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Ariana Grande's 50+ Tattoos And Their Meanings


Updated At  09 Mar 24

Ariana Grande has been an inspiration for many be it because of her singing skills, her acting or her beauty. Ariana Grande has established herself as a successful singer and actor throughout these years and has garnered millions of fans around the globe.

With her favourite high ponytail and subtle makeup looks, Ariana has always been on the list of the most successful and prettiest women. Fans are always keen to know about her lifestyle and her obsessions and have always praised her for them. With her 50 meaningful tattoos she has always intrigued her fans about their desig and deep meaning. Here is a list of Ariana Grande’s 50+ Tattoos and their meanings to help you know a little more about your favourite celebrity.


Ariana Grande's 50+ Tattoos And Their Meanings





1. Pinky Finger Leaf Tattoos

As seen, it looks like Ariana is very much fascinated by laurel leaves design and thus she got more of it on her pinky finger. A leaf tattoo can represent the growth you have experienced in your life. This can be physical, mental, or emotional growth. This cute tattoo can represent a new chapter in your life. This can be a new job, a new relationship, or any other major change.




2. Back Tattoo

This tattoo is a quote from the “Truman Show” and is inked on the upper side of her back. The tattoo says, “In case I don’t see ya, Good afternoon, Good evening, And good night!” A fun way used by Ariana Grande to showcase her love for Jim Carrey who played Truman.




3. Honeymoon Tattoo

Ariana Grande has another tattoo on the inside of her middle finger which reads “Honeymoon”.  Fans were quick to notice this tattoo and also immediately got the meaning of the same. This honeymoon tattoo is a reference to her song “Honeymoon Avenue.” This song is one of her favourite songs from her sophomore album “My Everything”.




4. Ariana Grande's Finger Tattoo

Ariana Grande got a tattoo on her finger and posted it on her story as well. This tattoo is the symbol of Venus: the planet. This Ariana Grande finger tattoo not just signifies the planet Venus but also is a sign used to symbolize the female gender. Fans were quite excited to see when her tattoo artist revealed that he had also inked her then-boyfriend Mac Miller along with her. This tattoo could also be a tribute to the album “The Divine Feminine” which Mac Miller dropped a month later.




5. Sun Ariana Grande Hand Tattoo

Ariana has a crescent moon tattoo and a Saturn tattoo on the back of her hand but one other celestial body that she has taken as a reference for her tattoo is the sun. Some people see the sun as a symbol of life and rebirth, while others see it as a symbol of strength and power. Additionally, sun tattoos can also be seen as a way to honour the sun god or goddess in some religions. No matter what the meaning is, a sun tattoo is a beautiful and popular choice for many people.




6. Bee Tattoo

During one of her concerts of Ariana Grande, an attack took place in Manchester which killed 22 of her fans and left many injured. This bee tattoo is a tribute to the ones who lost their lives and the ones who got injured as well. Not just that, but many of her band members also got a tattoo in respect of the victims. The bee, a symbol of the city's hard-working legacy, is a testament to the industrial power that built it.




7. “Bellissima”  Ariana Grande Tattoo

Ariana Grande has a “Bellissima” tattoo on her rib cage. The word "Bellissima" is derived from the Italian word "Bello" meaning "beautiful". It is often used as a term of endearment or as a compliment. “Bellissima" can be used to describe a person. According to reports, Ariana’s grandfather used to address her by Bellissima. Isn’t it such an adorable way to call your loved one?

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8. “Baby Doll” Tattoo

Ariana Grande has yet another tattoo on the insides of her finger which says “Baby doll”. This tattoo has a very special meaning and is of a lot of importance to her. Ariana’s grandmother whom she refers to as ‘Nonna’ calls Ariana by the name baby doll. Her late grandfather also used to call her by the same name sometimes. This is her way of showing the love and respect she has for her maternal grandmother and her grandfather.

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9. Ariana Grande's Foot Tattoo

Ariana Grande got a tiny minimalist heart tattooed on the finger of her toes. This is reportedly her first ever tattoo when she recorded her debut album which however was not released. Ariana described the experience as a fun and supportive experience where she was surrounded by love and as a reminder of the love and support she got a little heart tattoo. This tattoo as she stated also reminds her to not take anything for granted and to feel blessed for everything she has.



