Strawberry Blonde Hair

55 Gorgeous Strawberry Blonde Haircuts For 2024

Vallika Shukla

Updated At  15 Jan 24


Looking to add some spice to your look with a new hair color? We have just the thing you are looking for. Strawberry blonde hair is a beautiful and unique hair color that combines the softness of blonde with the warmth of red.


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It is a color that is often associated with youthfulness, playfulness, and a free-spirited nature. If you are considering changing your hair colour or simply want to learn more about this captivating shade, then this blog post is for you! You will discover the many reasons why strawberry blonde hair is worth embracing, from its versatility to its ability to brighten your overall appearance. Get ready to fall in love with the enchanting world of strawberry blonde hair!



55 Best Strawberry Blonde Haircuts




1. New Strawberry Long Haircut

A strawberry blonde long haircut adds a unique hair color touch that complements any girl or woman's hairstyle, leaving them with a happy face and a vibrant, head-turning look.




2. Strawberry Shoulder Length Haircut

The strawberry shoulder-length haircut showcases a unique hair color, perfectly complemented by a bold red lipstick. This medium-length style exudes charm and sophistication, making it a confident choice for those seeking a striking and distinctive look.


light strawberry blonde


3. Light Strawberry Blonde

Do you wish you had a bright, new look? The light strawberry blonde hair for ladies is the only option! For those who wish to give their hair a hint of refinement and coziness, this gorgeous color is ideal. The light strawberry blonde is perfect for those who already have blonde hair colour or for those who are preferring to get their hair bleached as the light strawberry blonde hair colour will be more evident then and will definitely level up your hair game.

Classic Strawberry Blonde Hair

4. Classic Strawberry Blonde

Classic Strawberry Blonde hair is one of the most popular and trendy hair colours out there. The classic strawberry blonde hair color includes perfect combination of blonde hair color and the warmth of the classic red hair color. The classic strawberry blonde hair colour adds warmth and lusciousness to your hair with its perfect hues.


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5. Voluminous Strawberry Blonde Hair

Here is another perfect hair color option for you- the voluminous strawberry blonde hair color. The capacity of strawberry blonde hair to make your entire face glow is one of its greatest features. This color's warm undertones may quickly lighten your skin tone and give you a dazzling, healthy glow. Additionally, it can provide the appearance of thicker, fuller hair, giving your strands more body and volume.


medium strawberry blonde hair


6. Medium Strawberry Blonde

If you have medium length hair and are looking for something that does not require a lot of planning to go with then, you should absolutely consider the strawberry blonde hair color. From subtle and pretty strawberry blonde tones to stronger and more vivid tones, there are many hues to select from.

strawberry blonde money piece


7. Blonde Money Piece

Strawberry blonde money piece is yet another trending, stylish and low commitment option to think about. Maintaining strawberry blonde money piece is also a breeze. With regular touch-ups, you can enjoy your gorgeous color for weeks on end. To keep your locks looking vibrant and healthy, make sure to use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and protect your hair from heat styling tools and excessive sun exposure.

retro natural strawberry blonde


8. Retro Blonde Hair

Accept the timeless charm of the retro hair with strawberry blonde hair colour, and draw attention everywhere you go. This hue will give you a confident, amazing vibe, whether you're wearing it to a big occasion or just want to spice up your regular outfit. With strawberry blonde hair's ageless charm, be ready to dazzle! If you are looking for inspiration for small to medium hair, then one must check out Lisa Rinna hairstyles as she gives ample inspiration for blonde cuts, layered hair and many more trending hairstyles.


natural strawberry blonde hair


9. Strawberry Blonde Long Haircut

Natural strawberry blonde hair is a soft and creamy hair color option for women and is sometimes also called red blonde hair colour. Red and blonde tones are combined to create a stunning and realistic-looking blend known as strawberry blonde hair color. For women of all ages and skin tones, they are an adaptable option because they can be tailored to match your unique style and hair color.


