Long Layered Hair With Bangs

25 Flattering Long Layered Hairstyles With Bangs For 2024

Siddiqui Shumaila

Updated At  23 Dec 23

Haircuts for Long layered hair with bangs are the most trendy haircuts for women who have long hair. In this haircut, women's hair is styled in different ways with different types of bangs.

Women with long hair tend to have a variety of options for haircuts. Coming to the bangs, they are the perfect addition to your long layered haircuts. They kind of bring balance to the look and enhance the beauty of the hairstyle.

Now to choose the suitable haircut for long layered hair with a bang you may have to consult your hairstylist. One must never get a haircut without the suggestion of their hairdresser as they will know which haircut suits your face best.


25 Stylish Long Layered Hair With Bangs



1. Long Hair with See-Through Bangs

If you don't like thick and heavy bangs on your forehead. Then try getting a haircut with wispy bangs. They are slightly different from normal bangs as they are soft, feathery, and see-through. Wispy bangs with long layered haircuts simply look outstanding with less effort to carry them. If you are looking for a trendy cut for long hair, then see through bangs with layered hair is an excellent option.




2. Caramel Highlights with Bangs

Tired of typical black hair? Brace yourself with a stunning hairstyle that has caramel highlights on your hair along with thick bangs. This trendy haircut with layers goes well with the women who is looking to amp up their hairstyle game. The caramel highlights are the game changer to enhance your face beauty. 




3. Tiered long Layers with Short Bangs 

Looking to make a bold statement with your haircuts? Get yourself these tiered layers for your long hair, also don't forget to trim short bangs in the front. This ensemble of haircuts gives a gorgeous look to your face and hair. It's a sophisticated look that goes pretty well when going for a business tour or office. 




4. Wavy Layers and Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are super stylish and add glamour to your hairstyle. Cutting curtain bangs with a wavy layer for your long hair is an excellent choice. This haircut makes your face look sharp and sleek. 




5. Waterfall Bangs and Butterfly Layer

Confused about your long hairstyle? Looking for a unique and attractive style? You have the solution right here. Go for this fashionable haircut of waterfall bangs and butterfly layers for your long hair. It is one of the most endearing and pretty haircuts out there. It gives your hair those beautiful layers with the thickest yet flowy bangs similar to waterfalls.




6. Long Curly Hair with Bangs

If you have long hair but a curly one then consider getting a center-parted bang. It channels perfectly with balayage and they work best for women who have square face shapes.




7. Earth-Toned Blonde with Bangs and Layers

Go for this earth-toned blonde with bangs and layers for something unique and stand out from the crowd. Make sure to get extra highlights on bangs to add glow to your face with your hairstyle. Women with oval-shaped faces should definitely consider this hairstyle with feathers. The bangs helps you to put focus on your face and it also makes the haircut more stylish.




8. Long Messy Layers with Middle Part Bangs

This messy layer along with the middle part bangs is from the 80s hairstyle ideas. Though it may sound old this haircut is highly in demand even today. It adds a fun and cool element to your whole look.



9. Messy Wavy Layers With Bangs

Experimenting with your long hair with wavy layers and blunt bangs is great. It enhances your face beauty even more if you make the wavy layers a bit messy. Blunt bangs and wavy layers together show volume and thickness in your hairstyle. If you don't want to go with a long haircut, you can also opt for a medium length haircut as it will look equaly good too.




10. Wispy Bangs for Fine Hair

Thin hair tends to look bad if not styled properly. This chic and effortless style for fine hair with a cut of wispy bangs is the best haircut you can have for your long thin hair. Make sure you cut beautiful layers of your hair to have a sleek face look.  



11. Blue Bangs and Layers

Bored with the normal highlights and natural color of your bangs? Try adding blue color bangs in the front section. This blue color addition will make your hairstyle attractive and it will provide your face a unique and cool look. 



12. Thick Choppy Bangs

The volume in your long hair calls for a hairstyle that contains thick choppy bangs. The mahogany color with these thick bangs makes your face shape balance out with the hairstyle. 




13. Feminine Long Hair with Arched Bangs

The flairs of Long hair with arched bangs give a perfect feminine hairstyle. No doubt we can say that this hairstyle complements women's faces and draws lots of attention.  Tip: To make your arched bangs more flexible, get a textured fringe.




14. Airy Bangs and Wispy Layers

Experience this flirty and fun look with these gorgeous airy bangs and wispy layers of hairstyle. The airy bangs are such a beautiful cut that they fit every face shape and enhance them to look more pretty. Not to forget the wispy layers which are the nice subtle layers that style your long hair perfectly. 




15. Long Layered Hair with Round Bangs

Have an oval or longer face shape? Try this Long layered hair with round bangs. This is a great option to experiment with as it allows your face to be more in shape with a soft look. The texture and highlight in the layers are more visible unlike in a normal haircut. 




16. Wavy Layers with Piece-y Bangs

Long hairs with wavy layers are very pretty. Pairing them with piece-y bangs is a beautiful option. The wavy layer softness and flowy texture along with these minimal bangs get your face shape enhanced, especially square shaped face.  




17. Classic Baby Bangs on a Long Shag Haircut

The classic and cute baby bangs with a long shag haircut give a stunning style. The bangs don't look extra or fake on your forehead as it allows you to have natural-looking bangs. Also, the face gets slightly square by getting this stunning hairstyle. 




18. Wavy Long Layers with a Straight Fringe

Concerned about the fuller face shape? Looking for a hairstyle that makes your face look slim? Go for these wavy long layers with a fringe haircut. This hairstyle will make you look fresh and young. Plus it perfectly shapes your face to look more slim.




19. Casual Long Layering with Face-Framing Bangs

Long layering with face-framing bangs adds volume and gives a feminine vibe. It channels your face shape perfectly hiding the extra fats on your face. The bangs and the layers together leave a great impact to make your face look elongated.




20. Long Ombre Hairstyle with Bangs

The volume in the long hair allows you to choose a variety of haircuts. One such great option is to get that long ombre hairstyle with layered bangs. The usual bangs are heavy but these layered bangs are light and soft. It also lets you feel light with your hairstyle, providing a stunning look.




21. Bottleneck Fringe on Long Red Hair

Go for a bottleneck fringe if you have nice naturally colored red hair. It makes you change the whole look of your face. Bottleneck fringe is the amalgamation of short and regular bangs. Make sure to style fringe perfectly to achieve the best look with your naturally red long hairs.




22. Layered Long Haircut with Parted Bangs

Getting a long layered haircut with parted bangs? To get the elongated face shape? You have got the right haircut! This hairstyle goes well to make your shape look more thin and elongated. To get a more precise look, parted bangs come in and leave a beautiful impact on the hairstyle.



23. Long, Grown-Out Bangs

The bangs with a long hairstyle are always a hit. Here the bangs are long and somewhat grown out from normal bangs. Yet it gives such a pretty look to the face and completes the hairstyle with elegance. Though it can be a bit uncomfortable style to pull out. Yet one can go for this haircut as something new to experiment.   



24. Feathered Bangs with Layered Hair

This is such a cute haircut for girls who want to look young. Try having a strawberry blonde color with layers. The extra thing is to have the feather bangs. These are kind of straight bangs which is parted slightly sideways. Also, this hairstyle surely gives a kind of Barbie look.



25. Long wavy layers with Blunt Bangs 

Wavy layered long hairs looks stunning with blunt bangs. It gives the whole fresh and young look to the face. Here the hairstyle is styled beautifully, starting from straight hair to a wavy texture from shoulder to long hair. To have more, it has the highlight tone which suits every face. No doubt the best haircut to have! 



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