Royal Mehndi Designs

61 Best Royal Mehndi Designs For Front Hand And Back Hand

Hanisha Sharma

Updated At  15 Mar 24

Mehndi is a tradition that has its roots in diverse cultures. It stands a tribute to the timeless allure of the intricate hand and foot art. Among the plethora of styles that exist, royal mehndi designs stand as a testament to the artistry that weaves together various cultural motifs, and histories in a modern twist.

We embark on this journey of exploring 61 royal mehndi designs that are full of rich tapestry of intricate designs and patterns that are used in the celebration of joyous occasions of life. Each design has a different story that will captivate you with its essence of spirit and cultural heritage.


61 Best Royal Mehndi Designs




1) Royal Front Hand Mehndi For Front Hand

This stunning royal mehndi design by renowned bridal henna artist Divya features intricate elements. On one hand, it depicts the bride and groom, while on the other, it portrays the bride performing a traditional prayer for the long life of her groom. If you are looking for a karwa chauth mehndi design, then this can be an amazing fit as well.




2) Lotus Inspired Royal Mehndi Design For Front Hand 

Enhance your bridal elegance with a royal front hand mehndi. The unique feature of this mehndi is the way both bride and groom are captured in the henna design along with the stunning use of lotus flower on the periphery.




3) Maharashtrian Wedding Bridal Mehndi

Kinjal, a popular mehndi artist based out of Mumbai, provides inspiration for the latest simple and unique royal mehndi design. Observe the beautiful usage of various delicate patterns along with the bride and groom's silhoutte. The floral designs, elephants and various motifs add charm to this gorgeous bridal mehndi.




4) Peacok Inspired Royal Mehndi

If you are looking for more inspiration for new royal mehandi designs then this is an amazing option. Kajal, a popular mehndi design artist, creates this stunning mehndi design for enegagement. 





5) Royal Back Hand Mehndi Design

This unique royal mehndi for back hand has been trending. Created by Rahul from Rahul Mehndi Art studio, in jaipur, this stunning design uses the open spaces and patterns in a stunning way. The flowers, net patterns, and blocks on the fingers all gel well together to give a new perspective to this mehndi design.



6) Full Hand Royal Mehndi

If you are looking for a new royal henna design, then look no further. This full hand peacock inspired design is full of intricate patterns and looks gorgeous. Observe the usage of hashtags in this unique royal design.




7) Simple Royal Front Hand Mehndi Design

This easy mehndi design is perfect for capturing the essence of royalty as it features intricately detailed portraits of the king and queen. This traditional design is full of cultural motifs which creates a majestic aura. The elaborate patterns of the design symbolize the grandeur of royalty.



8) Mughal Garden Design

Taking its inspiration from the Mughal gardens, this heavy mehndi design symbolizes the symmetry and precision of the gardens. Detailed floral patterns mimic the lush greenery of these gardens, while different motifs add a touch of elegance.

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9) Victorian Lace Mehndi

Inspired by Victorian lace patterns, this design features swirls and patterns that are reminiscent of royal turbans. The detailing of these patterns reflects the craftsmanship related to the traditional turban worn by Indian royalty.



10) Palki Art

Capturing the essence of the royal procession, this mehndi design features a palki surrounded by intricate details. This henna design is perfect for weddings to add a touch of royalty. One of the most beautiful royal mehndi designs for front hand.



11) Mandala Royal Mehndi For Front Hand

The mandala mehndi is a symbol of harmony and balance which makes it a perfect choice for a royal mehndi design. This design features circles and intricate patterns that represent the harmony of a new beginning.



12) Persian Art Design

Drawing its inspiration from the rich Persian carpet patterns, this design is full of details. It also stands as a tribute to the craftsmanship and the hard work that goes into Persian textiles. It is one of the most beautiful royal mehndi designs for front hand.



13) Elephant Parade

In many cultures, Elephants are the symbol of wisdom and strength. This design features royal elephants that are decorated in jewelry and patterns. These elephants will add a touch of grandeur to your mehndi design.



14) Rajput Mehndi

Celebrating the rich culture of Rajasthan, this front hand mehndi design is full of detailed patterns that take inspiration from the Rajput culture. This design exudes strength and hard work.



15) Royal Archways Design

This design is inspired by the historical Indian architecture. It features archways and minarets that are reminiscent of palaces and forts. This design will add a touch of grandeur to your mehndi.



