Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Journey

Kim Kardashian's 70-Pound Weight Loss Journey With The Atkins Diet


Updated At  27 Dec 23

Kim Kardashian has undergone an amazing and complex metamorphosis throughout the years. Kim has had a tremendous transformation in both her personal and professional lives, from her early days as a socialite in the spotlight to her current status as a worldwide star. 

Over the years that followed, she has shed an incredible 70+ pounds, and her path of transformation has been remarkable. Her journey was significantly influenced by her dedication to health and fitness and has been transparent about the same. She has often provided details about her diet and workout regimens on social media.

Kim Kardashian Weightloss


Know About Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is an American socialite, model, actor, businesswoman, and media personality. Since then, Kim Kardashian has established herself as a well-known personality in the entertainment sector and has pursued several commercial ventures.

Her own fashion and cosmetics brands, KKW Cosmetics and KKW Fragrance are among the popular ones she has introduced. She is also well known for her influence on social media. 


Kim Kardashian's Profile :

Celebrity Name: Kim Kardashian 

Date Of Birth: October 21, 1980

Height: 157 cm

Profession: Model, Actor, Influencer, Entrepreneur and TV personality

Current Weight -116 pounds

Weightloss - 70 pounds


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Kim Kardashian's Weight Loss Story


Influencer and fashion star Kim Kardashian has been committed to maintaining her figure and continuing to lose weight. She has recently been the subject of speculations and reports after apparently losing seventy pounds with her strict exercise routine and unique diet. In addition to being a gorgeous celebrity, she is a mother of four with an approachable and liberated demeanour. 

Kim K has always been upfront and always spoke about the weight she gained since giving birth to her child.  She was concerned and really wanted to lose weight gained post pregancy.


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Atkins diet did wonders for her as she was able to lose a whopping 70 pounds. Her regular workout routine helped her immensely as well. However, it was not easy for her to lose weight. She had consistently updated her fans about her journey alongwith the struggles that she went through. Her Met Gala dress got a lot of attention as her reduced weight was clearly visible and it got her fans really interested.


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Kim Kardashian's Diet Plan

Kim Kardashian lost weight by strictly adhering to the Atkins Diet. The Atkins diet is a plant-based, low-carb diet and is popular amongst weight loss enthusiasts as it provides results. The goal of this diet is to cut back on carbohydrates to put the body into a state known as ketosis when it burns fat rather than carbs for energy.


Kim made the decision to restrict her daily carbohydrate consumption to 20–25 grams. She was encouraged to consume protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and cheese, along with healthy fats like avocados, nuts, and olive oil.


Breakfast : 

  • Egg Whites
  • Feta
  • Spinach 

For Breakfast, Kim preferred having boiled white eggs. In the Atkins diet, people who eat eggs at breakfast tend to lose weight faster. She was recommended feta cheese and she enjoyed eating green veggies like spinach.  Vegetables are a fantastic source of nutrients and antioxidants that help shield the body's cells from damage caused by free radicals, improving general health and lowering the risk of chronic diseases. Sometimes smoothies and Oats have been a choice for her diet too.


Lunch :

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Vegetables 

For lunch, Kim K chose to have either grilled fish or chicken breast. Fish, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and chicken for lean protein are great options if one is looking to reduce carbs in the diet. They also provide a lot of vitamins and minerals to the body.  Kim alternatively also tried having vegan lunch options. Eating simple carbs, specially sourced from whole food sources, boosted her energy levels. Its no wonder Kim's natural photos show her glowing skin.


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Dinner :

  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Salmon

Kim Kardashian opted for a range of vegetable soups and salads for her dinner. She occasionally chose to have salmon salad for dinner as well. Because they are low in calories and high in fibre, soups and salads helped to keep her stomach full.

Kardashian mostly adhered to her nutritious routine. Eating a balanced diet rich in fats, carbs, and proteins is always a key to good nutrition.

Kim Kardashian is also believed to have portion-controlled small meals. Eating small, balanced meals throughout the day was an effective strategy for weight loss. This approach helped Kim control hunger, stabilize blood sugar levels, and prevent overeating.


Interested to find out Kim's beauty secrets, then do check out our guide as we list out her skincare routine and beauty tips she follows to maintain her glowing skin.


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Kim Kardashian's Workout Regime

Kim Kardashian has worked with personal trainers and has often shared her workout routines on social media. Her diet and exercise regimen have typically focused on a mix of strength training, cardio exercises, and a controlled diet. She hits the gym six times a week.  

The workout regime helped her get toned muscles and a well-sculpted body. She worked out with her trainer on most days, but their main goal was to gain muscle through weight training. They made sure to cover all the bases and set out a whole day of the week for ab exercises. Kim K hated leg days, however, she made sure to attend all the sessions as advised. She was trained by her personal fitness trainer Melissa Alcantara and they used to work for 6 days a week at the gym.


Kim Kardashian's trainer -  Melissa Alcantara spoke to People and and informed that -

 “She didn’t want to be skinny. She wanted to have muscle and feel strong. And she wanted to find something she could do for the rest of her life. I understood where she was coming from.”

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Kim Kardashian did agility ladder jumps and sprints as part of her cardio training regimen. Her workout consisted of wide squats, side lunges and dumbell rows too. 


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6 Kim Kardashian's Weight Loss Tips 

Kim Kardahian had lost a whopping 70 pounds by following a strict diet and workout schedule. However, there have been specific tips which aided her weight loss. These are:-

  • Daily exercise
  • Removing sugar from diet
  • Consuming small meals
  • Keeping body hydrated
  • Eating fruits, veggies and proteins regularly in your balanced diet
  • Following the Atkins diet seriously


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