Charles Barkley Weight Loss

Charles Barkley Weight Loss: How He Lost 60 Pounds?

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Charles Barkley, the iconic American NBA basketball luminary, enjoyed a remarkable 16-season career in the NBA, earning a place among the league's all-time greats. Transitioning into a proficient broadcast analyst with roles at TNT and CBS Sports, he has become a prominent figure post-retirement.

Notably, his remarkable weight loss journey post-retirement has piqued considerable curiosity, leaving many intrigued about Charles Barkley's transformation.

We will go through Charles Barkley's profile, his weight loss journey, and answer all the questions about why he needed to lose weight now at 60. Is Mounjaro, a drug Charles was taking for weight loss, good for health? Did he go through weight loss surgery? All this and more about Charles Barkley weight loss can be found in the following. Lets begin.



How Charles Barkley Lost 60 Pounds


Charles did multiple things like following diet and sticking to a workout schedule but he saw a big transformation when he started consuming mounjaro. Like many celebrities, his weight loss journey also shows his determination and perseverance.




Charles Barkley Profile


Born On - February 20, 1963, in Leeds, Alabama

Weight Before - 352 pounds

Weight After - 290 pounds

Weight Loss - 62 pounds

Charles Barkley height - 1.98 meters (6'6")

Charles Barkley net worth, - $60 Million

Charles Barkley age - 60 years as of 2023



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Who Is Charles Barkley?


Born and raised in Leeds, Alabama, Charles was actually born as an underweight child to Frank Barkley and Charcey Glenn. This changed as he grew, and he was overweight as a junior in high school. But, in the summer of his junior year, perfect for playing basketball, Charles Barkley's height saw a growth of 6'6 feet!

He played for Auburn University, but Charles's big break came when he started to play for the NBA in 1984. He is one of the most popular rebounders. His position as a power forward on different teams cemented his name in the hearts of various sports fans.

He has played for the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, and Houston Rockets. Charles Barkley has had some sensational matches and is nicknamed the "Round Mound of Rebound" because of his skills as a rebounder on the court.

Charles Barkley net worth is around $60 Million, and he continues to give scholarship money to different colleges and support the young students and talent of tomorrow. He has donated to six HBCUs until now including $1 million recently to Spelman College, an all-women’s College. Previously, he donated to the Atlanta University Consortium-Morehouse College, Tuskegee University, Miles College, Alabama A&M, and Clark Atlanta University.


Charles Barkley Weight Variations


As a junior in high school, Barkley's height was 5'10, and he weighed 220 pounds. He was a little overweight then. During his very junior high school summer, his height increased to 6 '4 and he joined the school's varsity team. After joining the NBA, he led the NBA in a 2-point field goal, where his weight was recorded at 252 pounds and 284 pounds. It kept fluctuating between 1986 and 1987.

In 2012, Charles Barkley joined Weight Watchers and is said to have lost 27 pounds. This was done by cutting out junk food fom his daily diet and adding green vegetables like asparagus and sprouts to his diet instead. Though, he wasn't able to keep up with the lost weight because of the hip surgery he had to have after some years. 

But in 2016 and recently, he had to undergo hip surgeries, and because of that, he gained weight again. Charles said, “I gained like 100 pounds when I got my hips." When asked about it.

Charles Barkley weight by year has seen a drastic change from 2022 to 2023. He was 352 pounds before, at age 60, and is currently 290 pounds in 2023.



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How Did Charles Barkley Lose Weight?


Charles Barkley weight loss journey has been inspiring for people who want to or are recommended to lose weight in their later years of life. His current weight loss is done with the use of the Mounjaro drug, intermittent fasting, and exercise. 

About the inspiration behind the recent Charles Barkley weight loss, he says, "I am like, ‘Yo man, I wanna be here.’ I am gonna get down to 270 because man, I wanna be here."

On his recent weight loss, he said in an interview:


“I started at 352 (lbs.), And I'm down to 290. I'm starting to feel like a human being, not a fat ass anymore. … My doctor told me, 'There's a lot of fat young people. Ain't a lot of fat old people, they're all dead.'"



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What is Mounjaro weight loss?


Mounjaro weight loss can be done with the use of the medication only under the supervision of a medical professional. The drug has been passed by U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

When asked about mounjaro, Charles Barkley mentioned,


"I'm working out. I'm taking my shots once a week… I’ve been taking this drug called mounjaro. It’s been really beneficial and a lot of help to me. I started taking this drug and got onto my workout regimen, and it’s great.” 


Charles Barkley does not know how the drug works in the body to make a person lose weight, but as seen from Charles Barkley weight loss,the drug seems to be effective.

To quote Charles Barkley himself: "I have zero idea what it does." Barkley said on the dynamics of Mounjaro.



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Charles Barkley Diet And Workout


In the year 2023, Charles Barkley had a diet schedule and did a little cardio to help him lose weight, along with taking the Mounjaro drug shot.


He did intermittent fasting. He ate only once a day, from 5 the evening to 8 p.m. at the night. He got the prescribed Mounjaro drug every week and did a little exercise.


When asked about his diet and exercise regime, he said, "I am eating a little bit better… I'm working out." Speculations have been made that the former NBA star has been using cardio and treadmills as exercise portals.


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FAQs on Charles Barkley 



Q. How much weight has Charles Barkley lost?

A. Charles Barkley has lost around sixty pounds by following a mix of exercise, diet, and the mounjaro drug.


Q. How much did Charles Barkley weigh before he lost weight?

A. On The Pat McAfee Show, Charles Barkley said that he was about 352 pounds before he started his weight loss journey.



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Q. Why did Charles Barkley lose so much weight?

A. Charles Barkley says that for his passion for golf, he had to lose weight. That this would be better for his game. Alongside this reason, his doctor also recommended it. His doctor told him that he might not be here if he doesn't lose weight now and that he shouldn't think that just because he is old, that does not mean that he can take the age as an excuse. 

To quote Charles himself,

"My doctor told me I was fat. So I'm down 60 pounds. She said to me, 'There's no fat old people, only fat young people.‘ If you don't get this stuff together you're not gonna be around.’"  


Q. Did Charles Barkley get weight loss surgery? 

A. No, Charles Barkley weight loss is achieved through the use of prescribed drugs, diet, and exercise. He had a hip surgery in 2016, but not weight loss surgery.


Q. How did Charles Barkley lose so much weight?

A. Charles Barkley went in to undertake Mounjaro. It is a drug that one uses alongside diet and exercise. This is intended for diabetic people. The drug helps regulate blood sugar, but it also helps in cases of obesity. Charles Barkley weight loss has made headlines for the Moujaro drug. It is said to be similar to the Ozempic drug and some may even say that it shows faster results.