51 Most Popular Dove Tattoo Designs - 2023

Shivangi Chatterjee

Updated At  15 Jul 23


There are oceans of choices when it comes to getting a tattoo. One of the types of tattoos that are quite loved is symbols or objects inked, that have deeper meanings. One of these is the dove tattoo design.

If you have already selected dove to be your ideal tattoo design, there are plenty of options in art and styles. It is also common to have a pair of doves which is a universal sign of love. Tattoos have taken over the art industry and these symbols inked in one’s body stay forever, making it a permanent body art. Here is a list of the 51 best dove tattoo ideas to choose from!


51 Best Dove Tattoo Designs




1. Feather Dove Tattoo

The feather dove tattoo is one of the most artistic tattoo ideas tried by youngsters these days. It is an eye catchy design, especially suited for women because of their feminine attributes.



2. Dove And Dandelion Tattoo

A dandelion fading away to become a dove is imagery for the transformation of peace, as both elements are symbols of calm and simplicity. This dove tattoo can symbolise a fresh start.



3. Dove With a Lock And Key

A lock and key tattoo with two doves carrying a lock and a key can be quite creative. A dove tattoo usually symbolises purity and a pair of doves is the universal sign of love.



4. Dove and Olive Tattoo Ideas

Dove carrying an olive is an ideal tattoo for females for this artistry is interpreted as a bird bringing love. The olives represent peace. A hint of colour in this dove tattoo would do wonders! One of the best small tattoos, Dove tattoos look stunning and can be a gamechanger.




5. Vintage Dove Tattoo

For men, the vintage dove tattoo is an ideal choice. The tattoo is a representation of the peace that love brings, something that everyone wishes to have.



6. Anchor and Dove Design

Doves are always seen as peaceful and calm creatures. But when you opt for the doves along with the anchor, it is to have a certain hope that the almighty would help in resolving your struggles.



7. Small Flying Doves

This is the most common design of dove tattoos seen in today’s era. Even celebrities like Demi Lovato have this adorable dove tattoo engraved on their left hand. It is quite eye-catchy! Do check out Demi Lovato tattoos as we cover all her 25 tattoos including the most popular dove tattoo.




8. Glittered Dove Design

If you want to add some glimmer to the otherwise simple and minimal dove tattoo ideas, this is your sign to opt for glitter borders for it. It will add the much-needed glitz to make your tattoo stand out.




9. Doves On Your Foot

Dove is associated with bestowing Noah with a fresh life. Engraving the bird on your feet would be an indication of adventures, travel and faith for a better life. 




10. Feminine Dove Patterns

If you are to opt for a designer dove tattoo which is minimal, budget-friendly as well as quite elegant, a patterned tattoo would be your correct choice! Opt for a medium-size for prominence.




11. A Colourful Dove Design

Some soothing colours added to the tattoo would only enhance its look of it. It would be eye-catching, and since it is a dove, it is sure to be sober and represent warmth!




12. Abstract Dove As A Tattoo

An abstract dove tattoo can be quite an art, best drawn by a skilled artist. It can be as symbolic as a prominent dove tattoo, but more beautiful and leaves room for interpretation. Also check out our guide to find 55 best wedding ring tattoos which have been trendsetters!




13. Dove With a Rose

According to some mythology, Americans believe that the dead takes the form of a dove as a sign of purity. A rose dove tattoo meanings can vary, but mostly it is to show gratitude to the dead.



14. Dove Followed By Letters

An image of a dove followed by some letters or words can be representative of a thought, or a person extremely close to you. This is one of the tattoos loved in ancient times for its culture. Do check out our guide to find the best moon tattoos as we list 50+ stunning designs which have been trending this year.




15. Two Doves Inked On The Wrists

Two doves are a universal sign of romance and love. Dove on the wrists can be a perfect place if you are a hopeless romantic or want to dedicate the tattoo to your partner!



16. Dove Along With a Cross Symbol

The cross between a dove and a cross symbol a tattoo is the perfect mix of freedom and religion. It can be opted as a large tattoo, symbolising eternal peace and faith.



17. A Small Dove Tattoo Outline

A minimalist outline dove tattoo is very chic, most preferred by women. They are neater than larger ones, and complement just any skin tone! Opt for a little light shading with a dark outline.



18. A Traditional Dove Design

Traditional dove image inked shows many stories and history related to the doves, especially in mythology. They are often red and black in colour and can be placed under your collarbone.



19. Dove And A Heart

A dove forming a heart with its wings is a creative tattoo you can opt for. Doves are known for peace and to pair it with a heart shows your faith that love brings peace! If you are looking for more inspiration, do make sure to check out Kylie Jenner heart tattoo as she has a heart tattoo on her upper left arm which looks stunning.




20. Dove And Grenades

A dove shown paired with grenades for a tattoo is a witty take on the usual dove carrying olive imagery. It would show your sarcastic stance or your individual take on any situation.



21. Dove Paired With A Cage

Doves represent the spirit of freedom and free will. If you opt for a dove coming out of a cage, it would show breaking barriers to fly high. The cage can be a representation of a job, relationship, situation, etc.



22. Skull And Dove Tattoo

Skulls have been associated with death, mortality, etc. Pairing a dove with a skull can represent the passing away of someone. Doves can be a representation of life as well, showing life and death in one tattoo.



23. Raven And Dove For A Tattoo

Just like the Chinese Yin Yang, the raven and dove represent two sides of the earth- the violent and the calm, the good and the bad. You might even replace the raven with a crow.



