K-Beauty: Why Are Korean Cosmetics So Popular?

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  12 Sep 22

Korean beauty has taken the world with a roaring rage as people cannot get enough of its skincare charm! Koreans have always been famous for flaunting their translucent clear and natural skin, which everybody dies to have!


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We bring to you, reasons behind the popular K-beauty trend!

As the common stigma exists to cover and conceal in order to look flawless; Koreans have broken it by charting ways to achieve that dreamy flawless look without makeup!

As they say,


Koreans are the new French in the beauty industry.


Back then there was always a common comparison between the American and French beauty care methods in which the French were minimalistic in makeup and splurging on skincare!


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Similarly, coming to the Indian sect which is known for the natural remedies for multiple skin problems and famous to hold some magical skin mantras, the Korean skincare something similar but much convenient for daily use!


Here’s Why K-Beauty Is So Popular

While K-beauty is known for the 10 step skincare routine but there are a host of other reasons which makes Korean cosmetics so popular.

Higher Focus On Natural Ingredients

Korean beauty is popular for using natural ingredients that work beautifully! Be it lip pigments or skin serums, these products are natural and very effective!

Skin-first Philosophy

Koreans always try to get to the main issues in skincare and try to find the products which can solve the problems at the root level. The tendency to cover up blemishes and dark spots using makeup is lesser. Its not a surprise that their skin look flawless even with minimal makeup.

Rapid Speed Of Innovation

Korean companies have a much smaller duration of usually 6 months from R&D till making the products available to users. They use technology a lot more which makes it possible to stay ahead of customers expectations.

Similar to Korean makeup style, french makeup also relies on skincare and natural products to a large extent.


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10 Step Skincare Routine Which Works For All Skin Types

Koreans believe every skin is different and unique and one routine might not fit all. The detailed 10 step skincare routine which involves makeup removal, exfoliation, moisturization, sun protection and many more steps can be customized as per the skin requirement. Korean skincare regime believes in analyzing your skin, determining which problem needs to be treated and then finalizing the skin care routine.

In India itself, many people have started opting for Korean skincare products and methods too!

Coming to the most popular products being used from the Korean cosmetics!


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Heard about the BB cream? We bet you have been using them for years! Though BB cream isn’t a Korean product, but the Beauty Balms, Complexion Corrector or CC creams got popular in Korea first and thus the trend spread!


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The other most famous product is the Cushioned compact which is basically a sponge soaked in pressed powder or foundation along with SPF that helps to apply the product mess-free, blends easily gives really good coverage and protects the skin too!

Famous Korean Products Available In India

Here are a few famous skin products that you can buy in India!


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Citra Pearl Face Gel With Korean Pink Pearl

Citra is the iconic natural ingredients brand is in India and the Korean Pink Pearl is the perfect facegel which gives a healthy fair skin, evens out skin tone and gives a natural glow to the skin.

You can buy it from here


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Face Shop Hydrating Sheet Face Mask

The Solution hydrating facemask by faceshop is the ultimate beauty face mask one would like to have as it makes the skin hydrated in no time and it features a light-as-air sheet that feels soft on skin.

You can buy it from here


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The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydrating Cream

The hydrating Chia Seed Intense Hydrating Cream by Faceshop replenishes moisture, keeps the skin nourished and adds a glow to your face while keeping it soft at the same time.

You can buy it from here


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Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

A moisturizing serum with green tea seeds, this serum has a dual moisture rising technology which keeps your skin moisturized longer.

You can buy it from here


It has been four years and Korean beauty is going strong and definitely is going to stay for long! Relish the soothing and skin-pampering effects of skin care and unleash the natural beauty of your skin just how the Koreans do!


What do you think about the Korean beauty? Have you tried any products?

Let us know down below!


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