How Gemma Collins Lost 42 Pounds?

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Updated At  28 Aug 23


Gemma Collins, the 39-year-old television personality and businesswoman, with an estimated net worth of £2.7 million has been trending over all platforms, due to her three stone weight loss achievement.

It surely was not her first time shedding the pounds successfully, due to her battle with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and emotional reasons, over the years she has faced weight fluctuations experiencing both weight gain and loss.


The outspoken reality star acknowledged that she was unhappy in several other aspects of her life, which got her to realise that she was obsessed with food and hence was using it to forget her other problems.


But this time with the desire to conceive by 40 next year and to be blessed with a baby.

Gemma has taken the advice of her doctor and hence decided to reduce her weight, making it comparatively possible for her conception.


Gemma Collins has proclaimed her desire to be a mum and if her dream comes true she would like to be a role model for women just like her, who decided to start a family later on in their lives, whether it be to focus on their careers or because life took a different direction.


Gemma Collins weight loss proves you can achieve your goals if you set your mind to it, along with reasonable steps to help you reach the same.

Her purpose for weight loss may be different in comparison to someone else looking to shed the weight but her steps and actions taken may help or provide guidance to whomsoever is planning to take on this journey.

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Discover more about Gemma Collins weight loss as we uncover all the secrets. We specifically cover the following:

  • How Gemma Collins Lost Weight
  • Gemma Collins Diet Plan
  • FAQs On Weight Loss


Gemma Collins diet

The reality star has openly admitted to trying every weight loss plan under the roof: from no carbs to juice diets to Hypno-gastric band.


But the current plan implemented by Gemma seems to have given her lasting results and has helped her drop from a size 24, as she still strives to reach her goal size 16.


Three things seem to contribute to the weight loss experienced by this celebrity. It for sure did not consist of any shortcuts or fast diet hacks. It involved hard work and determination to stick with a plan and see it through all the way. 

Two of her secrets are the most common and suggested solutions by every dietitian or trainer to lose weight and maintain it in the long term. These steps also help in changing the current lifestyle to a healthier one. 

By incorporating the following two factors, one will visibly notice shedding those extra pounds. 

  • Exercising regularly
  • Eating more home-cooked meals than opting for take-outs

It may seem like the simplest solution to losing that desired weight, but it plays a vital role in any weight loss journey.  Seth Rogen weight loss story is an equally inspiring one which you should not miss out on.

Gemma Collins Diet 

Here is a rough idea of the diet and meal plan followed by Gemma. 

Firstly, eliminating the following products from her diet was an added step taken to a healthier lifestyle. 

Let us understand how reducing the intake of these products helps our body. 

  • No sugar 

Cutting added sugar from our diet may help to lose weight as it results in fewer calories consumed and consuming more calories than what you burn leads to weight gain.

  • No red meat 

Red meat is calorie-dense. Hence, cutting it out of your meal plan will display a lower number on that weighing scale. 

However, it even depends on how we choose to compensate for the protein requirement in our diet. 

For example, a three-ounce serving of red meat can be around 170 calories, whereas a portion of beans can be 100 calories approximately and tofu around 70 calories. 

  • No carbs after 6 pm 

A carb curfew helps in effectively reducing the overall calorie intake during the day that results in weight loss due to either the calorie deficit created. 

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Gemma Collins Diet Plan

Sample meal plan implemented by Gemma as below:

  • Breakfast - Poached eggs with avocado and tomatoes on sourdough
  • Lunch - Salad with kale, peppers, and avocado, with either chicken or tuna steak
  • Dinner - Vegetarian curries or chicken and halloumi kebabs with bell peppers on a skewer with tzatziki salad

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Gemma Collins Exercise Schedule

As per experts, to lose a pound one must burn 3,500 calories.

Gemma Collins' weight loss began when she signed up for Dancing on Ice where she burned 1,000 calories a day during training, while she also hired a personal trainer to drop off the extra pounds with a rigorous workout regime. 

The physical exertion accompanied by a healthier diet ensured the pounds dropped off the superstar, getting her nearer to her desired weight.


Gemma recently posted on Instagram confessing her love for riding her bike in the countryside along with enjoying long walks, showcasing that the lockdown was not going to stop her from being active and healthy.


Just like Gemma, the lockdown should not hold you back to get fit and keep healthy within your home. Especially in current times, one should strive to improve the immune system with exercise and eating healthy.  


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Gemma Collins weight loss journey

Gemma has always been confident about her body and continues to play her part in the body positivity campaign that is taking on social media by a storm.


Her series of posts on Instagram that include unrecognizable throwback images along with many current moments as well portray her love for her body. No matter what size she continues to love and embrace her body while slamming body shamers with her incredible looks and poses, which are loved and praised by fans.


Gemma Collins looks summer-ready in this dazzling image as she shows off her weight loss in a white strapless one-piece swimsuit.



Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What are Gemma Collins' weight loss secrets? 

Along with following a strict exercise routine regularly and eating healthy, Gemma did use Skinny Jabs appetite suppressant injections to help assist in her weight loss. 

Appetite-suppressant drugs are designed to curb hunger, which leads to weight loss, as consumption of food or calories tends to be comparatively lesser.

There are a variety of appetite suppressants available in the market, however, always consult a doctor as appetite suppressants are not for everyone and can cause side effects such as dizziness, insomnia, and digestive problems.

Usage of appetite suppressant drugs also depends on the person's existing medical conditions, medications consumed, and other factors; hence always get a professional opinion before commencing such treatments. 


Q. How much weight did Gemma Collins lose?

Gemma lost about three stones that amount to 42 pounds.


Q. Did she take weight loss pills to lose weight?

No, she did not take any weight loss pills. Gemma did use Skinny Jabs appetite suppressant injections to aid her weight loss. 


Q. What is the key to weight loss as per Gemma Collins?

The star revealed that the key to her diet is home-cooked meals rather than ordering from out.

However, she does take Saturdays off to have whatever she wants but sticks to a routine during the week. 

Create a plan that includes the meals and workouts for the week that will work well with your schedule and help you prep for the week beforehand, reducing the chances of failure. 




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