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25 Stunning Ankle Mehndi Designs

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  18 Mar 24


One of the most cumbersome decisions for girls is to choose the ankle mehndi design that looks unique and makes their overall appearance glamorous. If you are having a difficult time to find the best mehndi design, then we have got you covered. We list the 25 stunning ankle mehndi designs for any occasion. Lets get started!


25 Gorgeous Ankle Mehndi Designs




1. Cute Ankle Mehndi

This easy mehandi design beautifully incorporates flowers, delicate leaves, and intricate net patterns. The combination of elements creates an elegant and charming henna design that makes the overall look beautiful.




2. Simple Ankle Mehndi 

A simple mehndi design featuring delicate leaf patterns offers an elegant and minimalistic look, making it a popular choice for those seeking simple and elegant designs. This design gracefully enhances the ankles with its organic and nature-inspired elements.




3. Floral Mehndi Design For Legs

A flower in the center with smaller flowers encircling it gives a very dreamy vibe while this is connected to a dotted anklet with a triple line of thick dots. This intricate ankle mehndi design gives a mesmerizing look. Looking for simple arabic mehndi designs? Do check out our guide as we list 70+ stunning mehndi designs.





4. Heavy ankle mehndi design 

Don't have any anklets to wear? This gorgeous ankle mehndi design is here to give a heavy jewelry look. This design gives an anklet-like look so avoiding heavy silver anklets is a good idea. 




5. Sparkling Ankle Henna

There has been an influence of lots of contemporary elements and motifs in traditional henna art. Some women apply ankle Mehandi designs as temporary tattoos and if one wants a modish look try this feather leg design with starry sparkle.

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6. Thick Ankle Mehndi Design 

Ankle mehndi design is loved by all women and this thicker ankle mehndi design makes for a gorgeous visual appeal. It will not require much time to apply and women can get it applied for simpler occasions.




7. Heart Motif Ankle Mehndi

This charm bracelet-inspired ankle mehndi design with a heart motif is ideal for intimate valentines day or anniversary celebrations between couples. One of the simplest and most minimal ankle mehndi designs for women.



8. Traditional Mehndi

This henna design gives an illusion of Payal with an anklet design. This way of using ankle mehndi design will adorn your ankle. Decorate your feet with this traditional ankle mehndi design.



9. Arabic Design 

'Arabic Mehndi' originated in Arabian countries and it gained popularity in Asia, especially India and Pakistan. The ladies who do not like the heavy patterns or the ones who are working can opt for the Arabic ankle mehndi design which looks gorgeous and surprising.



10. Tattoo Henna Design 

This ankle mehndi design seems to be like a temporary tattoo that is perfect for non-occasions. The design is appropriate for teenage and young girls who love tattoos. One of the modern and minimalist Ankle Mehndi Designs for girls.



11. Ornamental Mehndi

The Indian wedding celebrations are incomplete without applying the ornament-designed mehndi which is considered auspicious and a sign of prosperity in Indian culture. This ankle mehndi design is always a women’s priority.



12. Sideway Ankle Design

The sideways ankle mehndi design is quite different from the side-slanting pattern. It is usually more elaborate which is the first choice of young or college-going girls. It is designed in L-shape in a free-flowing style. 

Spiral Ankle Henna Design


13. Spiral Ankle Henna 

This stylish mehndi design for feet is suitable for festive occasions as the design is quite tricky and complicated. This ankle mehndi design looks very delicate, and eye-catching, and makes a strong impression. 

Dotted Chain Ankle Henna Design


14. Dotted Chain Design 

One can render a magnificent appearance to the feet by considering beautiful and creative ankle Mehndi designs. These graceful dotted chain ankle Mehndi designs are simple, easy to draw and accentuate the whole Mehandi look.

Ankle Henna Design For Ceremony

15. Ankle Mehndi Design For Bride

These floral mehandi designs are usually quite intricate but once produced perfectly can amaze any woman in the ceremony. This ankle mehndi design is engraved with leaf motifs, and floral curves to give a traditional look.



16. Minimalistic Design

This minimal ankle mehndi design looks lovely with curtain patterns and dot style. It has two layers of design and it is quite broad for a minimal look. This ankle mehndi design goes well with western outfits.




17. Intricate Henna Design

A broad and intricate ankle henna design is nailed with three layers of the pattern including curtain design, leaf pattern, swirls, and dots. It includes a lot of detail and those patterns make this ankle mehndi design more elegant.




18. Dotted Floral 

It is an ultra-thin layered ankle mehndi design with dainty floral patterns with dots. It looks like a simple piece of jewelry. Beginners can try this ankle mehndi design. So go ahead and give it a try.




19. Tiny Circles

This unique and quirky look doesn't require a lot of effort, as only one layer of the pattern is styled and it involves tiny circles connected with lines and three-line droplets on it. One of the best ankle mehndi designs for modern outfits.

Hanging Florals


20. Hanging Florals 

A hanging floral ankle mehndi design is decorated with lotus flowers which make the design look unique. The flowers are connected to the base of one thick and three thin lines and it has scattered dot patterns too.




21. Aesthetic Trending Mehndi

A grained dot pattern makes this ankle mehndi design adorable. The roses in this ankle mehndi design are lovely! This ankle mehndi design will be suitable for the wedding ceremony.

Elaborate Ankle Henna Design


22. Elaborate Stylish Mehndi 

In this elaborate ankle mehndi design, four layers of curtain patterns are overlapped with a beaded curtain design and the leaf patterns make the ankle mehndi design more stunning.



23. Peanut Shaped Mehndi

This ankle mehndi design is good for casual hang out. It will be a cool temporary tattoo that includes a band of shaded peanut patterns with dotted lines. Get a stylish look with this ankle mehndi design.

Necklace Ankle Henna Design


24. Necklace Ankle Design

This grand and marvelous ankle mehndi design will be perfect for the bride's legs. It has been engraved with swirls, a necklace, and dots. The shaded floral petals make the design majestic!

Ankle Henna Design With Swirls


25. Ankle Mehndi With Swirls 

Adopt a royal look with this aesthetic ankle mehndi design. A swirly floral is made with broad layers that would be perfect for a grand occasion. Such a pretty ankle mehndi design for women!

Modern Ankle Henna Design


26. Modern Ankle Mehndi

Modern ankle mehndi designs are so cool to decorate on the legs. They look gorgeous in western outfits. People who prefer to be modern but simple can opt for this ankle mehndi design.

Easy Ankle Henna Design


27. Easy Ankle Mehndi 

This easy ankle henna pattern follows an anklet-like pattern with dotted and striped lines with hanging flower motifs. This ankle mehndi design can go well with traditional outfits.