How To Keep Skin Hydrated And Soft This Winter

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  09 Dec 22

2017 Winter has officially begun and it is time to pamper your skin accordingly! The skin feels blessed as humidity resolves and the sun calms down, but how can we forget that the dry season for the ‘skin’ has commenced simultaneously! Witnessing chapped lips, peeling skin and flaky white layers on the face? Well, the list goes on!

Hence, we bring to you a complete guide to get a glowing and hydrated skin this winter by following mere simple steps! You will soon know how to keep skin hydrated and soft this winter.

Let’s begin!



1) Tweak your cleansing routine

Cleansing is mandatory no matter what the season is! A proper routine of cleansing can promise a great skin ! As the weather gets cold the skin needs a more sensitive approach to prevent dryness.

Switch to lukewarm water for washing your face. Indulge into mild face wash with a balanced pH level to retain the natural skin moisture after every wash. Scrub more often to get rid of the flaky dry skin layer of dead cells. Be gentle on your skin every time you wash! Also, use a toner that helps to tighten pores and doesn’t leave the skin dry! Do not forget to moisturize after cleansing!



2) Switch to oils

If your skin tends to get very dry, switch to oils. Often moisturizers do not do justice when it comes to making your skin sustain the chilly weather. Oils, on the other hand, tend to warm the skin and nourish at the same time!

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and can be used as a makeup remover too! If you want to feed your skin with vitamins, switch to Almond oil to soak into Vitamin E. You can also make your own DIY moisturizer using essential oils like lavender, lemongrass and rose along with coconut and almond to get a soothing and supple skin!



3) Start using lip scrubs

Chapped lips are the first sign that winters are officially here! You cannot get rid of them by depending on chapsticks only, you need to lip exfoliation!

Apply some lip balm on your lips and scrub them gently in circular motion using a soft bristle toothbrush!

You can also make a yummy lip scrub using sugar and olive oil. Apply the scrub and gently exfoliate your lips! This results in dead skin removal and also enhanced blood circulation leaving your lips soft and pink!



4) Start loving Butter

Get your hands on the nourishing body butters! The winter favorites are hands down Shea butter and Coco butter! Shea butter is heavily enriched with fatty acids and is a wonderful skin soother! It helps with collagen production and skin hydration!

On the other hand, if you are suffering from skin peeling and chapped lips, cocoa butter is your solution! It soothes skin, moisturizes and fights signs of ageing ! It is a perfect cream for sensitive skin that needs that ‘extra ‘ care! Also, how can we miss that these body butters smell delicious !



5. Don’t forget the SPF

You cannot miss your UV ray shield even if it is cold outside! Sunscreens are essential for your skin in winters too! Protect your skin using a sunscreen or sunblock with SPF 30+ to ensure a good shield.

Reapply after every 2-3 hours to get maximum protection! Do not miss out applying sunscreen on your neck and ears! If your skin is oily, get a gel based sunscreen for your skin to avoid greasiness!



6. Hydrate internally

No matter how much moisturizer you slather upon your skin, it will dehydrate if there are less fluids in your body! Just as the plants shrink if not watered, similarly your skin needs a good 8 glasses of water everyday! Also, you cannot be lazy just because it is cold! Chug those bottles of water and flush out the toxins from your body!

 Now that you know how to keep skin hydrated and soft this winter, bless your skin with a good hydration routine! You do not want to miss out on the rosy winter pink glow, do you?