Mehndi Designs For Groom

25 Best Mehndi Designs For Groom


Updated At  18 Mar 24

Mehndi is a type of art that is used to decorate the skin. Mehndi designs are applied to the bride and groom in certain cultures as a significant and auspicious aspect of the wedding rites. While the bride favours sophisticated and gorgeous mehndi designs, the groom favours straightforward and customised mehndi designs. While some people might choose entire hand designs, others choose palm patterns. Yes, we have captivating mehndi designs for the sporty groom who enjoys creating flawless art pieces on his wedding day and surprising the bride.


25 Best Mehndi Designs For Grooms




1. Royal Groom Mehndi Design

For the groom, who believes in love and time-honoured tradition, let's go with a royal mehndi look. The playing card King and Queen created on separate hands in this mehndi design is evidence of monarchy, while the mesmerising bold hearts represent love. The usage of lotus components on the fingers also makes this mehndi design look much more elegant and regal. This traditional royal mehndi design would be fun for the man to surprise his bride with.




2. Groom Mehndi Design 

This imaginative mehndi design is another that will look the finest on the groom. In this groom's mehndi design, several leaf, curve, and theme elements are used. Palm mehndi patterns are popular among grooms, which makes them ideal for weddings.




3. Classic Mehndi Design For Groom

Traditional and vintage mehndi designs with paisleys, foliage, and lovely motifs are also used in grooming mehndi designs. In your mehndi design, you can also include the bride's name, which is a symbol of undivided love. This mehndi design completely covers the palm.

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4. Simple Groom Mehndi Design

The bride's name is engraved in the centre of a circle with a floral outline on the palms of the groom, who might choose this mehndi design if he prefers simple designs. This groom's henna design pattern is made out of only love.




5. Stylish Groom Mehndi

One can go for this mehndi design which is minimalist and stylish both. The groom can bookmark this mehndi design for them as this bracket design on fingers makes the entire hand look smart and classy. This finger mehndi design will suit traditional and casual looks.  





6. Groom Mehndi Designs For Hands

A gorgeous and dazzling mehndi design for the groom that features the bride and groom drawn on the respective hands and gorgeous elements adorning the hand is lovely. The groom can unquestionably choose this palm mehndi design, which looks gorgeous with a traditional dress and creates the ideal wedding vibe.




7. Groom Mehndi Design For Legs

For their wedding, grooms would like the peacock mehndi pattern on their legs. This mehndi pattern can be chosen by the groom, and he and his bride can both replicate the same. Paisley patterns and a peacock, which are thought to be very auspicious and a sign of prosperity, are mehndi components employed in this groomed mehndi design.




8. Mehndi Look For Groom

With a gorgeous image of the bride decked out in his hands, the groom can try this mehndi style. This is the ideal surprise for the bride, who will undoubtedly be amazed. You can bookmark this groom mehndi design for the wedding season.

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9. Gorgeous Groom Mehndi Design

The groom's hands with a custom, incredibly beautiful mehndi design are full of magic. The groom can combine mehndi with numerous aspects to create a full-hand mehndi design by having a beautifully made portrait of the bride and groom on the palms.




10. Elegant Groom Mehndi

This mehndi design features a circular pattern and the Swastik symbol, which is considered very auspicious during weddings and festive occasions. It is another elegant and traditional mehndi design for the groom. A portrait of the bride and groom is on the groom's other hand. On the fingers and around the wrist, there is a lovely mesh pattern.

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11. Floral Mehndi Design For Groom 

On the back of the hand, how about a floral mehndi pattern? Yes, this floral and circular mehndi design is one that the groom will undoubtedly adore. The amazing leaf pattern on the fingers goes well with the flowery pattern made in the centre. 




12. Personalised Mehndi Design 

The bride and groom's names or the couple's hashtags can be incorporated into this personalised mehndi pattern on the hands of the groom. A couple of names are arranged in this mehndi pattern on the fingers. Mesmerizing meshwork on the palms with a vivid floral appearance.




13. Easy Mehndi Design For Groom

With the creation of this image of Lord Ganesha on the hand, one may sense the blessings of the god. The creation of a personalised sentence about the couple on the other hand is also full of love.




14. Save The Date Mehndi Design

Save the date mehndi designs are so trending!  It looks excellent to have delineated motifs on both hands of a decorative rectangle drawn. Both the wedding date and the groom's name are included, along with a greeting.




15. Mesh Design For Groom

This elegant mehndi design is perfect for grooms looking for a mehndi design for their feet on their wedding day. The meshwork that was made up of the fingers with tiny flowers and a bracket design is a perfect groom mehndi design.



16. Ring Mehndi Design

This groom's mehndi design is ideal for a ring ceremony and can be recreated by making two rings in a circle with a floral design outline. It is the focal point on the palm, giving it a lovely, straightforward mehndi pattern.




17. God Mehndi Design

Getting a god's idol made on the hand is an absolute blessing and is also seen as being highly auspicious because it is very important to seek the god's blessings during weddings. This groom's mehndi design is exceptionally well-thought-out, featuring Lord Ganesha and musical instruments in the hand.




18. Designer Mehndi For Groom

This groom's mehndi design is contemporary and minimalist. As this minimalist mehndi pattern adheres to the three fingers around the palm, you might also refer to it as a finger mehndi design. The minimalist groom would undoubtedly appreciate this mehndi design.




19. Groom Mehndi Design For Front Hand

A straightforward and uncomplicated mehndi design for the groom, with a simplistic circular design on the centre of the palms, is skillfully managed with intricate finger designs. Even though the designs of the two hands differ, they appear to be very similar. The couple's names appearing on the hands serve as the focal element of this groom's mehndi design.




20. Initals Mehndi Design

This Initials Mehndi design features the couple's initials, wedding date, couple hashtags, and a sweet message. It is another easy and quick mehndi design for the groom. This is the groom's personal, pretty consistent mehndi design.




21. Finger Mehndi Design

One of the popular and fashionable styles this season is the thumb mehndi, which floats a little towards the palms. The striking blocks with outlined designs are thought to provide an attractive appearance that is very stunning.




22. Back Hand Mehndi Design

The middle finger of the backhand is decorated with straight and exquisite African mehndi art. The groom may choose this simplistic back-hand mehndi design.




23. Evil Eye Mehndi Design

With this evil eye mehndi art, this contemporary mehndi pattern is ideal for the groom. The unique and very impressive line and leaf pattern between the finger and palms give a perfect finishing.




24. Name Mehndi Design

This name mehndi design, in which the groom inscribes the bride's name on his hands with the fortunate Om symbol, is relatively straightforward. Name mehndi is undeniably an option for the groom who wants quick mehndi art.




25. Square Shaped Mehndi Design 

Bold circular and shading elements are artfully applied throughout the square-shaped pattern. The fingers are exquisitely embellished with floral patterns and decorations. The groom would look stunning with this mehndi design, which also goes well with both traditional and western apparel. A square or even mandala mehndi design will definitely look gorgeous and can go well with the traditional look as well.