25 Stunning Taraji Henson Hairstyles - 2023

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  14 Mar 23

Taraji Penda Henson is an American actress and singer. She amazes people with her hairstyle. She considered herself a hairstyle and haircut chameleon. She has tried from long hair to short hair hairstyles. More than her body language her hairstyle speaks the most. Let's see few of the top Taraji Henson hairstyles which include all the popular ones like bangs, bob cut, curls and many more popular celebrity haircuts



25 Best Taraji Henson's Hairstyles



1. Feathered Bob With Curls

This Taraji P Henson's hairstyle gives her a messy cut look. This can give you a stylish and cute look if you have a round face like her. People with short hair can give it a try as well. If you are looking for inspiration for Taraji P Henson short hair then this is an excellent option. 

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2. Uneven Waves For Medium Hair

One of the best Taraji Henson hairstyles, this works really well for medium hair. All you want to do is have an uneven cut and make your hair curl. If you have a wide forehead just leave a fringe in the front which covers your forehead half. This hairstyle will give a perfect look if wear a gown with a full sleeve or a gown without a sleeve.



3. Bob With A Razor At The Ends

This Taraji Henson haircut is a feathered bob with front fringes and razor sharp feathery ends at the back. Usually, razor ends are suitable for thin hair. This haircut gives you a fantastic look. Just add the relevant accessories and you are all set. One of the best Taraji P Henson bob hairstyles, this hairstyle with sharp ends looks unique and can transform your look completely.

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4. Feather Cut With Curl Bangs At The End

This Taraji henson hairstyle is suitable for medium hair and long hair. All you want to do is just straighten your hair and have feather curl bangs at the end. This style gives you a professional look. This is the most famous hairstyle among people and celebrities. 

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5. Short Straight Cut With Front Fringes

This Taraji henson haircut is suitable for people with straight and short hair. If you like to cover your forehead with eyebrows, I am sure this will give you a bouncy look. If you go on a walk on a windy day, imagine! how beautiful your hair will be!

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6. Taraji Henson Feather Cut

This Taraji Henson haircut is works really well for short to medium length hair. These one sided curls will give you a bit of volume hair look. Just swirl your hair from cheek to the chin. This style will be good at parties, special occasions, and for hangout with friends.



7. The Bushy Garden

This style is rarely used by people. This hairstyle shows that the person will be extremely stylish. However, you can have this hairstyle if you like. Usually, singers, rockstars, and popstars will have this hairstyle. If you have straight hair please get help from your hairstylist.



8. Taraji Henson Braided Bun

If you are a person with straight hair. Here is an amazing hairstyle for you. Just cover your forehead using your hair, and have a bun at the top of your head. Let your bun get surrounded by two braids. That's it, if you wish you can place tiny flowers on your braids that match your dress color.




9. Long And Wavy Ponytail

Are you the person with extremely long hair? just make your hair wavy with the help of your hairstylist. Put lower ponytail. This Taraji Henson haircut will be suitable for all dresses and all occasions. This is the most simple and carefree hairstyle. It consumes less time to get ready. Similar to this Taraji Henson hairsut, one must also check out Demi Lovato haircut wherein she is showcasing her long straight black hairstyle.



10. The Inward Waves

This style is suitable for people with long hair. Just have inward curls with your bangs from your cheeks to the end of your hair. If you are wearing a short skirt for this hairstyle it will make you look like a pretty doll.



11. Taraji Henson High Ponytail

This famous Taraji henson haircut to date is nothing but the high ponytail. This hairstyle will make you look and feel like a queen of a dynasty. It is called all in one because you can wear it on any occasion. Whether you are working or going to school. This suits all types of faces.



 12. Equal Front Fringe With Wavy Hair

This haircut will take off 10 years from your age. This baby doll's equal front fringes will give it a younger look. And the wavy hair always gives you an elegant look. Whether you have long or short hair this will be the best hairstyle to look younger.



13. The Flying Feathers

These flying feathers from near your eye to your neck give you a free ladybird look. If you are a sports person but you want to look fashionable, just try this. After having this, if you run just imagine how gorgeous you will be!



14. The Extreme Curly Bunch

If you want to hide your ears and shoulders completely, just try this hairstyle. Please try this hairstyle with the help of your hairstylist. This hairstyle is suitable for a person with a round face. This hairstyle can be done if you are performing in a concert.



15. Completely Short Curled

This hairstyle is a complicated one! please get this hairstyle with the help of your hairstylist. Make your hair completely curled. If you are a person with thick and short hair just give it a try.



16. Taraji Henson Bob Haircut

If you are looking for a new and modern haircut, then one can definitely try the Taraji Henson Bob Haircut. This haircut is suitable for people with short hair or fine hair. Not much maintenance is required for this hairstyle. Make sure those feathers point outward to give you a completely messy look.



17. The Mermaid Look

If you wear a full gown just give it a try. Have a medium sized bun at the top of your head and put 5 to 6 tiny braids at the side of your head and leave the rest wavy. This will give you a mermaid look.



18. Taraji P Henson Uneven Bob

This hairstyle is similar to the feathered bob but making it uneven gives you an exotic look. Let the right fringe cover your face by pointing outward and the left fringe covers you under the chin by pointing inward.

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19. Both Sides Shaved

 If you want extremely short hair, then go with this style. Get both sides shaved and leave the center curled. This is a carefree haircut where the shaved parts take more time to grow. This hairstyle will save you time.



20. Half Curled And Half Straight

This Taraji P Henson haircut is a curled lower ponytail. Make your hair straight below the band and completely curled after the band. You can try it at home if you can make curls at home. This hairstyle can be used when you wear a shirt and jeans.



21. Taraji P Henson Bob Haircut

If you want to be a queen without placing a crown on your head just give it a try. This Taraji Henson Bob Haircut will make you look superior in your gatherings. Even though this hairstyle is meant for short hair you can make this hairstyle in any event and any costume.



22. Taraji Henson Straight Hair With Front Fringes

These front fringes with straight hair touch the shoulder will give an extraordinary look to your round face. If you wear spectacles for this hairstyle it will give you an excellent look and it will remind you of one of the cartoon characters in scooby doo.



23. Outwardly Bent Wavy Hair

This is the most common hairstyle among people and celebrities. This is also a multipurpose hairstyle. This hairstyle can be easily made if you have curl bangs at home. This hairstyle will give you a fancy look on your face.



24. Completely Braided Hair With Two Plaits

This Taraji P Henson hairstyle is a difficult one! you should have more patience to get this hairstyle. You need your stylist's help to get this hairstyle. You put this hairstyle when you hang out with friends and family.



25. Taraji Henson Braided Hairstyle

Split your hair into more compartments and start making curls. Braid and band it wherever you want. Yes, it is a time consuming hairstyle for a person with straight hair. If you have curly hair in nature just go with this hairstyle to get a trendy look. You can apply your favorite color dye to your hair if you wish to do so.