straight bob strawberry blonde hair


10. Strawberry Blonde Bob

Applying strawberry blonde color to hair of any length or texture is one of their best features. These highlights will instantly improve your appearance, regardless of whether you have long, flowing hair or a stylish pixie cut. Which is why, this red blonde hair color is looks perfect on a straight bob no matter if its shoulder length or a little shorter.

strawberry blonde with chocolate brown hair


11. Chocolate Brown Hair

Do you feel ready to give your hair a splash of color? If you're looking for strawberry blonde with chocolate brown hair, look no further because we're going to talk about their fabulousness! These gorgeous hair color combos are the ideal method to give your hair some warmth and brightness. If you have natural chocolate brown hair then this will be the best option for you to go for.


strawberry blonde balayage


12. Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Strawberry blonde balayage is again a low commitment, trendy and classy hair color option to consider as it will require coloring half or lower part of your hair as per your preference. It is advised to speak with a licensed hairstylist in order to obtain the ideal strawberry blonde highlights. They are going to be able to evaluate the color of your hair as it is right now and figure out the best way to get the desired effect.


strawberry blonde and red highlights


13. Red Highlights

The strawberry blonde with red balayage or red highlights goes well with a variety of complexion tones and hair types because strawberry blonde is a versatile tint. The strawberry blonde hair with highlights will actually highlight your greatest features and accentuate your inherent attractiveness, whether you have fair or medium-toned skin. That is an elegant option that is always in trend!

strawberry blonde ombre


14. Short Blonde Ombre

Strawberry blonde ombre requires mixing of two or more shades as per your preference to create an ombre or seamless effect in your hair. It will require more than just blonde and red hair color to create an ombre effect as the blonde and red hair colour will only be essential to create the strawberry blonde color. You may opt for brown, or any other hair color of your choice to get the perfect short ombre hairstyle.


golden strawberry blonde hair

15. Golden Strawberry

Do you wish you looked younger and more vibrant? There is only one hair color option to consider: the golden strawberry blonde for women! When it comes to adding a bit of refinement and youth to your hair, this gorgeous color is an excellent option.


strawberry blonde with flicks


16. Layered Cut

Are you looking for some changes in your haircut and hair color? Then, this blonde layered haircut is just the thing you are looking for. Getting strawberry blond hair with flicks will bring about an entire change in your appearance. Flicks go perfect with any haircut and so does the strawberry blond hair color.

long dark strawberry blonde


17. Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair

Dark Strawberry blonde hair are the way to go if you're prepared to turn heads with a gorgeous new hairstyle. If you have naturally long hair or are planning to get hair extensions then the strawberry blonde hair color will go amazingly well. Get ready to rock those stunning, sun-kissed strands and embrace your inner redhead!

warm strawberry blonde


18. Warm Hair Color

Warm strawberry blonde hair color is yet another versatile option to go for. The adaptability of strawberry blonde is just another reason to like it. It may be altered to reflect your own tastes and style. Your hairdresser can create the ideal balance of blonde and red hair for you, whether you want to go for a more understated style or a bolder one.

dark strawberry blonde


19. Darker Shade

One of the best thing about the strawberry blonde hair color is that a variety of hues are available, ranging from delicate and gentle strawberry blonde tones to brighter and more colorful tones. The darker hue of the blonde and red hair is the dark strawberry blonde which looks absolutely stunning on all hair types and lengths, thus making it a perfect and bold option to go for.

long strawberry blonde with waves


20. Long Hair With Waves

If you are a fan of wavy hair texture then you should definitely go for this long hair with strawberry blonde hair color. The perfect combination of blonde and red hair color will make you look stunning as you embrace waves in your long hair. The waves add additional texture to the hair, accentuating the hair color and making your hair look perfect at all times.

tousled dark strawberry blonde


21. Tousled Medium Cut

The tousled dark strawberry blonde hair is a low maintenance hair option to go for if you have short or medium length hair. The tousled texture goes perfect with short or medium length hair and of course the hair color is there to steal the show. The reddish blonde hair color goes perfectly with any hair type and will also suit all skin tones.

honey strawberry blonde hair


22. Honey Blonde

Honey strawberry blonde hair is a unique and stylish hair color option to consider if you want a brighter and bold look for your hair. The ability of honey blonde to give your hair depth and dimension is one of the main reasons it's so popular. Blonde and red hair tones combined produce a multifaceted effect that perfectly catches the light. It feels as though you are wearing a spotlight naturally!

pastel strawberry blonde hair


23. Pastel Shade

Pastel colors are so much in trend, and not only for clothes but for hair color choices as well. The pastel strawberry blond hair colour is so much more than just very light strawberry blonde hair color shade but also a very versatile hair color option for all occasions. A stunning and adaptable option that works well on a variety of skin tones is strawberry blonde hair color.

