Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Review

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  05 Dec 23

Planet Fitness is among the most popular and budget-friendly gyms in the USA that also have branches in Canada, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. It is known for having a judgement-free zone but there are also some special features that the gym provides to its members as well! One of those perks is getting the use of Planet Fitness's total body enhancement machine.



In our comprehensive review of planet fitness's total body enhancement, we deep dive into its features, pros, cons and cost details. We cover user reviews on red light therapy, before-and-after pictures, and detailed cost breakdowns. Most of the users seem to like it and have had positive reviews about total body enhancement at planet fitness.





What is Total Body Enhancement?

The Total Body Enhancement machine claims to work on different body parts and help in enhancing different features. It typically works on reducing cellulite and wrinkles, toning abs and glutes, working on muscles, and even decreasing stress! The machine uses infrared rays instead of ultraviolet rays on the body for enhancement.

The Total Body Enhancement machine also commonly known as Beauty Angel RVT 30, has received both positive and negative feedback from the members of the gym, and the following, we'll be going through all the features that the body enhancement machine has and see what works and not in this total body enhancement review. 

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Total Body Enhancement Inclusions

The total body enhancement machine has the advantage of different features that work in the favour of the member using it for some time. It includes the person going into a booth to get the Planet Fitness red light therapy.

The Body Enhancement machine has different settings for both beginners and advanced that you can choose according to your level. The booth of the red light therapy has a vibration tile at the base that gives energy to the cells in our body increasing adenosine triphosphate. Overall, this Planet Fitness red light therapy also helps to get the muscles relaxed. 




Total Body Enhancement Pricing

Total body enhancement at Planet Fitness can be used for the black card members only. The difference in the cost of a classic and a black card membership is $15 per month. The basic membership is about $10 per month aside from initiation and other fees. While the black card membership is $24.99 for the whole month aside from the same initiation and other fees.

Aside from the additional use of the total body enhancement machine, the black card members also get premium digital workouts, massages, tanning, opportunities to bring a guest to the gym, and other features.


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Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy Before And After

There are certainly some benefits that the body enhancement machine gives to the users. People generally get to see the results after a couple of months. 

The red light therapy that comes in the Total Body Enhancement process of Planet Fitness uses infrared light rays to attack various parts of the body and help in different processes. The process of red light therapy is quite similar to going to a tanning bed. However, it is considered better because it uses infrared rays and not ultraviolet rays unlike in tanning beds. Thus, it is a safe treatment that can be used before and after a workout to increase the chances of getting healthier.


User Reviews

Many users on platforms like Yelp and Reddit express positive feedback about Planet Fitness's red light therapy, yet its effectiveness in weight loss remains inconclusive. While some users report weight loss, the majority highlight benefits such as improvements in wrinkles and stretch marks.


An user on reddit mentions her review,

I’ve had a personal success story with it. I was in that machine before and after every work out for three weeks. This was prior to me becoming an employee. I also used the shake plate. My legs were never sore even after leg workout and on top of that I got rid of my acne in the three weeks. In the time that I’ve been an employee, which is two years, I’ve lost 150 pounds total and I don’t have any loose skin.


Another user mentions that, 

At my location they don’t advertise it as anything to do with weight loss, it’s for wrinkles, stretch marks, and cellulite, etc.





Here are some advantages that people have observed after Planet Fitness’s red light therapy-

1) Skin Tightening: One of the best features that people get from red light therapy is that the process promises the reduction of wrinkles and cellulite. However, it is important to remember that these and other types of skin tightening only happen when you regularly use the machine.


2) Relaxation: The Beauty Angel RVT 30 is a small booth but it is filled with lots of things that can help you feel refreshed. Firstly, it is rather warm and can make you feel good in the cold or winter season because of the red light rays. Secondly, the plates under the booth vibrate with the level you have selected and that also helps in making you feel relaxed as if you are getting a massage.


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3) Better athletic performance: Since the Body Enhancement Machine helps in increasing the adenosine triphosphate (ATP), it helps us to get our body ready for a full powerful workout with more activities than before!