24. Dove Along With Hebrew Script Tattoo

Pairing dove with a language script, like the Hebrew script here, can be a representation of a person’s deep-rooted love for his language. It gives a traditional touch to a dove tattoo.



25. Flying Dove On The Back

Flying doves, just like eagles, can be the symbol of flying free from all the bondages and barriers that life chains us with. The upper back is an ideal place if you like to keep your tattoos to yourself.



26. Memorial Dove Tattoo

A memorial dove tattoo is sacred and precious as it depicts the passing away of someone and your hope for their soul to attain peace. These tattoos are simple and quite meaningful!



27. Quotes Along With a Dove

Quotes and doves opt together quite commonly these days. Make sure the quote makes sense a few years down the lane and you are good to go! Do check out our guide to find the best disney tattoos as we list 25 stunning ones which have been trending this year!




28. Doves Inked With a Bunch Of Keys

Doves shown carrying a bunch of keys is a unique tattoo idea, drawn often in the memory of someone. These dove tattoo meanings can be that they have fastened some memories in your heart.




29. Bible Verse Engraved With Doves

Bible verses are precious preaching for the followers of Christianity. Pairing the verses with doves can be signs of respect and calm that they bring to what you believe.



30. Dove Tattoo On The Inner Wrist

Inner wrist tattoos are better if minimalistic or just an outline. They are quite feminine if paired with some flowers. Dove's inner wrist tattoos are aesthetically quite rich.



31. Dove Carrying a Vine

This tattoo is a variation of the usual dove carrying an olive. The vine represents survival and the ability to grow in difficult situations. Paired with doves, it shows strength in the struggle.



32. A White Dove Design

If tattoos are meant to be small and minimalistic, yet have some meaning, the white dove design can do the work for you. It represents serenity and expresses your chapter on your terms.



33. A Shoulder Dove Ink

If you are looking for tattoo ideas to cover up your entire shoulder or make a noteworthy big tattoo, a dove design can be a unique choice. The free-spirited bird would make some heads turn for sure.



34. Praying Hands and Doves

A depiction of praying hands paired with a dove is definitely a religious take. It shows the sincerity in prayers and the peace it brings through the doves in the tattoo. Do check out our guide to find the best good luck tattoos as we list 25+ stunning tattoo designs trending this year.




35. Watercolour Doves

Colourful tattoos are not that common, let alone watercolour ones. To add loads of colour to your dove tattoo would have a variety of dove tattoos meaning colour and joy added to life.



36. Dove With A Rare Language

If you want a dove tattoo with a quote that shouldn’t be easily readable, or has a secret quote, opting for a rare language can add both mystery and beauty to your tattoo.



37. An Arrow Being Carried By A Dove

An arrow is a symbol of a direction, probably unidirectional progress of growth and peace that you are aiming to achieve in life. This dove tattoo's meaning is deeper than one might consider.



38. Patterned Dove Tattoo

When a dove tattoo is paired with patterns or geometry, it only amplifies the beauty. They are a delight to watch, and can instantly bring calm to the one getting it inked.



39. Sunset And Dove

A sunset is a representation of the end of the day, and a dove is a symbol of calmness. The dove tattoo together can mean the end of a day or a struggle to bring peace to a man. Similar to dove tattoos, rabbit tattoos also look amazing as well.



40. Portraits And Dove Imagery

To ink, a portrait of someone you love along with a dove shows the person’s journey to the heavenly abode. The tattoo is more of a remembrance of someone lost to death.



41. Ornate Dove Imagery Inked

If you are in the mood for something fun yet peaceful, you may want to give a dove tattoo with ornate imagery a try! It would add a touch of drama to the otherwise warm design.



42. Peace Sign Along With a Dove

The peace sign is a global favourite when it comes to tattoos. Pairing a dove with the peace sign would only enhance its meaning of it and bring serenity to your mind once inked.




43. Behind-the-ear Tattoo

A simple and small outline of the dove just behind the ears is a perfect spot if you don’t wish the tattoo to be too visible or too big. This dove tattoo is chic, small and stylish!




44. Darkened Dove Imagery

If you are one of those who do not like tattoos to be too clean or neat, this blackened version of a dove might give you the correct feel! It is quite in contrast to the traditional dove designs.



45.   Matching Dove Tattoos

Since doves are considered to be a sign of love, peace and freedom, getting matching dove tattoos with your partner can be your next step towards commitment. They are adorable to look at!



46.   Artwork Dove Tattoos

You can turn a simple dove tattoo into a work of art by adding in some colourful details or pairing them with flowers to enhance their aesthetics. It works best for females!



47.   A Rainbow-coloured Dove

Dove is usually seen in white or sombre colours because of the innocence and calm it is supposed to give. To add rainbow colours to it is to give a tint of playfulness to an otherwise calm life.



48.   A Detailed Dove Design

A dove tattoo with lots of details can make the place look busy. If that is your goal, this tattoo can be your ideal choice. The details would not let you have one dull moment after getting it inked.



49.   An Illuminati Sign With a Dove

A dove shows peace whereas Illuminati followers are staunch believers in power and strength. Together these attributes account for the greatest needs of a man’s life!



50. A Dove Tattoo On The Hand

If your mood is to go for a hand tattoo, doves can still be a good choice. Make sure the design you choose is well thought off since it would be visible no matter what you wear or do.



51. A Chest Dove Tattoo

Going in for a big tattoo? You can opt for a big dove design with its wings spread on both sides of your chest to focus on the magnanimity as well as show your devotion to attain peace!