10. A Cloud Ariana Grande Finger Tattoo

By this time it is quite apparent that Ariana Grande is a fan of minimalistic tattoos. Ariana got another tattoo on her finger which is a cute little cloud.  Ariana got this tattoo when she was in a relationship with Pete Davidson. Sometime before Ariana and Pete made their relationship official, fans had noticed the same tattoo on Pete’s finger as well. It’s quite apparent that both of them had gotten this tattoo together as a symbol of peace and togetherness.




11. Crescent Moon Hand Tattoo

This Ariana Grande hand tattoo portrays her love for nature which she got the crescent moon inked on the back of her hand. The crescent moon also has abstract designs in it which makes it look unique and cool. A fun fact just in case you are unaware of it, Ariana Grande got this tattoo along with her Grandmother who also got a tattoo “Ciccio”, which is the Italian name of her husband.


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12. “Toulouse” Ariana Grande Hand Tattoo

Ariana Grande has a tattoo on the back of her left hand which reads the name, Toulouse. It is yet another significant tattoo for Grande as this is the name of her dog. She is very much attached to her dog which is the reason why she got the name of her dog tattooed on her hand. This tattoo is pretty much larger compared to the other tattoos she had got but since it is so significant for her it looks nice and is also a sweet gesture to showcase her love for her dog.




13. Saturn Ariana Grande Hand Tattoos

At the same time in 2019, Ariana Grande posted the story with some more tattoos- “addition to her gloves”. The Saturn tattoo is an amazing way to express oneself. There are many different interpretations of Saturn tattoos. Some people see them as a representation of time or Father Time. Others see them as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. And still, others see them as a reminder of death and mortality.




14. Dotted Arrows Ariana Grande Finger Tattoo

There are a lot of finger tattoos that Ariana Grande has which have fans drooling over. These dotted arrow Ariana Grande tattoos look super adorable and pretty. The meaning of a dotted arrow tattoo can vary depending on the individual. Some people see it as a symbol of guidance and direction, while others see it as a reminder to always keep moving forward. No matter what the meaning is, a dotted arrow tattoo is a beautiful and unique way to express it. 


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15. Additional Leaves Ariana Grande Tattoos

Along with the Saturn tattoo, Ariana Grande also got leaves da design inked on the back of her left hand. This tattoo has been visible quite a lot of times, not only on her Instagram stories and posts but also in some of her music videos and the TV shows she has attended. Leaves are often used to symbolize strength and stability as well as they are also often used to represent balance and harmony.




16. “Mille Tendresse” Ariana Grande Tattoo

After two years of her getting the tiny heart tattoo on her foot, Ariana got yet another tattoo which says “Mille Tendresse” or “One Thousand Tenderness”. This is one of the most beautiful neck tattoos Ariana Grande has. This is Ariana Grande’second-everer tattoo which is inspired by her all-time favourite movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. This phrase appears in the movie and is a French word for “one thousand tenderness.”




17. Crescent Moon Ariana Grande Tattoo

Ariana Grande also has a minimalistic crescent moon tattoo behind her ear. The crescent moon tattoo can also represent the phases of the moon and is often seen as a symbol of change. Ariana Grande got this before her third album was about to be released. Her third album which is called “Dangerous Woman” was supposedly named “Moonlight” earlier.




18. “Baby” Ariana Grande Arm Tattoo

Not visible very clearly, fans were still able to spot a tattoo near her left elbow and were quick to figure out what it meant. The tattoo which reads “baby” is located right underneath the two butterfly tattoos that she has on her arms.  




19. Flower Ariana Grande Hand Tattoo

Right below the Ariana Grande Japanese tattoo, she has got a flower-like design inked on her palm. Fans were quick to notice this new addition on her palm and speculated that this tattoo is another tribute to Miller, who had passed away. He had a tattoo on his back which depicted a lotus. This could be one reason why she possibly got the tattoo. Flower is still a pretty addition to her collection of tattoos. 





