Palm Mehndi Designs

51 Simple And Easy Palm Mehndi Design For Brides

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  10 Feb 24


A wonderful way to customize your wedding day is with palm mehndi designs. They're also a fantastic approach to embodying classic attire. A bride's attire may be enhanced with henna art, and it can also be a good time for the bridesmaids or a unique way to adorn your bouquet. It might be challenging to choose the best approach or design when there are so many options. The fundamentals for choosing the type of palm henna design a bride desires are provided in this article. Check out these 51 bridal palm mehndi designs. Many of these are simple mehndi designs and are easy to implement.



55 Palm Mehndi Design For Brides



Bride And Groom


1. Bride And Groom

The bride's hands are decorated with flowers and many more fashionable patterns that take the attractiveness of this palm mehndi design to a new level. One of the best henna designs, you can definitely use this on your important day.


Floral Palm Mehndi Design


2. Floral Palm Mehndi Design 

The bride's hands will be tastefully covered with mehndi thanks to this design. This palm henna design gets incredible feelings from the darker fingertips. In this palm mehndi design, the floral motifs are regarded as the key components. One of the top floral mehndi designs, one can use this on any important functions.


Radha Krishna


3. Radha Krishna 

Krishna and Radha make the perfect couple. They were regarded as the model couple and the embodiment of love. This royal mehndi design features several components, including a peacock, a flower, and the Swastik symbol.


Lotus Palm Henna Design


4. Lotus Palm Henna Design

The bride's hand has a magnificent lotus-palm henna design that makes it appear regal. Given that the lotus is the only prominent element, this is regarded as a distinctive palm mehndi design. With this palm henna design, your wedding will be more auspicious.


Proposal Theme


5. Proposal Theme 

Create a henna design on your palm based on your suggested design. Add your favourite places, love quotations, and beloved love symbols, like swans or love birds, to your palm mehndi design. One of the best easy mehndi designs, go for this if you are looking for stylish and elegant design on your important occasion.


Cave Paintings


6. Cave Paintings 

For your wedding, there are many different palm mehndi designs. Do not exert too much effort while sketching the faces of the bride and groom. Just depict the couple using the intriguing and inspirational topic of cave art.


Flowers And Leaves


7. Flowers And Leaf

Intricate elements of bridal palm mehendi designs for decades have included floral and lead patterns. Every bride's hand is graced with the lovely flowers and leaf vine designs, which also add elegance.

Do check out our mehndi design guide to find out everything about 12 mehndi designs types. From Indian, Khafif, Morocco to Arabic mehdi, we cover all the 12 types of mehndi designs along with FAQs.



Elephant And Peacock


8. Elephant And Peacock 

On your special day, consider getting an elephant and peacock pattern applied to your hand; this palm mehndi design may be quite wonderful. This elephant and peacock design, together with a selection of distinctive lotus patterns, not only blends in but also delightfully makes the bride stand out.


Royal Wedding


9. Royal Wedding 

With the help of this royal palm henna design, one may depict an entire wedding scene on their hand. The elephant, horse, drums, and vina are symbols of an Indian royal wedding. One of the popular brides' palm mehndi designs is this one.


Flowers With Mesh Pattern


10. Flowers With Mesh Pattern 

The flowers and mesh pattern are merged in this palm mehendi design. Your hands will be distinctively ornamented by this palm henna design. It provides a synthesis of conventional and contemporary viewpoints. This can also be the perfect Onam mehndi and you will love to showcase the same with your traditional attire.




11. Together 

Don't want your better half to be separated by henna? Then this palm henna design is perfect for the bride who never wants to isolate herself from her loved ones, even in henna. With the help of this palm henna design, mark your special occasions.


Classic Palm Mehndi Design


12. Classic Palm Mehndi Design 

The lace pattern takes on a new appearance in this palm mehndi design. For a traditional effect, make sure the fingertips are darker. The gorgeous palm henna design is made possible by the diamond lace pattern.


Pair Of Peacock


13. Pair Of Peacock

The pair of peacocks in this palm henna design is extremely simple to put into your hand and may serve as a daily inspiration to maintain beauty and positivity. Want to test a peacock design? Then brides will look stunning with this palm mehndi design.


Save The Date


14. Save The Date 

This palm mehndi design has contemporary bride and groom designs inside a heart with their wedding date, along with many more fashionable embellishments that take its attractiveness to new heights.