Curly Strawberry Blonde


24. Curly Strawberry Blonde

Women with curly hair texture often find it difficult to find a hair color that suits their curly hair as well as the length of their hair. Curly-haired women can embrace this lovely shade as it brings out the best in their textured tresses. Whether your curls are loose waves or tight coils, strawberry blonde can elevate your look by adding a touch of warmth and radiance.

red and blonde highlights


25. Red And Blonde Highlights

It's all about expressing your inner diva and sporting a look that screams femininity and confidence with red and honey blonde highlights. These highlights will quickly make your hair seem flirtatious, fantastic, and new, regardless of how long or short your hair is. So why wait, get your hair play with the beautiful red and blonde highlights.

brown and strawberry blonde balayage


26. Brown And Blonde Balayage

Brown and strawberry blonde balayage is yet another unique and creative balayage hair color choice you can go for if you are looking for a subtle option. Brown and strawberry blonde are a perfect blend for all those who are looking for a little professional look to go for as the brown colour and the strawberry blonde colour together adds a tint of sophistication and softness to your look.

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27. Shaded Balayage

Shaded strawberry blonde balayage includes two or more shades of strawberry blonde hair colour which could be lighter or darker than your original hair colour to create a shaded effect. While the hair will be coloured in the later half of the hair to create the balayage effect, you can also go for a reverse balayage where you can get the upper part of your hair coloured.




28. Wavy Shoulder Length Haircut

For women who wish their locks to make a statement, strawberry blonde hair color gives a subtle yet striking look. Wavy hair gains depth and dimension from the blend of reddish undertones and golden hues from the blonde spectrum, which accentuates its inherent attractiveness. If you have shoulder-length wavy hair then the strawberry blond hair color has to be thing you are looking for.

strawberry blonde on brown hair


29. Blonde With Brown Hair

With brown hair, the strawberry hair color looks absolutely stunning. If you want to achieve the ideal balance that complements your skin tone and personal style, try experimenting with different strawberry blonde shades. There are several alternatives to fit every taste, ranging from paler hues that tend more toward blonde to darker tones across the red spectrum.


strawberry blonde hair with bangs


30. Strawberry Bangs

Strawberry blonde is a great option if you presently have bangs or are planning to get a new haircut to add some brightness and charm. Accept this exquisite combination of red and golden tones for a captivating style that accentuates the beauty of your natural hair. You can choose to get your bangs coloured as well or for some extra drama, you can also leave your bangs without any changes.

Partial strawberyy blonde


31. Partial Hair Color

If you're looking to switch up your hair color and want something unique and eye-catching, why not try partial strawberry blonde? This stunning hair color is a mix of blonde and red tones, creating a beautiful and vibrant look that is guaranteed to turn heads. All you have to do is get half your hair coloured in strawberry blonde hair color and leave the other half unchanged or coloured with some other colour.

short strawberry blonde hair


32. Short Strawberry Blonde Hair

For those with short hair who would like to give their hair some warmth and dimension, short strawberry blonde is the ideal choice. You may create a sun-kissed, natural look that will make you feel like a goddess by blending in some light red tones with your blonde hair.

subtle strawberry blonde hair


33. Subtle Curls

To attain the ideal subtle and natural strawberry blonde appearance, seeking advice from a qualified hairdresser is highly recommended. They may assist in choosing the ideal mix of red and blonde hues to complement your particular taste and style. In order to ensure that your new hair color remains brilliant and healthy for as long as possible, they will also provide you with maintenance and care instructions.

