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55 Most Popular Wedding Ring Tattoos


Updated At  18 Jun 24


Wedding season is here and we are all looking for new ideas to make it more special. A wedding is one of the most important events of our lives. Whether you’re planning your wedding, or you’re just looking for some new ideas to make someone else’s wedding more memorable, then look no further. We’ve got some great ideas for you, including wedding ring tattoos!

Wedding ring tattoos are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding. They are also a great way to show your commitment to each other. If you’re looking for something unique and special, then our guide on tattoo designs would help you immensely!


55 Most Popular Wedding Ring Tattoos 




1. Inky Leaf Ring

Nature has always inspired human beings and has been a great option to imitate when it comes to tattoos. This Inky Leaf Wedding ring tattoo is creative and simple, making it usually the first choice of couples. It gives a touch of femininity and masculinity at the same time.




2. Couple’s Infinity Band

Are you looking for wedding ring tattoos for Couples? Well, this Couple’s Infinity Band Tattoo is the most sought-after and couples’ favourite when it comes to choosing a minimalist tattoo for both. This Infinity Band signifies togetherness forever and is a great option for couples.



3. Small Notched Ring

There are a lot of minimalist wedding ring ideas out there but if you are searching for something minimalist yet signifies a lot, this one is for you. This small notched tattoo with a string and a little arrow may signify a lot of things for many people. The most common perception is the upward motion of the line after marriage and that is what makes it special.




4. Couple’s Love Arrow

Ever wanted a tattoo which doesn’t seem special alone but can leave people awestruck when combined and matched with the tattoo of your partner? This Couple’s arrow tattoo is perfect for couples who want to flaunt their love and togetherness in public or privately. Adding some colour to the tattoo may make it more special.

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5. Tattoo Plain Ring

A plain ring-style tattoo is a classic choice for a wedding ring tattoo. It is a simple and elegant design that can be done in a variety of styles. It can be done as a single-line tattoo or with a wider band. The plain ring-style tattoo is popular for couples who want a matching tattoo.




6. Bow Ring Tattoo

One of the most simple and sweet wedding ring tattoo ideas for couples consists of a bow. The bow could either be a plain string bow design or a thick, band-style bow design depending on the preference. A bow could also signify a lot of things including a bowstring, a present or just a simple way of adding something t the classic string tattoo design. You might also think about lucky tattoo design if you are interested in a new tattoo design idea.




7. Magic Heart Ring Tattoo

To add a little spice and fun to the simple heart tattoo design, here we present to you the magic wand heart wedding ring tattoo. This wedding ring tattoo design is like a mind puzzle. If seen closely, the tattoo will appear to have an infinity symbol, two hearts- straight and inverted, diamond, all enclosed within a magic wand-style design.




8. Rose Ring Tattoo

A rose with thorns and leaves is one of the most beautiful wedding ring tattoo ideas. It not only looks good but also has a very special meaning. The rose symbolizes love, while the thorns represent the challenges that come with it. The leaves represent growth and new beginnings. This tattoo is a reminder that love is worth fighting for.

A butterfly tattoo design can be another unique idea that is worth exploring in case one is looking for new and elegant tattoo design.




9. Same Direction Tattoo

To begin the marriage, everyone wants that their partner thinks the same way they do, walk on the same paths and share the same happiness and sorrows. This same direction compass wedding ring tattoo signifies something just like that. It is one of the most unique and creative wedding ring tattoo ideas for couples.




10. Faux Ring Tattoo

How cool will it be if you had a ring on without actually keeping a ring on? This faux ring tattoo design may help you get what you exactly want. Your tattoo artist will best understand and create the faux wedding ring tattoo design adding some colours and creating the design you want. One of the new tattoo designs which have been popular this year, faux rings look elegant and stylish at the same time.




11. Lotus Tattoo

A lotus-style wedding ring tattoo is a beautiful and unique way to show your love and commitment to your partner. Wedding ring tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, as they are a beautiful and permanent way to symbolize your love. The lotus is a symbol of love, purity, and new beginnings. This makes it the perfect symbol for a wedding ring tattoo.




12. Infinite Love Tattoo

The infinity sign becomes the first choice for couples as it represents love and togetherness forever. To add a little more to it, here we have an Infinite Love tattoo design. This wedding ring tattoo design has an infinity symbol and a heart symbol intermingling to create a special design. Disney tattoos are another set of tattoo ideas which are elegant and look very cute. One may explore the same as well.




