Miley Cyrus Hairstyles

25 Miley Cyrus's Greatest Hairstyles Of All Time

Hanisha Sharma

Updated At  08 Jan 24

Miley Cyrus is an enigmatic force in the entertainment industry. She has not only conquered the music charts but has also left an indelible mark with her ever-evolving and audacious hairstyles. From her innocent days on the Disney channel as Hannah Montana to her bold and rebellious persona, Miley's hair transformation has been as headline-worthy as her chart-topping hits. 

In this exploration journey, we will delve into 25 of Miley Cyrus' most iconic and transformative hairstyles, each representing a chapter in the story of her personal and artistic evolution.


25 Best Miley Cyrus Hairstyles




1) Modern Mullet

The modern mullet has made a striking comeback and Miley Cyrus embraced it with style. The hairstyle known for its shorter front and longer back demonstrated her influence on shaping contemporary beauty standards. Miley Cyrus mullet haircut is an iconic celebrity hairstyle.




2) Undercut 

Building on the pixie cut, Miley took her rebellious image a step further by incorporating shaved sides and an undercut. This edgy and androgynous hairstyle became an emblem of her newfound confidence and independence.



3) Retro Shag

Stepping into retro vibes, Miley Cyrus tried out a long shag haircut that is reminiscent of the 70s. This bohemian-inspired look added a touch of nostalgia to her ever-evolving style. It also highlighted her eclectic taste in fashion and style. Miley Cyrus shag haircut is an iconic one. 




4) Bob Cut With Bangs

As Miley Cyrus transitioned from her Disney image, a chic bob cut with bangs marked the beginning of a new adventure for her. The sleek and sophisticated look hinted at the upcoming transformation and the bold choices she was about to make.




5) Pixie Cut

Miley Cyrus's platinum blonde pixie cut has been very popular. Her new hairstyles not only surprised her fans but also symbolized her desire to break free from her childhood persona. Miley had embraced a more mature and daring identity. This is a beautiful Miley Cyrus short hairstyle.



6) Long Platinum Blonde Locks

Saying farewell to her short hair, Miley Cyrus let her hair grow out and dyed it platinum blonde and brown. This phase marked her versatility and easily she can transform between different hairstyles. Sally Hershberger, who is Miley Cyrus hairstylist helped her in achieving this look. One of the best hairstyles for women, this trending haircut had been a popular Miley Cyrus hairstyle.




7) Vintage Hollywood Waves

Vintage Hollywood waves were a stunning hairstyle that Miley Cyrus wore with great glamour and timelessness. Her chameleon-like ability to adapt to different aesthetics was showcased in this look, and it demonstrated her range as an artist, transcending the boundaries of contemporary trends.

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8) Classic Shag

Miley Cyrus is the diva of hairstyles. After growing out of her mullet phase, Miley let her hair grow into a beautiful shag hairstyle that looks breathtakingly beautiful on her. Miley is truly a revolution in the hair fashion industry.




9) Long Waves

Miley Cyrus' journey into the spotlight began with the iconic character Hannah Montana. During this era, she had long, cascading waves that emphasized the innocence and charm of her teenage character. This long hairstyle became one of her most popular haircuts.




10) Blonde Mohawk

Miley Cyrus introduced her blonde mohawk as a departure from her earlier looks. The daring and unconventional hairstyle perfectly represented the theme of her music during this time. It cemented her status in the pop culture.




11) Buns And Topknots

During her Bangerz tour, Miley Cyrus showcased her versatility by constantly styling her hair into buns and topknots. This playful yet edgy hairstyle gave her the ability to seamlessly blend into her evolving image.

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12) Lavender Pixie

Miley Cyrus' experimentation with her pixie cut reached new heights as she introduced pastel hues. From cotton candy pinks to lavender blues, these vibrant colors showcased her willingness to embrace unconventional and bold styles. The audience has always loved the iconic Miley Cyrus hair color.