medium strawberry blonde highlights


34. Long Highlights

Picture your hair perfectly blending into the sun-kissed radiance of a field of luscious strawberries. That is how strawberry blonde medium highlights work their magic! Your hair will appear multi-dimensional and brilliant with these gorgeous strawberry blonde highlights, making you the talk of the town.

bright strawberry blonde


35. Bright Hair Color

Here is a brighter, bolder and creamier shade of our personal favourite strawberry blonde hair color. This shade is one of the first shades that come in the mind when we talk about blonde and red hair ideas. If you are ready to go for a brighter and bold look, then this hair shade is just for you. It looks perfect on all skin tone regardless of whatever hair length you opt for.


straight strawberry blonde


36. Straight Strawberry Blonde

If you're looking for a hair color that is both trendy and flattering, give straight strawberry blonde a try. Embrace your inner confidence and let your hair make a statement wherever you go. This hair color will flatter your naturally straight hair and will also look great if you decide to straighten your hair later anytime. With this gorgeous color, you're guaranteed to feel like a true beauty queen!

Strawberry blonde with shades


37. Long Cut With Shades

What’s better than one single shade of strawberry blonde hair color? Multiple strawberry blonde hair color shade. To add up some extra spice to your hair, try going for multiple hair color. Going for different shade of the same hair colour is helpful and great in such a way that the hair color blend seamlessly to create an effortless and natural hair color.


soft strawberry blonde


38. Light Brown

A softer and light strawberry blonde hair color shade is yet another shade that is extremely popular amongst people who are not looking for a long term commitment with a stron and bold hue of any hair color. This versatile hair color looks amazing on all skin tones as it accentuates the natural skin tone and looks professional enough.

strawberry blonde on brunnette haor


39. Brunette Hair

When it comes to hair color, brunettes often choose strawberry blonde as their hue. The hair gains depth and dimension from this unusual color combination, giving it a gorgeous and striking appearance. Brunette hair on the top adds sophistication to the hair while the strawberry blonde hue will add softness and will be flattering for all.

wavy strawberry blonde highlights


40. Wavy Strawberry Blonde Highlights

If you are just looking to add a little bit of colour to your hair then you can also go for the strawberry blonde highlights for your hair. To achieve the strawberry blonde on brunette look, it is important to choose the right shade of strawberry blonde that complements your natural hair color. With wavy hair texture the highlights are even more visible as it accentuates the hair color.

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strawberry blonde highlights


41. Highlights For Medium Length

Highlights added to strawberry blonde hair can be altered to fit your own preferences and style. Ask your hairstylist to create a striking combination that will turn attention everywhere you go if you're feeling daring. On the other hand, choose a softer shade that can easily mix in with your foundation color if you like a more understated and organic effect.


strawberry blonde with layers


42. New Haircut With Layers

With layers in your haircut, you need not worry to find the right hair color for you as we have it covered here. You can get your hair coloured using various techniques such as balayage, highlights, or a full color application. The goal is to create a seamless blend between strawberry blonde tones along the layers resulting in a natural and multi-dimensional look.

strawberry blonde highlights on brown hair


43. Highlights On Brown Hair

Strawberry blonde highlights on brown hair is yet another popular choice and many celebrities have got it done as well. The process typically involves lightening some strands of brown hair to create a base for the strawberry blonde color. This may require multiple sessions, especially if your hair is naturally dark but the result will be an amazing blend of brown and strawberry blonde hair.

strawberry blonde bob


44. Blonde Updo

We have combined a hairstyle and hair color option right here for you. The strawberry blonde updo requires your hair to be coloured in such a way that red underneath blonde hair is visible and the hair colour is evident even when your hair are tied up in an updo. However, you get your entire hair coloured then you obviously need not to worry as the hair colour will be visible anyhow.

short messy strawberry blonde hair color


45. Messy Short Hair

Yet another classy and low maintenance option is the short messy strawberry blonde hair. These strawberry blonde hair color will make you look better right away, regardless of whether you have long, flowing hair or a short or even a buzz cut. Additionally, you can carefully arrange them to draw attention to the best aspects of your face and give your hair more depth and dimension.


