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13 Top Victoria Beckham Beauty Tips And Skincare Routine


Updated At  26 Oct 23


A singer turned CEO, Victoria Beckham calls herself a semi-expert in doing makeup. And cannot agree any less. She constantly shares her interests in makeup and skincare on her Instagram account. Her unique style and unmatched artistic sense have earned her popularity and admiration from her peers and fans. After a couple of successful collaborations with Estee Lauder, Victoria launched her makeup and skincare line.

Since its inception, her brand has gained worldwide fame. Nude lips and smoky eyes are Victoria Beckham’s signature look. You can easily buy the products Victoria uses for her signature looks and everyday skincare.




Victoria Beckham Skincare Routine


1. Remove Puffiness With Ice Cold Water

The first thing Victoria does every morning is to splash her face with ice cold water as this helps to remove face puffiness.


2. Cleanse

She then makes sure to cleanse her face thoroughly. She prefers using Barbara Sturm’s Enzyme Cleanser which she loves and uses frequently. Victoria says, this provides deep yet gentle cleanse and exfoliation.




3. Nourish

Victoria subsequently applies the Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum which has been her morning essential. This serum addresses past damage, including the effects of time, while fortifying the skin's barrier to shield against future harm.




4. Moisturise

As a next step of her morning skincare routine, she makes sure to hydrate her face. She has been using Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer since a long time. This contains Augustinus Bader’s TFC-8 technology and stimulates skin’s own repair. Rich in amino acids, it enhances elasticity, stimulates collagen production, and improves firmness. Victoria considers this a must have as it makes her skin soft and supple.


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5. Body Cream And Eye Masks

During night time, she makes sure to use Welda cream to moisturise her entire body. Additionally, she does use eye masks to take care of her eyes mainly during the night time.


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13 Top Victoria Beckham Beauty Tips




1. Skin Hydration Is The Secret To Glow

Victoria Beckham has a major obsession with skin hydration. She uses moisturizers and mist that serve multiple purposes all at once. One of her favourite face mists is from Sarah Chapman which contains ingredients that won’t just make your skin plump but also provide smooth skin, skin barrier support and provide protection from pollution.




2. Eye Masks To Instantly  Get Rid Of Puffiness And Look Fresh

Our skin under the eye is thin and sensitive. In some BTS, Victoria Beckham was seen using eye masks as a part of her skin prep. Eyes masks are one the best way to instantly get rid of puffiness, add hydration, and look fresh. Also, you cannot forget its long-term benefits. They come in variations based on their key ingredient.


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10. Neutral Eyeliner For Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Brighter

The best Victoria Beckham tips for makeup include using a neutral colour eyeliner on the bottom waterline. For days when she doesn’t get enough sleep, she uses this trick to brighten up her face and it makes her look like she’s got plenty of beauty sleep. She even included this product in her makeup line.




3. Cannot Miss Body Skincare 

Skincare for both the face and body holds equal importance to the actress. Victoria Beckham's beauty tips for body care include her using Osea’s Undaria Algae oil on her body right after she steps out of the shower. Applying it when the skin is still wet would give you the best results. Ingredients in this oil will make skin glowy, and supple and make the skin tone even.


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4.  Face Massages Are Relaxing And Have Multiple Benefits

Having frequent face massages is one of the best Victoria Beckham beauty tips. She thanks her facial therapist whose massages and guidance helped Victoria get over her acne phase. Face massages have become part of her travel prep. There are many tools and self-massaging tips available that are comparatively less expensive than spa visits. Only a few minutes of daily face massaging will give you addictive results.




13. Face Masks And Face Steams Are Frequent In Her Skincare Routine

Face masks have now become a common routine in everyone’s skincare session. Victoria is also a big fan of face masks and she uses them very often. Sarah Chapman's 3D Moisture Infusion Mask and 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Masks are some of her favourites. Moreover, she steams her face whenever possible and for that, she also carries a small portable steamer.




5. Take Supplements To Keep your Skin Healthy

It can be tough for Victoria to properly take care of her diet every time. And because of her profession, she needs to take extra good care of her skin and health. Victoria Beckham's beauty tips include taking omega-3 fish oil every day. They are supposed to be extremely beneficial for the skin.


