Talia Jackson's Incredible Weight Loss Journey

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Updated At  26 Aug 23


Talia Jackson continues to grow her popularity as Jade McKellan in the pop[ular Netfliw series "Family Reunion". However, her weight loss has been in the news and have been discussed a lot by fans worldwide. Many speculate that it has been due to surgeries, health reasons and is not natural. We have tried to clear out all the misconceptions through our guide. Lets find out everything about Talia Jackson's weight loss. 




We cover the following:-

- Talia Jackson Early Life And Career

- How Her Weight Loss Journey Started?

- Talia Jackson Weight Loss Diet

- 4 Weight Loss Tips She Followed

- Her Workout Plan 

- FAQs




Talia Jackson Early Life And Career

Born on August 28, 2001, she hails from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. She has been acting throughout her life and was found by David Foster. She did multiple roles in television shows and films, however, her breakthrough came in 2018 when she landed the lead role of Jade McKellan in the Netflix series "Family Reunion".

The show follows the story of a family from Seattle who relocates to the small town of Columbus, Georgia, to reconnect with their roots and extended family. Talia's portrayal of the witty and determined Jade earned her praise for her acting skills and relatable performance. The series received positive reviews, and Talia's performance contributed to its success.


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However, life hasnt been easy for Talia and she has faced multiple health issues. At the age of 13, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease and she also suffered from depression, OCD and ADHD.

Beyond her acting career, Talia Jackson is also an accomplished singer. She has showcased her vocal abilities through her performances in "Family Reunion" and on her social media platforms. Talia's musical talent adds another dimension to her versatility as an artist, and her fans appreciate her for both her acting and singing skills.

Talia Jackson's weight loss story has been a hot topic on the internet. Fans noticed a change in her look in Family Reunion and it's clear that she has lost a few pounds with her dedicated workout routine.


Many people think that it’s her depression and anxiety that made her lose weight or maybe she has undergone a breast reduction surgery which made the noticeable change. However, Talia has never confirmed the same.


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Talia Jackson’s Weight Loss Journey

Talia Jackson has been open about her transformational experience in losing weight, which was fueled by her lifelong struggles with weight issues.


At age 13, she had to battle Lyme Disease because of which she had to face fluctuations in her weight. Throughout her childhood, she endured bullying and teasing due to her size. She also suffered from depression, OCD and ADHD. Her health condition made her full of anxiety and she found it difficult to focus on her studies.


She got a big break and was only 18 when she auditioned for the popular Netflix series Family Reunion. When the premier of the show was launched, instead of being a happy time, it turned out to be a difficult time for Talia Jackson. There was a lot of attention on her overweight body and her hair.


Though Talia has been used to tough times and had battled depression before, the hurtful comments seemed to have a significant impact on Talia. She decided to lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Talia Jackson's weight loss experience has served as a tremendous source of inspiration for her numerous fans and admirers. As a role model for body positivity and embracing a healthy lifestyle, she has candidly shared her personal obstacles and triumphs throughout her journey. Moreover, Talia's story underscores the significance of representation and visibility within the entertainment sector, motivating others to place emphasis on their own well-being and fitness aspirations.


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Talia Jackson Weight Loss Diet

talia-jackson-diet (1)


Talia Jackson had adopted a practical and achievable weight loss diet that emphasized the importance of nourishing her body with wholesome foods containing essential nutrients. Talia's approach revolved around incorporating a diverse array of fruits and veggies into her meals, ensuring she obtained a wide range of essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre. 


She maintained a healthy and balanced eating plan by incorporating a delicious mix of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains, all while following a healthy lifestyle, showing her love for animals and the environment by avoiding red meat for several years.




Talia included chicken and fish in her diet to make sure that she gets the required amount of protein from her diet. This also made her feel full and helped her in developing muscles as well.    


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4 Weight Loss Tips Talia Jackson Followed


Talia faced a lot of struggles throughout her life so when it came to weight loss, she made sure to follow specific tips.