16) Lotus Inspired Royal Mehendi

Lotus is a symbol of purity and enlightenment, and it is a common motif in the royal mehndi designs. This design resembles the balance between simplicity and elegance.



17) Temple-Inspired Design

Taking inspiration from the traditional temple architecture, this back hand mehndi design features intricate detailing. It is perfect for capturing the regal and pure essence of temples.



18) Nizami Mehndi

This design is inspired by the traditional Nizami patterns. It is perfect for adding a poetic and romantic touch to your mehndi which makes it a perfect choice for wedding celebrations.



19) Paisley Mehndi

Paisleys are commonly known as 'Mango' in the mehndi art. It is a classic simple royal mehndi design that features paisley patterns which create a sense of flow and continuity. 



20) Royal Butterfly

Combining the delicacy of butterflies with detailed patterns can make a beautiful royal mehndi design. Butterflies are a symbol of beauty and change when it is filled with intricate designs. This is a very simple royal mehndi design.



21) Moonlit Garden

This instagram mehndi design is perfect for capturing the ambiance of a moonlit garden. Floral patterns combined with a crescent moon can create an enchanting design that is both eye-catching and elegant.



22) Royal Vine Design

This design incorporates royal vine patterns that are full of perfect detailing. The vine pattern is a symbol of growth and continuity which makes it a perfect choice for weddings.



23) Royal Castle Pattern

Capture the magic of fairy tales with this mehndi design depicting enchanted castles. Towers, turrets, and swirling patterns can create a dreamy atmosphere.



24) Regalia Mehndi

This mehndi design is inspired by vintage jewelry designs. The intricate and minimalistic designs mimic the sophistication of vintage ornaments. This is an elegant and simple royal mehndi design.



25) Beautiful Lace Pattern

This arabic mehndi design is perfect for capturing the delicacy of lacework with an enchanting touch. These lace patterns take inspiration from vintage textiles and exude elegance and grace.



26) Sufi Mehndi

Incorporating elements of Sufi mysticism, this mehndi design features swirling patterns that symbolize the connection with love. The intricate patterns create a mesmerizing and spiritual effect.

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27) Royal Jali Mehndi

This mehndi design is inspired by the intricate work of Indian jali windows. This design features intricate geometric patterns, the jali pattern creates a sense of royalty and gives a tribute to the marvelous Indian royal architecture.





28) Chessboard Inspired Design

This design is inspired by the game of chess, it features a symmetrical box and pattern. The precision of this design symbolizes strategic thinking and planning. This is a beautiful royal back hand mehndi design.

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29) Kashmiri Royal Mehndi

This mehndi design is perfect for capturing the serene beauty and royalty of Kashmir. The design features intricate details and patterns that add an element of Kashmir artistry to the hands.



30) Tapestry Mehndi Art

This mehndi design draws its inspiration from historical tapestries which feature elaborate patterns that replicate the richness of woven fabrics. This is a beautiful royal back hand mehndi design.



31) Bridal Royal Mehndi

This bridal mehndi design is full of traditional bridal symbols like flowers and lamps. This design is like a blessing for the newlyweds where each element is intricately detailed.



32) Honeycomb Inspired Design

Featuring the hexagonal pattern of honeycombs, this mehndi design represents harmony. The precision of honeycombs adds a geometric and regal touch.



33) Royal Chain Mehndi Design

Inspired by the grandeur of chandeliers, this mehndi design features the pattern of crystal chandeliers. This design is perfect for those who want to add a touch of glamour and elegance to their hands.



34) Royal Mystic Mehndi Design

Inspired by ancient runes and symbols, this mehndi design features mystical symbols. Each symbol has a different meaning and story which adds a touch of intrigue and magic to the design.



35) Royal Stars Design

In this design, stars elegantly cascade down the hands. The celestial motifs symbolize dreams, aspirations, and the vastness of possibilities.



36) Ganesha Motif Design

Featuring the Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, this mehndi design is both spiritual and regal. This religious design adds a divine aura to the design.




37) Jhumka Design

Taking its inspiration from traditional Indian jewelry, this mehndi design mimics the intricate pattern of jhumkas. This design adds a touch of traditional elegance.



38) Royal Butterfly Garden

This royal garden of butterflies is a beautiful design that adorns the hands. Each butterfly is created with uniquely detailed patterns which creates a sense of natural beauty.



