Best Hairstyles For Black Men

55 Most Popular Hairstyles For Black Men

Ankita Ghoshal

Updated At  25 Mar 24

Hairstyles are a powerful expression of individuality and cultural identity, and for black men, they hold even more significance. Over the years, haircuts for black men have showcased unique creativity and style through a wide range of hairstyles. Whether you prefer a bold and edgy look or a sophisticated and polished appearance, numerous trendy options are available to suit every taste and preference. In this article, we will explore ten popular hairstyles that are currently making waves in the world of black men's fashion. So, get ready to discover your next signature look and confidently embrace your style!


55 Stunning Hairstyles For Black Men


high top fade black men


1. High Top Fade

This is one of the must-try haircuts for black men this year. The high top fade has stood the test of time and continues to be a go-to choice for black men. This iconic hairstyle features short or shaved sides with a voluminous top that is styled into a flat or rounded shape. The high top fade offers a striking, bold look that exudes confidence and individuality.

One of the best short hairstyles for men the high top fade looks stylish and elegant at the same time. If you are looking for a new hairstyle which transforms your look, then this can be an amazing option.


locs black men


2. Locs

If you are looking for not-so-professional black male hairstyles, you must give locs a shot. Locs, also known as dreadlocks, involve allowing the hair to grow freely and then interlocking or twisting the strands to form long, rope-like locks. It is among the coolest black male hairstyles for long hair.


taper fade black men


3. Taper Fade

The taper fade involves gradually fading the hair from longer lengths at the top to shorter lengths at the sides and back. This is one of the swag hairstyles for black guys that offer a clean and polished look that can be customized with various lengths and designs.

Check out our guide to find out 25+ top prom hairstyles for black guys which includes the faded cut, creative hairstyles with designs, afro cut, box fade, curls and many more.


afro black men


4. Afro

The Afro is a timeless symbol of black identity and pride. This iconic hairstyle involves growing out the hair to create a full, rounded shape that sits close to the head. The Afro celebrates natural hair texture and radiates confidence, making it a popular choice for those who want to embrace their roots and showcase their unique beauty.


box braids black men


5. Box Braids

Box braids are a versatile and stylish option that has gained immense popularity among black men. This hairstyle involves sectioning the hair into small, square-shaped sections and braiding them from the root to the ends. Box braids can be worn in various lengths and styles, allowing for endless creativity and self-expression.


Low Fade with Waves black men


6.  Low Fade with Waves

For those seeking a combination of texture and precision, the low fade haircut with waves is an excellent choice. This hairstyle involves tapering the hair close to the skin while leaving a defined wave pattern on the top. It offers a fresh and contemporary look that is both stylish and refined.


mohawk black men


7. Mohawk

The Mohawk is a bold and edgy hairstyle that continues to captivate with its rebellious charm. It involves shaving or tapering the sides while leaving a strip of longer hair in the center, which can be styled upward or in various creative designs. The Mohawk allows for limitless experimentation and showcases an adventurous spirit. Along with Mohawk one can also try out fohawk fade haircut as it looks stylish and can transform your look completely.

cornrows black men


8. Cornrows

Cornrows are a timeless and culturally significant hairstyle that has endured for generations. This intricate style involves weaving the hair tightly into narrow rows, creating a geometric pattern close to the scalp. Cornrows are polished and neat, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a refined yet striking look.


frohawk black men


9. Frohawk

A fusion of the Afro and Mohawk, the Frohawk is a captivating hairstyle that embraces both volume and structure. It involves shaving or tapering the sides and leaving a strip of hair in the center, which is styled into a raised, voluminous shape resembling a mohawk. The Frohawk offers a modern twist on a classic look, making a bold fashion statement.

Along with Frohawk,  one can also opt for a messy hairstyle as it looks amazing on both long, short hair and can add dimension to your look as well.


Temple Fade with Line Up black men


10. Temple Fade with Line Up

The temple fade with a line-up combines precision and style. This hairstyle features a sharp fade around the temples and a defined line-up along the hairline, creating a crisp and clean finish. The temple fade with a line-up offers a refined and sophisticated appearance that complements any face shape.