Lotus And Elephant


15. Lotus And Elephant 

While many traditional weddings have horses, an elephant-free royal wedding is unimaginable! This elephant pattern with lotus patterns adds elegance to the bridal appearance, even if many palm mehndi designs reflect tradition.


Photo Frame


16. Photo Frame 

The fingertips of this quite exotic palm henna design will catch our attention initially. Everyone will be enchanted by the lovely foliage design. The palm mehndi design in general features flower accents and a fantastic finish with a bride and groom motif that looks like a picture frame.


Easy Palm Mehndi Design


17. Easy Palm Mehndi Design

This is the most conventional palm henna design. There are several semicircle meshes that are visible. The floral design on the side of the hand, though, really sticks out, don't we think? 


The Proposal Scene


18. The Proposal Scene 

The bride and groom's proposal scenario is portrayed in the palm mehndi design's focal point. It appears that the bride used the birds in her palm henna design to convey her love for the groom.


Traditional Palm Henna Design


19. Traditional Palm Henna Design

This palm mehndi design has a very tidy appearance. Instead of being handcrafted, the pattern appears to have been printed on the hand. This would be the best option if a bride loves a plain and roomy palm henna design.


Dancing Couples


20. Dancing Couples 

Couples dancing elegantly take centre stage in this palm mehndi design. This modern and fashionable palm henna design for brides is given a stylish touch by the embellished dangling chain.


symbol of love


21. Symbol Of Love 

There are many methods to convey your love, but using birds is one of the greatest. The ideal ingredients for this palm henna design to communicate your love are birds. Although this palm mehndi design is simplistic, it exudes unconditional affection.


Simple Palm Mehndi Design


22. Simple Palm Mehndi Design 

The bride's hand looks amazing with this palm henna design, which is a fantastic example of a rustic and uncomplicated design. The heart is inserted inside a net pattern in this palm mehndi design.




23. Mandala 

Mandalas will have a unique position in palm henna designs. The bride's hand can be adorned with just one mandala. The stunning bride's mandala is represented by this palm mehndi design.


Symmetric Palm Henna Design


24. Symmetric Palm Henna Design 

Both hands form a lovely symmetry and share similar patterns. The palm henna design is a contemporary interpretation of a classic style. For contemporary brides, this palm mehndi design will be appropriate.


Bridal Henna


25. Bridal Henna 

This palm mehndi design uses very typical designs. There is a lot of meshwork and floral motifs to be seen. This palm henna design combines powerful and delicate strokes to create a nice contrast that looks great.


The Bridal Look


26. The Bridal Look 

This palm mehndi design Indian bride design would surely stand out amidst the crowd and capture everyone’s eye. This palm henna design needs great precision and professional skills.


Traditional Florals


27. Traditional Florals 

The majority of the flower motifs in this palm henna design are done in both strong and delicate strokes. Instead of being conventional, the style is fusion. Such a magnificent bride's palm mehndi design!


Memorable Moments


28. Memorable Moments 

Tired of the same old henna decorations on your hands? The bride who just wants a different method of acquiring a different palm henna design could choose this palm mehndi design. Just grab this aesthetic palm henna design.


Preference For Peacock


29. Preference For Peacock

The peacock is a representation of rebirth and renewal, monarchy, dignity, and integrity. They also stand for passion, love, and beauty. Take advantage of this unique palm henna design for your wedding.


Famous Lovers


30. Famous Lovers 

This palm mehndi design can provide a spiritual and religious touch to your wedding. This palm henna design is based on an Arabic motif. However, we are drawn to the sweet Radha and Krishna themes.


Floral Rhombus

31. Floral Rhombus 

This lovely palm mehndi design will cover your entire hand. The highlights of this palm henna design are said to be the dark tones near the fingertip and in the centre of the lace pattern.


Mandala With Flowers


32. Mandala With Flowers 

This striking palm mehndi design has it all. This palm henna design has beautiful floral patterns that will strike any woman as beautiful. It has an elegant mandala that is wrapped around the flowers.


Fascinating Palm Henna Design


33. Fascinating Palm Henna Design

Want to stretch the henna on your palm up to your arm? When we look closely at this palm henna design, we can notice an incredible ornamental and symmetrical heart. To create a unique henna design for your wedding, simply use this palm mehndi design.


Exotic Palm Mehndi Design


34. Exotic Palm Mehndi Design

Words cannot adequately convey the beauty of this unique palm henna design. All the henna components a bride needs for her special wedding are included in this palm mehndi design. There are several patterns, including floral, mesh, swirls, and leaf ones.



