Heart Henna Designs

25 Simple And Easy Heart Henna Designs

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  12 Jul 24


Looking out for the best heart henna designs for the importnt occasion? If yes, we have got you covered!

The most popular symbol of love, a heart is used to represent the center of emotion, including affection and love, especially romantic love. But when the heart takes its shape in the form of henna it will become more adventurous. We list 25 simple and easy heart henna designs which are easy to implement and would look stylish as well. Let's spot some heart mehandi designs.


25 Simple And Easy Heart Henna Design 


Symmetric Heart With Blossom


1. Symmetric Heart Henna Design 

This is an incredible and effortless heart mehndi design. Beginners can try this technique. The heart is embellished with flower blossom which makes this heart mehndi design more glamorous. A perfect option for any important function, this henna design is sure to attract the eyeballs. One can also go for a designer mehndi design as it looks stunning and elegant as well.


Flying Hearts


2. Flying Hearts 

This heart mehndi design will make your heart flutter. Just make this amazing heart henna design glide in your hands. Such a fulfilling heart henna design for gorgeous women.


Majestic Heart


3. Majestic Heart 

A person with a majestic heart is rare but this heart henna design with a majestic heart can be made frequently. This easy mehndi design looks modern and elegant. If you are looking for a back hand mehndi which is simple and has hearts embedded, then this can be an amazing option. The heart in the center drives all the attention and the use of open spaces is well thought off. 


Heart with Jaal Pattern


4. Heart With Jaal Pattern 

Brides can attempt this astonishing heart mehndi design. One can use this heart henna design at their wedding. The jail pattern with hearts gives a pleasant look to the hands and eyes. This full hand henna design also has the names of the bride and groom embedded in it. Depending upon persinal preferences, one can also go for alphabets instead of complete names.

Check out our guide on S letter mehndi designs to find out how alpbhabet S can be used in different mehndi designs to make it look stunning.


Save the Date


5. Save The Date 

Apply this amazing heart henna design to commemorate your wedding with your loved one. Let this heart mehndi design make your day more special. This stylish mehndi design showcases the date of the occasion and the use of open spaces ensures that the heart and date get enough focus.


Delicate Heart Mehndi Design


6. Delicate Heart Mehndi Design 

Words are insufficient to describe this delicate back hand heart henna design. The heart in this heart mehndi design has been embellished exotically. It might look simple but this heart mehndi design will make us fall in love with henna.


Heart in Garland


7. Heart In Garland 

The symmetric heart mehndi design is a surprising feature and the heart decorated with garlands makes it look distinct. The dark shaded leaf motifs give a complete look to this heart mehndi design. One of the most common henna designs with heart, the ample use of open spaces here makes this design very unique. It ensures that all the focus remains on the heart design.


Dotted Heart


8. Dotted Heart Henna Design

Even though the heart is a symbol of modern love but the dots in and around the heart make it look traditional. This heart mehndi design uses various shapes of dots which makes it extremely aesthetic. Do note the use of alphabet in the middle of the heart which highlights the importance of your loved one.


Heart With Alphabets


9. Heart With Alphabets 

It was not only the hearts but the alphabet in this heart mehndi design that got our attention. Just tag your loved ones' first letter inside your heart and the inside the heart of this heart henna design.

Heart With Mango Motif Dots


10. Heart With Mango Motif Dots 

The mango motif dots around the heart add some glam to the symmetric heart. This is one of the easiest heart mehndi design that anyone could embellish on their hands. Don't forget to tag those alphabets.


Chain Hearts


11. Heart Henna Design With Chains 

The chain of hearts connected to the heart through dotted chains and the netted pattern gives tremendous beauty to this heart mehndi design. Anyone can try this heart henna design irrespective of their skill.


Heart Badges


12. Heart Badges 

This full hand heart mehndi design gives an illusion of badges of heart stitched on the hands. The hearts in this henna design seems like they are all connected together even though they are separated. The leafs and the intricate patterns give an illusion of continuity.  Isn't it simple and stunning? If you are looking for a full hand heart henna design options which is simple and easy to implement, this can be an excellent choice.


Netted Hearts


13. Netted Hearts 

The crowded circles and the symmetric netted heart are the attractive features of this heart mehndi design. Those four dots around the heart add spark to this gorgeous heart henna design.


Dual Heart


14. Dual Hearts 

A dual heart is a symbol that is widely used to express love, affection, pleasure, or happiness. Express your love for yourself through this pleasing and prepossessing heart mehndi design. The complete focus of this henna design is on hearts and its clearly evident by the design on the palms and the arm.


Heart Connected With Wires


15. Heart Connected With Wires 

In this ravishing heart henna design, the hearts are connected with dotted wires and the shading around the hearts adds some mysterious glow to this heart mehndi design. Pulchritudinous!

Simple Heart Mehndi Design

16. Simple Heart Mehndi Design 

Looking for a minimalistic and easy heart henna design? Then check this out. This simple heart mehndi design is easy on the eyes and easy for beginners to make. The hearts and dotted chains are screaming out minimal chic.


Heart in Circles


17. Heart In Circles 

The sudden look at this heart henna design gives a mandala outlook. But this heart mehndi design has been engraved circularly with striped shadings. The challenging task is one should know to draw the figures neatly.

A Branch Of Heart


18. A Branch Of Heart 

A colorful heart henna design with a branch of heart gives a beguiling impact on our hands. This heart henna design uses bold and colorful design using space as an element. This heart mehndi design is done with black and red henna.

Finger Heart Mehndi Design


19. Finger Heart Mehndi Design 

This heart henna design gives an ornamental effect to the fingers. This heart mehndi design has been concentrated on two fingers. Minimalism has become a trendsetter. People who love minimalism can try this heart mehndi design.


Queen Of Hearts


20. Queen of Hearts 

This heart henna design has a variety of motifs and patterns to create a charming look on your special occasion. Just draw your favorite designs around the heart, and let your creativity flow.


Heart With Blossoms


21. Heart With Blossoms 

This startling heart henna design starts from the wrist and ends at the forefinger. The floral blossoms around the heart make this heart mehndi design phenomenal. The dancing dots connect those florals elegantly.


Heart Tattoo


22. Heart Tattoo 

This heart henna design looks like a tattoo. Mostly heart mehndi design has been created with black henna to get the tattoo effect. This heart henna design has perfect ultra-modern components.


Backhand Heart Henna Design


23. Backhand Heart Henna Design 

This heart mehndi design has leaf and flower motifs, dotted chains, and many more. It might give an illusion of complexity but it is a basic heart henna design with an awe-inspiring outcome.


Modern Heart Mehndi Design


24. Modern Heart Mehndi Design 

This modern heart mehndi design is perfect for beginners. Searching for a flawless mehndi design for western outfits? This heart mehndi design will be quintessential for western outfits.


Connecting Hearts


25. Connecting Hearts 

Here is proof that heart mehndi designs can be done in millions of different ways. It is a simple heart henna design yet it looks exquisite. This alluring heart henna design will be flawless in traditional outfits.