New Blonde And Red Shades From Nisha Creme Hair Color Are Mesmerizing!

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Updated At  16 Aug 23

Looking out for a new hair color to stand out from the crowd? But worried that the hair color might damage your hair or might not last long? Want to try out a new one like Nisha creme hair color but want to check a detailed review first?

Many of us want to try a new hair color but are always skeptical about its long term negative impacts which more often than not prevents us from trying out new brands and products.

We have been scouting for a hair brand which offered us an option to try multiple hair colors with minimal chemicals. We also wanted to try new hair colors like the blonde shades which have been trending recently.

We finally zeroed in on Nisha hair color and picked the popular Nisha creme hair color. We tried their honey blonde hair colour, golden blonde hair colour and flame red hair colour shades.


Why We Picked Nisha Creme Hair Color?

We picked Nisha hair color from Prem Henna Pvt. Ltd for the following reasons:-

1) We wanted to go for hair colors with no ammonia or with minimal chemicals so that one can amp up the style without degrading the hair quality.

2) We were conciously looking for a brand which offered high quality products at affordable prices.

3) We wanted to try a brand which has been popular amongst the beauty community on Fabbon. While we have been getting a lot of inspiration to try new shades like pink, purple and caramel, we also wanted to try newer shades like flame red and honey blonde hair colour.

4) We preferred a brand which offered multiple shades so that we could go blonde or sizzling red or a conventional black.

Honey Blonde(1)


Nisha creme hair color comes in 13 stunning shades and most of them (except fashion shades) are free of ammonia.

  • Black: Natural Black, Original Black
  • Brown: Dark Brown, Chocolate Brown, Natural Brown, Golden Brown, Light brown

Honey Blonde(2)


  • Blonde: Honey Blonde, Golden Blonde
  • Red: Burgundy, Mahogany, Copper Red, Flame Red


About the Brand

Started in 1930, Prem Henna has been a leading manufacturer of premium quality hair color products & skin care products. It is the brand which pioneered the Mehandi cone concept. One of the best hair color brands, its popular products include pure henna powder, mehandi cone and henna powder based hair colors.

While the brand has grown exponentially after it commenced operations, it has always believed in giving premium products at an affordable price which has been the USP of the brand.


Brand Claims

Nisha creme hair color is largely free from ammonia and contains natural henna extracts with sunflower and avocado oil. An easy to use creme hair color, this provides 100% grey coverage and makes your hair ultra soft.

All the shades offer bright & long lasting colors helping one achieve a youthful vibrant look.


Nisha Hair colors


Products We Reviewed

We tried 3 hair shades from the Nisha creme hair color – Honey blonde, Golden blonde and Flame red.

Before we deep dive into the specific details, like every hair color, this one also had a specific application process and came with its own set of precautions. Additionally, there were specific tips to be followed to make the color long lasting.

Nisha creme hair color kit

Every pack of Nisha creme hair color kit had the following:-

  • Colorant tube (60g)
  • Developer bottle (90ml)
  • 3 Conditioner sachets (6ml each)
  • Brush
  • Pair of gloves
  • Instruction leaflet


How To Color Hair – Steps For Application

The process to color hair is fairly easy. Similar to other hair colors in the market, one has to combine the developer and creme in the required proportion and apply it on the hair.

The details are as follows:

Before and after mixing hair color


1) We squeezed the full hair color creme and developer in a glass bowl and mixed it well. The brand usually suggested either of the following:

  • Full Head application - Entire content of hair color creme and developer needs to be used
  • Touch-up application – 1/3 content of hair color creme and 1/3 content of developer needs to be used

We went for Full head application as the brand recommended the same for getting best long lasting color.

Note : If your hair are too long you might need more than 1 pack.

2) We then applied it on our hair uniformly while ensuring that the roots are also covered adequately. Please note that we kept our hair ready for this step by washing and drying them beforehand. We used a gentle shampoo to wash our hair.

3) We waited for 25-30 minutes to ensure that the hair color gets ample time to get absorbed.

4) Once the 30 minutes period was over, we rinsed our hair.

5) We now applied the Nisha conditioner and kept it for 2-3 minutes. We washed it off with water to complete the process.


Precautions To Be Taken

1) Make sure you conduct the skin hypersensitivity test atleast 48 hours before you apply the product. This is because the hair colorant can cause allergic reaction in a few cases. For conducting this test, we mixed the colorant and developer and applied it on the forearm inner surface. We washed it after 48 hours and observed the cleaned area. As we had no itching, redness or burning sensation, we deemed it fit for usage.

2) Use the gloves provided alongwith the hair coloring kit.

3) Apply the hair color only after the hair colorant and developer is mixed well.

4) Rinse hair well after application.

5) Keep the hair color away from your eyes. Do use a protect cloth like an old towel to prevent the color spreading into other areas.

DSC_0521 (copy)    


Our Experience Of Using Nisha Creme Hair Color- 7.3 Honey Blonde

We selected 7.3 honey blonde hair colour as we wanted to try out a new hair color which looked rich and helped one to amp up the beauty look.

A perfect amalgamation of light brown and vibrant blonde shades, this blonde shade is not dark or ashy and will go with most of the indian skin tones.

