Balayage Curly Hair Looks

25 Stunning Balayage Curly Hair Looks


Updated At  18 Mar 24


Are you looking for a new way to add some dimension and depth to your curly hair? Look no further than the timeless balayage. This classic French technique involves hand-painting a lighter shade on your hair than your base colour. The resulting look is a very natural-looking effect of vibrant hair.


With so many options to choose from for curly hair balayage, it can get confusing what to choose. From soft caramel highlights to bold red accents, there's something for everyone. Hence, we have compiled a list of top curly hair balayage looks for you to try. So go ahead, and give your curls the love they deserve with a balayage treatment specifically designed for curly hair.


25 Best Balayage Curly Hair Looks




1. Coffee Balayage For Curly Black Hair

Coffee balayage for curly black hair is a beautiful and subtle way to add depth and dimension. Ask your stylist to hand-paint rich, warm brown tones throughout your hair to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. The result is a gorgeous look that enhances the natural beauty of curly black hair.


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2. Curly Hair Balayage Blonde Beauty

Blondes have more fun, and this look confirms the statement! By adding blonde balayage highlights to light brunette hair, you can get that desirable sun-kissed look. So if you want to appear as if you just came back from a lovely summer on a tropical island– go for this look. This works equally well if you are looking for a new and trendy prom hairstyle.




3. Light Brown Balayage 

If you’re looking to add a touch of warmth to your curls without committing to a full-colour change, this look is for you. The light brown balayage for curly black hair creates a subtle change in the hair, allowing the curls to stand out while giving the hair a sun-kissed look. You can also try out chocolate brown and honey blonde balayage as these look amazing on all hair lengths.




4. Orange Balayage 

Be bold and express yourself through bold and fun hair colours, like orange. The orange balayage for curly black hair is a fun way to spice up your curls. Orange is a fresh and lively colour that adds life to your hair. Moreover, the refreshing orange colour contrasts beautifully with the intense darkness of black hair.


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5. Rose Gold Balayage For Curly Black Hair

Try out a trendy new look, such as the rose gold balayage for curly black hair. The result is a beautiful blend of rich, dark black curls with soft, rose gold highlights that give a romantic and feminine look to your curls. Achieving this hair colour on dark hair will require you to bleach your curls first, so make sure to follow up with hydrating and nourishing hair products.




6. Honey Blonde Curly Hair Balayage

Add a touch of gold to your hair with the honey-blonde curly hair balayage. Here, golden highlights are hand-painted over a base of brunette hair. This hand-painting technique gives you a very natural and subtle appearance and brightens up your curls.




7. Dark Brown Curly Hair Balayage

Looking for a subtle hair colour that looks very natural? Try the dark brown balayage for curly hair. The chocolate brown shade incorporated in dark brown or black hair gives your hair a subtle boost.




8. Ash Blonde Curly Hair Balayage

Ash blonde balayage for curly hair is a beautiful and natural-looking way to add some cool tones to your curls. This hair colour is a blend of dark, natural curls with subtle ash-blonde highlights that enhance the natural beauty of curly hair.




9. Blonde Balayage For Curly Black Hair

Looking to make a statement? Blonde balayage for curly black hair is a beautiful and striking way to upgrade your curls. A good stylist can help you pick a shade of blonde that complements your skin tone.  It’s essential to note that taking care of dyed hair requires proper maintenance, such as using a colour-protecting shampoo.




10. Copper Balayage For Curly Hair

Add some fiery warmth to your brunette hair with a copper balayage for curly hair. Copper red is a dark shade of red with hints of bronze mixed in it, giving the hair an appearance similar to the metal. The copper colour makes your regular hair appear vibrant and lively.




11. Purple Pink Balayage For Curly Hair

Be bold and go for a unique purple hair colour! This quirky look involves a base of deep violet shade with hints of lilac and pink as hand-painted highlights. The purple and pink balayage for curly hair resembles the look of a pastel cosmic galaxy, which makes it appear mystical.




12. Auburn Curly Hairstyles Balayage

Bring the lovely colour of autumn to your hair with an auburn balayage. This stunning blend of brown and red adds an edge to your look, as it complements various complexions. This curly hair balayage look involves a base of dark reddish-brown hair with strands of a lighter and brighter shade to act as a natural highlight.