Mid top fade


11. Mid Top Fade

This iconic hairstyle features short or shaved sides with a neatly-trimmed top that can be styled into various shapes, offering a bold and stylish look.


short buzz cut


12. Short Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a timeless, low-maintenance option, providing a clean and sharp appearance. It is perfect and versatile, making it convenient for office setups as well as in casual environments. Used by many as a military haircut, this  one continues to grow its popularity.


waves with a low fade


13. Waves with a Low Fade

Combining texture and precision, this style features waves on the top with a gradual fade on the sides, creating a sleek and modern look.


tapered afro black men


14. Tapered Afro

A modern twist on the classic Afro, the tapered Afro involves gradually fading the sides while keeping the top full and voluminous.


Skin Fade with a Beard


15. Skin Fade with a Beard

This hairstyle combines a shaved or bald fade with a well-groomed beard, creating a stylish and masculine aesthetic.

Low cut with designs


16. Low Cut with Designs

Adding intricate designs or patterns to a low cut can elevate your style and make a unique statement.

Cosmic Fade


17. Cosmic Fade

This celestial-inspired cut features a sharp fade with intricate geometric patterns etched into the sides, resembling constellations. The crown is left voluminous and free, creating a striking contrast that showcases individuality and cosmic style.

box fade


18. Box Fade

A variation of the high top fade, the box fade offers a squared shape on top, adding a modern and edgy touch to your look.




19. Twists

Twists involve sectioning the hair into small sections and twisting them, creating a neat and stylish hairstyle.

Cornrows with a fade


20. Cornrows with a Fade

Combining cornrows with a fade on the sides creates a fresh and modern look that merges classic and contemporary elements.


Low Skin Fade with Textured Top


21. Low Skin Fade with Textured Top

This hairstyle features a tight fade on the sides and back, contrasting with a textured and voluminous top for a trendy and stylish appearance.


Braided bun


22. Braided Man Bun

Braiding the hair and tying it into a bun offers a unique and fashionable style that keeps the hair out of your face.


Dreads with Undercut


23. Dreads with Undercut

Combining dreadlocks with an undercut creates a striking and edgy look that showcases your individuality.


Curly Top with High Fade


24. Curly Top with High Fade

This hairstyle features curly hair on top, styled into a defined shape, and a high fade on the sides for a chic and contemporary look.


Mohawk with Shaved Sides


25. Mohawk with Shaved Sides

A classic style with a twist, the Mohawk with shaved sides adds an element of rebelliousness and sophistication to your appearance.


Low Temple Fade with Line Up black men


26. Low Temple Fade with Line Up

This style involves a low fade around the temples and a clean line-up along the hairline for a sharp and refined look.


Afro with Line Up


27. Afro with Line Up

Embrace your natural texture with a well-defined Afro, accentuated by a precise line-up, for a timeless and stylish hairstyle.


Low Drop Fade african


28. Low Drop Fade

The low drop fade features a subtle fade that drops down towards the back of the head, creating a seamless and stylish transition.



29. Bald Shaved Head

Embrace the ultimate clean and sleek look by shaving your head completely bald. This style is timeless, low maintenance, and allows your features to take center stage.

Shaved Sides with a Top Knot



30. Shaved Sides with a Top Knot

Combine a clean-shaven or faded sides with a neatly tied top knot, creating a stylish and versatile look that merges modern and traditional elements.


Shaved Geometric Patterns


31. Shaved Geometric Patterns

Add an artistic touch to your shaved hairstyle by incorporating geometric patterns, such as triangles or lines, into the shaved sections. This unique style allows for personal expression and stands out from the crowd.

Shaved Fade with Beard


32. Shaved Fade with Beard

Opt for a fade on the sides and back while keeping the top slightly longer, then pair it with a well-groomed beard for a masculine and contemporary look.


Shaved side part


33. Shaved Side Part

Create a distinct side part by shaving a clean line along one side of your head, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your overall appearance.


Shaved Line Up


34. Shaved Line Up

Enhance the crispness of your haircut by adding a sharp line-up along the hairline and facial hair, creating a well-defined and polished look.

Shaved Designs


35. Shaved Designs

Express your creativity by incorporating intricate designs or patterns into your shaved hairstyle. From tribal motifs to abstract shapes, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to showcase your unique style.


Shaved Waves


36. Shaved Waves

Combine a shaved or faded haircut with naturally textured hair on the top, creating the illusion of waves. This style offers a contemporary and eye-catching look. if you are looking for inspiration for mens hairstyles for round face then this can be an amazing haircut to go for.