13. Diamond Tattoo

Never underestimate your self-worth. This colourful diamond tattoo will always remind you to value yourself as well in the relationship. It will also look like a faux diamond ring without you wearing it. However, this worth diamond wedding ring tattoo is a full-time commitment so choose your diamond wisely.




14. Cute Ring Band Tattoo

Another cute ring band tattoo which will make you feel loved all the time. Tattooing a heart in between the two rings makes it look like a gift from your lover. This tattoo is not only for couples but also for anyone who loves to be loved and who wants to show his/her love back to someone special.




15. Alphabet Ring Tattoo

One of the most common wedding ring tattoo ideas, the Alphabet Ring Tattoo never goes out of trend. You can get the initials of your partner tattooed on your ring finger. This tattoo is also preferred by many because it stays hidden but its mere presence is enough to make you feel loved.

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16. Wedding Flower Tattoo

Flowers represent love, peace and beauty which is everything we expect from the new beginning and our partner. A wedding flower ring tattoo is a great option for couples. You can ask your tattoo artist to make colourful flower tattoo and can experiment with different flower shapes as well.




17.  Complete Ring Finger Tattoo

If you are a maximalist, you will want to get this wedding ring tattoo. This wedding ring tattoo covers the entire ring finger, with a little extra work and effect at the base of the ring finger, adding to the ring effect. The design can be done in different ways depending on what you want out of your design.




18. Star Letter Tattoo

Isn’t it lovely to have the sparkly letter of your loved one embedded in your hand? If you are thinking of getting a letter with the name of your loved one engraved, this might help you get an idea. Celebrity Hailey Baldwin got a star letter wedding ring tattoo as well after getting married to Justin Bieber.




19. Floral Tattoo

Flowers and leaf designs are often seen as the most common form of wedding ring tattoos. These types of tattoos usually come in the form of roses, lilies or even daisies. In some instances, they might also include other types of flowers such as tulips or hyacinths. Making them seem connected may add a little extra touch of love.




20. Couple’s Band Tattoos

Wedding ring tattoos for coupes are the most sought-after hand tattoos. Couples prefer getting either the same design as their partner or something different yet similar to what their partner might choose. This couple’s band ring tattoo design is the ultimate minimalist and sweet design. These wedding ring tattoo ideas can be altered accordingly to add an extra feminine or masculine touch to the tattoo.




21. Crawling Branch Tattoo

People are nowadays experimenting a lot with designs whether it is actual ring designs or just tattoos. If you also want to go for a shape and design that is not as simple as a plain wedding ring band and not as complex as a full-on tattoo, you can try adding a little slant to your wedding ring tattoo design. Another positive fact about this tattoo is that it looks good on every finger type.




22. Fancy Ring Tattoo

There are many different styles and designs of wedding ring tattoo designs. The most common ones are geometric, modern, and floral. This type of wedding ring tattoo design is very popular among women because it looks elegant and beautiful. It can be combined with other designs to make it look even more beautiful.




23. Funky Couple’s Ring Tattoo

If you are looking for wedding ring tattoo ideas that look funky as well as represent something cool- we have got you covered. These funky skull wedding ring tattoos for her and represent love till eternity. Many people mark it as a symbol that “even death can’t do us apart.” It is a cool and fun way to show your love for your partner.




24. Soft As Feather Tattoo

The choice of material and shape of the tattoo is very important, especially when it comes to the design. Wedding rings are not only beautiful but also represent a significant part of your life. If you are looking for a wedding ring tattoo design which looks as soft and light as a feather why not get a feather engraved on your finger?




25. DC Ring Tattoo

Finding someone who loves the same thing as we do is a real task and if you have got one, you are really lucky. If you and your partner share the same taste for movies and comics, you might consider getting a tattoo displaying your love and likeness for the same things.




26. Lifeline Ring Tattoo

The most beautiful and sweetest way of portraying love and importance for the partner is getting a matching lifeline wedding ring tattoo. It is a great way to show how much the other person matters to you and how much importance they hold in your life. This lifeline tattoo means a lot more than a simple tattoo.




27. More Than A Ring Tattoo

Ever considered getting a wedding ring tattoo that appears more than just a ring tattoo? While it’s great to have your partner wear it on their finger, it might also be fun to get a tat of your own. If you’re looking for a great way to commemorate the special occasion, then consider getting a wedding ring tattoo.