blonde hair with red highlights


46. With Ash Highlights

Strawberry blonde with ash highlights is a beautiful and versatile option for women looking to enhance the strawberry blonde hair color. By consulting with a professional and following proper hair care maintenance, you can achieve a stunning and flattering look that showcases your individual style.

strawberry Blonde Medium Highlights


47. Blonde Medium Highlights

Are you prepared to step it up with your hair? Prepare to be enamored with the stunning and really charming strawberry blonde medium highlights! For all the gorgeous women out there who want to give their mane a little whimsical flair, this gorgeous hairstyle is ideal.

Strawberry Copper Blonde


48. Strawberry Copper Blonde

For ladies who seek a distinctive and colorful style, strawberry copper blonde colored hair are a great option. Warm, reddish-blonde hair combined with the right, striking copper tone makes for a striking mix that will make you stand out in any gathering.

Half-and-half strawberry blonde long


49. Half-And-Half Cut

Another unique hair color option is the half-and-half long strawberry blonde hair. This hair color is not only stunning, but it also has the ability to increase your self-esteem and make you feel amazing. Envision entering a room where everyone is staring at your gorgeous, lustrous hair. It's the ideal method to stand out and demonstrate your uniqueness.



50. Unique Cut With Shadow Roots

When it comes to maintaining and styling your strawberry blonde color hair, there are plenty of options. You can choose to enhance the color with highlights or lowlights, add dimension with balayage or ombre techniques, or keep it simple and let the color shine on its own. And if you are looking for something even better then you can also opt for shadow roots with your strawberry blonde hair.

Strawberry Blonde With Pink Highlights


51. Pink Highlights

Strawberry blonde hair with pink highlights is the way to go if you're prepared to embrace your inner goddess and step out of your comfort zone when it comes to hair color. Get ready to steal the show, win people over, and feel like the amazing, self-assured lady that you really are. Allow your hair to be the focal point and showcase your exquisite beauty to the world!


Copper With Strawberry Blonde Money Piece


52. Blonde Money Piece

Strawberry blonde looks good not only as regular highlights or ombre but also when they are added to the hair as money pieces. Money pieces are the front strands of the hair when they are in different hair color than the rest of the hair. With the perfect combination of copper color in the rest of the hair and strawberry hair color in the front, you are sure to rock!

Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Short Hair


53. Highlights On Short Hair

Turn attention everywhere you go by embracing the timeless beauty of strawberry blonde highlights. This colour will boost your confidence and make you feel amazing, whether you're wearing it for a big occasion or just want to liven up your regular outfit. The classic beauty of strawberry blonde hair will make you sparkle!

creamy strawberry blonde hair


54. Creamy Strawberry Blonde Hair

Not only does creamy strawberry blonde look amazing, but it also has the power to boost your confidence and uplift your mood. Just a glimpse of yourself in the mirror with this breathtaking color will make you feel like you can conquer the world. It's like having a constant reminder of how beautiful and powerful you truly are.

Strawberry Blonde For Thin Hair


55. Strawberry Blonde For Thin Hair

Wondering why strawberry blonde will be the right option for thin hair? The capacity of strawberry blonde hair to accentuate your facial features is one of its greatest features. This color's warm undertones may quickly brighten your skin tone and give you a vibrant, healthy shine. Furthermore, it can provide the appearance of larger, thicker hair, giving your locks more body and volume.


Strawberry Blonde On Red Hair


56. Red Hair

Walk into a room with your luscious strawberry blonde on red hair cascading down your shoulders, turning heads and capturing attention wherever you go. This color combination is pure magic and will bring out the best in your features, whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin tone.

Light Wavy Strawberry Blonde


57. Light Waves

With the light wavy strawberry blonde, get ready to elevate your hair game. Wavy and light strawberry blonde's flexibility is what makes it so beautiful. You may express your own style and embrace your originality by customizing this hue to fit your tastes. This hair color may give you a stronger, more brilliant appearance or a more subdued, delicate one.