10 Simple Principles Of A Healthy Family


Updated At  01 Nov 18

Most articles are dedicated to family issues and unhealthy relationships. Fewer people write about family happiness. And it’s understandable.

Problems make people look for the solutions and support, they go online to read about similar situations. If partners live in harmony, they don’t think about happiness – they are just happy.

How to be a psychologically healthy and happy family? How to keep love alive in a long-term relationship?

Each happy couple has their own little secrets, but there are certain principles followed by all of them.

1. Being tolerant of each other

Spouses don’t have to have identical opinions and interests. They should accept one another with all their oddities. Accepting your partner with all their merits and flaws is what they call a mature love.


The motto of happy couples is: Each person has some virtues that make up for their flaws.


2. Distinguishing between something important and insignificant

Loving partners understand which problem is worth an argument and which one is not a problem at all and should be ignored.

The important matters that need to be discussed are the family comfort, mutual respect, kids, parents. Such question as which line to choose to overtake a traffic jam will never become an apple of discord in a healthy family.





3. Make concessions and compromises

When it comes to solving some minor daily issues, stubbornness has never been an effective strategy. Happy couples realize that to give in doesn’t mean to lose.

When you make a compromise, you win in a big way – you save peace and harmony in your relationship.

4. Communicating, listening and hearing

Communication is an exchange of information and energy between the interlocutors. It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of effective communication between spouses.

It’s not only the way to share your worries and emotions with your partner but also the way to show support. Happy partners always have something to talk about.

5. Staying silent without feeling awkward

Partners don’t have to talk non-stop. They can spend hours in silence or just exchange a few words without feeling bored.

For example, she may be sitting on a sofa reading a book and he may be working at his computer in the same room. This is how that deep emotional connection works – it’s invisible to the eye, but it’s in the air.

6. Making money, sharing and spending

Happy families don’t have problems dealing with money. They form their budget in a peaceful way, irrespective of whether both partners work or only one of them is employed.

Today, the dad who looks after kids at home and the mom that works two jobs and makes good money is not a rare thing. In healthy families, partners never manipulate the question of money.




7. Being best friends with the spouse

Friendship between loving partners is one of the pillars of their successful relationship. Being friends with your partner means having fun together, developing together, sharing happy and sad moments, being supportive.

Tenderness and sexual attraction just complement this friendship.

8. Making delicate remarks

In a harmonious relationship, partners don’t want to hurt their loved ones, so they express their concerns and complaints in a delicate way. They are good diplomats indeed.

9. Enjoying their intimate life

According to sexologists, spouses that are satisfied with their sexual life rarely experiment in bed. If the frequency of sex and traditional positions give them the right sensations, why go out of one’s way looking for something new?




10. Making plans, dreaming, traveling together

Successful couples discuss their plans for the future together, as they are the team. Where they are going to live, when they want to have babies, where to go on a trip.

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