Quick Mehndi Designs For Beginners

25 Quick Mehndi Designs For Beginners - 2023

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  31 Oct 23

The ancient Egyptians first used mehndi, a temporary skin adornment that is typically applied to the hands or legs. Mehndi is known by a variety of names in the languages of South Asia. While mehndi is not a tattoo because only the top layer of the skin is inked, it is known as a henna tattoo in the West. Since ancient times, henna has been used as a skin dye. There are numerous variants and styles. Women typically decorate their hands and feet with mehndi, while others, such as cancer patients and people with alopecia, occasionally adorn their scalps. Henna often has a brown colour; however, other design colours, including white, red, black, and gold, are occasionally utilised. Are you a beginner searching for quick mehndi designs? For those beautiful, straightforward and easy mehndi designs, this is the place to go. Let's start going through the article.


25 Quick Mehndi Designs For Beginners


Hand Ornament

1. Hand Ornament

This design is a great example of a simple mehndi design that every beginner should try out. Together with the bouquet of flowers, the design's pattern resembles fairy lights and is very imaginative and eye-catching. It appears to be very lovely hand jewellery. On the other hand, the fingers have been maintained, plain and simple.


Simple Mehndi Design with flowers

2. Quick Mehndi Design For Hands

The flower in the centre, which appears magnificent, is highlighted in this very simple Mehandi design layout tripled with floral wheels. Simply placed circles, dots, and teardrops are used to create the remaining portion of the pattern. Every finger's pattern is distinctive.

One of the best hand mehndi designs, this symmetrical floral pattern on the fingers and the lovely cuff design add to the beauty quotient here.

Arabic floral design

3. Arabic Floral Design

This innovative and quick mehndi design combines both Arabic and conventional mehndi motifs. The interior filling of the mehndi is produced using classic patterns, while the exterior mehndi is thickly constructed. With its curved branches covered in various patterns and dots, the gorgeous floral arrangement appears elegant. Such a design represents a happy new beginning.

If you are looking for arabic mehndi design which also borders on minimalistic chic, this is the design of Mehndi for you. 

Wrist floral band

4. Wrist Floral Band

This quick mehndi design is appropriate for social gatherings, festivals, friend weddings, and informal get-togethers. Floral wrists are the best way to enjoy creative freedom and experiment with mehendi. To create a superior mehndi design, practice the fundamental components first, such as checks, dots, simple flowers, circles, and leaves.

One of the best floral mehndi designs, this one is gorgeous and we adore it.

Arabic Mehndi Design

5. Arabic Mehndi Design

While Arabic mehndi does not cover as much skin as Indian mehndi, the designs are intricate. Because it includes simple lines, flowers, dots, filled patterns, and leaves, this is the most preferred and quick mehndi design. This style of mehndi takes less time and uses less mehndi. This Arabic mehndi is also readily applied by non-professionals.

Semicircular Mehndi Design

6. Semicircular Mehndi Design

Are you tired of attempting to create mehndi designs with paisley and floral motifs? You want something special, right? Then give this layout a shot! This stylish and proficient mehndi design is easy to make. The easiest mehndi designs to duplicate are semi-circular patterns.

Looking for more inspiration? Do check out Rajasthani mehndi designs as these look gorgeous as well.

Leaf with chain

7. Leaf With Chains

This quick mehndi design features a simple leaf that is encircled by dots, making it suitable for beginners. This simple and quick mehndi design will never let anyone down. This quick mehndi design is enhanced by the connecting dotted chains.

Quick Mehndi Design Using Chains

8. Quick Mehndi Design Using Chains

Want a quick and traditional mehndi design? One may acquire the most appealing and quick mehndi design here, so you're in the perfect area. Simply draw a pretty band around your wrist and then use dotted chains to decorate the other parts of your hands, wherever you choose.

Minimal and quick mehndi design

9. Minimal And Quick Mehndi Design

The quick mehndi design is quite minimalistic. This simple mehndi design is appropriate for wearing with western clothing. For any official gatherings, this wonderful quick mehndi design can be used.