20. “Always” Ariana Grande Tattoo

This is another tattoo that Ariana Grande got along with Pete Davidson; however, she has got it covered now by leaves. Grande got this tattoo in the handwriting of her then-boyfriend Pete Davidson and it is said that Pete Davidson has the same tattoo on his back. Post their breakup, Ariana got the tattoo covered however it’s not known whether Pete got the tattoo removed or it is still there.




21. “Court” Knee Tattoo

In June 2018, Ariana Grande revealed another tattoo but this time the tattoo was not located on her hands but on her knees. The “Court” tattoo is the short form of the name “Courtney”. She got this tattoo in honour and tribute to Courtney Chipolone. Courtney Chipolone is one of Ariana’s closest friends and she was also spotted in Ariana’s music videos like “7 Rings” and Thank You, Next”.


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22. Tiny Umbrella Ariana Grande Hand Tattoo

Another cute little tattoo that Ariana Grande has on her hand is this little Umbrella that is upside down. This tattoo is hardly visible because it is inked on the side of her hands but as many times as this tattoo is visible, it makes her fans adore her even more. This umbrella tattoo could be related to her single “No Tears Left To Cry” as the music video involved a lot of umbrellas.

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23. “SWT” Ariana Grande Finger Tattoo

“SWT” here stands for Ariana’s “Sweetener World Tour”. Ariana Grande got the “SWT” tattoo on her finger, the images of which were shared by her friend Tommy Brown. The Sweetener World Tour was her tour around the globe where she did live concerts and performances. The SWT tattoo is a tribute to one of her most successful tours.




24. Ariana Grande Eevee Tattoo

This Ariana Grande eevee tattoo is one of her most famous and talked about tattoos. This tattoo is rather larger than rest of her tattoos and is inked on her arm. Eevee is her favourite character from Pokémon and she stated in her Instagram story as she posted this image of her arm flaunting her latest tattoo that- "I've wanted this for so long”.




25. Butterfly Ariana Grande Arm Tattoo

Ariana Grande has not just one but two butterfly tattoos on her arm, which are pretty big to be captured at all times if she does not decide to hide them with makeup. She initially just got one butterfly tattoo on her arms, which was partially visible during the Grammy Awards. After that fans noticed not just one complete but two complete butterfly tattoos on the same arm.




26. Hebrew Phrase Ariana Grande Finger Tattoo

Next to the “Honeymoon” tattoo, Ariana Grande also has another finger tattoo which is in the Hebrew language. This tattoo is “אלד” in the Hebrew language which means protecting from bad energies or evil eyes, as we say it. These Hebrew letters are of the Kabbalah readings and signify the 10th name of God out of 72.




27. Weeping Eye Ariana Grande Finger Tattoo

Along with the other Ariana Grande hand tattoo, she also has this cool weeping eye tattoo on her hand. Weeping eye tattoos have a deep and rich meaning that dates back centuries. This type of tattoo is often seen as a symbol of sorrow, loss, and remembrance. In some cultures, the weeping eye is seen as a sign of protection, as it is believed to ward off evil spirits.




28. Ariana Grande Japanese Tattoo On Palm

This Japanese tattoo is inked on her palm and she posted the image of this tattoo on her Instagram. However, she later deleted the post as this Ariana Grande tattoo 7 rings did not mean what it was supposed to. The Japanese letters Ariana are supposed to be meant 7 and hoops or rings respectively but when these letters are combined they mean “shichirin” or small charcoal coal.




29. Leaf On Hand Gloves Tattoo

Ariana Grande got additional tattoos around her wrist area which she revealed in her posts. This leaf tattoo completes her hand glove tattoo collection.  Ariana says- "My hands make me so happy”.

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30. “Lumos” Ariana Grande Hand Tattoo

Another Ariana Grande hand tattoo is “Lumos”. Ariana Grande is apparently a huge Harry Potter fan and has quite some tattoos dedicated to her fandom. This “Lumos” tattoo is a tribute to her love for the Harry Potter series. “Lumos” is a spell used by the characters in the Harry Potter series which is cast to produce light. Not just Ariana but her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson also is a huge Harry Potter fan and he along with Ariana also got quite a few Harry Potter dedicated tattoos.




