Hair Rebonding: Cost, Process, Pros And Side Effects

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Updated At  27 Apr 23

Tired of your frizzy, dull hair ? Want to try out a new hairstyle but worried that your hair won’t support the same?

A new hairstyle surely transforms your whole appearance. You can make it silky straight for a change! Straightened hair look flattering and effortless. Additionally, there are various hairstyles which you can try with straightened hair.

While you can go for a hair straightener to straighten your hair, but that will work on a temporary basis. If you are looking for straightened hair for a longer duration, then you need to know about hair rebonding.

Hair rebonding is a popular treatment for hair straightening. It is also of the most requested treatments at hair salons. But before you book an appointment, you need to know everything about it including rebonding hair side effects so that you can make a wise decision.

We specifically cover:

  • What is hair rebonding ?
  • What is the hair rebonding process ?
  • Who should go for hair rebonding ?
  • How long does hair rebonding last ?
  • Pros of hair rebonding
  • Rebonding hair side effects
  • How to take care of rebonded hair
  • Best products for rebonded hair
  • Hair rebonding cost



What Is Hair Rebonding ?


Everyone’s hair is made up of specific protein bonds. These bonds determine how our hair looks (straight, wavy, curly etc.) Hair rebonding is a process which alters these natural bonds to straighten your hair permanently.


Hair Rebonding Process

It is an elaborate one which is performed in salons. Hair rebonding process involves the following steps.

  • First, the hair stylist will wash your hair. This is to make sure it is free from oil and dust. The rebonding products work better on freshly washed hair.
  • After that, the hair is dried and split into sections. Thin plastic boards are also used to keep it straight.
  • The relaxant is generously applied on each hair section. It is kept for around 30 minutes. If your hair is coarse, the waiting time can be up to 45 minutes. The relaxant is the main ingredient which breaks down the existing hair bonds.
  • The stylist will then steam your hair for 30-45 minutes. The frizzier or curlier your hair, the longer the steaming time.
  • The hair is then washed and dried. Do note it is exteremely important that the relaxant is removed completely to get the best rebonded hair.
  • Once the relaxant is removed, the hair is covered with keratin lotion. This is then followed by hair straightening with a flat-iron.
  • Neutralizer is applied on top for 30 minutes. It restructures the bonds in your hair and makes it pin-straight.
  • The hair is then washed and dried the last time.
  • Serum is applied and then the hair is straightened for the last time to complete the hair rebonding process.

Note:- Wait for 72 hours to wash your hair again.

Do note that it is different from hair smoothening. Do check our guide on the same to understand the details, pros & cons, side effects, price details with all the answers to your FAQs.



Hair Rebonding Process Time

Usually, it takes 3-8 hours for a hair rebonding process to get completed. The time taken depends on a few factors:

  • Hair length
  • Hair thickness or volume
  • Hair texture (coarse or fine hair)

Hair rebonding on longer, thicker and curlier hair is more time-consuming.

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Who Should Go For Hair Rebonding ?

While hair rebinding can give you silky, smooth and straight hair in no time, there are various side effects of hair hair rebonding you ought to know.

If you have a very strong, thick and bouncy hair then you can go for it but otherwise it is recommended to stay away from the chemical treatment.


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What Is The Duration Of Hair Rebonding?

Hair rebonding does straighten hair permanently but only the current hair. Once you get new hair growth, you might see a visible difference between the rebonded straight hair and the new hair which will come with the original textiure of your hair.

Though overall you will get straightened hair for longer durations (a few months) it might not be the permanent hair straightening solution.

Usually rebonded hair will last for 5-6 months depending upon your hair type, texture and length.

Your natural hair will start growing after a few months and as they grow the appearance of your hair will start to change. However, with proper care and hair spa, you can delay your trip to the salon.

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Hair Care After Hair Rebonding

After the hair rebonding process, hair care becomes very important. Your hair is vulnerable to damage post this treatment so be diligent in taking care of it post-rebonding.

