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25 Most Popular Drake Hairstyles Of All Time

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  11 Feb 24

Drake is among the world’s most popular rap artists. He's been in the industry for decades now and aside from rhyming to his songs, people also take inspiration from the artist's fashion and lifestyle choices! So, here we present the top Drake hairstyles that have made a mark!


25 Best Drake Hairstyles Of All Time




1. Cornrow Braids

We see different sections of hair made into various cornrow braids have become a staple for the ‘God’s Plan’ singer. The simple Cornrows or Canerows in straight lines look fabulous on Drake but we can also find him styling them in more geometric designs too!




2. Drake Fade

The low fade that Drake rocks has received its own name because of the popularity it's gotten after being seen by the Canadian singer. The iconic fade has a buzz cut with a low fade paired up with a clean straight hairline.



3. Stitch Braids

For the last few years, different types of braids have become the common Drake hairstyles that people have observed the singer carrying. His stitch braids are made with thin horizontal lines that are close to the scalp giving a perfect appearance every time!




4. Buzz Cut

Drake has rocked even a simple and popular hairstyle like the buzz cut for years. This hairstyle paired up with the iconic close trim beard was the go-to style for Drake before he started to do different types of braid hairstyles.




5. Middle Parted Braids

The middle part in the usual Drake hairstyle adds an interesting touch that helps to keep the popular cut that goes with his face intact but also makes it look unique.



6. Heart hairstyle

Dedicated to the popular Lover Boy album for which Drake got a lot of praise for, this heart-shaped haircut on his normal fade cut has become a fan favorite. This heart has become one of the most iconic hairstyles and it's been called the ‘Drake haircut’ too!




7. Loose hair with rainbow clips

The School Girl Clips have become a trend. The colorful clips have been called one of the more childish Drake hairstyles but as we all know, the singer does anything that pleases him and thus, even though some haters have said they don't like the hairstyle; the cut has become popular enough that fans even copied and posted it all over their social media profiles!




8. Thick curls

The natural hair of Drake in this thick afro shows the density of the hair. Of course, the singer has been favoring braids for some years now, but these thick curls also went nicely with his personality.




9. Twisted Stitch Braids

These zig-zag braids close to the scalp in combination with the common stitch braids make a dashing difference for the simple design that we normally see!




10. Burr Buzz Cut

As we've seen, the Buzzcut era for Drake was amazing. Before his classic braids era nowadays, Drake's hairstyles were all about carrying the easy yet stylish-looking buzz cut with a beard. This burr buzz cut with slightly longer hair looks also amazing on the singer.




11. Drake With A Side Bun

The side bun here really makes an interesting choice that fans of the artist had a loud reaction to. They either liked it or thought the rap star was better with one of his iconic hairstyles like the buzz cut or the braids. But, one thing is for sure, it really stirred a plot and many copied this style after seeing it on Drake.




12. Creative Braids

Why go with simple braids every time when you can mix them up every now and then? At least, that's the story with Drake. He gets the most creative braid styles that give a lot of inspiration to many, especially to black men looking for some fun hairstyles.




13. Braids With Beads 

Drake also likes to add beads to his slicked back hairstyle while doing braids and that's a great thing because they do two things for him. Firstly, they help to secure the braided style, and secondly, add a new touch and make a great men's hairstyle accessory!




14. Geometric Cornrows

Cornrows are usually carried in their straight horizontal manner but Drake tends to do something different with them like carrying them in intricate and asymmetrical patterns.



15. Mini afro

The mini afro that Drake got for his “Scorpion” album era stayed for a long time. He got just enough length around the head to show off his naturally thick hair in the most dashing way. One of the popular black men hairstyles, Afro haircut is always in trend.




16. Buzz cut with a curved part

The buzz cut with a middle fade is an amazing style for Drake as it is. But, Drake being Drake, added a new touch to it as well that made the look more stylish; and that is when he added a curved part on the side. 



17. Line Up Cut

Drake’s straight hairline is something we can only dream of! He made the taper fade more interesting with different tweaks like the side razor line too that made the style better than ever. Drake has a unique style and his stunning photo with Taylor Swift proves the same.




18. Brown Hair With Heart

When the rapper posted this picture on his social media profile, fans were super surprised. This was something that they never have seen him in and aside from the hair color change and heart, the bangs also made a great impact on many.




19. Hairstyle With Number Charms

The addition of the colorful number charms makes a bright and interesting slicked back hairstyle for the singer. These charms can be put on any type of braid style and Drake carried them with his classic Cornrows.




20. Braids With Baby Bair

A slight difference that makes the appearance change a lot in this men's braid hairstyle is the addition of having or growing out your front baby hair as we see Drake carrying nicely here.



21. Two Braids Cornrows

The design of these middle crossover braids shows perfection. These might take some extra time but they add a new touch to the normal cornrows with two big braids.




22. Hairstyle With Waves

The natural curls that the singer supported before going with the braid styles were the hairstyle that Drake was known for! His textured waves, even in a buzzcut, come out through!




23. High Fade

The high fade buzz cut may not have the length but it gets a lot of points for being stylish and low-maintenance. This fade cut is one of the most practical hairstyles for men.




24. Nike logo 

When writing about the most popular Drake hairstyles, nobody would be able to forget to add the Nike logo braid the rapper got some months back! Some people even started to take inspiration to get company logos too!



25. Long twisted braids

The long twisted braids get us fans to look at Drake in a different light. They change up his whole look but only for the better!



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