Top Hairstyles With Bangs

55 Hairstyles With Bangs To Transform Your Look

Shrimanti Das

Updated At  05 Apr 24

Looking out for the latest hairstyles with bangs? Then you are in the right place! 

Bangs hairstyles have been popular for decades. They are popular since they go with every face shape and age. Regardless of hair texture and hair length, bangs go with every occasion. Bangs hairstyles also mimic a look of voluminous hair which is a plus. Let’s have a look at 55 stunning hairstyles with bangs that will trend in 2024.


55 Top Hairstyles with Bangs


Side Bangs


1. Side Bangs

Bangs for short hair can look stunning if styled properly. Add proper highlights and blow dry properly to give a voluminous look. This hairstyle is most suited for blondes with thin hair, although it can also be worn with thicker strands.


Beachy Bob


2. Beachy Bob

A wavy beachy bob hairstyle with bangs provides a fresh, natural style that does not require frequent high upkeep. If you want bangs with your natural short dark hair colour, consider this style. This haircut is perfect for oval features.


Pink Wolf Cut


3. Pink Wolf Cut

If you want to add some unusual hues to your hair, consider this shade. The haircut is a highly intricate mix of a shag, mullet, and wolfcut. When your natural color emerges from the roots, it will add extra highlights to your bangs hair.


Mini Bangs


4. Mini Bangs

Unlike the standard bob, this chin-length blunt cut features semi-short bangs. This is ideal for heart-shaped faces. If you have thick hair and want it short, try this. Add some colour to the ends to create a glow.


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Long Shag


5. Long Shag

The amazing long shag bangs hair is an excellent approach to deal with really thick hair. These soft curtain bangs look great on oval and round faces. Natural hair's black roots further enhance its appearance.

Bryce Scarlett, a bi-coastal hairstylist says "Not all bangs are suitable for everyone". Thus, it is necessary to consult a hairstylist and style your bangs according to your face shape. 


Wispy Shag


6. Wispy Shag

If you want a layered haircut with wispy bangs, you may believe you need to grow your hair long. However, you may have this with short hair as well. When styled with a side sweep, shorter layers inside your haircut act as bangs, smoothly blending with longer strands.


Side Swept


7. Side Swept

Side-swept bangs hairstyles and a short haircut make an amazing combination. Part your hair to the side and softly tease the lengths for a sophisticated look that takes no effort.

Amanda Stevens, master hairstylist at Spirit Spa says, "A softer side-swept fringe or angled fringe are great if you aren’t quite ready to go for fuller bangs or blunt bangs, because they are less of a commitment to style—and grow out much easier”.


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Pixie Cut


8. Pixie Style

Are you concerned that your short pixie haircut will look tom-boyish? Why not add up a long side fringe? A dramatic design that extends from the brow to the cheekbone gives a cool feminine finish. Enhance the look with burgundy or auburn highlights.

Thick Fringe


9. Thick Fringe for Volume Hair

Side stylish bangs lend a stylish touch to longer hairstyles. Also, it makes cheeks look slimmer. If you are someone with thick hair, you should try this bangs hairstyle. Add some blonde highlights to enhance your look.  

Dana Lyseng, an award-winning stylist recommends the flat wrap technique to maintain your fringes beautifully."When styling, use a flat brush and blow dry the hair from left to right diagonally down and across the forehead, this way you relax all the challenging natural movement and your fringe will lay beautifully."

Tousled Fringe


10. Tousled Fringe

Extra long bangs 2024 are in. Get them finely or layered to make them feel light. This can go with with short or long hairstyle with bangs. 

Front Highlights


11. Front Highlights

Highlighted front bangs are some of the unique bangs hairstyles. A strawberry blonde highlight with a medium-length layered haircut is a perfect match. You can also make your hair wavy to add some volume. 

Feathery Bangs


12. Feathery Bangs

Bangs haircuts might be difficult to choose. If you have a rectangle-shaped face, try this hairdo. Long side-swept bangs can enhance your overall style and add volume to your hair.


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Shag curtain Bangs


13. Shag Curtain Bangs

To achieve this amazing style, blow dry your stylish bangs with a wide round brush and curl the ends to the sides using a straightener. You can experiment with several dyes to see which one best suits your soul.

Long Bangs


14. Long Bangs

If you want a simple hairstyle with bangs, then this is for you. You can add some highlights to your layers to give a classy look.

