Arm Tattoos For Women With Meaning

55 Best Arm Tattoos For Women With Meaning

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  04 Jan 24

Tattoos represent a part of us in some way or another. There are a lot of reasons why people get tattoos, including in memory of someone, to express their innermost thoughts, to have a reminder, or for any other particular personal reason. Today, we'll go through some of the best female meaningful forearm tattoos, from small designs to big ones, positive sayings to philosophical ones, so get ready to get inspired for your next tattoo!


55 Best Arm Tattoos For Women With Meaning



1. Angel Wings

Angel Wings are symbols of many themes including, hope, connection, faith, and guidance. People also get the angel wings tattooed in memoriam to remember their loved ones and think that their loved one is at a special place now. The best thing about angel wings tattoo designs is that they can be as minimalistic or decorative as the person desires!



2. Michelangelo's Hand Tattoo 

Michelangelo's Hand design is one of the most interpreted and adapted tattoos ever. It comes from the Sistine Chapel ceiling and the two hands are of Adam and God. The outstretched hand of Adam to the hand of God is the ideal symbol of divinity and connection. You can also combine the hands with a mystical background like stars and moons for a more unique ink design!



3. Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonfly, having gone through the beautiful process of metamorphosis, gets connected with a lot of people. Like butterflies, their transformation from aquatic nymphs to beautiful beings that can fly is the ideal inspiration for embracing change for the better! If you are looking for a positive change, a dragonfly tattoo is a a very good option.




4. Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly tattoo is a popular choice in the ink world for a big reason. People identify themselves with a butterfly, as they like the transformation into a beautiful creature from a caterpillar. It is an icon for change, breaking through, and liberation. 


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5. Star Constellations Tattoo 

You can go for a constellation of your star sign, if you like the beautiful yet mysterious universe! If you connect with your star sign, then this permanent ink will help you remember those unique qualities. The additional symbols on the constellation could be done in different inks to make the tattoo pop!


6. The Lovers Tarot Card Tattoo

If you believe in the majestic world of tarot and other psychic abilities, then getting a lover's tarot card would be one of the best options. As The Lovers is among the most positive cards in a tarot deck that means joy, harmony, and balance, getting this inked would be quite a beautiful choice.

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7. Crown Tattoo

A crown tattoo is quite a regal ink design that can be interpreted in many things but it is definitely associated with confidence. The crown can be a symbol of something conquered or inspire you to reach your goals in the future. Crowns also show dignity in victory and thus, a permanent crown on your arm will always make you transform yourself into your best version!

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8. Flower Arm Band Tattoo

An armband tattoo on the arm envelopes your whole arm area in a circular motion. There are many beautiful designs to choose from in this style, but particularly a flower and nature armband tattoo is quite popular. The reason for this can be that the flower design aside from being subtle and positive is full of happiness. Flowers blossom and combining them with a circular arm band means revolving growth.


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9. Flower Cross Tattoo 

The combination of a flower with a cross is a very spiritual tattoo that will be admired by those who believe in themes of redemption, the cycle of life, and the nature of the world. The flowers depict our belief in life and that nothing in nature is permanent, and thus, we should always live every day to the fullest. One of the top small tattoos for women, the cross in this design adds a connection to a higher power. 


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10. Waves Tattoo

Waves are the icons of new beginnings. The waves are quite meaningful as they depict the process of a fresh path. They can also be interpreted as the theme of life on how it goes in a loop.


11. Olive Branch Bicep Tattoo

There are many choices for getting a tattoo on the bicep for both women and men, as it is among the most popular places to get inked. Why not get an olive branch, the symbol of peace and goodwill to help you remember to be generous and kind? 


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12. Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoos are a beautiful example of lined symmetry. Since they are complex and have a lot of details, they symbolize the balance and perfection in the world.


13. Sun Tattoo

Sun represents shine in our lives. In tarot, It is considered to be one of the most positive cards and without the sun there is no life. Thus, getting a sun, either a big detailed or small design, would be quite positive.


14. Red Rose tattoo 

Roses are a popular symbol of love and happiness. Get a colorful red rose tattoo with leaves to transform a simple rose design into a more realistic one.



15. Ladybug Tattoo

Ladybugs or other small creatures are counted among the most cute hand tattoos. A ladybug, in particular, symbolizes good luck! You can get the heart pattern added to your ladybug to make it appear more adorable!