Love For Florals

10. Love For Florals

Without flowers, mehndi is nonexistent. Simply incorporate these blooms into your quick mehndi design for a stunning appearance. This design can be expanded by anyone as long as they see a good fit.


Flower and mesh pattern

11. Flower And Mesh Pattern

The quick mehndi design incorporates mesh and flower designs. Your hand could look beautiful with a simple mehndi design made from this image. It can be prepared for any occasion that you want!


Simple Swirls

12. Simple Swirls

This backhand mehndi with swirls is an example of a quick and simple mehndi design for beginners. Even if one is not an absolute pro, this simple and quick mehndi design looks flawless. Just add some dots or another intricate design to these simple swirls.


Quick Mehndi Design For Front Hand

13. Quick Mehndi Design For Front Hand

For the front hand, a relatively simple and quick mehndi design has been created. The patterns are relatively basic and turn-based. These lovely, simple designs may be created with just a single engagement since they are repeated. This can be a good choice for a bridal mehndi design if you are looking for something which is easy and aesthetic. 

Traditional Mehndi Tattoo

14. Traditional Mehndi Tattoo

Once we become skilled at creating it, an easy and quick mehndi design like this one that is generated from the image can really be a relief. The best thing about a conventional, simple mehndi tattoo is that it can accommodate many different leaf patterns.

Quick mehndi design using flowers

15. Quick Mehndi Design Using Flowers

This design looks pretty basic as well as simple to build because there is enough room between the patterns and it isn't overly detailed. This quick mehndi design, which was created here and looks amazing, will be quite popular with us.

Nets and Florals

16. Nets And Florals

Flowers and nets make our job simple and beautiful. Even though these quick mehndi designs are fairly simple, they go great with lehenga. To make it stand out, one might add some personal motifs.


Floral band

17. Floral Band

A floral band with flower motifs is the name of this quick mehndi design. It is a very conventional design for women that is simple, conventional, and quick. So, one can experiment to create something that looks fairly great.


Quick Mehndi Design for Any Occasion

18. Quick Mehndi Design For Any Occasion

This stunning mehndi design is fairly easy to do and perfect for any occasion. Anyone can feel comforted by a quick mehndi design like this one, which was created based on the image.


Cool And Quick Mehndi Design

19. Cool And Quick Mehndi Design

Here, a fairly neat and quick mehndi design has been created. The flowers are attached to the fingers with a beaded string, which gives the entire design a really lovely appearance. The line patterns look amazing.


Dual Flowers

20. Dual Flowers

Because of the unique designs and motifs, this type of quick mehandi design is fantastic for the wearer but may also be worn on other important occasions and festivals. It is a fairly simple and quick mehandi design that features floral themes.

Modern and quick mehndi design

21. Modern And Quick Mehndi Design

In this design, there is a lot of meshwork going on. This quick mehndi design exudes royalty because to the floral theme. The pattern is undoubtedly made more charming by the tiny bows and ribbons in the center.

Finger Mehndi Design

22. Finger Mehndi Design

We recommend this quick finger mehndi design if one wants to make anything simple. This quick mehndi design looks amazing and beautiful here. It is simple and frequently repeats itself.

Circular Patterns

23. Circular Patterns

This quick mehndi design only features an effortless chakra pattern on the finger in the center. This is what it takes to create a simple mehndi design. This quick mehndi design uses circular patterns that are repeated and would make for a fantastic design that is incredibly manageable to accomplish.

Quick mehndi design for fingers

24. Quick Mehndi Design For Fingers

While we consistently pay attention to the palm mehendi, finger mehndi designs are consistently ignored. For those who adore simple and quick mehndi designs, this is ideal, and nothing, in our opinion, better graces your hand.

Geometric Mehndi Design

25. Geometric Mehndi Design

The Square stands for steadiness, the permanence of reason, solid foundations, and order. Simply swap out the circle with a square to give this quick mehndi design a distinctive appearance.