Butterfly Mehndi Designs

27 Stunning Butterfly Mehndi Designs: Simple And Unique

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  03 Feb 24

Insects aside, butterflies symbolize rebirth and rejuvenation in a spiritual sense, giving our lives greater significance. These 27 stunning butterfly mehndi designs are perfect for both novices and experts alike, as they mark the beginning of an amazing journey with mehndi. 


27 Best Butterfly Mehndi Designs





1. Trending Butterfly Henna Design

If you seek a simple mehndi design, this option is truly delightful. Picture a charming mix of butterfly and floral patterns adorning your hand. With half of the wings adorned with lovely flowers and the rest resembling regular wings, this blended design creates a wonderfully cool and attractive combination!




2. New Butterfly Mehndi

Choosing minimalistic mehndi with selected designs can be a fantastic option. Take a look at this easy mehndi where interconnected butterflies grace only one finger. Despite fewer patterns, the overall look is stunning, highlighting the beauty of simplicity.




3. Small Butterfly Mehndi

Put a special touch on just two fingers with a small butterfly mehndi design. It's simple and unique, focusing only on the butterfly, making it really cool and pretty!


butterfly mehndi design-24


4. Fashionable Butterfly Mehndi Design

This butterfly mehndi design creates the stylish, realistic look of a butterfly in flight. Spread your wings and soar!


butterfly mehndi design-25


5. Traditional Butterfly Mehndi Design

Desire a more conventional mehndi? then this classic butterfly mehndi design will be your decision. 


butterfly mehndi design-5


6. Single Butterfly 

The love for black mehndi does not go away. Simply customize this instagram mehndi design to fit your occasion.


butterfly mehndi design-3

7. Woman Butterfly

Use this sophisticated butterfly mehndi design to give your mehndi a deeper significance. Give your feminine spirit some love.


butterfly mehndi design-23


8. Butterfly Mehndi Design for Backhand

Embroider this adorable and easy butterfly mehndi design on your backhand. Novices are welcome to try.


butterfly mehndi design-4


9. Cute Butterfly Mehndi Design

Create a more contemporary henna with this striking and straightforward butterfly mehndi design.


butterfly mehndi design-16


10. Printed Butterflies

Embrace this gorgeous butterfly mehndi design to bless your backhand. This royal mehndi design can be updated by using inventiveness.


butterfly mehndi design-19


11. Floral Butterfly

Flowers are essential to mehndi designs. This butterfly mehndi design can be engraved for your most special event.


butterfly mehndi design-18


12. Butterflies in Arabic Pattern

This lovely Arabic butterfly mehndi design can be embellished by enthusiasts of Arabic design to add something special to the occasion.


butterfly mehndi design-22


13. Butterfly Tattoo

Wishing for a tattoo that hurts less?. Then one should choose this striking yet understated butterfly mehndi design.


butterfly mehndi design-14


14. Butterfly Girl

The simplicity and elegance of this butterfly mehndi design will appeal to beginners.


butterfly mehndi design-10


15. Detailed Butterfly

Adorn your back hand with a stunning bridal mehndi design featuring full coverage and a charming butterfly. The intricate patterns create a beautiful and captivating look for your special day.


butterfly mehndi design-8

16. Butterflies And Roses

This butterfly mehndi design resembles butterfly-braided roses. The degree of creativity is at its highest.


butterfly mehndi design-9


17. Simple Butterfly Mehndi Design

There is a glittery effect to this butterfly mehndi design. Simply embellish this design to make your event truly spectacular.


butterfly mehndi design-2

18. Butterflies And Moon

The butterfly mehndi design represents impermanence, personal growth, and the beauty of accepting change.




19. Elaborate Butterfly Mehndi Design

The delicate nature and great power of humanity have inspired and represented this butterfly mehndi design for millennia.


butterfly mehndi design-12


20. Elegant Butterfly Mehndi Design

The idea of escaping the material world and attaining enlightenment is embodied in this butterfly mehndi design.


butterfly mehndi design-21


21. Sparkling Butterfly

This adorable butterfly mehndi design has a shimmering look thanks to the stars in it.


butterfly mehndi design-7


22. Butterfly Mehndi Design For Beginners

This Arabic butterfly mehndi design is an option for those who want their mehndi to look more contemporary and straightforward.


butterfly mehndi design-17


23. Bold Butterfly

Embrace your inner bravery and boldness with this adorable butterfly mehndi design.


butterfly mehndi design-13


24. Symmetric Butterfly with Flowers 

This exquisite butterfly mehndi design represents metamorphosis, rebirth, and the quest for wealth, and it has deep symbolic value.


butterfly mehndi design-15


25. Minimal Butterfly

The simplicity and charm of this butterfly mehndi design will draw in beginners.


butterfly mehndi design-11

26. Classic Butterfly Mehndi Design

Replicating this butterfly mehndi design is simple. There are no special events needed to adorn this simple butterfly mehndi design.


butterfly mehndi design-6


27. Butterfly at Wrist

Use this pleasant butterfly mehndi design to get acquainted with and boost your mehndi experience.