25 Stunning Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Pooja Angurasu

Hairstyles for women over 50 have come a long way over the years. With the natural beauty of aging comes a change in hair texture and moisture control, but that doesn't mean there's no more fun to be had. Here are some inspiring and stunning hairstyles for women over 50 to refresh their lifestyles.

25 Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Face Framing Layered Cut


1. Face Framing Layered Cut 

Just get an illusion with this adorable haircut for women over 50. Brown highlights never go wrong as the different shades add volume to the hair. This haircut is suitable for women with long hair.

Long Ponytail


2. Long Ponytail 

If the hair is slowly becoming a combination of black and grey, there is no need to worry about it or change it as it is the trendiest and classiest long haircut for women over 50. Based on their preference one can go with a low or high ponytail.

Classic Side-Parted Hairstyle


3. Classic Side Parted Hairstyle 

This elegant haircut is the best option for classy women. It gives a young appearance to the face as well as a gorgeous way to embrace and celebrate the greying of the hair.

Grey Waves


4. Gray Waves 

If one has thick hair, these gray waves are the best way to achieve a delicate and feminine hairstyle. To achieve this angelic haircut for women over 60 just let your natural waves grow out.

Ash Blonde Straight Hair


5. Blonde Ashes With Straight Hair 

If going blonde haircut is a little too intense for women over 60 then ash blonde can be a subtle transition for classy women. This is the type of color that adds texture to the hair and makes it appear even more voluminous.

Feathered Layers


6. Feathered Layers 

A couple of softly feathered layers beneath the facial structure can add glam to this haircut for women over 50. Make the hair more dazzling with those messy feathered layers.

Center Parted Waves


7. Center Parted Waves 

Women manage to look flawless, regardless of their hair textures, body types, and age. Long beach waves are a great way to present a young carefree look. This haircut for women over 50 has the waves slightly off of her face allowing her amazing cheekbones to show.

Waves With Curtain Bangs


8. Waves With Curtain Bangs 

A wavy haircut for women over 50 is both low-maintenance and lovely. The blonde highlights serve to brighten the already radiant complexion. Loose flowing waves help to add some volume around the beautiful face.

Brown Waves


9. Brown Waves 

Long hair is a classic no matter your age. While long hair works best with medium to thick locks, those with brown waves can make this style work, too. This haircut of women over 50 will give the appearance of thicker tresses. 

Beachy Waves


10. Polished Waves 

With this haircut for women over 50, one can go from dressed-up polished waves, as seen here, to low-maintenance beachy waves, and everything in between. Such a versatile haircut for women over 50!

Straight Hair With Short Bangs


11. Straight Hair With Short Bangs 

This is a cool haircut for women over 50 with square, diamond, heart, or oblong face shapes. In this hairstyle, the front tresses are cut into short bangs falling over the forehead head, and the long tresses are middle parted and allowed to fall over the shoulders.

Ponytail With Bangs


12. Ponytail With Bangs 

In this haircut for women over 50,  the hair is kept straightway beyond the shoulders, and the front is styled with bangs side-parted giving a classy frame to the face. The rest of the hair is tied in a tight ponytail.

Copper Curls


13. Copper Curls 

Copper curls haircuts for women over 50 can add a touch of elegance to your image and refresh it. And this is the effect that practically any woman in her fifties is looking for. Wear it textured and a bit messy to give more volume to your tresses.

Short Wavy Bob


14. Short Wavy Bob 

Bob is always a good decision, especially styled in short waves. This haircut for women over 50 will bring some fun and style to your look. Waves are something that does not go out of fashion no matter what time we live in!

Voluminous Curls


15. Voluminous Curls 

Big, voluminous curls are the perfect suggestion to play around with if one wants their hair to look fabulous and stylish! Women over 50 with natural curls can try this hairstyle.

Bouncy Waves


16. Bouncy Waves 

Pretty and feminine, this medium style looks gorgeous with straight or wavy hair too. The best way to upgrade any of the haircuts for women over 50 with medium hair is to add some bounciness to them. 

Curls With Deep Side-Part


17. Curls With Deep Side-Part 

This haircut for women over 50 looks more voluminous and curly towards the ends than at the top. This hairstyle with a side part will give some 30s vibes and it will make the look chic.

Sleek Straight Hair


18. Sleek Straight Hair 

This simple haircut for women over 50 is teased at the roots ever so slightly to create more volume in the back of the head and keep the hairstyle from falling flat. Be sure to use hairspray after teasing to help with hold.

Long And Straight Hair


19. Long And Straight Hair 

Show off your extra lengthy locks by straightening them and wearing a center part. Use a moisturizing serum to make sure your hair is healthy and shiny from root to tip. This haircut for women over 50 is for extremely long hair.

Loose Waves


20. Loose Waves 

Red hair color is vibrant and youthful, and the simple styling focuses all the attention on the face. For loose waves, use a curling wand and brush out. The color of the hair can go well with the complexion.

Blonde Hair With Bangs


21. Blonde Hair With Bangs 

Older women can look younger easily with bangs added to their hairstyle. In this blonde haircut for women over 50, the hair length is kept medium and is allowed to cascade over the shoulders. 

The Quiff


22. The Quiff 

A short hairstyle can be the perfect way to show off your beautiful face. This haircut for women over 50 has upswept hair in the middle that looks elegant as well as slightly quirky.

Blunt Bangs With Curls


23. Blunt Bangs With Curls 

Bangs can be a fun, youthful way to switch up your hairstyle. They instantly frame your face and can give your look more personality. Add some curls to your haircut to create a modern look.

Sleek Bob


24. Sleek Bob 

A sleek bob is a style that's easy to maintain and always looks chic. Use some anti-frizz spray to make sure there are no flyaway hairs, and prepare to feel fierce. Such a unique haircut for women over 50.

Short And Voluminous Waves


25. Short And Voluminous Hairstyle 

Uniform layers are cut all through this brown mane to balance out the volume and movement all over. This formal haircut for women over 50 is gorgeous and easy to re-create.