20 Japanese Beauty Secrets You Need To Know

20 Japanese Beauty Secrets You Need To Know

Mohinee Bannerjee

Updated At  29 Dec 23

Most of us are envious of how flawless Japanese women look. Japanese beauty tips are extremely popular as it helps provide glowing skin. While French makeup and perfurmes have been amongst the popular ones around the world, Japanses skin care secrets are pretty famous as well.

The ancient Japanese beauty secrets are secrets no more as we reveal the Japanese beauty secrets for glowing skin, healthy hair alongwith the top beauty tips. These 20 Japanese beauty secrets will surely change your life! Lets begin!


20 Must Know Japanese Beauty Secrets





1. Signature oils

One of the primary Japanese beauty secrets for glowing skin is the usage of signature oils for cleansing and toning the skin. Oil is beneficial for your skin irrespective of your skin type. If you do not have signature oils available, you can go for any natural or herbal based oils. Usage of signature oils is one of the key parts of Japanese skincare routine.

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2. Natural hair cleansing

Forget the synthetic shampoos that are packed with harmful chemicals which we buy off the supermarket rack.

One of the top japanese hair secrets, this beauty tip allows natural hair cleansing. The Japanese women use Seaweed powder in order to cleanse their hair so that there is no damage caused to the roots and ends. Instead of using store conditioners, they use camellia oil on wet hair for moisturisation. One of the integral beauty tips of Japanese makeup, this one must be added to the hair cleansing routine to get long and thick hair!


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3. Azuki

While there are a number of beauty secrets of Japanese women, Azuki is an invaluable ingredient in their skincare regime.

It is a red bean and has been around for centuries. Japanese women use it for scrubbing and exfoliation across their body so as to remove the dirt and dead skin cells. They are left with smoother, blemish-free skin.


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4. Double Cleansing

A unique aspect of traditional Japanese skincare is the emphasis on double cleansing. This method involves using an oil-based cleanser first to remove makeup and impurities, followed by a water-based cleanser to ensure a thorough yet gentle purification of the skin. This meticulous cleansing ritual contributes to the overall health and clarity of their complexion.




4. Camellia Oil

This floral oil is also one of the ancient Japanese beauty secrets that have come to light.

Camellia Oil has the potential to fight all signs of ageing and keep your skin supple and taut. Applying it to your skin can soften fine lines and eliminate wrinkles. Moreover, it restores balance and nourishes the skin.

Oils are also popular worldwide and have been part of ancient arabian beauty secrets as well.

Note:- Camellia oil can also be used on the hair and has been found out to be very effective.


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5. Avoid the Sun

An important Japanese beauty secret is that they try to avoid direct sun exposure as the damaging effect of UV rays can destroy the beauty of your skin.

In modern times, it is not plausible to stay at home just to avoid the Sun, but they do use heavy sunscreen, and a high protection factor.

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6. Nightingale droppings

One of the most interesting ancient Japanese beauty secrets, nightingale droppings have been used in facial treatments in Japan from the 17th century. The compound, guanine which is present in these droppings, can help brighten the skin tone. It can also work on reducing your wrinkles and cleansing your pores.




7. Komenuka Rice Bran

The Japanese firmly believe that rice is a miracle ingredient which can help transform your skin completely.

The Komenuka rice bran can be used as a mask on your face. Not only does it have a nourishing effect on your skin but it also acts a potent anti-ageing element. Moreover, it can remove dark circles and give you that flawless look!




8. Wakame Kelp

This is a special kind of sea algae that can be applied to the skin to protect it from UV rays and pollution. Japanese women also use it to fight fine lines and dark eye circles.




9. Herbs

As we have established before, the Japanese love everything natural which means that oriental herbs are a go-to product for them. These can be used to fight dryness and ageing so that skin looks fresh always. The Japanese consume the herbs by brewing them in teas. These healthy concoctions can do wonders in cleaning the body. Yomogi-cha, Biwa-cha and Hatomugi-cha are very popular!




10. Vitamin C

Proper nutrition can go a long way in giving you clearer skin and thicker hair. The Japanese make sure that they have a fair share of Vitamin C every day. They have included oranges in their daily diets which help deoxidize melanin leading to a fair and even complexion. Moreover, it also eliminates pigmentation marks.




11. Wooden combs

If you want Japanese secret healthy hair, then this secret will be particularly interesting for you. Japanese women use handmade wooden combs which have little pores that help in the even distribution of the natural oils released by your scalp glands. Not only is hair left moisturised but also strengthened.

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12. Green Tea

While the rest of the world is just discovering the benefits of having green tea, the Japanese have always been a step ahead. Consumption of green tea is one of the most important beauty secrets of Japanese women. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea help make your skin look youthful and glowing all the time.




13. Treating acne without chemicals

Nowadays there are a number of over the counter solutions for acne treatment. The problem is that all of them have chemicals which can harm your skin in the long run. Hence one of the Japanese beauty tips for face is that you treat acne naturally.

You can use a turmeric face pack or conduct your own spot treatment with tea tree oil.





14. Regular Walks

Being fit has more to do with healthy skin than you might think. One of the most ancient Japanese beauty secrets is that they believe in exercising regularly. Even going for walks can help tighten your skin and improve your appearance.




15. Fish

Do not eat fish? That might be one of the reasons why you do not have the glowing skin you want for yourself. The Japanese are very particular about including fish in their daily diet as it is rich in Omega-3 and contains collagen. Not only does it contribute to glowing skin, but it also plays a significant role in strengthening your hair. Collagen plays a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity and hydration, contributing to a plump and youthful appearance. 




16. Face Massages

Face massages can get the blood flowing and help your skin achieve a flush. They help prevent early ageing. You can visit a professional salon or do it yourself.


17. Slap

No, you do not need to slap anybody! This is a technique that will make your beauty products more effective. Women in Japan slap on the products starting from the chin and then patting it in place which helps the skin absorb better.





18. Lotion Mask

The recent trend of sheet masks arose from Japan's lotion mask. Earlier, a piece of kimono silk was dipped in a toner or lotion and placed over the face. Now, the entire world is replicating it!


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19. White Kaolin Clay

White kaolin clay can be a boon for sensitive skin as it can purify and increase the skin cell generation of the skin. It also cleanses pores and eliminates blackheads. You can make a mask out of it!


20. No makeup once a month

The skin needs to breathe in order to be healthy. Hence, the Japanese do not believe in keeping makeup on longer than necessary. They even stop reaching for skincare products once a month and leave the skin bare!


Create a new regimen for your skin today!