61 Most Popular Hair Colors For Dark Skin - 2023

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  14 Sep 23


Do you wish to color your hair? Want to know about the popular hair colors that would suit dark skin? Then, you have come to the right place.

Whether your skin tone is light or dark, there is a shade of hair color for you. And this time we have come up with the most popular hair color ideas for dark skin. Our list of 61 most popular hair colors for dark skin for black women would be enough to give you all the inspiration you need for your next salon session. From bright pinks to muted greens, we have covered them all.

Let’s dive in!


61 Most Popular Hair Colors For Dark Skin For Black Women - 2023




1. Burgundy For Dark Skin

Burgundy is the best hair color for dark skin. This is a shade that suits dark skin perfectly and looks extremely glamorous.




2. Fiery Red

Another popular choice of hair dye for dark skin is the fiery red one. We all remember Rihanna’s red hair phase, don’t we? She gave wind to the red hair trend for black women. This bright shade of red compliments dark skin very well.

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3. Lavender Bob

If you thought only dark colors can suit dark skin, then you are wrong. This lavender-colored is the perfect example of light hair color for dark skin. This hair color is cool and summery. It can even remind one of the cheerful spring.


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4. Blonde Hair Color For Dark Skin

Blonde is another popular choice for women of color. A warm-toned blonde perfectly fits with the dark skin tones.



5. Ginger Magic

Want to channel your inner redhead? To that, we say you go, girl! This ginger hair color is different from the regular shade of red. This warm-toned color looks perfect on the dark skin.




6. Teal Green Hair Dye For Dark Skin

Dark shades of green are very flattering to the dark skin tone and this teal green shade is one good example. With dark roots, this shade also has some bluishness in it giving it a trendy uniqueness of its own.


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7. Burnt Orange With Burgundy

If you want to make a bold statement with your hair, and then this is the hair color for you. This one uses not one but two different colors of the same family of colors. This asymmetrical graduated bob is parted on the side with the side being the shade of burnt orange and the other being burgundy. Both of these colors sit pretty well together and look stunning.




8. Creamy Blonde Hair For Dark Skin

Going blonde is not just for fair skin. With dark roots, this honey blonde shade looks chic and works wonders for dark skin.




9. Muted Pink Hair Color For Dark Skin

Pink has been a popular choice of hair color for dark skin. This soft muted pink looks straight out of a fantasy dream.



10. White Hair Colors For Dark Skin

White hair dye looks especially pretty for dark skin. It is also the latest trend this year. So, go and experiment freely. Channel your inner Ice Queen.




11. Electric Blue Hair Dye For Dark Skin

Blue is another of the popular hair color for dark skin. It has been in vogue for some years now and is here to stay. This shade of electric blue is perfect to move on from shades of brown.




12. Burgundy Colored Hair For Dark Skin

If you don’t want to go all loud and bright with fiery red, then this is the perfect color for you. This color sits well with dark skin and looks glamorous without looking too dramatic.




13. Auburn For Long Hair

If you want a slight change from your usual black hair, then go for this auburn shade. This is the perfect hair color for dark skin tone.




14. Pale Green Curls

Amongst the many bright hair color ideas dark skin women can try, this pale green one caught our eye. It is simple, sober yet classy. It has a very chic mysterious vibe to it.



15. Merlot Red Hair Color For Dark Skin Tone

Are you a wine lover? Show your love for the red bubbly drink with this merlot wine shade of hair color for dark skin. Here it is paired with dark roots and gives out a smart sophisticated look.




16. Platinum Blonde Hair For Dark Skin

From Jennifer Lawrence to Katy Perry, everybody has tried their hands at the platinum blonde shade. Then why should you stay behind? This shade of blonde suits the dark skin as well. It creates a contrasting effect that looks very smart.




17. Peachy Pink Hair Color For Dark Skin

If you are a fan of bright colors then you will surely love this peachy pink hair color for dark skin. It looks fun, fantastic, and groovy.




18. White Hair For Dark Skin

Coloring your hair white on your own might have seemed like a weird choice a few years back but now it has grown to be a full-fledged hair color trend. Opt for a white hair color if you want to make a glam statement.



