Susan Boyle Weight Loss Story

Susan Boyle Weight Loss Story - How She Lost 50 Pounds?

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Updated At  07 Mar 24

Susan Boyle rose to fame from the show Britain's Got Talent. She also performed in various other popular singing shows on television. Since then, she has produced exceptional music and sang many famous songs that became popular around the world. No wonder she had a brilliant musical career with the stellar achievements of eight studio albums, three Guinness World Records, and two Grammy nominations. 




Another notable thing about the famous star is her weight-loss journey. Susan Boyle’s weight loss is the most inspiring journey across the globe. The Scottish singer made headlines with her inspiring journey of shedding 50 pounds after she learned about type 2 diabetes in 2012. After the diagnosis, Susan started her journey to shed kilos to lead a better and healthier life. She started making changes in her diet, lifestyle, and exercise, which paved the way to losing kilos. There were lots of healthy lifestyle changes Susan made in her weight-loss journey. Yet she faced it all with compassion and dedication. To learn more about Susan Boyle's weight-loss journey, read the below article, which evaluates her journey in detail.

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Susan Boyle Profile 


Full Name: Susan Magdalane Boyle

Birthday: April 1, 1961

Age in 2024:  63

Birthplace: West Lothian, Scotland 

Occupation: Singer

Relationship Status: Unmarried

Height: 1.63 m

Weight Before: 177 pounds (80.2 kg)

Weight After Her Weight Loss: 127 pounds (57.6 kg)

Current Weight: 132 pounds (approximate)



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Susan Boyle's Weight Loss Story

Susan's weight-loss journey started in 2012. She was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental condition called Asperger's syndrome. In the same year, she was told by her doctor that she had type 2 diabetes. Susan realises that she has been affected by health issues due to her weight gain. However, she was busy with the work and the accolades she was getting for her music. She completely neglected the health issues and gained weight during the period. Within two years, by 2014, Susan was more overweight than she was before. Soon, Susan realised that she needed to work on her weight loss to lead a healthier life. She started working on her diet, lifestyle changes, and many other things that helped her lose 28 pounds by 2016. She stated that she was eating unhealthy food items and consuming sugar in large quantities, which worsened her weight and health. But her dedication and compassion towards leading a healthy life made her lose 50 pounds by 2018.  


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Susan Boyle's Before and After Images of Weight Loss







How did Susan Boyle lose weight?

After the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, Susan started working on losing weight. She stated in a video interview with The Mirror (via Facebook), I managed to lose weight because I've been doing a lot of walking and a lot of exercise.".

She added, 


"And I haven't been eating any bad foods anymore." So it looks like Susan worked on two major, specific factors to lose the huge kilos from her body. One is avoiding food items that contain sugar, and the second is exercising, which mainly involves walking.


Though there were other factors involved in her weight loss journey, as per her statements, we assume that she is working on her diet and exercising aggressively to lose weight.

Susan made headlines with her inspiring weight-loss journey, and fans want to know the details of her journey. Below is a detailed explanation of Susan's weight-loss diet, exercises, etc. 


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Susan's Diet Plan During Weight Loss


Susan was always an overweight girl, and she has faced a lot of criticism for her weight. However, she never fully focused on losing weight at such a young age. But after the type 2 diabetes diagnosis, she realised the importance of a healthy weight that leads to a healthy life.

Susan has said that she always loved sweet items that were full of sugar. Sadly, she had to completely cut off sugar in her diet plan for weight loss. Susan was on a strict diet that didn't contain sugar in any meal for the day. As sugar is highly risky, it leads to weight gain, risk of chronic diseases, heart issues, etc. Moreover, she drank only water and health drinks that were completely without sugar. Susan avoided drinks and beverages with added sugar, as it leads to rapid weight gain. 


Food items that Susan has avoided in her Diet: 

  • Candies/Chocolates
  • Baked food
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Cereals with added sugars
  • Beverages (Added sugars)
  • Alcoholic beverages(sweetened)
  • Raw Sugar (Large quantity)


Food items that Susan added to her diet:

  • Natural sugars (healthy portion for a day)
  • Fruits
  • Milk and dairy products such as yoghurt, cream, cheese, etc.
  • Vegetables
  • Honey (best alternative for added sugar)
  • Sprouted grains


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Exercises Susan Did For Weight Loss


Not eating sugar-rich foods isn't the factor that helped Susan lose weight. Instead, there have to be some physical exercises to lose weight effectively. However, in the case of Susan, she avoided the intense workouts during her weight loss journey. She didn't go to regular gym sessions for exercise. Instead, she chose to make changes in her daily movements. Susan, in her 50s, walked 2 miles every day to ensure her physical needs were checked in her weight loss journey. Since she was overweight, she feared that she might break a bone while exercising. So she chose to walk daily, which helped her burn fat.

Also, walking helps you store the energy and not lose all of it for other daily work. It also incorporates the health benefit of burning fat without putting in much effort. Lastly, walking is an ideal exercise for weight loss, reduces the risk of having chronic diseases, and also maintains diabetes.




Susan Boyle Supplements for Weight Loss


Susan Boyle did take supplements for weight loss. However, she took natural supplements and not the artificial ones that are available at stores. Susan used to incorporate the Garcinia Cambogia supplement into her diet during weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia is a Southeast Asian plant that has a tangy flavour. The pulp of this tropical fruit is dried and used as a supplement, especially for weight loss. This fruit supplement adds a tangy flavour to your meal and is great for dieting. 





Q- Did Susan Boyle go to the gym for weight Loss? 

No, Susan Boyle didn't go to the gym for workouts during her weight-loss period. She avoided the gym as she didn't like to do high-intensity workouts due to her being overweight. 


Q- How much weight did Susan Lost? 

Susan Boyle lost 50 pounds after gaining weight continuously. She was 177 pounds before her weight loss. Once she lost weight, she was 127 pounds.


Q- Did Susan take any supplements for weight loss?

Yes, Susan took a natural supplement for her weight loss. She used a Garcinia Cambogia supplement in her diet, which helped her lose weight effectively. 




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