16. Book Tattoo

If you are a book lover, then getting them permanently inked will bring you instant joy! Books are the ultimate symbol of the power of knowledge and you can add a background of leaves and flowers to make the forearm sleeve tattoo more detailed! 

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17. Star Sign Card Tattoo

If you believe in any destiny or any other star sign, then you can get a personalized tattoo of your star sign on your arm, as it will symbolize the qualities that you have in common with the star sign! 



18. Moon Phases Tattoo

Moon phases Tattoos are one of a kind. They are symbolic of magic and mystery. These female meaningful forearm tattoos represent that you are not afraid to show off your mystical self to the public eye. You can combine the different moon phases with various other designs of leaves, flowers, and more. 



19. Guitar Tattoo

Why not get a tattoo of your favorite instrument if you are a music lover? There are many cool tattoos in the category of music genre. Particularly, guitars are the most popular instrument people go for because they are represented as symbols of melody and joy. 


20. Watercolor Tattoo 

There is a vast array of watercolor tattoo designs that will appeal to those who want to showcase their creative persona. The addition of geometric shapes will make the tattoo mean that one lives a colorful life! 


21. Sunflower Tattoo 

Since sunflowers in summer keep on blooming throughout, they are represented as a sign of a long prosperous life and positivity. The sunflower tattoo symbolises good fortune and is pretty popular amongst people.



22. Water Tattoo

Get a tricep tattoo of water as it is the symbol of life. Water is a livelihood and without it, no human can survive. In spirituality, it is said to be the sign of refreshment and is counted among the important five elements of life.



23. Wolf Tattoo 

The wolf tattoo stands for intelligence, bravery, and high wisdom. Thus, getting the big image of a wolf as a sleeve tattoo would show courage.



24. Colorful Flower Tattoo 

Flowers generally mean growth and connection to nature. A colorful flower tattoo will not only have depth but also make a simple flower tattoo blossom into a more lively one! 


25. Map Tattoo

The tattoo of the map of a country, area, or any place, especially on your forearm will look amazing! The dotwork tattoo of your favorite map will showcase your love for the place. 


26. Tribal Arm Band

Get a tribal armband tattoo, if you are a fan of intricate details and designs. It will be more meaningful if you know the history of a particular tribe and connect with their processes and themes. 


27. Flower and Quote Tattoo

Flowers and quotes individually are common tattoos but the combination of both items for an ink design is the perfect amalgamation! In particular, the quote ‘No rain no flower’ tattoo means that sometimes without hardships, one wouldn't get positive results.

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28. Flowers Tattoo

A big beautiful upper arm tattoo of one's favorite flowers will not only be super cool to look at, but since each flower means something different, it can also have a personal meaning for the person!


29.  It's OK Not To Be OK Anxiety Tattoo 

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety or any other similar medical condition, then getting a supportive tattoo of the popular saying “It's ok not to be ok” will help you remember that you are just a human and we all go through different emotions. The tattoo will not only be beautiful but even beneficial. 



30. Mom Dad Tattoo 

You can get a mom and dad tattoo with a heart, either in memoriam or just to show your love for your parents. This will be a very personal and simple tattoo for anybody and make one remember that their parents are always with them.

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31. Tiger Tattoo 

An image of a big tiger tattooed on your body can mean power and confidence as these animals are considered to be one of the strongest in the animal kingdom. Animal tattoos are evergreen and are always in demand.


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32. Sun and Moon Tattoo

When the sun and moon come together, they represent balance, since they are opposites of each other but each is equally important. A round tattoo of both icons also symbolizes the life cycle. 


33. Cat Tattoo 

If you are a cat lover and are looking for inspiration for cute tattoos, then you should try to combine your love and get minimal cute cats on your arm! Cats are creatures of mystery and the afterlife (since they are said to have nine lives).


34. Girl Lineart Tattoo 

Upper arm tattoos of girl linearts are among the most simple yet profound designs. Different versions of a girl’s lineart tattoo come into trend every year, but overall they mean that the person is sure of themselves.


35. Flaming Heart Tattoo 

A burning heart is indeed more of an edgier version of a normal heart tattoo. However, people are mainly attracted to this ink design because it represents intense passion rather than the sweet and simple heart that means love.



36. Goldfish Tattoo 

A goldfish means wealth according to Japanese culture. They can also be interpreted as harmony and a good relationship between a couple!

