Henna Hand Designs

55 Stunning Easy Henna Hand Designs - (With Photos)

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  18 Mar 24


Looking for the best henna hand designs?    

In any event, mehndi is necessary. It will be challenging to decide on the best henna designs. For your convenience, we've compiled 55 exquisite henna hand designs for a variety of events. Here, one may see a wide variety of henna hand designs. Beginners or experts in henna? Put all of your worries to rest since we offer hand henna designs here for beginners, specialists, and superhumans.



55 Henna Hand Designs For All Occasions 



Intricate Henna Hand Design

1. Intricate Henna Hand Design 

Because of the elaborate motifs, although this henna hand design may appear simple, it may be a little challenging for a novice. There is no mess since the bright and dark shading are applied where they belong.

Drums And Pots


2. Drums And Pots Based Henna Hand Design

The pots and drums are considered lucky items on every occasion. They are viewed as  beings from the heavens. Simply wear this simple mehndi design to your significant holiday celebrations.




3. Birds Mehndi

Birds are equated with love and the rebirth of life in ancient Greek mythology. This henna hand design has a lively appearance because of the birds. This henna hand design has a beautiful look because of the flowers.


Henna For Temples


4. Henna For Temples 

Going to the temple to observe your festivals? The ideal choice is right here. This hand-henna design has bells, flowers, and a statue of Lord Ganesha that gives the impression that it is a massive temple.


Peacock Design For Beginners


5. Peacock Design For Beginners 

One of the beginner-friendly ornamental hand henna designs is this one. A peacock is a huge bird that can lift and stretch out its lovely, long tail feathers in shades of blue and green. For those special events, just apply this henna hand design. If you are looking for a simple henna hand design, then this can be a very good option.


Full Hand Henna Design


6. Full Hand Henna Design 

Due to the inclusion of themes such as love birds, pairs of peacocks, garlands, and many more, this full-hand henna design is specifically created for weddings. To remember your special day, embellish this full-hand henna design.


Florals With Netted Pattern


7. Florals And Netted Pattern 

Want to have your hand filled? If so, this henna hand design is here to tastefully adorn your hands. Elegant engraving may be seen on the flower patterns on the forefingers. The nets add a wonderful splendour to this hand-henna design.


Easy Hand Henna Design


8. Easy Hand Henna Design 

Even novices may attempt this hand henna design, despite the fact that it may appear difficult. It completely covers your hand with this beginner-friendly hand henna design. If you are looking for creative henna designs for inspiration, do check out our guide as we list 50+ stylish mehndi henna designs which are trending this year.



Simple Hand Henna Design


9. Simple Hand Henna Design 

Beginners will love how simple and straightforward it is to duplicate this hand henna design. The Swastik logo is said to be lucky. For any momentous event, simply enhance this basic and lovely hand henna design.


Love For Florals


10. Love For Florals 

These gorgeous blossoms may fill your hand. Henna includes flowers. A hand henna design cannot be created without flowers. On every occasion, adorn your hands with this unique and amazing hand henna design.


Lace Pattern


11. Lace Pattern 

Searching for a gorgeous lace pattern? Here is the most recent henna hand design with a lace pattern for novices. The flower, net, and leaf themes will give your hands a gorgeous and alluring appearance.



Peacock Feather


12. Peacock Feather 

Embrace this gorgeous peacock feather to adorn your hands. For beginners, it is a straightforward hand henna design. This hand henna design looks glam because of the rich colouring and strokes.


Decorative Henna Design


13. Decorative Henna Design

All of the essential components of henna are included in this handcrafted artwork. To obtain a classic impression, darken the fingertips. This henna hand design is excellent for weddings. The wedding season is approaching! Just save it instantly.


Henna Design For


14. Henna Design For Front Hand 

This lovely hand henna design is suitable for beginners. Beginners will love how fantastic and easy this hand henna design is, and it's perfect for weddings, parties, and other customary celebrations.


Fusion Of Peacock and Paisley


15. Fusion Of Peacock And Paisley 

It is a full-hand henna design that combines paisley and peacock patterns. This hand henna design is made more elegant by the flower and leaf themes. There are numerous traditional elements in this hand henna design.


Symmetric Heart


16. Symmetric Heart 

This full-hand heart henna design was created especially for weddings. Based on the bride's preferences, the hand henna design was very adorable and amazing. This hand henna design is thought to be the best one for weddings.

If you are looking for a stylish bridal mehndi design, then this can be an amazing option.