13. Silver Balayage For Curly Hair

Whether you have naturally greying hair or you like to rock silver tresses, this salt-and-pepper hair colour is sure to grab attention. Add hints of white and silver to your grey tresses for a natural and subtle highlight. This electrifying balayage for curly hair is certainly, a bold choice for fashionistas who like to make a statement.




14. Curly Hair Balayage Brown

This beautiful balayage for curly hair features a base of dark brown hair with smatterings of honey brown. The inclusion of honey-brown highlights has been done in a face-framing manner. That is, the sections of hair surrounding the face have been highlighted in the lightest shade. This technique is excellent for brightening up your face.




15. Curly Hair Balayage Blonde With Money Piece

This blonde balayage for curly hair features the trendy “money piece” highlights. Money piece highlights, also known as face-frame balayage, involve highlighting the front sections of your hair which surround your face. The highlights get their name from the expensive and luxurious look they create. Further, the blonde shade is marvellous for lightening up brunette hair.




16. Sandy Balayage For Curly Hair

Looking for curly hair balayage inspiration from celebrities? Take a leaf from Little Mix member Jade Thirlwall’s awe-inspiring sandy blonde balayage. Jade flaunted her natural curls on her Instagram, complete with a base of light brunette and highlights of blonde.




17. Red Face Framing Balayage For Curly Hair

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your hair, what’s better than a flaming red hue? Red hair colour comes in a variety of shades- from ruby to brassy copper to bright neon red. If you’re confused about which shade will suit you, consult a professional hair stylist for advice. You can extend the sheen of your hair colour by using a colour-protecting shampoo and avoiding harsh climate




18. Aqua Curly Hairstyles Balayage

A hair colour as unique as aqua or turquoise will enhance your look to the maximum level. And if added in the form of a money piece or face-frame balayage for curly hair, these highlights will add a fresh tinge of blue to your sombre dark hair. A streak or two of electric blue or blue-green applied by hand-painting, and you're sure to look like a complete rockstar!




19.  Aqua Curly Hairstyles Balayage

Take inspiration from the sensational singer Ciara for your next salon appointment. Ciara rocked this timeless beach blonde balayage look with a base of sandy brown hair. This balayage look has been showcased by several popular celebrities– the look has captured the attention of even Queen B! Yes, Beyonce stuck to this look for a long time too. However, do remember that blonde hair requires high maintenance, although with a balayage it's not more touch-ups than 2 or 3 salon visits per year. Also, avoid swimming in chlorinated pools without a swimming cap to protect your tresses.




20. Olive Curly Hairstyles Balayage

If you're a fashionista with a penchant for quirky looks, the olive green balayage for curly hair is sure to catch your attention. A little green blended with your regular hair colour will make you look super stylish. So, if you're in the mood for something bold and impressive, take the plunge and deep dive into the world of colourful curly hair balayage hairstyles.




21. Purple Curly Hairstyles Balayage

Purple and black colours complement each other very well, and it is demonstrated perfectly through this hairstyle. The purple shade adds a refreshing pop of colour to black hair. So, if you’re also looking for a hair colour that can liven up your look, try the Purple Curly Hairstyles Balayage.




22. Curly Hair Balayage Brown

Former Little Mix Singer Jesy Nelson showcased how to rock a curly hair balayage like a true star. This look involves a base of dark chocolate brown hair, with blonde face-framing balayage. Dying your hair a shade such as blonde can take a toll on its health because of bleach. Hence, always make sure to follow a curl-friendly hair routine.




23. Burgundy Curly Hairstyles Balayage

Burgundy has been a popular hair colour shade for a long time. It is a beautiful blend of violet and red hair colour. This particular hairstyle involves hand-painting a deep but bright burgundy shade over a base of black hair. The burgundy curly hairstyle balayage is a stunning way of making your hair more vibrant.




24. Red Balayage For Curly Hair

Make your hair pop with the ruby red balayage for curly hair. Red balayage for curly hair is a hair colouring technique that involves gradually blending red hair colour with your natural hair colour to create a smooth transition.  These highlights can be paired with a base of black, deep burgundy or maroon hair for a breathtaking contrast of colours.




25. Strawberry Blonde Balayage For Curly Hair

Spice up your brunette curls with a complementing shade of strawberry blonde. With this curly hair balayage look, you can add dimension to your ordinary curls and make them appear shiny. Ask your stylist to pick a shade that complements your skin tone, as different shades suit different undertones. It's vital to know that blonde hair requires regular upkeep, or the shade can become brassy.