Shaved Tapered Frohawk (1)


37. Shaved Tapered Frohawk

Shave the sides close to the skin, leaving a strip of longer hair in the center, then style it into a raised frohawk. This style showcases a fusion of classic and modern elements.


Shaved Temple Fade


38. Shaved Temple Fade

Achieve a clean and sharp look by shaving a precise fade around the temples, providing a polished and refined appearance.


shaved faux hawk black man


39. Shaved Faux Hawk

Shave or fade the sides, leaving a longer strip of hair in the center that can be styled into a faux hawk. This edgy style exudes confidence and a rebellious spirit.

shaved part with curls


40. Shaved Part with Curls

Combine a shaved part along one side of the head with natural curls on the top, creating a stylish contrast and adding texture to your overall look.


shaved high top fade black man


41. Shaved High Top Fade

Take the high top fade to the next level by incorporating shaved or faded designs into the sides and back. This unique twist adds a modern and artistic touch to the classic hairstyle.


shaved zigzag pattern black man


42. Shaved Zigzag Patterns

Add a touch of flair to your shaved hairstyle by incorporating zigzag patterns into the shaved sections. This attention-grabbing style showcases your bold personality.


shaved buzz cut black man


43.   Shaved Buzz Cut

Keep it simple yet stylish with a close-cropped buzz cut. This low-maintenance option offers a clean and timeless look.


shaved curly top with fade black man


44.   Shaved Curly Top with Fade

Shave the sides and back to a fade, while leaving the curly hair on top intact. This style combines texture and precision, offering a modern and fashionable appearance.


shaved mohawk black man


45. Shaved Mohawk

Shave or fade the sides, leaving a strip of longer hair in the center, creating a Mohawk style that is both edgy and versatile.

Shaved Undercut with Patterns



46. Shaved Undercut with Patterns

Pair an undercut with shaved designs or patterns on the sides and back for a bold, intricate look showcasing your unique style.


Shaved Afro with Designs


47. Shaved Afro with Designs

Combine a clean-shaven or faded haircut with a full afro on the top, and add creative shaved designs for a dynamic and attention-grabbing hairstyle.


shaved half moon


48.   Shaved Half Moon

Shave a half-moon shape on one side of your head, providing an interesting and distinctive element to your overall shaved hairstyle.

bantu knots black man


49.   Bantu knots

They are small, coiled sections of hair that are twisted and secured close to the scalp. This traditional African hairstyle offers a unique and stylish look, and it can be worn as individual knots or in various patterns.

fade with sponge twists


50. Fade with Sponge Twists

This hairstyle involves a fade on the sides and back, paired with sponge twists on the top. The sponge twists add texture and volume to the hair, creating a stylish and trendy look.

Tribal braids (1)


51. Tribal Braids

Black male hairstyles braids are always a yes. Tribal braids are intricately patterned braids that are inspired by African tribal styles. These braids are often adorned with beads or shells, offering a unique and culturally significant hairstyle.

Kinky twists


52. Kinky Twists

Kinky twists are created by twisting extensions into the natural hair. This protective style offers a neat and defined look and allows for versatility in terms of length and thickness. Kinky twists are a popular choice among African men due to their low maintenance and stylish appearance.

ghana braids


53. Ghana Braids

Ghana braids, also known as cornrows, are tightly braided sections that are usually close to the scalp. These braids can be worn in various patterns and designs, offering a clean and polished look that is both stylish and practical.

The clean taper


54. The Clean Taper

The clean taper is a timeless and polished hairstyle that adds a touch of elegance to any look. This haircut involves gradually tapering the hair from longer lengths at the top to shorter lengths at the sides and back, creating a sleek and well-groomed appearance.

classic pompadour


55. The Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour is a sophisticated and dapper hairstyle that has stood the test of time. It is characterized by its voluminous and swept-back top, with shorter sides and back. This is one of those haircuts for black men that would make anyone stand out in a crowd.



With an array of trendy hairstyles to choose from, black men have an opportunity to embrace their individuality and express their style confidently. Whether you opt for a classic look like the high top fade or Afro, or experiment with modern styles like the taper fade with waves or Frohawk, each choice allows you to celebrate your culture and personal flair. Remember, hairstyles are not just about aesthetics; they hold cultural significance and can serve as a form of self-expression. So, go ahead and try out these ten trendy hairstyles to showcase your unique style and rock the world with confidence.