Anushka Sharma’s Diet Plan, Skin Care And Weight Loss Tips

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Anushka Sharma is one of the Bollywood’s most popular celebrities. She generates a lot of buzz every time she steps out. Post marriage her popularity has gone up manyfold.

With almost 24 million followers on Instagram, it’s clear she’s a fan-favourite. Everyone wants to know how she got her to-die-for figure and her flawless skin.

From her 5’9” height to her glowing skin, she definitely has it in her genes! But Anushka Sharma puts in a lot of effort to keep herself looking her best self. Anushka Sharma’s diet, skincare and workout schedule are mainly responsible for her slender figure and glowing skin. Also check out Deepika Padukone diet to find out what she eats during the day! Her diet has been an integral reason behind her perfect body.

We cover the following to unravel the secrets:

  • Anushka Sharma diet
  • Anushka's weight loss and lifestyle tips
  • Her skin care tips
  • Her workout schedule

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Anushka Sharma Diet


A self-confessed foodie, Anushka has some healthy alternatives during those hunger pangs. Instead of chips or chocolates, she munches on nuts, fruits and protein bars to keep her full throughout the day. She is also big on a health drink containing elder flower.

Avoiding outside food, she always packs her homemade lunches for her shoots. Here is her daily healthy diet plan.


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Anushka sharma diet


Anushka Sharma Diet Plan


One of the most beautiful women in India, Anushka sharma’s diet is a mix of carbs and proteins and is doable by everyone.

  • Breakfast- Cut fruits, chia seeds or fresh fruit juices
  • Morning Snack- Toast with cheese and coconut water
  • Lunch- Two chapattis, dal (cereals) , vegetables and salad
  • Evening Snack – Fruits or protein bars
  • Dinner- Rotis with butter chicken and vegetables. She finishes her night with a glass of milk at bedtime.

Anushka Sharma’s diet is pretty doable as compared to most weight loss diets we see floating around on the internet. Coupled with some fun dancing sessions, a summer body definitely seems achievable.


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Anushka sharma diet and weight loss tips


Anushka Sharma’s Diet, Weight Loss And Lifestyle Tips


Anushka Sharma sticks to the following diet and weight loss tips to maintain her slender figure.

  • Anushka is strictly against rigorous diets and follows a rather balanced diet which is a mix of low-carbs and high-proteins.
  • One of the key weight loss tips from her is to eat multiple small meals throughout the day while maintaining the total calorie intake.
  • She doesn’t like it when one needs to starve to lose weight. She never goes for the same.
  • A vegetarian, she consumes a lot of fruits and vegetables daily (with lots of water).
  • A big advocate of healthy eating, she believes a healthy diet not only keeps your weight in check but also improves the quality of your skin and hair.
  • Key to her lifestyle is to avoid eating junk food.
  • She performs meditation twice everyday to calm her mind and maintain inner peace.
  • She dances everyday for 15 minutes to 30 minutes, which also keeps her body fit.
  • Though she does not like going to gym, she works out atleast 3-4 times every week. She loves dancing, yoga and meditation which forms bulk of her fitness schedule. She believes in doing what she likes which effectively translates into a fit and happy person.
  • Along with gym and meditation, she also performs yoga. She feels it increases flexibility and gives her a peace of mind.
  • Like everyone, she does cheat on her diet sometimes and eats waffles in the night.

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Anushka sharma skin care


Anushka Sharma’s Skin Care And Hair Care Tips


With or without makeup, Anushka is a beauty. At red-carpets, she looks like a glamorous star but on her no-makeup days, she’s the quintessential girl-next-door. Her peaches and cream complexion give her a youthful and fresh vibe.

We have compiled here her personal care routines and some tips she swears by to keep her looking and feeling fabulous. This ageless beauty believes in the following skin care tips. 

  • Regarding her skin care, the star believes in a less-is-more approach. Along with drinking lots of water, she eats a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies as she believes that this provides the required nutrition to her skin.
  • She makes sure to take off her makeup every night.
  • She starts off with a cream-based cleanser, follows up with rose water and slathers a rich cocoa-butter moisturiser on top.
  • For extra care, she relies on natural ingredients like honey, banana and milk. Her favourite trick? A neem face pack to suck out those impurities! As neem is antibacterial and an antioxidant, it cleans the skin of pollutants and chemicals.
  • She believes in those products for her hair which make the hair strong from within.
  • She always prefers using a shampoo and conditioner together.

Anushka Sharma's go to beauty products are a sunscreen, a moisturiser and a cleanser.  



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Anushka sharma workout


Anushka Sharma’s Workout Routine


Anushka Sharma’s height is 5 foot 9 inches and with an amazing figure and acting skills, it’s no surprise that Anushka’s career is on the upswing.

Her strict workout routine alongwith diet plan is one of the crucial reasons of slender figure. Check out her workout regime to garner inspiration.

  • Anushka does not like going to gym but she still works out 3-4 times every week. In the gym, she focuses on doing mainly weight training and strength training.
  • She performs meditation twice everyday to calm her mind.
  • She dances for 15-30 minutes daily to tone up her cardio-vascular muscles. She loves to dance so this just comes naturally to her.
  • She perfoms yoga intermittently to increase flexibility and relax.
  • She puts a lot of effort into maintaining her figure and has confessed that she is very particular about her fitness and workout sessions even though she does not like hitting the gym.

Anushka Sharma’s diet, beauty tips, skincare secrets and workout routine and all amazing like her. Most importantly, she likes to keep things simple and follow them strictly which is one of the key reasons for her gorgeous body and glowing skin.

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FAQs On Anushka Sharma Diet And Beauty Secrets



Q- What does Anushka Sharma eat for breakfast?

Anushka Sharma prefers having fruits in her breakfast. She consumes cut fruits or fresh fruit juices and also has yogurt.


Q- Is Anushka Sharma vegan or vegetarian?

Yes, Anushka Sharma is a vegetarian. She had shifted to a plant based diet way back in 2015 and has followed it ever since.


Q- Does Anushka Sharma do yoga?

Yes, Yoga is an integral part of Anushka Sharma's fitness routine. She perfoms yoga to increase flexibility and relax her body and mind.


Q- How can I get glowing skin like Anushka Sharma?

Anushka Sharma keep her skinr care routine simple and makes sure to get a proper balanced diet to maintain her glowing skin.

Along with drinking lots of water, she eats a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies. She makes sure to take off her makeup every night. For her skincare routine, she starts off with a cream-based cleanser, follows up with rose water and slathers a rich cocoa-butter moisturiser on top.

She also uses natural ingredients like banana and coconut oil regularly. She feels mashed banana acts as the perfect cleanser. Additionally, a neem face pack works well to suck out all the impurities! 

Q- What is the height of Anushka Sharma?

Anushka Sharma's height is 175 cm. In feet, her height is 5 feet 9 inches.


Q- What is the age of Anushka Sharma?  

Born on 1 May 1988, Anushka Sharma's age is 34 years.



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