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Best Makeup Tips For Beginners To Get Perfect Morning, Evening And Date Makeup


Published  02 Jan 19


We need to look our best irrespective of the occasion but when we are getting ready for a specific occasion like a date, then its even more important to get the makeup right!

We list the best makeup tips for beginners to get the perfect date makeup. Additionally, we also list the best makeup tips for beginners to get the right makeup during the morning and evening.


Best Makeup Tips For Beginners To Get The Perfect Morning, Night And Date Makeup


Date makeup


9 Best Makeup Tips For Beginners To Get Date Makeup Right

  • If you are getting ready for a date, its crucial to get the right makeup to set the tone. Here are a few makeup tips which always work for a date makeup.
  • Always cleanse your face and then apply a moisturizer
  • Use a concealer to cover the skin imprefections like blemishes, dark spots
  • Make use of highlighter to get a nice glow rather than using your blush
  • For a date makeup, prefer a lighter lipstick shade and avoid darker lipstick shades
  • For a date, the most popular lipstick shade is pink. You can also line the lips with a shade similar to your lipstick
  • Eyebrow pencil can be used to fill up the brows
  • Brush a light colour eyeshadow along bottom edge of eyelid and blend it upwards
  • You can run a liner along edge of eyelash thereby creating a tip at the edge
  • Curler can be used to curl the eyelashes and mascara to make them look fuller


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Day makeup


10 Best Makeup Tips For Beginners To Get The Perfect Day Makeup

To get the perfect makeup for the morning, a CTM routine alongwith sunscreen usage becomes extremely important.

But apart from getting the basics right, here are a few makeup tips which are very effective in getting the right day makeup.

  • Start the day by washing your face; Try the new technique of Double Cleansing to unclog your pores and get a clean face
  • Moisturize your skin to create a soft and smooth surface
  • Make sure you wear sunscreen with SPF of atleast 15
  • Apply a thin layer of foundation that goes very closely with the skin tone
  • Use a concealer to provide contouring to your face
  • Apply thin layer of powder for the makeup base to set for the day
  • If you wish to add colour then you can dab blush along cheekbones
  • You can add mascara if you want eyes to pop up
  • Prime your eyelids and apply eyeshadow to the eyelid starting from inner corner to the center
  • To make your lashes stand out use a thin line of eyeliner to the upper lash line; Do not forget to brush your eyebrows

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Night makeup


8 Best Makeup Tips For Beginners To Get The Perfect Evening (Night) Makeup

Going out for a night out and worried if your makeup will last for the entire duration? Follow the amazing 8 tips and enjoy your time.

  • Start the process by applying concealer which has one shade lighter than the foundation
  • Apply foundation that goes exactly with your skin tone
  • Apply powder for the foundation and concealer to make them stay longer
  • Make use of hard brush to apply eyeshadow rather than using a pencil
  • Winged Eyeliner can make the look standout
  • Thin coat of black or brown mascara works well for night hours
  • To get the glow on your face, blend the blush on apples of your cheeks
  • Use any lipstick shade of your choice but make sure you define it properly using a lipliner


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Now that you are aware of the best makeup tips to get the right makeup as per opccasion, its time to make your face and skin glow.

getting the right makeup afterall is not tough once you knoe the best makeup tips.

Let us know in the comments down below the makeup tips which you like the most!




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