Flower Mehndi Designs

55 Stunning Flower Mehndi Designs For 2024

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  26 Mar 24

On any significant occasion, mehndi art is used to create an enduring memory. Flowers are an ecstatic and pleasurable symbol. Consequently, the floral mehndi design could make our celebration cheerful and auspicious. Without a flower, mehndi is not complete as an art. While there are many different flowers available worldwide, mehndi flowers are something distinct.

Here are 55 stunning flower mehndi designs that use a wide range of flowers, from exotic to modern and traditional.



55 Best Flower Mehndi Designs


Rose mehndi design


1. Rose Mehndi Design

With its exquisite floral as well as precisely placed leaf motifs, this flower mehndi design looks wonderful. This relatively simple flower mehndi pattern attracts everyone's attention.

Flower mehndi design for front hand


2. Flower Mehndi Design For Front Hand

This flower mehndi design is now setting new trends. Although it may go unnoticed, the area that is softly shadowed in the center with the flowers is the major point of attraction. This front hand mehndi is simple yet looks elegant and stylish.


Modern flower mehndi design


3. Modern Flower Mehndi Design

In your lovely hands, this easy mehndi design resembles a floral forest. Both contemporary and traditional attire will look great with this flower mehndi design.

Simple Flower mehndi design for front hands


4. Simple Flower Mehndi Design For Front Hands

This flower mehndi design gives the impression that one is holding floral apparel. Even brides could prefer this very simple flower mehndi design.

Florals with net pattern


5. Florals With Net Pattern

Even novices can attempt this simple flower mehndi design. Simple components like nets, blossoms, and leaf motifs make up this flower mehndi design.

Simple flower mehndi design


6. Simple Mehndi Design

This flower mehndi design has a spiritual vibe to it because of the lotus blossoms. It looks amazing when geometric designs are combined with florals.


Lotus mehndi design


7. Lotus Mehndi Design

Although the flower mehndi design may appear complex, it is really simple to execute. It has a variety of lovely and magnificent-looking elements.


Big flower mehndi design


8. Big Flowers

The flower mehndi design is brilliantly etched in a perfect symmetrical pattern with large flowers in the middle of the hand and wrist.


Intricate flower mehndi design


9. Intricate Flower

This mehndi design features intricate floral details, vibrant blooms, and net motifs. This backhand flower mehndi design is the greatest.


Rose flower mehndi design


10. Rose Flowers

This mehndi design features rose flowers and looks regal. One can apply this flower mehndi design to oneself for any wedding or party-related event. Looking for more inspiration for the fingers? Do check out our guide on finger mehndi designs as we list 75+ stunning options.


Bold flower mehndi design


11. Bold Flower Mehndi Design

Fill your hands with this exquisite flower mehndi design that is ideal for wedding occasions. The masterpieces of art are the vibrant floral petals.


Mandala with flowers


12. Mandala Flower

Mandala is an exclusive form of mehndi art. This mandala mehndi design is remarkable since it incorporates both flowers and mandalas.


Floral mehndi design


13. Floral Mehndi Design

Given the appearance of a floral band, this flower mehndi design gives off a contemporary vibe and can be worn with contemporary clothing.


Minimal flower mehndi design


14. Minimal Flowers

Make the most of your moment with this quick and simple flower mehndi design, which requires minimal work and leisure time.


Traditional flower mehndi design


15. Traditional Flower Mehndi

The only elements in this flower mehndi design are floral and leafy patterns. This mehndi pattern is elevated by the darkened finger tips.

Looking for inspiration for new mehndi designs? Do check out khafif mehndi designs as our guide covers 30+ cute and beautiful mehndi options.


Flower mehndi design for backhand


16. Flower For Back Hand

Looking for a mehndi pattern to go with your western attire? Then choosing this stylish flower mehndi design would be a sound choice.


Small flower mehndi design


17. Small Flower Mehndi Design

This flower mehndi design accentuates the intricate work of each floral by providing more open spaces between each design.


Simple floral mehndi design


18. Simple Floral Mehndi Design

This fashionable henna tattoo-inspired flower mehndi design gives off the appearance of one. Eye-catching patterns can be found right at your fingertips!


Simple flower mehndi design


19. With Whitespaces

Even novices can attempt this flower mehndi design on their back hand. Our attention is drawn to the wrist by the empty areas in the pattern.


Flower mehndi design


20. Leaf And Flower Mehndi

One of the most convenient flower mehndi designs for a back hand that can be used at both conventional and contemporary events is the one pictured above.


Rose mehndi design for back hand


21. Rose Mehndi Design For Back Hand

The pre-wedding celebrations and parties would be the ideal setting for this rose mehndi design. This flower mehndi design can be worn with conventional clothes.


Flowers in mandala


22. Flowers In Mandala

A traditional form of art called a mandala is prominent at the present time. Simply decorate your hands with this wonderful flower mehndi design.


 Flower mehndi design for weddings


23. Flower Mehndi Design For Wedding

This lovely and simple flower mehndi design is perfect for brides who wish to be classy and gentle. Looking for more inspiration for bridal mehndi designs? Do check out our guide as we feature 100+ top examples.


Exotic flower mehndi design


24. Exotic Flower Mehndi Design

This back hand mehndi design, which features growing blossoms on the side and charming lines linking them, has a sleek and polished appearance.


Bridal flower mehndi design


25. Bridal Flower Mehndi Design

If someone wanted to decorate their hands with different types of flowers for their wedding, this flower mehndi design for the front hand would be an excellent pick.