19. Light Brown Balayage

This is a very beautiful example if you are willing to go for a more natural look. The light brown balayage with face-framing layers will change your look in a simple yet stunning manner. If you are looking for wedding hairstyles this is certainly one of the best options to explore.



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20. Purple Hair Color For Dark Skin

After blue, it is purple which has caught the fancy of dark-skinned women all over the globe. They are constantly experimenting with its different shades but this dark purple one remains the top favorite.




21. 50 Shades Of Color

Can’t decide the shade of color you want for your hair this season? Stop worrying and go for a medley of deeper shades of three to four different colors. Add a little bit of platinum or ashy blonde to create a contrasting effect. This mixed color palette is very unique and looks stunning on dark skin,




22. Streak Of Red

From the myriad of hair colors for dark skin to choose from, we have a special place in our hearts for this one here. A head full of burgundy soft curls with a streak of pink-red in it adds the necessary drama and glam to the whole look.




23. Bubble Gum Pink Hair Color For Dark Skin

An afro is already an interesting style of hair on its own. Add some more drama to it with a bubblegum pink-colored hair. This hair color looks fun and sits like a light cloud on your head.




24. Blue Colored Hair For Dark Skin

Azure blue is another shade of blue that is the top choice of hair color for dark skin this year. This is a light shade of blue that falls somewhere between blue and cyan. It is also often referred to as the color of the ocean.




25. Deep Blue Colored Hair For Dark Skin

If you are a hair color newbie, then this is the right option for you. The deep blue color mixes with the natural black and complements the dark skin tone without looking over the top dramatic. It is a safe and classy choice.




26. Blue And Purple

2019 is big on dual-toned hair and no we are not just talking about the ombre or Balayage trend. The hair color trend has moved further away from there. This year is all about experimenting with loud popping colors. Color a side of your hair with one color and another side with a different complementing bright color. A case in point is this light blue-purple combo.




27. Copper Red For Dark Skin

This is yet another safe yet glam shade for those who don’t want a loud or bright color. Copper red is the best hair color for dark skin and a really popular choice for this year.


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28. Grey Hair With Dark Roots

Go get a full head of grey hair at your next salon appointment as a grey hair dye for dark skin remains a popular choice even in 2020. This trend started a year back and has only grown with time. With dark roots and grey ends, this hair color looks very elegant and classy.




29. Honey Blonde On Dark Skin

Talk about sophisticated glam and we will tell you to get a honey blonde shade for your hair. Want proof? Take a look at this hair color for dark skin and see for yourself how stunning it looks.



30.  Purple With Dark Roots

There are many ways to go about hair color for dark skin tone. And we especially love this purple hair color with dark roots. With this color, you won't have to rush to the salon every time you start seeing your roots.



31. Blonde With Brown

As another example of the dual-toned trend, we found this ultra-glam combo of blonde and brown. It will add just the right amount of drama to your personality.




32. Cobalt Blue Hair Color For Dark Skin

Cobalt blue with dark roots is another classy choice of hair color for dark skin.




33. Platinum Blonde Hair For Dark Skin

Does this shade of platinum blonde not paint a pretty picture? You can never go wrong with blonde hair for dark skin.



34. Sun-Kissed Hair

Sun-kissed hair color is the favorite of the town this year. From Beyonce to Ciara, everyone is flaunting it. Then, what are you waiting for?





35. Baby Blue To The Rescue

When it comes to hair colors for dark skin, there is no limit to the number of colors and shades available. Look at this pretty baby blue color with black roots. Isn’t it amazing?




36. Curly Sea Of Green

Give your curls a different and unique look with two different shades of the same color. You can opt for something like this particular hair color and use a light and a dark shade of green together.




37. Dark Skin With Blonde Hair Ideas

Have we told you how attractive does blonde hair look with dark skin? Even if we have, it is not just enough! Look how stunning this hair color looks.





38. Lilac Buzz Cut

Carry some spring with you throughout the year with this lilac-colored buzz cut. And oh yes .go ahead and match your outfit with your hair color. Because that’s what we are going to do this year




39. Mermaid Hair

Have the mermaid-esque length of hair? Then don’t shy away from coloring them with the mermaid-inspired batch of colors. The various light shades of blue, green, and pink compliment each other as well as the dark skin perfectly.