Cute Bangs


15. Cute Bangs

A middle-parted curtain bangs with a smart pixie cut creates a lovely look. When highlighted, the cute bangs enhance facial features and brighten your overall appeal.


Curly Bob


16. Curly Bob

When you have curly hair, a bob haircut with bangs can help it look more natural. The short bangs with curly bob do not require much upkeep, so if you are extremely busy, you can try this.


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Short hair bangs


17. Short Hair Bangs

One of the simplest methods to improve your appearance is to change your parting style. Flipping your hair to the opposite side of its natural split gives instant volume. Cute bangs and a short bob will give your haircut a fresh look.

Copper Bob


18. Copper Bob

Wispy bangs hairstyles are a perfect companion for a cute bob haircut. You can add some trendy shades or blondes or a copper hue like this.

Crispy Bangs


19. Crispy Bangs

You can try out wispy bangs hairstyles with a jaw-length bob haircut to get more volume up at the crown. 

Long Curtain wavy Bangs


20. Wavy hair Curtain Bangs

If you want to refresh your long hair without removing any of its length, go with long curtain bangs. Highlights that match your skin tone will provide a more powerful freshening effect.


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Blonde Bob


21. Blonde Bob

A blonde bob with long curtain cute bangs is simple to style and maintain, so you don't have to spend hours doing your hair.


Feathered Bangs


22. Feathered Bangs

The feathery bangs with layers create a hairstyle full of charm. It's an excellent alternative if you want to transform but aren't ready to say goodbye to your long hair.

Classic Blonde


23. Classic Blonde

Layered curtain bangs combine seamlessly with sloppy layers, giving added volume and a dynamic appearance. Consider this option if you have wavy hair, but keep in mind that your curtain bangs will require some effort to stay in place.

Modern Style


24. Modern Style

Long hair with curtain bangs and a blowout exudes a glamorous Hollywood atmosphere, so be prepared to turn heads if you try it.


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25. Sleek

Long curtain bangs and a platinum blonde sleek bob cut are all you need to try. This gives a refined appearance. The darker roots also improve the overall appearance.


Layered Fringes


26. Layered Fringes

These beautiful layered stylish bangs suit any hair type and face shape. You can brighten up your look with white-blonde with black roots to have all eyes on you.

Messy Curly


27. Messy Curly

This unique bangs hairstyle adds volume to your hair. If you don’t want to dye your hair you can go with this look.

Textured Bob


28. Textured Bob

A bob with lightweight, wispy bangs hair is ideal for someone with thicker hair. Making the smallest layers at the back of the crown the same length as your bangs in front adds to the overall feeling of completeness. 


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Wispy bangs


29. Wispy bangs

If you have medium-length hair and want cute bangs you can go with this hairstyle. If gives the appearance of a teenage girl. 


Deep Copper Shag


30. Deep Copper Shag

If you want a fiery bold look with a copper hue, you can go with this hairstyle. To duplicate the blunt bottom, go for a deep middle part right through the bangs, and allow curtain bangs to provide some volume to an otherwise linear finish.

Parrot bangs


31. Parrot Bangs

If you don't like layered hair, you can add dimension to your style with highlighted bangs.  These green and grey colours look super cool and you can also try out different shades of your choice.

Choppy Bangs


32. Choppy Bangs

Long curtain bangs hairstyles are the ideal option to change your appearance without drastically reducing your hair. Curtain fringe is one of the most adaptable styles that goes with any face shape, and it looks great on both long and short hair.

Short Haircut with Bangs


33. Short Haircut with Bangs

Side-swept bangs with short hair look good with a crazy short bob. You can also try some burgundy or chocolate brown shades and curl them to add volume. 

Bun Hairstyle


34. Bun Hairstyle

The updo messy bun creates a sporty look. Though this haircut is popular among young people, it can also be worn among corporate executives due to its refinement. The updo look works well when the fringes are kept short and straight with wavy layers at the bottom. 

Wispy Bang with layers


35. Wispy Bang with Layers

If you ask your hairstylist to cut an attractive side-swept stylish bangs and add a cute wavy texture to your shoulder-length hair, you will fall in love with your new look. This cut when paired with burgundy shade looks good with round faces. 