Peacock Design For Beginners


17. Peacock Design For Beginners 

Anyone may attempt this henna hand design. There are captivating henna components in this hand henna design for beginners. This hand henna design has a lively appearance because of its black outline.


Prodigious Design For Beginners


18. Prodigious Design For Beginners 

This beginner's hand henna design is outstanding. The lace pattern and blossoms add a touch of glam to this lovely hand-henna design. Both traditional and contemporary attire will look great with this hand-henna design.


Arabic Design


19. Arabic Design 

Arabic patterns, which incorporate culture into the art of henna, frequently feature strong lines and empty spaces. This daffodil hand henna design gives a contemporary interpretation of the classic pattern.


Peacock with Leafy Feathers


20. Peacock With Leafy Feathers 

Ever picture a peacock with feathers like leaves? Just take a peek at it. The degree of artistry in this hand henna design is at its highest. Peacocks are considered to be symbols of beauty and fortune because of their plumage.


Earring Henna Design


21. Earring Henna Design 

Aiming to make your henna distinct? Then attempt this exotic hand henna design for beginners, which has vintage embellishments and components like earrings, flower patterns, and leaf patterns. The fingers' black shading adds a sense of mystique to their attractiveness.


Minimal Hand Henna Design


22. Minimal Hand Henna Design 

Beginners should use this henna hand design. Despite the fact that leaf chains and blossoms are traditional features, this hand henna design has a contemporary style and may be worn with contemporary clothing.

If you are looking for more designs, do check out our guide on chain henna designs as we list 50+ designs which are trending this year.




23. Blossoms 

The bloom represents a fresh start and rebirth. This is a beginner-friendly hand henna design that is quite stunning. This hand henna design is attractive because of the contrast between the dark and light tones.


Lovely Lotus


24. Lovely Lotus 

Lotuses are frequently thought of as a sign of purity since they emerge from the muck unblemished. Enhance your special event with this magnificent hand henna pattern to make the day more fortunate.


Highly Traditional


25. Highly Traditional 

Although this is regarded as a simple hand henna design, it will take some patience to decorate one's hands with this beautiful and traditional hand henna design. In this hand henna design, the stripes and shadings are crucial.


Different Shades Of Henna


26. Different Shades Of Henna 

Here, the henna is shown in complex, dark, and light tones. This intriguing hand henna design can be attempted by someone who is adept at shading. Our eye blinks slowly because of its allure and attractiveness.




27. Semicircle's 

In this lovely hand henna design, there are limited spaces. Our eyes will feel contented when we look at this hand henna design. A chic hand henna design for weddings!


Necklace On Hands


28. Necklace Design 

The necklace could go to your front hand; what would happen then? This striking hand henna design is a testament to how beautiful it will be. Going to a party? Go with this hand henna design instead of going it alone.


Modern Lotus


29. Modern Lotus 

How about acquiring a contemporary lotus? Don't be afraid to give this amazing hand henna design a try. This lotus hand henna design is always successful, whether applied backwards or forwards in your hand, traditionally or modernly.


Floral Design For Beginners

30. Floral Design For Beginners 

The wedding season is approaching. Just use this stylish hand henna design at the weddings of your friends or relatives. Get yourself a magnificent hand henna mehndi design like this by using the power of shading.


Beginner Friendly Henna Design


31. Beginner Friendly Henna Design 

Beginners will love this simplistic hand henna design. In addition to being simple to draw, it also has a stunning appearance. Beginning henna artists can use floral motifs to broaden their designs. This pattern is enhanced and made even more beautiful by the fully painted fingers.


Full backhand henna design


32. Full Backhand Henna Design 

Many different henna designs, such as paisley patterns, lace patterns, dotted chains, floral patterns, swirls, and concentric circles, may be seen in this full-hand henna design. It is regarded as a beginner-friendly hand henna design.


Arabic Hand Henna Design


33. Arabic Hand Henna Design 

The traditional floral pattern is updated with the help of these hand henna designs. There is never a shortage of floral and dot designs. Proof of it may be found in this simple Arabic hand henna design. It uses space extensively and features elaborate flower motifs.


Magnificent Mandala


34. Magnificent Mandala 

Nothing can go wrong with a mandala. This gorgeous hand henna design may be created in countless different ways and is not only auspicious but also looks amazing. As a result, we adore this simple mandala hand henna design for beginners. 


Creative Hand Henna Design


35. Creative Hand Henna Design 

This hand henna design includes flowers with somewhat squared-off petals rather than the more typical round petals. Without employing any spatial features, this hand henna design combines bold and detailed motifs.