39) Whimsical Mehndi Design

This design can transport you to the whims of a highly intricated mehndi design. Full of enchanting details, this design is one of the best royal mehndi designs.



40) Divine Mandala

This mehndi design focuses on a central mandala surrounded by intricate patterns. The mandala, a symbol of unity and completeness, takes center stage in this regal design. It is a simple and elegant royal mehndi design for bride.



41) Flower Garden

This beautiful and enchanting design features different types of flowers that have unique cultural significance. It is perfect for any joyous occasion like weddings or festivals.



42) Rangoli Mehndi

Inspired by traditional Indian rangoli patterns, this mehndi design features vibrant and symmetrical designs. The use of bold colors adds a festive and royal touch.



43) Gilded Vines Pattern

Intricate vine patterns with beautiful details adorn your hand in this ethereal design. This pattern symbolizes growth and prosperity.



44) Cultural Collage Design

This unique and modern mehndi design is a collage of different cultural patterns. Each symbol and motif represents the diversity and richness of Indian heritage.



45) Celestial Moon

This design is perfect for capturing the magic of the moon. It is a minimalist design that still gives off a royal vibe with its dreamy and enchanting atmosphere.



46) Floral Veil

A collaboration of floral patterns creates a design that resembles a delicate veil. The floral motifs, intricately detailed, add a touch of romance and elegance.



47) Royal Mosaic Pattern

Taking its inspiration from mosaic art, this mehndi design features geometric patterns and vibrant details. The precision and perfection in this design create a royal look.



48) Warrior Mehndi

This unique design takes its inspiration from the warrior princesses of history. It includes motifs and symbols inspired by warriors. Intricate patterns create a sense of armor.



49) Swirling Elegance

This design is an elegant and sophisticated choice for anyone who likes swirling and flowy patterns that are also minimalist. This design represents the flow of life.



50) Dreamcatcher Mehndi

Incorporating dreamcatcher motifs, this mehndi design symbolizes protection and positive energy. The detailed patterns capture the essence of a mystical and dreamy fantasy.



51) Royal Swan Design

This design is inspired by swans which are a symbol of love and fidelity. This is an elegant and graceful pattern that creates a sense of royalty on your hands.



52) Sunburst Mehndi

A sunburst motif is surrounded by intricately detailed patterns in this mehndi design. This pattern radiates positive energy and opulence. One of the most enchanting royal mehndi designs back hand.



53) Bangles Mehndi

Taking inspiration from traditional Indian bangles, this mehndi design features intricate patterns that look like stacked bangles. This is a beautiful royal mehndi design.



54) Rajasthani Henna Art

The Rajasthani royal mehndi is very famous in India especially when it comes to bridal mehndi. The design replicates the richness of traditional Rajasthani ornaments which adds royal grandeur to the design. An enchanting royal mehndi design for bride.



55) Royal Lotus 

The lotus is considered the symbol of purity and beauty in many Indian cultures. This mehndi design shows an array of lotus flowers and intricate patterns.



56) Mughlai Mehndi

Showing off the grace and elegance of Mughals, this royal mehndi design features delicate patterns inspired by Mughal art. The intricate and subtle patterns capture the grandeur of the great Mughals.



57) Damask Mehndi

Incorporating damask patterns, this mehndi design features elaborate and symmetrical motifs. This design is perfect for those who are looking for something minimalistic with a touch of royalty.



58) Royal Jharokha

This beautiful and enchanting design is inspired by the beauty of Rajasthani jharokhas (balconies). This design adds a touch of royal elegance and perfectly captures Rajasthani architecture.



59) Tanjor Mehndi

Inspired by Tanjore paintings, this mehndi design is perfect for those who want something different and royal. This design captures the richness and cultural significance of Tanjore's artistry.



60) Vintage Bridal Mehndi

This design mimics the delicacy and artistry of vintage bridal veils. The swirls create an illusion of draped fabric and add a touch of timeless elegance to the design. One of the most beautiful royal mehndi designs back hand.



61) Arabic Royal Mehndi

Inspired by the elegance and grace of Arabs, this mehndi design perfectly captures the grandeur of Arabic royalty. The elegant swirls and intricate details add a touch of sophistication to the design.

In the grand scale of detailed patterns and cultural symbols and motifs that define royal mehndi designs, we not only find patterns but also stories. Each design is inspired by the richness and diversity of the Indian heritage. These designs prove that mehndi is a celebration of culture and love, and it is a tradition that has transcended the boundaries of time.