1) Talia Jackson made a conscious decision to adopt sustainable habits that aligned with her lifestyle and aided her in achieving her goals. These habits included consistent meal-prepping, tracking her macros, attending regular fitness classes, and consuming a variety of nutritious foods.

2) To ensure she stayed motivated and on track, Talia started a blog where she could chronicle her journey, share her experiences, and reflect on the progress she was making.

3) To maintain a healthy balance, Talia steered clear of sugary snacks and beverages, which could led to excessive calorie intake.

4) She practised mindful eating and overcame emotional eating.



Talia Jackson Breast Reduction Surgery

Many users comment that Talia has undergone breast reduction surgery however, she has never confirmed the rumours. She has openly talked about her struggles with various health conditions she has faced in her life, however, she has not commented on her changing appearances due to any surgeries.




Talia Jackson Workout Plan

Talia Jackson ensured her workout routine was diverse, aiming to maintain her fitness and build strength. With the assistance of a personal trainer, she crafted an effective and manageable plan. Her followers find motivation through the workout clips she shares on TikTok and YouTube, witnessing her commitment and progress.

She made sure to have a variety of exercises and specifically included the following in her workout routine.

1. Treadmill Workout 

In her quest to push her limits, Talia Jackson incorporated a mix of high-intensity intervals on the treadmill, where she alternated between fast running and light walking. In a brief workout video, Talia demonstrated her treadmill routine, which lasted for 30 minutes. She commenced with a speedy run at 6.5 mph and an incline of 6. Afterwards, she transitioned to a slower pace, walking at 3.8 mph with an incline of 9. This alternating pattern allowed her to challenge herself effectively during the workout session.


2. Burpees 

Occasionally, Talia Jackson incorporated burpees into her workout routine for comprehensive full-body conditioning. Burpees are dynamic exercises that effectively strengthen both the upper and lower body. Additionally, they are known to improve endurance and cognitive capabilities in teenagers. This exercise targets various muscle groups, including the hips, legs, arms, chest, buttocks, abdomen, and shoulders.



3. Weight Excercise 

In Talia Jackson's videos, she emphasizes low-weight, high-rep exercises to improve stamina and promote muscle toning. Few specific exercises that Talia included in her routine were leg presses, seated lat pulldowns, and standing shoulder presses. These exercises catered to her fitness goals and helped her meet her target.



Talia Jackson Diet & Weight Loss FAQs  


Q- How many pounds did Talia Jackson Lose?

The actress didn’t reveal the exact weight she lose. But it's clear from the images she has lost a good amount of weight.


Q- What is the golden rule that Talia Jackson followed for losing weight?

One of the key recommendations from Talia Jackson was to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. These natural foods are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and provide a sense of fullness, aiding in appetite control.

Talia suggested adding a side salad or steamed vegetables to your meals and snacking on fruits throughout the day. According to her, this type of diet promotes a well-functioning metabolism and enhances the body's ability to burn fat effectively. By investing in the inclusion of more fruits and veggies, you may find the key to unlocking your weight-loss goals.


Q- What is the current weight of Talia Jackson?

Talia Jackson's curent weight is approximately 117 lbs (53 kg).


Q- Does Talia follow any specific health tips post workouts?

Talia believes that hydration is exteremely important for the body and hence she keeps consuming fluids regularly. 

She felt that when we engage in physical activity, our body loses fluids through sweat, which is crucial for cooling down. Therefore, it's essential to consume fluids to replenish what one has lost due to perspiration. This practice minimized the risk of heat exhaustion and allowed one to perform at the peak during exercise. Additionally, staying hydrated aids in preventing injuries and facilitates a more efficient recovery process. 


Q. Why does Talia Jackson have a semicolon tattoo?

Talia got a semicolon tattoo to make sure that she always remembers to pause, and then continue. Talia has had many bad days but she has understood that it is very important to understand where things have gone wrong but to also live in the present and move on.