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37. 777 Tattoo 

Triple 7 is considered to be a lucky number. It’s the perfect choice for a number tattoo that is easy to do yet turns out beautifully! Add additional small sparkles around the number for more depth.


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38. Koi fish tattoo

Aquatic tattoos are also very beautiful and meaningful tattoos to get inked. Koi fish means luck and prosperity according to Japanese traditions!


39. Girl Power Tattoo 

Even though the world has seen a lot of growth for women in the past centuries, there is still a need to support girls, so that they can be properly lifted. Thus, getting this empowering tattoo can help one remember to support women in any way they can!

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40. Crown and Lion Tattoo 

Both a crown and a lion are symbols of power and confidence. So, getting an inner bicep tattoo of both icons will make it one of the most deep-meaning arm tattoos that represents that you are confident and will help you in difficult times.


41. Skull Tattoo 

A skull tattoo is a continuous line tattoo that will look quite regal once done. If you are looking for popular choices of arm tattoos for women, then you should see the designs of the different skulls. Though people look at these symbols as negative since they are associated with death, skulls rather help us remember that we should live each day to the fullest!

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42. Four-Leaf Clover Tattoo 

Four-leaf clovers are considered a good luck charm that is said to bring prosperity and love. It will be a great idea as a tattoo on the arm. Why not get the tattoo in green ink to represent the leaf more vibrantly?

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43. Dragon Tattoo 

Dragons represent power, confidence, and wisdom. It is a tattoo that screams boldness! The upper arm tattoos of dragons are quite common but getting a specific dragon that you connect most with would add a personal touch!


44. Moon and Stars Tattoo 

Both the moon and stars are some of the most majestic things in the whole world that make great tattoos. They symbolize the balance and interconnection of two different things.


45. Wildflowers Tattoo 

Sleeve tattoos as flower prints are fairly common and if you are going for something unique, then try getting a bunch of wildflowers instead. Since different vibrant wildflowers blossom out of nowhere, they represent happiness and mystery!

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46. Moon Tarot Card Tattoo

The inner arm tattoo of a moon tarot card would be suitable for those who believe in the psychic abilities of Tarot and other similar occults. The moon is the symbol of emotional power, according to astrology!

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47. Hummingbird Tattoo 

Getting an inner arm tattoo of a hummingbird would be a very positive choice as the bird symbolizes love and peace in life.



48. Locket Heart Tattoo 

You can get a locket heart tattoo with the initials of the people that are closest to you. inside the heart locks. The permanent ink will always help you remember them.


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49. Self-Hug Tattoo

The first person that we should love in the world is ourselves and this is what a hug tattoo symbolizes. The fine line tattoo has become quite popular in the last few years and people have started to get this final tattoo with additional different details like butterflies, flowers, stars, etc.



50. Leaf Bicep Tattoo 

You have various tattoo options from nature to choose from. But, even getting a simple leaf is enough, as it is the most basic yet beautiful natural thing that is the symbol of rebirth. There are thousands of leaf designs that you can choose for this bicep tattoo.  


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51. Dreamcatcher Tattoo 

Dreamcatchers are hung over our beds to protect us from bad dreams in the night. An upper arm tattoo of a dreamcatcher is quite a mystical and vibrant choice that is suitable for people who connect with the message of actual dreamcatchers! One of the top tattoos with good luck, the dreamcatcher tattoo is always popular.




52. You Are Enough Quote Side Arm Tattoo 

You Are Enough Quote is an easy arm tattoo choice. The message is clear and it is quite necessary in the dark or sad days of our lives to remember this message. A permanent ink of this quote as a side arm tattoo will always be a gentle reminder.


53. Heart with an Angle Tattoo 

If you want to have a sweet and romantic tattoo, then getting a big heart with a sleeping angel would be one of the best options because it means love! Angel tattoos are very popular and convey a deep meaning.



54. Love Yourself Tattoo 

When we get overwhelmed with our lives, whether it be for personal or professional reasons, then just looking at our arm would be enough with this tattoo. It helps us remember to be gentle and not neglect ourselves.


55. Snake Tattoo 

Snakes mean rebirth and the overall process of transformation in most regions of the world (since they shed their skin). They are also considered to be very powerful. It is a good luck charm in Chinese culture.

These were some of the best meaningful tattoos for women. They are sure to inspire you to choose an icon or design. But, always remember, every tattoo artist is different and you'll need to find a connection with your planned tattoo to make it the most meaningful!