31. Black Heart Ring Finger Tattoo

Fans noticed quite a few changes in the tattoo designs on her ring finger. In the very beginning when Ariana was dating Pete Davidson, she got a tattoo on her ring finger dedicated to him. She got the word “Pete” tattooed on her ring finger which she later replaced with this Black heart tattoo. Soon after her breakup with Pete Davidson, Ariana got on to get some of her tattoos either removed or replaced. This is one such example as Ariana replaced her “Pete” tattoo with a black heart.




32. Abstract Design Ariana Grande Finger Tattoo

Before this abstract design ring finger tattoo of Ariana Grande, she got a completely black heart tattoo which covered the letter “Pete”. After some time she got the black heart covered with this abstract design which looks rather cool and is a unique way to cover up the tattoos you don’t need any more rather than getting the tattoos completely removed.

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33. Enclosing Leaves Ariana Grande Tattoo

Another finger that Ariana has is this enclosing leaves tattoo. This tattoo is yet another minimalist design and looks super adorable with all the other Ariana Grande tattoos. Ariana Grande has not just one but many tattoos that are just leaves. Looks like Ariana likes the laurel leaves to design a lot. Well, we cannot blame her for that, the laurel leaves design looks good and is a great way to adore nature.






34. Chihiro Ariana Grande Tattoo

This is one of the cutest tattoos that Ariana has and this is the “Chihiro” tattoo. Chihiro is a character from “Spirited Away” and is the biggest tattoo that Ariana Grande has got to date. This tattoo represents strength and courage as the character of Chihiro is a 10-year-old girl whose character develops from a meek girl to a brave girl who dares do a lot without fearing away.





35. REM Ariana Grande Tattoo

Ariana Grande has a tattoo that says REM behind her right ear. Many people did not know what this tattoo meant and speculated that it was short for one of her exes. Well, to their relief, it is the name of one of her songs REM. Ariana Grande once stated that this is her favourite song from her album “Sweetener” which is her fourth album and thus she got this tattooed.




36. Rib Cage Leaves Ariana Grande Tattoos

So this is another replacement tattoo that Ariana Grande has got. Before this rib cage leaf tattoo, Ariana had the letters “Always” inked at the same place. Now she has leaves inked over the letter however the letter is still visible quite clearly. Her intention was not to remove the tattoo but to get some modifications to beautify the tattoo.




37. “A” Ariana Grande Hand Tattoo

Ariana Grande got the alphabet “A” tattoo on her thumb which she also posted on her Instagram story and her Snapchat. As we know “A” is the initial of her name and this is why she got this letter tattooed. Apart from that, this is also the initial of one of her close friends Alexa Luria. Her friend has also appeared in music videos of Ariana Grande like- 7 Rings and “Thank You, Next”.  It is such a nice and sweet way of celebrating friendship by tattooing the initials.





38. Angel Wing Ear Tattoo

By now we are sure that nothing can hide from the eyes of the fans. Fans were quick to notice the Angel Wing tattoo on Ariana’s ear. Ariana Grande did the meet and greet for the Sweetener tour, when the images of the same surfaced online. Some fan pages noticed the angel wing tattoo in her ear and posted about it online, since then many other fans have confirmed its presence however, Ariana did not inform her fans when she got one.



39. Three Dots On Each Finger Tattoo

As Ariana Grande has a lot of finger tattoos already, almost each of her fingers has these three dots tattoos as well. She did not specifically post about these tattoos on her Instagram and neither did she give any special meaning to these tattoos. However, the most common meaning is that the three dots represent "mi vida loca" or "my crazy life." This tattoo is often seen on people who have been through a lot in their lives and want to show that they're still standing strong.



40. Stars Ariana Grande Hand Tattoo

More and more celestial bodies have made their way to Ariana Grande’s hand. Another addition that fans noticed was that of the stars. Nautical stars were traditionally used by sailors as a way to guide them home. Shooting stars represent the hopes and dreams that we all have. The Star of David is a symbol of Judaism. Grande could have meant anything by these star's tattoos or it could be just a simple way to showcase her love for nature.



41. Heart Ariana Grande Tattoo

 Just above the REM tattoo, there is a heart tattoo located right behind her ear. Heart tattoos can represent a variety of things, from love and relationships to loss and grief. They can be a reminder of a special person or a symbol of your strength.