This honey blonde hair color is amazing as it not only covers the grey hair but also makes them soft and shiny. Most importantly, it is a gorgeous color which reinvigorates the skin and makes your hair look stylish.

For someone who is looking for a soft contrast, this is the color to go for. You won't regret using honey blonde hair color once you try it.

Honey Blonde Nisha Creme Hair Color Fabbon


The hair color also provides the richness of sunflower and avocado oil alongwith natural henna extracts.

It has a lovely fragrance and it easily stays for 2-3 months even after 20-25 washes. Moreover, this honey blonde hair colour ia affordable and can be used at one go or multiple times depending upon your requirement.

We used the full pack as recommended by the brand and got the perfect result. The color is rich and turns out perfect as expected.

This shade ensures that the blonde hair get highlighted just enough as the light falls on it that too at the right places.

Getting a sun-kissed look would be effortless once you have this color in your vanity bag. Pair it with a smokey eye and you are all set to go!

Definitely a must buy, this is surely the best hair color in india if you are looking to go blonde. Give this honey blonde hair color a try just for its amazing shade!


  • Provides vibrant and rich hair color
  • Ammonia free hair color
  • Makes hair shine while maintaining softness
  • Covers grey area completely
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Has a lovely fragrance
  • Low maintenance hair color


  • If you hair are too long, you would have to purchase an additional kit.

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Note:- To get a long lasting color, do wash your hair with a gentle shampoo before application. Also, stay away from hair treatments before coloring your hair.




Our Experience Of Using Nisha Creme Hair Color - 8.1 Golden Blonde

A slightly different tinge of blonde, this golden blonde hair colour will surely make your hair vibrant and appealing. Aided with a cream like texture, this shade illuminates like the rays of sun.

This gorgeous shade spakles all day long and highlights complexions of all ranges. Most importantly, it makes you feel fresh and happy.

A perfect shade which complements your glowing skin, this golden blonde hair colour adds richness to your overall look. From curls to sleek straight hair, golden blonde gives you ample options to showcase your new hairstyle. If you have brown hair, you can even make the ends lighter while keeping the roots brown to get a trendy contrast look.

Golden Blonde Nisha Creme Hair Color Fabbon


Specially designed for delicate hair, this also contains sunflower, avocado and other herbs which color your hair without damaging them. The Aloe Vera and milk protein formula conditions the hair while coloring.

We experienced smooth, silky and vibrant hair that all of us had always dreamt of. The golden blonde hair get accentuated when seen under the lights. This color adds just the right spark to your look helping you stand out.

Very easy to use, this lasts for more than 2 months and is affordable as well. This easily gives competition to the popular brands like L’Oreal as it does everything you need!

If you are looking for a new hair color which enhances your beauty and nourishes your hair simulteneously, then this is the hair color for you!


  • Sunflower, avocado, and henna extracts helps maintain hair strength
  • Makes hair ultra soft
  • Lasts more than 2 months
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Comes with nutrient rich conditioner
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Nice packaging

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Flame Red hair color


Our Experience Of Using Nisha Creme Hair Color – Flame Red

Flame red is an emerging new favourite color of the season. It is no wonder that popular celebs like Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai have used flame red to flaunt their tresses.

Rich, flattering and unapologetic, this red Nisha hair color will soon be your new go-to color as you will fall in love with this mesmerising shade (like us).

A perfect amalgamation of mahogany, red and orange this bold shade suits all skin tones. It works even better with wheatish to dark skin tones as this shade of nisha hair colour red makes the skin glow beautifully.

A perfect blend of herbs aided with the conditioner makes it an amazing proposition for everyone.

Flame Red Nisha Creme Hair Color Fabbon


Though a red hair color usually fades fast, this easily lasted for 2 months. We however minimized our direct exposure to sunlight to maximize its life. We also used only sulfate free shampoos, as sulfates take away the natural oils and dye, making the color fade faster.

The flame red hair color stands out so well that a perfect look can be achieved even with minimal makeup. However, a subtle gold or bronze eyeshadow coupled with a flame red hairstyle, really makes the look standout.

This vibrant bold shade and its affordable price point, makes it a must have if you are looking for a new hair color!

Its time to unlock your inner flame girls! Go try this best hair color and you will never regret your decision.


  • Cream based hair color with a standout bold shade
  • Enriched with herbs to provide long lasting color
  • Provides 100% grey coverage
  • Improved post color care with special conditioner
  • Has a global appeal -Is famous even amongst celebrities
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Works on all skin tones


  •  Needs more care comparatively

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Overall Rating :      


Our Overall Experience - Nisha Creme Hair Color Review

Nisha creme hair color brings in unique shades which are vibrant, rich and long lasting. It offers everyone an option to access premium quality products at an affordable price to fulfill the dream of getting silky, soft and beautiful hair from the convenience of your home. It surely ranks amongst the best hair color brands in India for us.

All the 3 shades – honey blonde hair color, golden blonde and flame red are trendy and can complement nearly every skin tone. Depending upon the personal preferences, these 3 varieties give you an option to go for bold, trendy contrast or sunkissed natural looks.

Select your pick and let your tresses get the best hair color in india!



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