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25 Stunning Kim Kardashian Makeup Looks


Updated At  06 Dec 22


Kim Kardashian has been known for her fabulous styling and makeup looks since the very beginning. With more than 300 million followers on Instagram, Kim K has always inspired people with her bold looks. Kim Kardashian started appearing in the reality TV show- Keeping Up With The Kardashians along with her sisters in 2007 and gained worldwide popularity. Kim Kardashian is also a well-known businesswoman. She founded KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance in 2017. Skims, a shapewear company founded by Kim Kardashian, was launched later in 2019. Kim has also been mentioned in the “100 most Influential people” released by the Times Magazine. Kim has always experimented with her celebrity makeup looks and her cosmetic brand has also famous for launching not-so-common shades. Here are 25 stunning Kim Kardashian makeup looks that you will want to see.


25 Best Kim Kardashian Makeup Looks




1. The Dramatic Look

Kim Kardashian decided to let her eyes do the talking in the new photo shoot for her KKW beauty brand. This drama eye makeup has perfectly winged eyeliner both towards the end and the base of the eyes. This Kim K makeup look draws all attention to the eyes and for this purpose, Kim K opted for the same nude colour for her eyeshadow as her lip colour. The contouring makes the nose appear slightly sharper than it is and also highlights her cheekbones.




2. The “Oh, So Shiny” Look

Kim Kardashian opted for an all-shimmery look for the 2019 Met Gala event. From the dress to the makeup, everything just keeps on adding to her shiny looks. This Kim Kardashian makeup look was much appreciated by her fans on social media. Kim gave her lips a glossy nude look and applied a highlighter completely on the centre of her nose, cheekbone, and around the eyebrows. Glitter has been added in the centre of the eyelids. The eye colour as well as the lip colour and the blush is similar to the colour of her Met Gala special outfit.




3. Toasty Brown Look

The toasty brown lip shade was unveiled by KKW Beauty in the year 2021. This Kim Kardashian makeup look is perfect for a dusky skin tone. Kim opted for a nude pink shade for eyeshadow and a ‘toasty brown’ lip lacquer for her lips. Kim kept her eye makeup pretty simple with just the eyeshadow and volumizing mascara. The same shade as her eyeshadow is used as the shade for her blush which gives a very natural look to her face.




4. The All-Black Look

Apart from the extra large braid hanging to the side, the next thing that grabs our attention is her makeup. This Kim K makeup look accentuates her features and is a perfect match with her slick braid and sleeveless outfit. The long-winged bold eyeliner look seems Kim’s favourite and is a perfect match for her eye colour as well. Kim is well known for starting the culture of nude lipsticks and she can be seen carrying the same here. 




5. All About Contouring

This Kim Kardashian makeup looks proves that the right contouring can change the entire game. Kim has gone for a very basic look ad has contoured her cheekbone, jawline, and nose very prominently. On the cheekbone been used a significant amount of highlighter as well, which accentuates her facial structure overall. Perfectly shaped eyebrows are paired with just the mascara and a sleek ponytail. 




6. The Pink Lips

Pink Lips have been in the trend forever and Kim K has won this trend. Other Kim Kardashian makeup looks involve nude pink lip colours but this shade of pink is different from what Kim usually wears which is paired with a gold lip ring. Kim has also applied a light pink shade of eyeshadow on her eyelids and has otherwise allowed her natural eyes to take control. Glitter highlighting is also visible towards the base of the eyes.




7. The Bronze Makeup

Kim Kardashian has been seen experimenting with her lip shades a lot of times but in recent years she seems to have opted for natural shades more. This Kim Kardashian makeup look has just an extra touch of bronze to it. Kim has opted for a bronze lip colour and a light shade of the same colour for her eyeshadow. Her eyebrow is shaped to give a round arch effect. Kim’s hair has the “just out of the shower” style to them which goes completely with this Kim K makeup look.




8. The Blue Eyeshadow Look

This Kim Kardashian makeup look is everybody’s go-to look. Kim has had blue eyeshadow applied to her eyes by the stylist. She also has some eyeliner and fake lashes on which is adding immense depth to her perfect eyes. This eye makeup is paired with the perfect nude lip shade. Her cheekbone and jawline contouring is adding to the look to give her that sculpted look.




9. White Eye Look

Kim Kardashian’s fans are always left impressed with every new picture posted by Kim Kardashian. Kim’s white eye makeup stole her fan’s hearts as she posted this picture from within her vanity. To pair with the white outfit she had to wear at the event, Kim has the same eyeshadow shade as that of her outfit. This Kim Kardashian makeup look follows the cut crease eye makeup with perfectly shade eyeliner and heavy mascara. Adding 5 stars to this makeup are her beautiful curls and her nude lips.




10. The Red Lips

Rarely have we spotted Kim Kardashian with such bright lip colours but whenever we did, it was just perfect. Kim Kardashian has a very bright and pretty red colour on it. This red colour is stealing the show. Paired with basic winged eyeliner and thin brows, this red lips Kim K makeup look was opted for by her for an award function. Young Kim sure did some makeup mistakes but the red lipstick was not one of them. This is one of those makeup looks that gives her a very pretty and amazing aura.




11. The Nude Brown Look

Kim Kardashian opted for an entirely brown look to promote her SKIMS bodysuits. Kim wore a brown bodysuit with faux leather pants. Kim is wearing nude lipstick along with nude eyeshadow colour and has allowed her brown tresses to be free. Nude makeup can be really beautiful and flattering on anyone - it's perfect for those who want to add some extra oomph to their look without going too far.




12. Smokey Eye Makeup

Kim Kardashian’s eyes are looking stunning in this smokey eye makeup. Smokey eye makeup is perfect for every eye shape but is a little difficult to master. This eye makeup goes perfectly with light colour lipsticks as the eyes are already doing the job. This Kim Kardashian makeup look is perfect for all occasions. For some extra drama, apply false lashes and finish off with some mascara!