40. Honey Blonde For Dark Skin

We love this honey blonde color for long hair. The uniformity of this color adds to its beauty.




41. Yellow Mania

Want to make a bold statement? Then go bananas. More like go for yellow-colored hair. This is a bright and vibrant shade of hair dye for dark skin.





42. Bright Pink Ombre

Give in to the ombre hair trend with this hair color for dark skin. The platinum blonde shade goes extremely well with the cotton candy pink.




43. A Lighter Balayage

A balayage doesn't have to follow the natural route always. You can choose a lighter color as well. This balayage is lighter than the dark brown base color. And that's what makes it stunning.




44. Hot Pink Curls

Add more fun to your curls with hot pink hair color for dark skin. See for yourself how on fleek this color looks on curls.




45. Light Blue Hair With Dark Roots

When it comes to hair color for dark skin, the sky is the limit.  Choose this sky blue color with dark roots for a fun and stylish look.




46. Blue To Silver

Mix two complementing hair colors for dark skin together. This silver grey and azure blue color remind us of cold winter days. This classy and glamorous look is drool-worthy good.




47. Bleached Blonde Hair For Dark Skin

These bleached blonde curls with dark brown roots look so much fun and happening. It isn’t going to a change as dramatic as going hot pink but this hair dye for dark hair will surely die for.




48. Neon Hair Color Ideas Dark Skin

You will stand out in the crowd with this different and chic neon green hair color for dark skin. It is perfect for those who have experimented with the regular shades of red, pink, and green and now want to try something new.




49. Hair Highlights On Dark Skin

If you just want to test the waters and see how a little bit of color would look on you, then this is the perfect thing for you. Opt for brown highlights. They not only suit the dark skin but also look a lot natural.




50. Beautiful Peach Hair Dye For Dark Skin

Move over pinks and reds, and opt for this beautiful peach-hued hair color.  It brings all the happy summery vibes with it.



51. Caramel Brown Hair Color For Dark Skin

This caramel brown hair color for dark skin looks soft and sophisticated. It is perfect for the office going girl who wants to add some glamour to her look.




 52. Pink It

If you thought you have seen enough of pink hair, then you are wrong. There are so many variations and shades of the same color, you can barely count them all. This deep pink hair color with hot pink roots looks oh so stunning. We truly love this one.





53. Colorful Undercut

Add some more drama to your already dramatic and edgy undercut bob. With bright hues of colors like purple, pink, yellow, and orange, you can add a new meaning to colored feathered hair.



54. Dark Blue Curly Hair For Dark Skin

Adorn your bouncy curls with this beautiful dark blue color. It will sit very well with your naturally dark hair. 




55. Pink Streaks On Red Hair

Forget about blended hair color. Instead, opt for this bright red with a striking bubblegum pink streak right in the front. It is not blended well with the rest of the red hair and is more defined.




56. Dark Skin With Blonde Hair

Dark skin looks even more beautiful with blonde hair. Don’t believe us? Then see for yourself how perfectly well blonde color complements dark skin. Honey blonde on dark skin is an absolute vision.




57. Hair On Fire

This hair color for dark skin is not for the faint of heart. This bold beautiful hair color imitates all the colors of a raging fire. With dark roots, it begins with a yellow and mixes in with red to form a subtle orange. The tips also have shades of pink and purple. A-one job at blending.




58. Cotton Candy Hair Dye For Dark Skin

Who doesn’t love cotton candy? Get inspired by the sweet retreat and opt for a similar pink hair dye for dark skin. It is the latest hair color trend and has been a popular choice of hair color for dark skin.





59. Blue Purple Ombre

Color your hair in this blue-purple ombre and join the bandwagon of the latest trendy hair colors for dark skin.




60. Rose Blonde Hair Color For Dark Skin

Rose gold has taken over almost everything you can think of. From accessories to clothes, you will find a rose gold variant rather easily. Then how could this color stay away from the hair color trend? This rose blonde hair color for dark skin not only is the best hair color for dark skin but also looks very stunning.




61. Brown Balayage For Dark Skin

A brown Balayage is yet another popular choice of color that refuses to go out of the trend. It is attractive and super stylish too.

This is the end our list. Hope you were inspired by the variety of hair colors for dark skin we brought together here.