Keratin Hair Treatment: What Are The Pros, Cons And Side Effects?

Keratin Hair Treatment: What Are The Pros, Cons And Side Effects?

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  18 Mar 24

Want to know more about Keratin treatment pros and cons? Are you aware that keratin treatment also has side effects?

While keratin treatment is perfect to get hair smoothened, one needs to know keratin treatment side effects and its costs before making the final call! It is also compared a lot with cysteine hair treatment.

We bring to you everything about this procedure which includes keratin treatment pros and cons, side effects, costs and all of the most popular FAQs whihc would resolve all your questions.

Specifically, you will know everything about Keratin hair treatment which would include -

  • What Is Keratin Treatment & How Its Done
  • Keratin Treatment Pros And Cons
  • Keratin Treatment Side Effects
  • Keratin Treatment Costs
  • 10 Popular FAQs On Keratin Hair Treatment

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What Is Keratin Treatment?

Before we jump in knowing what the Keratin is all about, let us break down the meaning of Keratin.


Keratin is a type of protein present in hair that helps to build up the structure of hair. The main job of this protein is to keep your hair on a leash and not let it go frizzy and wild.


But as the lifestyles have changed, our hair is exposed to a lot of sun and pollution that makes the keratin level to go low often, resulting in dry and frizzy hair with zero shine!


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The keratin treatment was introduced that is formulated to provide the protein back to the hair ‘ artificially’ in order to manage the frizz and dullness.


The keratin treatment promises sleek and shiny hair. The treatment does not promise straightened hair, you can just rather expect loose strands with respect to what your hair type is. Curly hair would get loose curls, whereas wavy hair would get much straighter hair.

Do check our guide on Hair smoothening to find out all the options one can go for to smoothen and straighten hair.



How Is It Done?

The procedure starts with the washing of hair, followed by a blow dry and is different from rebonding hair.

The keratin solution is applied to the hair and its left to set. A second round takes place, followed by the straightening of hair to set the solution. Voila!

Your hair isn’t supposed to be washed for 48 hours. A separate series of post keratin treatment products are to be taken to keep the effect long lasting!


Keratin treatment is suitable for hair that is really frizzy and dull. It reduces the volume, hence the treatment is not recommended for hair that is already straight. 



Keratin Treatment Pros And Cons


It is extremely important to know keratin treatment pros and cons, as you might end up damaging your hair otherwise.


Keratin Treatment Pros

  • Zero frizz
  • Your hair is more manageable now
  • The treatment adds luster to your dull hair
  • You save a lot of time on styling your hair
  • It takes less time (approx 3 hours) to be done compared with other treatments like rebonding
  • Easy hairstyling


Keratin Treatment Cons

  • If your hair lacks volume, the treatment is going to flatten it further
  • Does not last for more than 3 months
  • If you have long hair, the treatment can get expensive
  • Needs a special care to be taken post-treatment like using a certain kind of hair products only
  • You cannot use tight hair bands or accessories as that can affect the treatment layer on the hair
  •  Not recommended for straight hair


Apart from pros and cons of keratin treatment, it is important to check keratin treatment side effects as well. Nanoplastia is another hair straightening method which has been gaining popularity over the years. Do check out the guide to find out all the details including its pros, cons, side effects and FAQs.


Keratin Treatment Side Effects

While there can be many side effects, the following are the more popular ones.

1) It might lead to allergic reactions - The chemicals used in keratin treatment can cause allergic reactions, so one needs to be careful.

2) It can cause diseases like cancer - Keratin Treatments use formaldehyde and when the body is exposed to this chemical for long durations, then it can lead to cancer as well. To minimize risk, it is recomended to go for keratin treatments which do not use formaldehyde.

3) It can make your hair dull - If you do not go to a skilled salon professional, there are always chances of getting dull hair instead of smooth and silky hair. The most common reason for the same has been exposure of hair to sudden heat which can happen during the treatment or during blow dry process.



Keratin Treatment Price

Depending on the hair length and salon, the price of keratin treatment varies as per location.

Usually, it ranges from approx $250 - $450.




10 Frequently Asked Questions On Keratin Treatment



Q1- What is keratin?

Keratin is a protein which always helps to gorw naturally. It is an essential hair protein which when received by the hair will nourish it to the core.


Q2- Is keratin hair straightening treatment permanent?

Keratin hair treatment is not permanent. The effect of the treatment usually lasts for a few months after which one needs to repeat the treatment.


Q3- How long does a keratin hair treatment last?

Depending upon the keratin treatment and the intensity of keratin solution used, it can last from 2-3 months upto 6 months. The salon professional usually offers "Full" and "Quick" keratin treatment options, which use different intensity of solutions. The "Full" one uses a stronger solution and hence the treatment lasts for close to 6 months.


Q4- What precautions need to be taken with keratin treatment?

Make sure  you take the following precautions after undergoing keratin treatment:-

  • Do not wash your hair for 3-4 days after the treatment. This is because the hair needs time to absorb keratin.
  • Make sure you go for the keratin treatment which does not use formaldehyde since it is carcinogenic in nature.
  • Use specific hair products which are recommended for keratin treatment.
  • Do not do anything that can crease your hair.
  • Avoid repetetitve keratin treatments to minimize damage to your hair. There is a recommended waiting period of 3-4 months after going for this treatment.


Q5- How to do keratin treatment at home?

One can easily perform keratin treatment at home. The process remains similar to the one which is performed at salon. It usually involves

1) Washing and drying hair before application

2) Applying the keratin smoothening mixture (Do opt for the one free of formaldehyde)

3) Cold wash followed by blow drying

4) Straightening hair at home using flat iron

5) Final wash with a sulfate free shampoo, followed by blow drying hair


Q6- How often can one go for keratin hair treatment?

Most of the hair stylists recommend a 3 to 4 month gap between consecutive keratin hair treatments.


Q7- Can keratin damage your hair?

Keratin treatment can damage the hair if one uses sudden heat or high temperatures during the process. Additionally, consistent usage of too many chemicals can also ddamage the hair in the long term.


Q8- Is keratin treatment safe?

Most of the keratin treatments use formaldehyde which is carcinogenic in nature. Hence, to remain safe, pick the keratin treatment which does not use this ingredient. Though this might decrease the effectiveness of the treatment, however, it would become much safer.


Q9- How can i make the effect of keratin treatment longlasting?

Though keratin hair treatment is not permanent and one would need to repeat it after a few months, however, one can extend the time period for repeating the treatment by following certain guidelines.

- One should not wash the hair for 48 hours after going for keratin treatment.

- Use specific products (shampoos, conditioners, hair oils) which are recommended post keratin treatment.

- Keep your hair straight for the initial days after going for keratin treatment. Using a satin pillow at night would definitely be helpful.

- One also needs to stay away from salt as that can dissolve the keratin coating.

- Select an experienced professional who can manage the treatment properly and does not end up damaging the hair during the treatment.


Q10- Does keratin hair treatment work for colored hair?

Yes, it works perfectly fine on colored hair as well. Follow the usual precautions to make sure the effect lasts long.


So what do you think about this new hair smoothening treatment? 

Now that you are aware of keratin treatment pros and cons alongwith keratin treatment side effects, would you like to give it a try? This is one of the top hair treatments of and has been trending.

Let us know down below!