leg tattoos that are visible are of a rhino and a human skull on Brad Pitt. He flashed his leg tattoos at the "Bullet Train" movie premiere while wearing a skirt. The rhino tattoo is a symbol of courage and resilience in the face of hardship. A tattoo of a human skull serves as a constant reminder that life is short and should be enjoyed to the fullest.



7. Beautiful Scribbles by Jolie

A few lines have been drawn on the right side of his back, as can be seen. In an interview, his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, said that she had carried it out in 2010. She said she drew some lines on his back one night because she was bored, and Brad's physique had the perfect alignment for her scribbles. She claimed that while it was only intended to be a drawing, Brad Pitt was so taken with it that he had them permanently inked.



8. Lower Abdominal Tattoo

Brad Pitt revealed his lower abdominal tattoo during a "Bullet Train" photocall in July 2022, on his ex-wife's birthday. 'Alpha' and 'Omega' were inked by him. The Greek alphabet's initial and final letters are utilized in Christianity to symbolize God's all-encompassing nature.



9. Love for Family

His right arm is prominently shown with a narrow cross with a few letters. His admirers will have no trouble deducing that this arm tattoo symbolizes his exceptional and enduring love for his family. A stands for Angelina, M for Maddox, P for Pax, Z for Zahara, S for Shiloh, K for Knox, and V for Vivienne, which are the initials of his spouse and his six children. The sequence of the children's birthdates in these letters determined their arrangement.



10. The Octopus

In 2022, Brad Pitt displayed one of his tattoos during the "Bullet Train" premiere. An octopus that is partially visible serves as a symbol for adaptation, diversity, mystery, intellect, and illusion. It also symbolizes finding significance in new places and persevering toward certain goals.



11. Stomach Tattoo

Brad Pitt's tattoo of his wife's birthday on his tummy expresses his love and affection for Angelina Jolie, which was first spotted in 2014. This tattoo is thought to be a celebration of their love and homage to Angelina.



12. Arm Tattoo

The French phrase "Absurdites de l'existence," which translates to "absurdities of existence," was first seen around 2006. The book "Collected Writings from the Wall Street Journal" by Daniel Pearl's introduction served as Brad Pitt's source of inspiration. The foreword goes like this:

“I wish you a good journey through Danny’s writings. It is my sincere hope that his spirit and values will radiate from all of you who he inspires. I hope that, like me, you will be able to laugh with Danny as he navigates you through the ‘absurdités de l’existence’. Mainly, I trust that Danny’s flame will keep burning in you as it does in me, his wife. — Mariane Pearl, Paris, France”.



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