13) Slicked-Back Undercut

Making a comeback to her shorter styles, Miley Cyrus sported a slicked-back undercut which added a touch of sophistication to her edgy persona. This showed her ability to balance boldness with a touch of sophistication.




14) Half-Shaved Head

Miley Cyrus never fails to showcase her daring side. She shaved half of her head, creating a punk-rock vibe. This bold not only showed her rebelliousness but also her fearlessness in embracing unconventional beauty standards.




15) Brunette Bob With Bangs

Experimenting with darker shades, Miley Cyrus opted for a brunette bob with bangs. This look exuded a level of sophistication while still maintaining an edge, showcasing her versatility in adapting to different styles. One of the top shoulder length haircuts with bangs, this Miley Cyrus hairstyle looks adorable.




16) Messy Bun With Bangs

Miley demonstrated a perfect blend of stylish when she pulled off a messy bun with bangs effortlessly. The carefree and stylish look showed her easygoing attitude which added another layer to her never-ending style repertoire. One of the best Miley Cyrus hairstyles. 




17) Wavy Lob

When embracing a wavy lob, Miley Cyrus entered a phase of maturity in both her personal and artistic life. This is one of the best Miley Cyrus hairstyles that had a more relaxed and natural vibe which reflected a sense of self-assurance and comfort with an ever-evolving identity.




18) Choppy Pixie

Returning to her pixie roots, Miley adopted a choppy pixie cut. This bold yet playful hairstyle showcased her commitment to reinventing herself while staying true to the short hair that had become synonymous with her bold image. A beautiful Miley Cyrus short hair hairstyle. 




19) Braided Crown

Miley Cyrus adorned a braided hairstyle on a red carpet event. This intricate hairstyle showcased a softer side of her personality, proving that she could seamlessly transition between edgy and elegant. One of the best Miley Cyrus hairstyles.


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20) Rainbow Braids

Miley Cyrus decided to add a burst of color to her look by incorporating rainbow braids in her hairstyle. This playful and vibrant choice echoed her carefree spirit demonstrating her ongoing commitment to experiment with her style. This is an iconic Miley Cyrus hair color look.




21) Side-Parted Shag

In another shaggy iteration, Miley embraced a side-parted shag. This dynamic and textured hairstyle added movement and volume, enhancing her dynamic stage presence and overall aesthetic. Miley Cyrus hairstylist, Sally Hershberger helped her in achieving this look. 




22) Punk Mullet

Keeping in line with her love for mullets, Miley sported a punk-inspired version. This edgy interpretation featured asymmetrical lengths and bold spikes, reinforcing her position as a trendsetter in the world of beauty and fashion. Miley Cyrus mullet haircut is an iconic one.




23) Sleek Ponytail

Proving that she can effortlessly switch between casual and glamorous, Miley opted for a sleek high ponytail. This polished and sophisticated look showcased her ability to adapt to various settings and occasions. One of the best Miley Cyrus hairstyles.


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24) Faux Hawk

This bold and avant-garde look combines elements of a classic mohawk with a modern twist. This is one of the most iconic Miley Cyrus hairstyles that helped solidify her reputation as a fearless style icon in the entertainment industry.




25) Shaggy Mullet

Miley continued to explore mullet variations, introducing a shaggy mullet in 2021. This hairstyle combined the rebellious spirit of a mullet with a more relaxed and tousled aesthetic, showcasing her ability to reinterpret classic looks. This is a beautiful Miley Cyrus shag haircut. 


Miley Cyrus has rocked 25 iconic hairstyles that perfectly encapsulate her artistic and personal evolution. Starting from the innocent waves of her Hannah Montana days to the bold pixie cuts, mullets, and avant-garde styles of recent years, Miley has consistently used her hair as a canvas to assert herself. Miley Cyrus hairstyles reflects a chapter in her story, representing her unyielding rebellion, audacious experimentation, and unapologetic embrace of individuality.