Here are some hair care tips to follow:

  • DO NOT wash hair before 72 hours. Any exposure to water will undo all the hard work.
  • Sweating will also ruin your hair. Prepare to sit cool and idle for 3 days. Schedule the appointment during a weekend, preferably.
  • Avoid rain like the plague. It contains pollutants that wreak havoc on rebonded hair.
  • No hair-ties and clips for a month. Or tucking hair behind the ear. Anything that dents hair is a serious no-no.
  • While sleeping, choose a position that keeps your hair as straight as possible. Also, try not to move around.
  • No heat for at least 3-4 months. So, no hair curling or blow-dryers. Be prepared to commit to straight hair.
  • Chemical treatments like hair colouring are also harmful for rebonded hair. Strong chemicals can (literally) fry your weak hair. Better safe than sorry.
  • Usually, the hair stylist will recommend specific shampoos and conditioners. If not, buy a gentle SLS free shampoo and deep conditioner. Make sure you go for mild shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair in good condition.
  • Hair spa once a month is recommended for the upkeep of your hair. However, it is expensive. A cheaper alternative is homemade hair masks. Eggs, curd and avocados are some popular ingredients to make DIY hair masks.
  • Try a hot oil hair treatment once a week. It is cheap and effective. Argan oil works well for many people.
  • Consume a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods. Pumpkin seeds, nuts and fish are foods to try out.


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Pros Of Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding definitely has its pros. Though expensive, it can be a good investment.

  • No matter the hair texture, rebonding straightens it. The results are visible clearly and you will be proud of your straight hair.
  • It gives hair a silky finish.
  • It makes hair more manageable and tangle-free.
  • If you have frizzy hair, this treatment is ideal for you. It smooths down frizziness.
  • It saves you time in getting ready. You appear presentable with only a little effort.
  • Compared to hair smoothening or straightening, the effect is long lasting.


hair-rebonding haircare


Rebonding Hair Side Effects

Every chemical hair treatment will have disadvantages. There are various rebonding hair side effects that you must know about.

  • The chemicals used in the relaxant and neutralizer are very strong. Though uncommon, this can irritate people with sensitive scalp.
  • One of the worst side effects of hair rebonding is the increase in hair fall which a few can experience after a 3-4 months. But with proper care you can minimize the same.
  • Rebonding weakens your hair. It becomes easy for it to be brittle and damaged. Your hair needs extra care after the treatment.
  • It permanently straightens your current hair but the new hair would have the original texture. Once your new hair grow, it becomes difficult to manage the rebonded hair and the new hair if both of them are very different. Hair spa and masks help but they won’t give you the perfect solution.
  • You cannot experiment with new hair colours or any styles involving heat. At least, for the next 4-6 months. This is because rebonded hair get damaged easily.
  • Constant touch-ups are needed for the new hair growth. This is expensive to maintain and harmful for your hair.


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How To Pick The Best Salon For Hair Rebonding?

Always look for reviews before deciding on the hair salon. Check for the products they are going to use as well. You can ask your friends for their recommendations. This is especially helpful if you want to go for smaller salons. They are usually cheaper than the established chains.


Hair Rebonding Cost

Depending upon your location the hair rebonding price can vary. Usually it costs the following in various countries:-

  • USA - $200-$600
  • UK - £150 - £400
  • India – INR 5000 to INR 9000

The hair rebonding cost depends upon the salon, the city and type of products which will be use in the process.


Best Brands Offering Hair Rebonding Products

Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, Shiseido and Matrix are amongst the best brands for hair rebonding kits. These are effective and safe. They are available in different strengths. Your stylist can choose the desired brand and products depending on your hair type.

Wishing you good hair days!



FAQs on Rebonding Hair



Q- Is rebonding good for hair?

Rebonding does give you smooth and silky hair but it weakens and damages your hair as well. Hair rebonding process involves strong chemicals like the relaxant and neutralizer which are harmful for your hair in the long term. Though uncommon, hair rebonding can irritate people with sensitive scalp as well. One of the worst side effects of hair rebonding is the increase in hair fall which a few can experience after a 3-4 months. But with proper care you can minimize the same.

Q- What is hair rebonding?

Everyone’s hair is made up of specific protein bonds. These bonds determine how our hair looks (straight, wavy, curly etc). Hair rebonding is a process which alters these natural bonds to straighten your hair permanently and provides you smooth and silky hair.
Q- How long does hair rebonding last?

Rebonded hair will last for 5-6 months on an average depending upon your hair type, texture and length.