What Are Whiteheads And How To Get Rid Of Them At Home!

Senjuti Chakraborty

Updated At  09 Dec 22

In our mundane lives, we often tend to forget the daily cleansing routine our faces need, the paucity of which may lead to the occurrence of acne, pimples or even whiteheads and blackheads. While scratching and popping these might be really hard to resist, our team recommends some patience; along with the following quoted home remedies that’ll render your skin whitehead free.

While a few of us have some idea regarding tackling blackheads, removing whiteheads is a different ballgame altogether.

If you’re wondering what exactly is the difference between whiteheads and blackheads and why do they occur, we’ve got you covered.


What are Whiteheads?

Also known as ‘closed comedones’ these are a form of acne. Whiteheads are caused primarily due to clogging of hair follicles because of accumulation of oil and dead skin cells which closes the pores resulting in sensitive white and yellowish protuberances on the skin.

When these protuberances stretch the pores and get oxidized; they turn black and are hence called blackheads or ‘open comedones’.

Other than these reasons, hereditary factors, unhealthy diet, stress, hormonal changes, humidity or usage of certain medications or cosmetics may also be the cause of the breakout.

The following are a few steps that could be followed to seek good riddance off whiteheads: -




1. Be a steamed momo

Facial Steaming leads to unclogging of pores and is often suggested as the one of the best ways to get rid of whiteheads.

How To: Boil water and put your face above the container approximately 6 inches away and take deep breaths; with a towel on top of you blocking the steam from escaping.

Repeat this daily for a week to see the results.




2. Oatmeal Scrub to your rescue

Oatmeal acts as an excellent exfoliator which makes it perfect for removing whiteheads.

How To: Mix 1/2 cup of oatmeal, a spoonful of sugar and honey each and make a paste of it. Apply this onto your skin and massage for 5 minutes. Repeat this on alternate days over a span of a week or two to remove whiteheads from the roots.




3. Turmeric is a blessing for mankind

On being applied daily, anti-microbial properties of turmeric heal whiteheads in about a week!

How To: Make a paste with half a teaspoon of turmeric with either water or honey and apply it on whiteheads. Keep this on for 15 – 20 minutes and wash it off with water.




4. Egg Whites to rid you of whiteheads

Loaded with Vitamin A, Egg Whites aid cleansing and tightening of pores along with controlling oiliness.

How To: Segregate the yolk from the albumen; as for this we only need the whites. Mix a teaspoon of honey with the egg whites and beat it until it’s frothy. Apply this as a mask and rinse after 15 – 20 minutes.


green tea


5. Green Tea for deep cleansing

Green Tea contains anti-oxidants that open up pores.

How To: Place used tea bags on the affected area for 10 – 15 minutes daily over a week and be ready to startle yourself with the difference!

To win the battle against whiteheads can be a tiresome task, so follow these quick and easy steps to see them vanish into thin air in no time!


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