Modern flower mehndi design for back hand


26. Modern Flower Mehndi Design For Back Hand

Essentially, customize this contemporary flower mehndi design with your personal touches. For occasions like parties, this mehndi design is appropriate for beginners.


Contemporary roses


27. Contemporary Roses

A realistic-looking and endearing scene of roses growing on the walls is shown. The highlights of this full hand mehndi design are the shaded sections inside the blooms.


Stunning flower mehndi design


28. Stunning Flower Mehndi Design

This flower mehndi design would look fantastic on the back of your hands, which can be ornamented for a variety of occasions.


Easy flower mehndi design


29. Easy Flower Mehndi Design

One of the most popular designs for novices is this flower mehndi design since it is effortless to execute while still looking wonderful.


Hanging roses


30. Hanging Roses

Everyone loves this flower mehndi design because it is so eye-catching and lovely with its various flower and leaf themes.


Flawless florals


31. Flawless Florals

The hand is totally covered in lovely floral and leaf motifs pursuant to this flower mehndi design that was done in Pakistani fashion.


Arabic flower mehndi design


32. Arabic Flower Mehndi Design

The culmination of an floral pattern lends this incredibly lovely arabic mehndi design a trendy appeal.


Diamond florals


33. Diamond Florals

No matter your level of artistic ability, one can effortlessly emulate this flower mehndi design. It is simple flower mehndi art that produces striking outcomes.


Small flower mehndi design


34. Small Flower Mehndi

One flower is all that is required to make your back hand lovely, as demonstrated by this flower mehndi design.


Geometric mehndi design

35. Geometric Design

It has outstanding craftsmanship and is a mehndi pattern with flowers that are exquisitely decorated. This flower mehndi design can be worn with modern apparel.


Big flower mehndi design for back hand

36. Big Flower For Back Hand

With this elegant flower mehndi design, which takes only a few minutes to complete, beginners can have their mehndi done for any festive occasion.


Creative flower mehndi design

37. Creative Flower Mehndi Design

With a lovely and vibrant flower mehndi design, you could make your celebration prosperous. It looks wonderful the way the lotus has been designed.


Flower mehndi design with open spaces


38. Flower Mehndi Design With Open Spaces

This minimalist and straightforward flower mehndi design is intended for those who value simplicity and minimalism. It appropriately adorns the wrist and finger.


Simple flower mehndi design for front hand


39. Simple Flower Mehndi Design For Front Hand

Using a tidy application, this adorable lotus blossom mehndi pattern would appear lovely. This flower mehndi design is distinctive due of the strong outlines.


Artistic rose flower mehndi design


40. Artistic Rose Flower Mehndi Design

For your back hand, this rose flower mehndi design creates the appearance of a realistic painting. Be blessed by a lovely flower mehndi design for your back hand.


Beautiful blooms


41. Beautiful Blooms

If you aspire to completely cover your hand in your vivid and daring mehndi design, this floral mehndi design for the front hand is the perfect option.


Flower mehndi design using lotus


42. Flower Mehndi Design Using Lotus

Tired of laboring over the lotus on your hands? Try applying this superior lotus flower mehndi design to your fingertips.


Floral blooms


43. Floral Blooms

Although florals with net patterns are common, this flower mehndi design stands out owing to its passionate contours and impeccable symmetry.


Majestic flower mehndi design

44. Majestic Flower Mehndi Design

The lotus is a symbol of monarchy and purity. Make your event glorious and auspicious with this impressive flower mehndi design.

Floral motif with net stitches


45. Floral Motif With Net Stitches

The lace design on the back of your hand is always flawless. It appears more conventional and posh when it is topped with flowers.


Lovely lotus


46. Lovely Lotus

An excellent and beautiful example of mehndi art is this flower pattern. Any traditional event is an opportunity to apply this flower mehndi design to your back hand.


Flower mehndi design with big florals


47. Flower Mehndi Design With Big Florals

It could appear complicated with this big flower mehndi design. Just glance carefully. It is quite simple to duplicate.


Special flower mehndi design


48. Special Flower Mehndi Design

It's simple to replicate the intricate work in this flower mehndi design. The final peacock makes it distinctive.


Bridal flower mehndi design


49. Bridal Flower Mehndi Design

Just gather every simple design that may be expanded to entirely and elegantly encompass your hand.


Paisley with Flowers


50. Paisley With Flowers

The traditional form of mehndi art is paisley. It concludes with flowers to create a radiant flower mehndi design.


Ornamental flower mehndi design


51. Ornamental Flower Mehndi Design

Heavy shading at the fingertips and ornaments are used in this flower mehndi design, which looks exquisite and meticulous.


Attractive flower mehndi design


52. Attractive Flower Mehndi Design

Never had the time to consider several designs? Try this flower mehndi design instead, which has a repeating pattern that elegantly envelops the hand.


Bold Flower Mehndi design


53. Bold Flower Mehndi Design

Bold outlines added to symmetric flower designs make them look flawless from all angles. For wedding-related events, try this flower mehndi design.


Flower mehndi design with chains


54. Flower Mehndi Design With Chains

If you have excellent line-drawing skills, attempt this amazing flower mehndi design, which is both easy and pretty.


Moroccon flower mehndi design


55. Moroccan Flower Mehndi Design

The blooms are perfectly organized in a Moroccan way in this simple flower mehndi design, which looks fascinating and classy.