28. Initials Love Tattoo

The oldest and one of the most preferred wedding ring tattoo ideas is getting the initials of your name and your partner's name tattooed with a heart in between. We have all written and drawn something like this on paper when we were younger but it might be a cool and evergreen way to represent your love for your partner.




29. Engraved Diamond Tattoo

A wedding ring tattoo design that looks as if a diamond is engraved on your finger; is one of the most popular wedding ring tattoo designs. The engraving of the ring on the finger makes it look like the diamond is floating in mid-air. This can be done with multiple rings, or just one. The idea behind this tattoo is that it’s a way to show others how much someone loves you.




30. Two Branches Meeting Tattoo

A wedding is the meeting of two souls, an event marked by love, togetherness and connectedness. Whenever we decide to get a wedding ring tattoo, we usually get something that marks the love, togetherness and every other thing we expect from our marriage. This Two branch meeting wedding ring tattoo signifies exactly that and will be the perfect choice for you and your partner.




31.  Directional Infinity Tattoo

This Directional Infinity tattoo signifies the presence of infinite love wherever you are, everywhere you go. You will always have something to hold on to and never lose hope in this lifetime. The infinity symbol is very popular in tattoos and it is used as a symbol of eternal life and immortality. It also can connect people across time and space.




32. Running Up That Hill Tattoo

Tattooing hills or mountains is a great idea if you perceive your wedded life as a step up to happiness. Getting something from nature tattooed has been done since years ago and it remains one of the best and coolest ideas. Tattoos can be symmetry or asymmetrical to give a much more edgy effect.




33. Save The Date Ring Tattoo

What better than getting the date of your marriage tattooed on your ring finger? Roman numerals are much more popular and are currently in trend. These wedding ring tattoo ideas are taken from centuries ago when people used to ink roman numerals on their skin using different materials and ways.




34. Infinite Heartbeat Ring Finger Tattoo

So you are looking for a wedding ring tattoo idea for couples which speaks for itself? This infinite Heartbeat Tattoo is perfect as it includes the infinity sign which signifies the eternal and infinite love of a couple and a heartbeat design which completes when the partner’s ring finger is next to yours.




35. Water And Fire Tattoo

This wedding ring tattoo is perfect for couples as it is hot and cool at the same time. Either of the partners can get a fiery heart or cool water tattooed and it will look as funky and sweet as it can, both at the same time. The tattoo artist can add a few more details or just add coloured ink to make the tattoo stand out even more.




36. Forever and Ever Tattoo

To keep it simple you can get a “Forever and ever” tattoo. Many people choose this tattoo because they want to symbolize their love for each other and their commitment to stay together forever. You can get this tattoo in any language or style you want with your partner or alone, it will always signify love.




37. Cursive Initial Tattoo

Getting the initials of your partner's name in cursive tattooed on your ring finger is a great way to show them how much you love them. This is a unique and personal way to show your partner that you care. While this may seem simple enough, you can do it on your ring finger in many different ways. For example, you can have the initial letter carved in the calligraphic cursive letter.




38. Mrs Wedding Ring Tattoo

The most trendy wedding ring tattoos for her always include the “Mrs.” Tattoo. The “Mrs.” Tattoo symbolizes commitment and loyalty towards your spouse or significant other who you have chosen as your life partner in marriage. “Mrs. can be tattooed on the inside or o the top of your ring finger, depending on how much prominent you want it to be.




39. “Take My Heart” Tattoo
If you want to save the image of your partner and you get engaged, give a chance to this “take my heart” wedding ring tattoo. A professional tattoo artist can get your ring finger inked perfectly and precisely, drawing the miniature hands and a ring or a crown if you prefer.




40. Classic Diamond String Tattoo

The classic Diamond string tattoo is a sleek, simple, sweet wedding ring tattoo. This tattoo design is very subtle and not very prominent. If you are not ready for an edgy and committing tattoo, you can always go for a sting ring finger tattoo. It does not require a lot of effort to hide, just in case you want to. However, this is a great option if you do not want to wear an actual ring.




41. Slanting Path Tattoo

A slanting path-style wedding ring tattoo is a beautiful and unique way to show your love for one another. The most common style is the helix tattoo, which twists and turns as if looking down a sloping path. This design is often used to symbolize infinity or the cycle of life. They can represent hope and optimism, or simply beauty throughout all stages of life




42. Classic Sunrise Tattoo

This classic sunrise wedding ring tattoo is simple, minimalistic and one of the purest designs to show the new beginning of life which you will experience after the marriage. Sunrise symbolizes a new start/ another chance and a new beginning which is all we expect from our lives after getting married and so this tattoo may be the right choice for you.




