Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Ashley Graham Weight Loss Story - Complete Details


Updated At  19 Sep 23

Ashley Graham’s modeling career has inspired and continues to inspire women of every age group. However, what has caught public attention this time is not her modeling career but her impressive weight loss journey. Her transformation journey has left her fans in awe. 

Whilst, Ashley Graham has been known for promoting body positivity as well as she was the first plus-sized model who was featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Being a Supermodel, she has influenced many hearts and has made us believe that women in every shape and size are equally gorgeous. One of the best celeb weight loss transformations, her story is amazing.

She was criticized for “promoting obesity” but In spite of all the challenges and negativity, what has brought both shock and surprise to her fans is her sudden weight loss in her photos. Many of the critics and fans have accused her of using medications and surgery.

However, we are here with her secret diet plan and workout plan for you. If you are someone who is dying to lose weight then this article is for you. Similar to Ashley, do check out Chrissy Metz weight loss story as she lost a whopping 100 pounds!



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Who Is Ashley Graham?

Ashley Graham Ervin is an American Plus-Sized Model, Actress, and TV presenter. She started her career at the early age of 12. She has widely endorsed body positivity and inclusivity. For the same cause, she has published her first book called A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like. She is known to embrace self-love and that is why her fans admire her so much. She is not only a model but has fine acting skills as well. She has even appeared in films and music videos.

She is married to Justin Ervin who is a videographer. In 2020, Ashley Graham had her first baby. They were expecting their second child in 2021 which turned out to be twins. 


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Ashley Graham's Profile

Real Name: Ashley Graham Ervin


Ashley Graham Age in 2023: 36

Occupation: Model, Host, and Actress

Weight Before : 220 lbs (99 kg)

Weight Loss After: 200 lbs (90 kg)

Weight Lost: 20 lbs (9 kg)

Height: 1.77 m

Ashley Graham Net Worth: $18 Million


How Did Ashley Graham Gain Weight?

Ashley Graham is a plus-sized model and she is known for body positivity. However, as years passed, she started to put on some extra weight which made her feel unhealthy. 

It all started with her pregnancy journey. When she was expecting her first child, her body transformed rapidly. She was initially devastated by the changes. After giving birth to her first child, she gained almost extra 50 pounds. She continued to embrace the transformation after pregnancy and she was confident enough to influence her fans and make them believe that curvy women are equally pretty. 

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Soon after, she got pregnant again and her weight increased considerably. 


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Ashley Graham Weight Loss Journey

The glam started with an Instagram post where she amazed her fans with her slimmed-down weight. She was seen in a gorgeous see-through dress that helped her flaunt her new figure. She was walking down confidently in a hotel hallway while the song, all eyes on Me was being played in the background.



Later, she made her public appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in France where her new body weight became a topic of public attention and the celebrity media was moved by the curiosity of her fans as it was only 8 weeks after her pregnancy. 

However, if her new look is compared with older photos of her, it can be noticed that her body did not change drastically and she still continues to reflect her vibes of body positivity. Hence, it can be said that she just worked hard to lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy which is an impressive health-conscious approach. 

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Ashley Graham Diet

It has been seen that Ashley Graham has kept her diet sweet and simple. Although, even her simple diet is highly nutritious. You can follow this diet as well if Ashley Graham's weight loss journey inspires you too. 

We have marked her diet plan with every meal below. It can be noted that she had cheat day meals as well. 




Breakfast: Ashley Graham’s morning starts with green juice which is basically her go-to health booster. Green juice is one of her favorites. Green vegetable juices are known to be significant in weight loss journeys. If you are someone wanting to lose weight then you must include this in your diet. She prefers kale, spinach, and beets for her juice. 

Lunch: Ashley Graham takes pleasure in a green salad with protein-rich food items like quinoa, avocado, and tomatoes with her favorite dressing of pesto for lunch. With the salad, she generally likes to have a small bowl of brown rice with vegetables and tahini. 

Snacks: Ashley Graham goes for fruits for snacks. She generally prefers apples for the same. She sometimes goes for a few squares of dark chocolate as well.

Dinner: Ashley Graham goes for meat for dinner as it helps her maintain her metabolism. Hence, she goes for baked salmon with sweet potatoes and with little sauteed vegetables. 


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Ashley Graham Workout


With promoting body positivity, she also promotes fitness and fitness is not about pursuing a different body size. The same has been reflected in her workouts. She started working on her health soon after her pregnancy. 

Gym Workout- Ashley Graham hits the gym 3-5 times a week. She has a professional trainer to guide her and her training includes high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which includes exercises like 

- Lunges

- Burpees

- Jumping squats

- Ball smash 

- Jackknifes 




Yoga: Ashley Graham is a yoga enthusiast. She practiced yoga even when she was pregnant and continues to do so. Many times, Her husband was seen supporting her during yoga. She now tries to practice yoga poses which are necessary for the postpartum duration. She has even flaunted her acrobat skills with aerial yoga


Kickboxing: With gym training and yoga, she is a great enthusiast of kickboxing as it not only helps her burn calories but also builds strength and muscles. 


Did She Have Any Surgery?

Many speculations were made when her appearance at Cannes became a topic of discussion among the netizens. Lots of rumors were circulated regarding surgery for her weight loss journey. Although there has been no concrete evidence of her getting surgeries done. 


Ashley Graham Before And After Photos






FAQs On Ashley Graham Weight Loss


Q- Did she take any supplements?

Although there is no proof of her taking supplements it is believed that she was on protein shakes


Q- What is Ashley Graham’s dress size?

Her Dress size is 16. 


Q- How much weight did she lose?

She has lost almost 20 pounds of weight.


Q- How did Ashley Graham control her cravings during her weight loss journey?

She used to take occasional cheat day meals where she used to have french fries and hamburgers.