4) Relaxed Muscles: Not only does the Body Enhancement Machine help in increasing the adenosine triphosphate (ATP), but it also relieves tension from the muscles.

"I use the vibration plate as a warmup for my muscles. The red light improves my mood, especially this time of year when there is less natural sunlight," says a user, Elizabeth.


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When using the recommended machine two to three times a week for at least 8 to 12 weeks, the machine is said to work its magic and get you the outcome it promises.


"I recommend that it works for me. When you do start doing it I recommend doing 3 times a week full time for a week or two then adjust as needed. That’s what I recommended to my members when I used to work at PF.!" says Dylan Debord.


Remember that for the machine to fully work, you need to do proper exercise and have a balanced diet. Without it, the machine won't give you the desired result and fulfill the features it promises. The red light therapy is commonly used for 10-20 minutes but the Beauty Angel at Planet Fitness is used for a timer of 12 minutes each time where you can choose the level every time according to your health.




Total Body Enhancement Pros

The machine promises full body enhancement. It is best used after a pre-workout process or when you have completed your workout, as it will not only give you a relaxing time but also help in promoting muscle growth and reducing wrinkles and cellulite. It plays relaxing music all over the booth so that you get distracted and enjoy your time inside the booth.


People who are new to red light therapy can get it at a cheap rate at Planet Fitness. But, even some in-house red light therapy machines are said to do the same work that is better for private people that they can do day or night at their own homes.

1. Attacks Wrinkles

The machine is said to help in decreasing wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, and even other similar processes where it helps in skin tightening. So, overall, it will be safe to say that Beauty Angel RVT 30 helps in skin toning!

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2. Activates The Body

You can use it before going into a workout, either a novice or advanced one, and it will get you ready to work your way through afterward as it helps get the adenosine triphosphate (energy cells) upwards in the body!


3. Helps Achieve Clear Skin

Some people have observed positive results after getting this red light therapy. They have tighter pores on the face and even decrease in cellulite. 

Crissell, an user of total body enhancement at says,

“My expectations were quite low especially for the first time, but I did see some differences. First of all it has been arctic cold outside so my skin on my face has been somewhat dry. But after the treatment I went into the locker room to study my face & saw that the subtle crows' feet lines at the corners of both eyes were gone!”


4. Perfect Post Workout 

The Beauty Angel can make you feel relaxed from the subtle music, vibration beneath the feet, and warm temperature. It will make you feel refreshed just after being in the body Enhancement machine for only 12 minutes!


Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness Cons

We can see from the Planet Fitness red light therapy before and after reviews that for people that the machine works for, does help in getting better skin. But, like everything else in the world, there are also some cons that one may find for the Total Body Enhancement-



1. Can Cause Vertigo And Headache

For some people, it can cause different problems while they are taking the red light therapy. For example, mainly headache, vertigo, nausea, and decreased blood pressure. This is because your body may not have been used to the rays before. As protective wear, one is given glasses before entering Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness. Of course, it depends from person to person. 


2. Only for Black Card Members

It is only available for black card members at the Planet Fitness clubs. However, if you have the black card, then you can make use of the machine at their 2400+ locations!


3. People Regulations

There is a weight regulation to enter the Body Enhancement machine. For example, it is not recommended for pregnant women, people with pacemakers, and for those who are around 136+ kgs or 300 pounds.


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Q. Does Planet Fitness Total Enhancement Machine use UV rays?

The beauty machine at Planet Fitness uses non-uv wavelengths in the booth that are not harmful to the skin.


Q. Who can use the Planet Fitness Total Enhancement Machine?

Only black card members of Planet Fitness can use the machine. 


Q. How long should the Beauty Angel Machine be used?

One should take a session of about 12 minutes every two to three times a week.


The Beauty Angel RVT 30 machine ensures full body enhancement from muscles to clear skin. In this total body enhancement review, we've tried to cover all the pros and cons of Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness. Remember to ask your trainer, doctor, or a professional before trying the red light therapy to avoid any misfortunes.