43. Complete Name Tattoo

You decided that you do not want to just get the initials of your partner’s name engraved. Well, you can always get your spouse’s complete name tattooed on your ring finger. Depending on the style and accent of the words you choose to get tattooed, the tattoo can look a lot just like a ring or may appear something more different and bold than an original wedding ring.




44. Three Dots Wedding Ring Tattoo
Getting a Three Dots design wedding ring tattoo will not only add personality to your existing ring, but it will also show off your creative side! The dots also have symbolic meaning - each one stands for an essential element for living a happy life: water represents moisture; earth represents solidity; fire represents passion or energy. Together, they create balance in every situation.




45. Royal Couple Ring Tattoo

Who does not want to experience the royal lifestyle for once? Well if not the actual royal life, these royal wedding ring tattoos for couples will at least make you the king and queen of your own married life. This is an excellent choice to add a little bit more luxury and a royal feeling to your life.




46. Mindful Life Wedding Ring Tattoo

A wedding ring tattoo may symbolize a mindful married life, and there are a few different reasons why people might choose to get one. This wedding ring tattoo will remind you to stay focused on what's important in life - your relationship with yourself and others, and the things that make you happy. They also provide an easy way to track your progress over time.




47. Spanish “Amor” Ring Finger Tattoo

In Spanish, "Amor" (pronounced ah-maw) means "love." And that's exactly what this ring finger tattoo is all about! A Spanish “Amor” Ring Finger Tattoo can capture the heart of your loved one with this delicate tattoo.  It is perfect for someone who wants to express their love uniquely.




48. Connecting Dots Tattoo

There are plenty of options when it comes to wedding ring tattoos for couples. If you're looking for something subtle and elegant, consider getting a Connecting Dots Wedding Ring Tattoo. This design features three intersecting circles inked into your skin directly above your wedding ring. Because it's so small and delicate-looking, it’s a wonderful tattoo design for couples.




49. “Love” Wedding Ring Tattoo

If you are thinking of getting a simple and realistic wedding ring tattoo, you can go for words. Words like “Love”, “Forever”, “Together”, and “Mine” are usually a fine choice made by couples to get tattooed on their ring fingers. It is a simple design but is enough to mark that you are happily married to someone you “love”.




50. Tightrope Wedding Ring Tattoo

A tightrope wedding ring tattoo for couples is a beautiful way to show your commitment to each other. Choosing a tightrope wedding ring tattoo for couples comes down to personal preference and trust between partners. Tightrope wedding ring tattoo for couples is a unique and creative way to portray your love for your spouse.




51. Shapes Wedding Ring Tattoo

Tattooing various shapes on the ring finger can be a fun and unique way to personalize your look. There are many different tattoo designs that you could choose from, depending on what speaks to you artistically and culturally. Some popular designs include stars, hearts, flowers, runes, dragons, and unicorns (among others) are perfect to portray your love for your partner.




52. White Ink “His” Tattoo

Everybody gets a black ink tattoo, if you want to do something adventurous and creative with regards to getting a tattoo, you can go for white ink. This wedding ring tattoo for her is a unique way to show love and faithfulness as the tattoo looks like it is engraved from underneath your skin. However, there are actual ways to get the tattoo engraved on the inside of your skin but that’s a little complicated and much more painful.




53. Couple Sun and Moon Tattoo

There are a lot of different ways to design a wedding ring that will fit both you and your partner perfectly. One popular option is the sun and moon design. This tattoo-inspired style features a bright, shining sun on one side of the ring and a full moon on the other. When it comes to wedding rings tattoo ideas, these two celestial bodies make for a beautiful design.




54. Henna Inspired Tattoo

There are several different ways to create wedding ring tattoos. You can choose any design, from traditional henna designs to more unique or abstract pieces. Here are a few wedding ring tattoo ideas that may help inspiration strike-  A geometric design in shades of black, white, and grey; A floral pattern featuring blooms such as roses or lilies or Images from your favourite romantic movie or book.




55. Couple’s Forest Trees Tattoo

Forest and trees are two of the most popular wedding ring tattoos because they are both visually stunning and have a plethora of symbolism attached to them. For forest fans, forests represent peace, tranquillity, and nature. They can also be interpreted as a place where one can find spiritual comfort.