Easy Full Hand Henna Design


36. Easy Full-Hand Henna Design 

This hand henna design includes flowers with somewhat squared-off petals rather than the more typical round petals. Without employing any spatial features, this hand henna design combines bold and detailed motifs.


Tri-bracelet Henna Design


37. Tri-bracelet Henna Design 

The three-tier bracelet pattern on this tri-bracelet hand henna design is distinctive and gorgeous. Look closely; to highlight the lace's beauty, the patterns were created in a unique and entrancing manner.


Flora Motif


38. Flora Motif 

Everyone likes floral art. The popularity level recently went up a notch when it comes to floral hand henna designs. The most gorgeous hands on the entire globe are now available! Apply these flowery hand henna designs to your hands and take a look!


Flowers And Paisley


39. Flowers and Paisley

For novices, this is the most basic and simple hand henna pattern. Paisley and floral motifs are always good choices. Simply add some variety to this uncomplicated hand henna design by switching up the patterns often used to fill in the blank spots.


Henna Design For Eid


40. Henna Design For Eid

Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting during which Muslims fast from sunrise till dark every day, comes to a close with the celebration of Eid al-Fitr. Decorate your hands with this lovely moon and floral hand henna design on this auspicious day.


Intricate Basic Hand Henna Design


41. Intricate And Basic Hand Henna Design 

This magnificent, detailed hand henna design will cover your hands completely. If we look closely, we may see some classic paisley designs, florals, and leaf patterns that can give the impression of a different complexion.




42. Swirls 

This is regarded as the basic hand henna design. To fill the areas in between the beautiful swirls, insert three flowers. For novices, try this really easy and spectacular hand henna design.


Minimal Mandala


43. Minimal Mandala

To decorate your hands for a party or other formal function, use this simple mandala. Beginner hand henna designs like this one may be customized for both formal and casual attire.


Hanging Wheels


44. Hanging Wheels 

This hand-henna design's attractiveness is derived from the presence of those dangling wheels, not from the lace pattern or the leaves. This lovely hand henna design is suitable for beginners.


Henna Design For Beginners


45. Henna Design For Christmas 

Jingle bells appear to be ringing from the hanging floral pattern, while stars and snow appear to be descending from the dots. For Christmas or any other event, this hand henna design is ideal.


Lotus Creepers


46. Lotus Creepers 

The Lotus is regarded as an auspicious flower, as is well known. It represents the divine, devotion, holiness, and power. This hand henna design for beginners is suitable for those who have a strong passion for creativity and lotus.


The Mirror Effect


47. The Mirror Effect 

On the left and right sides of the divider, the identical method is used once again. The blackened fingertip lends some beauty to this hand henna design. This hand henna design is lovely because of its complex patterns.



The Rainbow Effect


48. The Rainbow Effect 

Ever picture a rainbow with patterns like flowers, stripes, and polka dots? Look at this hand henna design for beginners to suit their degree of creativity and imagination. This hand henna design is stunning because of the nail colour.


Arabic Design With Paisley


49. Arabic Design With Paisley 

Although the Arabic pattern on the backhand is customary, the Arabic design on the front hand will be unique. For novices, this hand henna design is quite simple. To try this hand henna design, do not wait for a special occasion.


Full Hand Henna


50. Full Hand Henna 

This is one of the simplest hand henna designs, even though it appears to be a full-hand tattoo. Although this hand henna design takes time, the final result appears to be really attractive. Our main weapon for obtaining this gorgeous hand henna design should be patience.


Symmetric Paisley


51. Symmetric Paisley 

Paisley patterns, which have Persian origins, gained popularity in the West in the 18th and 19th centuries. Greater flexibility is represented by Paisley. This henna hand design may be customised for your hands based on your preferences.


Monumental Tower


52. Monumental Tower 

Monuments serve as memorials for individuals or events. With this hand henna design, people may immortalise the happiness of the moment. This henna hand design is suitable for beginners. This beginner's hand henna pattern is fantastic.


The Shield


53. The Shield 

This shield-like hand henna design was inspired by ancient shields that were in use. Skilled at sketching geometrical shapes? This hand henna design was then created exclusively for those people.


Hanging Mango Leaf


54. Hanging Mango Leaf 

The dangling mango leaf motifs give this hand-henna design some remarkable appeal in addition to the floral and lace designs. With this hand henna design, your day will be more wonderful.


Love For Flower Never Ends


55. Love For Flower Never Ends 

This hand henna design looks nice because of the flower that is integrated into it. It can be tried by those who are skilled in shading. Save this hand henna design right away since it will work for any occasion!