What Is A Derma Roller And What Are Its Benefits?

Sucharitha V

Updated At  14 Dec 22

If you have been dreaming about having clear and radiant skin, but you are tired of trying out different methods, then a derma roller is perfect for you!

It is a cost effective, simple and effective tool for beautiful skin!


What is a derma roller


What is a derma roller?


A derma roller is a hand-held roller tool with many micro-needles. This tool is gently rolled on your skin, back and forth.


It is a safe and an efficient way to treat many skin problems at once. It is also highly affordable and is usually available from Rs 250 to Rs 900.


How does a derma roller work


How does a derma roller work?


Derma roller has micro needles that will lightly injure your skin. This stimulates your skin cells to produce collagen and repair itself. Hence, it leads to younger and supple skin.


The needle size in a derma roller usually varies from 0.05mm to 1.55mm.


What are the types of derma roller


What are the types of derma roller?

Derma roller needles vary from 0.25mm to 1.5mm and their size play an important role in the application.

You can use a 0.25mm roller for a mild effect. It can be used on normal skin to improve skin regeneration and better absorption of skin products.

0.25mm derma roller can be the ideal size if you are looking for an overall improvement in your skin’s texture at minimum risk. It causes minor injury to your skin but usually your skin should recover within 24 hours.

A 0.5mm roller can be used for some faint acne scars and mild signs of aging. Your skin will recover within 2 days after its use.

A 0.75-1.5mm roller can be used on stubborn acne scars, spots, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging. It can take 3-6 days for your skin to recover completely.

Do consult your dermatologist before you finalize the derma roller and start its application.


How to use a derma roller


How to use a derma roller?

1- Begin the process by cleaning your skin with a mild face wash. Pat your skin dry gently.

2- Apply a layer of serum on your skin. Some of the recommended Ingredients are: Hyaluronic acid, peptides and stem cells, Vitamin C.

You can skip applying a serum and just use a derma roller on bare skin if you want.

3- Now hold a section of your skin tight and roll the derma roller gently on your skin back and forth. Roll it 4 times on one area vertically then, roll it 4 times horizontally on the same area. Then, move on to the next area and repeat the same process.

4- Use light pressure and lift the derma roller after each roll.

5- In the end, wash your skin and apply a serum or a skincare product.

You can use a derma roller once a week or twice a month, depending on your skin's sensitivity.


Benefits of derma roller

  • It reduces acne scars, dark spots and new stretch marks
  • It improves your skin's elasticity because of collagen production
  • It prevents fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
  • It improves the texture and appearance of your skin
  • It can reduce hyperpigmentation
  • It promotes hair growth because when it is rolled on your scalp, it stimulates hair production
  • It maximizes the effectiveness of skin products, because they are absorbed easily into your skin.

Cons of derma roller

  • It takes time for the results to show
  • It is slightly uncomfortable
  • It can cause mild bleeding
  • It must be disinfected and kept really clean with rubbing alcohol


  • It should never be shared with anyone
  • Replace the derma roller after 15 uses
  • Be gentle and careful around the delicate area of your eyes and lips.
  • Do not use the derma roller on your eyelids
  • Do not use a derma roller if you have rosacea or eczema
  • Store it in a cool and dry plastic case


Key Questions And Answers

Q - Can a derma roller be used on both face and hair?

A - Yes, but usually separate derma rollers are recommended for skin and hair. Do consult your Dermatologist before finalizing the derma roller for your skin type.


- Is it effective against acne scars and wrinkles.

A - Yes, these are one of the main benefits of using derma rollers.


- Does the product make any noise while application?

A - It shouldn’t make any noise. Think about replacing it in case it starts to make noise.


- How many times one should use the derma roller?

A - As your skin needs to repair and rejuvenate, one should not use it more than once a week.


- Which derma roller should be used for hair regrowth?

A - 0.5mm to 1 mm should ideally work better but do consult your dermatologist before finalizing.