35. Lotus

Words cannot adequately convey the beauty of this unique palm henna design. All the henna components a bride needs for her special wedding are included in this palm mehndi design. There are several patterns, including floral, mesh, swirls, and leaf ones.



36. Peacock

Peacocks are regarded as a sign of prosperity, fortune, and longevity in several religions and civilizations. For your wedding, have this unique and auspicious palm mehndi design on your hands. For a happy existence, blessings are required.


Perfectly Synchronized Palm Henna Design

37. Perfectly Synchronised Palm Henna Design

This palm mehndi design is sufficient to suit your needs for your wedding; there is no need to cover the full hand. This gorgeous palm henna design is doable for beginners as well. Your wedding's masterpiece will be this palm henna design.


Gorgeous Lace Pattern

38. Gorgeous Lace Pattern

Palm henna designs frequently use lace motifs. Although there are many ways to create lace patterns, your wedding will be appropriate for this palm henna design. Knowing that even lace designs may work their magic during your wedding is great.


Decorative Semicircles

39. Decorative Semicircles

This palm henna design has semicircles that resemble a collection of embellished rainbows, which may make your wedding and life both colourful and prosperous. Despite the fact that this palm mehndi design appears complex, novices may effortlessly adorn it.


Pakistani Palm Henna Design

40. Pakistani Palm Henna Design

The flower, leaf, and mesh designs in this Pakistani palm mehndi design are all quite stunning. Even though the palm henna pattern is difficult and time-consuming, the end result is worth it.


Curvy Palm Henna Design

41. Curvy Palm Henna Design

This palm mehndi design showcases the elegance of smoothly blended curves. These curves are connected to the henna designs on the palms, which together form a wide framework. This lovely palm henna design may make your wedding unforgettable.


Palm Henna Design With Space

42. Palm Henna Design With A Space

This palm henna design incorporates paisley designs to provide an attractive look. The elegance of this palm-inspired mehndi design fills the atmosphere. This palm henna design has stylish net designs.


Elaborative Palm Mehndi Design


43. Elaborative Palm Mehndi Design

There are unique characteristics in this palm mehndi design. Intricate patterns with light and dark shadings can be seen in this henna design on the palm. Although it may have the appearance of a pattern, the palm has a vast and elaborate design.


Pair of Mesh Pattern


44. Pair Of Mesh Pattern

For their post-wedding party, brides might choose to use this palm mehndi design. Even for their weddings, ladies can use this palm mehndi design if they desire a simple palm henna design. Henna, in any amount, will be visible on your skin forever.


Bridged Pattern


45. Bridged Pattern

Even if the thumb does not yet have a pattern, brides can select this wonderful palm henna design for their wedding since it will give them a finished appearance. Even brides can use this palm mehndi design for their pre-wedding events.


Bold Palm Henna Design

46. Bold Palm Henna Design

This palm mehndi design has traditional elements, but it also has a contemporary feel. This palm henna design is a great option for brides who want to combine modern and traditional elements. Just make an impact at your wedding with this appealing palm mehndi design.


Wrist Length Design

47. Wrist Length Design

This palm mehndi design has been elegantly and meticulously carved. This palm henna design is modest but lovely. Brides may like this palm henna design for their ritual of exchanging rings. Although life isn't always ideal, our henna can be!


Musical Instruments


48. Musical Instruments

Weddings place a lot of importance on musical instruments. Anything may be expressed via music. Your wedding may have a regal feel thanks to this palm henna design. This palm mehndi design is ideal for brides who enjoy music.


Unique Palm Mehndi Design

49. Unique Palm Henna Design

Brides will love this distinctive palm henna design. The customary desire of brides is to entirely cover their hands, but if we want to buck the convention, we may use this spacious and striking palm mehndi design.


Realistic Flower

50. Realistic Flower

Because of the strength of the darkening, the flowers in this palm henna design look lifelike. Professional assistance is required to decorate this palm mehndi design for your wedding. For your wedding, take advantage of this exquisite and realistic palm mehndi design.


Simple Florals

51. Simple Florals

The palm is covered with a distinctive flowery design that is fairly prevalent yet never monotonous to look at. The focal point of this palm henna design is the expansive core flower motif. Despite how beautiful it appears, this palm mehndi design is really easy to make.