42. Thunderbolt Behind The Ear Tattoo

Just above the REM tattoo and the heart tattoo is a tiny little thunderbolt tattoo design that is visible. The tattoo is only visible from the side however the eagle-eyed click to notice the thunderbolt tattoo. The Thunderbolt tattoo is a popular design that has a lot of meaning. This tattoo is often seen as a symbol of strength and power. It can also represent wisdom, knowledge, and courage.




43. “Cinderella” Ariana Grande Finger Tattoo

This Cinderella Ariana Grande finger tattoo is hardly visible and looks quite faded sometimes. This tattoo is on her left index finger and could be another tribute to Miller. Mac Miller wrote a song which was for Ariana Grande herself which was called “Cinderella”. When the song was released Ariana and Miller were still dating, so there is a clear; possibility that the song is a tribute to her ex-boyfriend.




44. Harry Potter Ariana Grande Finger Tattoo

9 ¾ is all that can be made out of this too. This is yet another reference to Harry Potter. We can quite clearly see how a fan Ariana Grande is of the Harry Potter series and thus there is no doubt that this is a reference to the series only. Ariana has quite a lot of ways to show her love for the things she loves.



45. “MYRON” Ariana Grande Foot Tattoo

Ariana Grande got quite a few tattoos from her then-boyfriend Pete Davidson. But since their breakup, almost all of the tattoos she got as a tribute to their relationship had been either removed or replaced. Ariana got a tattoo in honour of Pete’s father, who died during the 9/11 attacks. This tattoo was later, however, replaced by the tattoo “MYRON”. “MYRON” was the name of Miller’s dog whom he got when he was dating Ariana.




46. Leaf Ariana Grande Hand Tattoo

Ariana Grande got another tattoo along with her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson which read “Reborn”. Before the two broke up and went their separate paths, the “Reborn” tattoo was visible on Ariana Grande’s hand. After their breakup, Ariana got a tattoo covered with a leaf design which is visible now in the photos she posts. Ariana always comes up with a unique and creative way to cover the old tattoo and create an new meaning and way. 



47. H2GKMO Hand Tattoo

This Ariana Grande tattoo is located on her hand and not on just her hand but also that of her friends including her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. “H2GKMO” is the abbreviation of Ariana’s favourite slang which stands for “Honest To God Knock Me Out”. This Ariana Grande hand tattoo was showcased by her on her Instagram story in June 2018. H2GKMO is her way of reminding herself to not mind what other people say and enjoy every moment while creating the memories to look into later in life.



48. Ariana Grande's Japanese Tattoo

Ariana Grande has got a tattoo in the Japanese language just above her elbow which gained a lot of appreciation from her Japanese fans. The tattoo which says “Let’s Sing” is her way of giving a tribute to the Japanese culture and her love for her fans. This also represents her love and passion for singing and her career.

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49. 561 Ariana Grande Finger Tattoo

Ariana Grande has her area code 561 tattooed on her thumb which fans saw when she posted an Instagram story. 561 is a very special number for Ariana Grande as this is the area code of the place where she was born and lived till the age of 14. This place is in Florida and is very close to her heart which is the reason behind her getting this tattoo. There is another visible tattoo which says “Reborn” however; Ariana got this tattoo removed soon after her breakup with Pete Davidson.


50. “GWS” Ariana Grande Finger Tattoo

“GWS” is the acronym for “Get Well Soon” which Ariana Grande got inked some time ago. Fans were quick to notice it in her “Positions” music video and understood the meaning behind it without even her revealing it. “Get Well Soon” is a song from Ariana’s music video “Sweetener”. Ariana has a lot of ways to be thankful for all the love that fans have given her music and getting a tat is one of it.



51. Themriana Grande Star Tattoos

Ariana Grande has got cute little stars tattooed on her foot. As we have already talked about, Ariana seems to like cute little designs and thus she chooses the best of them to get tattooed. Star tattoos have quite a lot of interpretations. Some people see them as a symbol of hope or opportunity, while others view them as a sign of protection. Some people simply think they look cool.