25 Best Square Face Hairstyles For Men

Shrimanti Das

A square-shaped face hairstyle for men is one of the most appealing things to men and the objective is to enhance their strong, angular features and maintain a balanced appearance. Whatever hairstyle you do, always make sure that before styling your hair, it's clean and properly dried, and use hairspray to keep your style in place when you're finished. Here are some of the best hairstyles for square faces for men:

Best Hairstyles For Square Faces For Men



1. Classic Hairstyle

The ageless refinement of a classic men's hairdo transcends historical periods. A well-groomed or side-parted hairstyle represents a sophisticated and adaptable appearance appropriate for both formal events and casual sophistication. The classic style, which embodies elegance and simplicity, is still a popular option since it successfully combines heritage with timeless masculine appeal.



2. Undercut

An undercut hair style is one of the best hairstyles for square faces for men. The traditional haircut for guys with square faces highlights crisp edges and well-defined features. The angular features of the face are complemented by neat side parts or short, well-defined styles, which accentuate its symmetry. This classic option highlights the strong, self-assured attractiveness of a square facial form while also radiating polished charm. These are short haircuts for square faces for men. 



3. Back Brushed

A square-faced man might look put together with a back-brushed hairdo. Sharp lines are softer by the backward sweep, giving the appearance more equilibrium and refinement. This timeless option of best hairstyles for square faces for men gives a consistently polished appearance accentuates the power of the square face structure while adding a hint of delicacy. These type of haircuts are long haircuts for square faces for men.



4. Messy Fringes

For males with square faces, the untidy fringe hairstyle adds a carefree, young vibe. The unkempt fringe softens the sharp features and gives a carefree charm. This effortlessly chic look adds a modern, carefree flair while balancing edge and approachability, perfectly enhancing the square face. These are square face hairstyles male thin hair.



5. Medium Length Undercut

A square-faced man's medium-length haircut creates the ideal harmony. The face is gracefully framed by the cut, which softens the harsh angles. It is fashionable and versatile, accommodating a range of style possibilities and providing a classic look that accentuates the manly characteristics with a dash of contemporary flair.



6. Taper Cut

Just like the name, you get a classy look too. Adorned with tapered long hair on top and shorter hair down the sides and back of the head. The haircut eventually blends in with your skin, making you look sharp and neat



7. Cropped Curls

A chic and adaptable option for people with wavy or curly hair is the cropped curls hairstyle. In order to highlight the natural curls on the top and front of the hair, the sides and back of the hair are trimmed short. It provides a tidy, well-groomed appearance with a dash of individuality and texture. Cropped curls are a popular option for people looking for a maintainable and modern style because they require little upkeep and look good on a variety of face shapes.



8. Side Swept

Consider adding a portion around two-thirds or three-quarters of the way across the hairline for a twist on the classic undercut. For this style, sweep some back and some to the side. This is also one of the best square face shape hairstyles male medium length cut.



9. Medium Length Hairstyle

Square face shape hairstyles male medium length look good. You may add some colour or highlight the fringes and straighten them for a stylish look.



10. Asian Hairstyle

This hairstyle for square face male asian emphasises precision and clean lines. The structural outlines are suited for styles like the undercut or textured crop, which produce a polished yet modern appearance. These best hairstyles for square faces for men strike a balance between tradition and fashion, highlighting the powerful characteristics of the square face with an Asian aesthetic. This is one of the best square shape face hairstyles male without a beard.



11. Stylish Cut

A fashionable haircut designed to accentuate angular features with a contemporary flair is ideal for men with square faces. The undercut, side part, or textured crop all create a mix of trendiness and refinement. This bold decision not only enhances but also highlights a square face's natural power. This is one of the best square shape face hairstyle male without a beard.



12. Full Shave

A fully shaved head can perfectly flatter a square face and it is one of the best hairstyles for square faces men because the round dome offsets the sharp angles of the bone structure.



13. Gentlemen Cut

For guys with square faces, the gentleman's haircut radiates classic refinement. It emphasises symmetry and sophistication while balancing the facial structure. It is characterised by clean side portions or tapering styles. This timeless option gives a touch of refined appeal, making it a favourite among people looking to seem distinguished and timeless. This is also a hairstyle for square face male asian.



14. Versatile Cut

Although it may sound cliche, "the words" lose significance the more they are said. Communicate more in fewer words with this middle-length hairstyle that is styled back. You've already won the genetic lottery if you have a square face. It's taken to the next level with this haircut. This is one of the best square shape face hairstyle male without a beard.



15.  Fade Cut

This square shape face hairstyle male with beard is dramatic and sophisticated at the same time, with the sides tucked in nicely and the top richly layered, it is one of the best hairstyles for square faces men. Get ready to draw attention in every area you enter by wearing modest facial hair to accentuate your jawline. This is one of the best square face hairstyles male thin hair.



16. Receded Buzz Cut

This is a v-shaped haircut which makes the head look round. These are short haircuts for square faces for men who want to make their heads look circular. This is one of the best hairstyles for square faces for men.



17. Side Brushed Gentlemen Cut

For guys with square faces, the side-brushed gentlemen's haircut epitomises traditional elegance. It achieves a polished yet manly appeal by softening angular characteristics with a clean side part. The classic lines of a square face are accentuated by this polished design, which expertly combines heritage and contemporary sophistication.



18. Finger Combed

Prepare to leave a lasting impression with sides that are perfectly tucked in and fronts that are finger-combed, creating trenches in the dense volume of hair. You're set to go with a small moustache on your chin and a faint smile on your lips.



19. Undercut With Top Bush

Trying for a riskier, more sombre appearance? Then you only need to glance at this contemporary rendition of the traditional undercut. When you have an undercut on a square face, people will be put off by the fact that you appear a little like Wolverine. Your cleft chin and short stubble will make you look as fierce as it gets. Even though this style is anything but simple, it is also easy to maintain. After cutting the sides short, all you would need to do is comb the top, which could be done with your fingers.



20. Curly Fringe

For males with square faces, the curly fringe hairstyle adds a fun and modern touch. Structure and spontaneity are harmoniously balanced by the textured curls that soften the aggressive angles. This chic option not only accentuates the square features of the face but also gives the entire ensemble a dash of modern personality.



21. Swept Back

The goal of this haircut is to leave the top longer and the sides somewhat short. His hair is combed back at the crown of his head, with a soft, subtle side part. This makes the style appear more organic and flowing.



22. Fresh Cut

This square shape face hairstyle male with beard and grown mustache will look stunning on men with square face. This is one of the best hairstyles for square faces for men.



23. Brush over

You should draw attention to either your facial features or your hair if you have a square-shaped face. Choose a longer cut to draw attention to your hair, ideally with equidistant lengths on the sides and back. Choose a shorter, tighter haircut to draw attention to your face. Steer clear of heavily fringed cuts or centre partings. These throw off the equilibrium of your face and take away from its best characteristics.



24. Neat Quiff

The quiff is a great way to incorporate some timeless flair into your daily look. While it is easier to style than a pompadour, it nonetheless exudes an old-fashioned appeal that is modernised. Here, there is a skin fade that provides some room to draw attention to the beard. 



25. Side Swept Long Hair

For men with square faces, this unusual take on the side swept is among the most striking hairstyles. With chin-length hair in the front, this pushes the boundaries of the standard side part to the absolute maximum. Because of the asymmetry of this style, the hair on one side of your head will be extremely long, while the hair on the other will be considerably shorter. This is a bold hairdo, so it's perfect for you if you enjoy trying out new looks. These is one of the best long haircuts for square faces for men.