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6. Use the Same Moisturizer For Day & Night

Moisturizer is the most important part of a skincare routine. One of Victoria Beckham's beauty tips is to use the same moisturizer for both day and night. She loves her moisturizer from Melanie Grant Skin. This moisturizer has a deep hydrating property and is said to help with new cell regeneration. Other celebrities like Margot Robbie and Alexa Chung also swear by the amazing results they got from this cream.




7. Use Mini Blender To Set The Base

To get a flawless base for her red carpet looks, Victoria’s makeup artist uses a mini beauty blender for specific areas. Victoria Beckham's tip for a perfect base is to use a small blender to apply powder on the face. It is done to put the powder precisely on the areas that you want. She says this is the only best way to apply powder while doing makeup.




8. Nude Colored Lip Products Give You Fuller-Looking Lips 

Another one of Victoria Beckham's beauty tips is to use a nude-coloured lip liner and lipstick. She starts by lining her lips with a waterproof lip pencil and follows it with nude colour lipstick or a sheer nude lip tint. This is one of the best Victoria Beckham tips if you love a natural-looking fuller lip. Let’s just say she is the queen of nude lips.


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9. Don’t Forget To Groom And Oil The Cuticles

No pampering routine is complete without groomed cuticles, lushed with cuticle oil. According to this Victoria Beckham tips, it is crucial that your cuticles look healthy and not like a landfill of a nail biter. Many of us don’t even bother about our cuticle’s condition, but not Victoria Beckham. She takes care of every little detail.




11. Rub Ice Cubes To Quickly Depuff The Face

Victoria learned the trick to quickly depuff her face from her friend who’s also her facialist. To get rid of puffiness, Victoria rubs her face with ice cubes or dunks her face in an ice water bowl. She also mentioned that she drinks plenty of water every day to keep her skin healthy.





12.  Carry Travel Straighteners For Quick Hair Touch-ups

The list of Victoria Beckham beauty tips doesn’t only limit to skincare and makeup. VB travels with cordless hair straighteners for quick hair touch-ups. Travel-friendly hair straighteners can be expensive but are also worthwhile. They are perfect to fix frizzy hair after you get off flights.


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FAQs On Victoria Beckham Beauty Tips



1. What is the skin care routine, Victoria Beckham?

Victoria Beckham’s skincare routine is quite simple and doesn’t have a lot of steps. Her routine starts with cleansing her face  with an enzyme cleanser and then applying VB X Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum twice every day. She follows it up with VB X Augustinus Rejuvenating priming Moisturizer. Victoria makes sure to exfoliate her face a couple of times every week. In the night she makes sure to use eye masks to take care of her eyes and body cream to moisturise her entire body.


2. What products does Victoria Beckham uses on her face?

The products that Victoria Beckham uses include Dr Barbara Sturm’s Enzyme Cleanser, Cell Rejuvenating Serum, Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer, Augustinus Bader Rich Cream, 111SKIN Black Diamond eye patches, and Weleda Skin Food.




3.  Does Victoria Beckham has a makeup line?

Yes, Victoria Beckham is the creative director and co-founder of her brand named Victoria Beckham Beauty. Since 2019, this sustainable cosmetic brand has released several perfumes, cruelty-free skincare, and makeup products. The Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Liner is one of her bestsellers to date.


4. What supplements does Victoria Beckham take?

Supplements for skin and hair make the list of Victoria Beckham beauty tips. Other than having omega-3 fish oil, Victoria also takes Skinade collagen drinks. Moreover, to keep her skin healthy, Victoria drinks 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar after she wakes up. She uses Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for that.


5. What are the Victoria Beckham beauty tips for hair?

Victoria Beckham uses shampoo and conditioner from Oribe. She also uses Josh Wood Colour, a semi-permanent treatment hair gloss.  Her hairdresser uses L’Oreal’s Elnett Hairspray which makes Victoria’s hair silky and shiny. She uses Balmain’s Universal Cordless Straightener.