Dreamy Hair Up


36. Dreamy Hair Up

This messy bun bangs hairstyle is ideal for your festive occasions and will look fantastic with a flowing white dress. You can add preferred accessories to this hairstyle to enhance the style. 

Choppy Pixie with Side Bangs


37. Choppy Pixie with Side Bangs

Choppy pixie layered bangs hairstyles will be perfect for you if you want short hair. It appears appealing due to its texture and depth. 

Blonde Balayage


38. Blonde Balayage

If you have thick hair, this layered pixie haircut is ideal for you. Choppy layers will add volume to your hair and draw attention away from the roundness of your face. You can add blonde highlights to enhance your looks.

A Shape Bangs


39. A-Shape Bangs

Women with bangs hairstyles look very attractive when the bangs are maintained well and they match well with your face shape. A-shape bangs are quite different from curtain bangs and they look gorgeous on any face shape.

Layered Tendril


40. Layered Tendril

Curly hair looks extremely gorgeous on round faces if they are well-maintained. Blonde highlights and tanned complexion are a perfect combination for looking classy.

Celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend says "If you have curly hair and you want a curtain bang you can have that look, it's just going to take you 15 to 20 minutes to blow dry them every morning". Proper styling with good care of bangs can completely change your look. You can also highlight to enhance your bangs within the curly tendrils. 

Sharp Bangs


41. Sharp Bangs

If you want a fashionable haircut for your short hair, give this sharp bangs hairstyle a try. To achieve a lovely yet edgy style, keep a shiny black colour and long bangs that partially obscure your eyes.

Thin Hair Cut


42. Thin Hair Cut

If you have thin hair and want to mimic a voluminous look you should try this layered haircut with small bangs. Layered hair makes an impression of thicker hair while stylish bangs make you look sexy. 

Wavy Bob with Short Bangs


43. Wavy Bob with Baby Bangs

A wavy messy blonde bob with baby bangs styled with spectacles looks great on round faces. You can always add highlights to achieve an ombre effect.

Golden Bangs


44. Golden Side Swept Bangs

To create the same intrigue and definition in your thick locks, add a choppy side-swept fringe to your short layered hair. The side bangs create a dramatic look for women with bangs. 

Angled Short Bangs


45. Angled Short Bangs

If you want a unique and stylish look you can try this look. An asymmetrical bob cut with mini bangs adds a playful as well as a corporate sleek look. 

Unicorn Bangs


46. Unicorn Bangs

A collarbone-length haircut with a unique hair colour and stylish bangs can make you appear fun.

Purple Bangs


47. Purple Bangs

Bangs will look great with your vibrant purple hair. The strong purple tone explodes into your bangs, making your hairdo stand out.

Classic Fringes


48. Classic Fringes

The classic bangs flow into the lengths of the hair, creating wavy curls. That's an excellent haircut for thick, short hair that you wish to wear freely. Also, the blonde colour in length and black roots enhance your overall look.

Classy Curtain Bangs Hairstyle


49. Classy Curtain Bangs Hairstyle

Long hair with trendy curtain bangs is a stunning style for any event. You can style this hair cut with any colour.

Cool Girl bangs


50. Cool Girl Bangs

If you want very minimal bangs then you can go with this platinum blonde wavy hairstyle. 

Stylish Bangs


51. Stylish Bangs

Some haircuts are only suitable for certain features and face shapes, but a brown bob with stylish bangs looks well on anybody. The tapered edges and colour bone dusting length lengthen the neck. The slanted front emphasizes bone structure while softening features.

Braided Bangs


52. Braided Bangs

You can't think of a natural hairstyle without beads. Beads are a typical and popular accessory for natural hairstyles. You can use classic brown extensions to braid your hair and add peach beads to your bangs.

Bangs with Glasses


53. Bangs with Glasses

Are you worried that you won’t be able to wear bangs with glasses? Then don’t worry because bangs hairstyles with glasses look super cute. Try out curtain bangs with any hair colour of your choice. 

Highlighted Bangs


54. Highlighted Bangs

Feathered cute bangs and sun-kissed highlights offer a dreamy touch to a layered bob with curly hair. You can apply some lightweight hairspray to keep your tendrils bouncy all day. 

Dessert and Ocean


55. Dessert and Ocean

If you don't like layered hair, you can add dimension to your style with a fringe. These front layers hit just above the nose and are extremely adaptable. You can style them into updos, colour them or style them as you wish.