13. Kris-Inspired Makeup

As the fans said Kim Kardashian's makeup looks a little more inspired by her mother Kris Jenner as it makes Kim appears a little more like her mother. Kim is wearing wine-coloured lipstick which looks nice on her. Her eyebrows are in a slightly round arch and do not match her recent eyebrow styles as she is preferring her eyebrows a little thick these days. Her eyes have very little makeup on but her entire look is killer and we also have our mouths wide open just like Ye.




14. The X Man Mystique Look

Kim Kardashian always does something new on Halloween. This Halloween 2022, Kim Kardashian got dressed up as X- Man’s mystique. She wore a matching catsuit and makeup. The makeup and dress were inspired by Mystique and Kim has her face painted blue for the same. Not just the blue face paint but also the yellow contacts ad slicked-back red hair were done to match and achieve the Mystique look.




15. The Nude Pink Look

This is one of the basic Kim Kardashian makeup looks and is perfect to wear daily. This look is very subtle and also does not require a lot of products. Kim is wearing the same shade of eyeshadow as her lipstick. If you do not have a similar shade of eyeshadow present with you, you can also apply the lipstick to your eyes to have a similar effect. However, due to the light nude shade of lip colour and eye work, her highlighting is appearing very prominent.




16. Young Kim Makeup Look

As Kim turned 42 this year, she has very well understood the makeup look that suits her face type, her skin tone, and accentuates her features. Young Kim has done quite a few horrible mistakes while choosing lip shades and also while pairing them with her outfits. Kim here looks pretty anyways, wearing a pale colour lipstick and having very elusive eye makeup on. As was popular in the early 2000s and 2010s, Kim has her eyebrows shaped thin and in a slight arch.




17. Mininal Makeup Look

Kim Kardashian recently posted a very empowering and beautiful selfie of her social media handles. Kim Kardashian is wearing a pink lip gloss and highlighter near her cupid’s bow. She has also applied a highlighter on the tip of her nose and at the tips of her eyebrow. This No Makeup Makeup look is everybody’s favourite as it is very efficient and requires very less practice.




18. Thick Brows Look

Kim Kardashian let her brows and lashes do the talking for this makeup look. Kim has her eyebrows styled a little thick than she usually does. It is the lashes on the lower eyelid that is grabbing everybody’s attention more than the fake eyelashes on the top lids. The lower lashes have been styled using a good amount of mascara and very subtle eyeliner has also been applied to the base of the eyes which gives her eyes immense depth and also makes her eyes appear bigger than usual.




19. Classy Nude Look

Kim Kardashian looks extremely classy and smart in this nude makeup look. The shade of her lipstick almost matches the colour of her face. The eyes also have the same nude shade makeup done. The eyeshadow is so subtle that is hardly visible and her eyebrows give her face the perfect look. Combined, these small details make Kim's makeup look polished and perfect. It is one of the easiest and best Kim Kardashian makeup looks for dusky skin.




20. The Natural Makeup Look

This is no doubt the most stunning and the best of Kim Kardashian's makeup looks. Kim has kept her makeup look as natural as possible. The eye makeup is very subtle and the nude colour lipsticks just complete the look. Overall, her makeup style is effortless yet stylish, perfect for anyone looking to feel confident and elegant in any situation. Kim's natural makeup look is perfect for someone who wants to achieve a polished, but peaceful appearance.




21. Fuschia Lips 

Young Kim Kardashian Makeup looks are rocking once again. Kim Kardashian applied a Fuschia pink lip colour once and we loved it. There have been no more occasions where she wore this lip shade again. This is such a bright and fun shade and is capable of spicing up your whole makeup game. This lipstick is paired with smokey eye makeup and a tint of glitter. This look is perfect for parties as they can even make dull dresses look amazing.




22. Cat Eye Look

Kim Kardashian has used a range of different makeup techniques over the years - from lash extensions to bold lip colours - but one thing that she consistently relies on is eyeliner. She applied cat eyeliner for the first time in the year 2015 and her eyes look gorgeous because of that. Kim is also wearing a nude pink shade of lipstick and a little overdone cheekbone makeup. 




23. Platinum Blonde look

This Kim K look is from the year 2016 when Kim appeared in Kanye’s runway show. Kim is wearing a Platinum Blonde big for the runway show and her outfit is just a shade or two dark in comparison to her hair. Her makeup and hair are both coordinated perfectly with her outfit. Kim is wearing a lip shade similar to blonde and has her eye makeup matching her outfit. 




24. Bleached Brows Look

Kim Kardashian has experimented with her looks various times but this look was completely unexpected. This is one of the Kim K makeup looks from Met Gala. The first thing that every noticed from Kim’s Met Gala pictures was her bleached eyebrows. Fans were awestruck by this Kim Kardashian makeup look. Kim applied nude colour lipstick to complete her look. The look was perfectly paired with a silver dress and wet look hair.





25. The Cleopatra Look

This Kim Kardashian makeup look seems inspired by queen Cleopatra. Kim has her hair cut in the same style as Cleopatra and the outfit she is wearing also gives the same effect. She has opted for a light rusty lip shade and a glittery eyes shadow that compliments the lip colour. Rose pink blush and the cheekbone contouring just add to the look. Kim's outfit is bold and attention-grabbing, just like the queen herself. 



Kim Kardashian has always been known for her innovative and bold makeup directions. From glittery eyes to smoky looks, the “Keeping Up with Kardashians” star has left fans awestruck through her amazing makeup choices. Are you going to try any of this Kim Kardashian makeup looks? If yes, tell us in the comments, and also let us know the looks you loved the most.