What Is Double Cleansing And How To Do It At Home?

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  14 Sep 22

Do you feel your face becomes dry more often? Do you think the glow on your face is missing?

While there are many factors which impact the health of your face and skin, but improper cleansing of your face properly is one of the top reasons for the dull look on the face.

Double cleansing method might just be the thing you might be looking for to regain the lost glow.

Its time you take your skincare game to the next level by exploring this new face cleaning method.

We cover the following:

  • What is double cleansing
  • Why is it needed
  • How to do double cleansing
  • Pros and cons of double cleansing


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What does double cleanse mean and why is it needed?

Throughout the day, we are exposing our skin to harmful bacteria and with increasing pollution, its becoming worse. If we don’t remove these bacteria then it can lead to pigmentation, skin infections and other effects like premature aging.

We all are used to facial cleaning when we speak about refreshing and cleaning our faces. The regular routine of splashing water and foaming it with your favorite facewash. If we go a step ahead, we may scrub our faces twice a week. But again, it is only twice.

The difference between cleansing and double cleansing is the additional step you take to give your face a double wash. No, it doesn’t mean washing your face twice with face cleanser.


Double cleansing is a two-step technique popular in South Asian countries! Compared to how we wash our face and remove the makeup at the same time in singular wash; double cleansing breaks each aspect and goes to the core.

So, it starts with cleaning the face to remove makeup and dirt, followed by a step to wash it with water for a final rinse to clean the skin pores!



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How to do double cleansing?

Double cleansing as the name very obviously suggests means giving a deep cleanse to your skin, ‘twice’.

Double cleansing method comprises of the following 2 steps of cleansing.


Step 1. First Round Of Cleansing

This involves using a makeup remover to wipe off your makeup. You can use either an oil cleanser or micellar water for removing makeup.

To start, break down the makeup using a makeup remover and cotton pad. Ensure that you remove every speck of makeup from your skin to get unclogged pores off any particles.

You can use coconut oil as an oil cleanser to remove makeup. Also, double cleansing with micellar water is another popular option to complete the the first round of cleansing.

You can choose any product as per your preference, but the key to this step is complete makeup removal.


Why it helps: This step breaks down makeup and sebum on skin to prep the skin clean for a water based cleaning.



Step 2.  Second Round Of Cleansing

The second round is the water based cleansing using water and face wash.

As you have removed the makeup and the dirt mask off the face, it is time to cleanse the skin using water. No, we don’t mean a quick pump of face wash and splash.

Often we ignore investing time when it comes to washing our face. As the ritual says, we must actually invest a minute or two to nicely scrub our faces in upward motion and then hit using the water.

This way you can activate the face wash and absorb its benefits completely! The 10 seconds wash won’t help you get a proper wash so make sure to invest time in scrubbing your face gently.


Why it helps: As the skin pores get unclogged from impurities, bacteria and sweat in the first step, the second cleanse leaves the skin completely clean!


Okay, so now we are acquainted with what double cleanse means and the double cleansing method, so let us switch towards how do we actually double cleanse our skin!


Different skin types require different care. Double Cleansing is suitable for all skin types, However, make sure that you are gentle and choose lukewarm water if your skin is sensitive and acne prone.


Pros and cons of double cleansing

While there are many benefits of double cleansing, there are a few things you need to be careful about as well.


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Pros of Double Cleansing

Double cleansing benefits are numerous. Here are a few of them.

  • The pores of your skin get entirely unclogged and cleaned.
  • It is a perfect technique to maintain healthy skin if your lifestyle dwells amidst hustle-bustle of cities.
  • Double cleansing gets rid of dullness off your skin as every wash brightens your face!
  • It keeps dead skin cells at bay.
  • A double cleanse at night allows your skin to soak the essential oils and serums effectively, resulting much better results!
  • Beneficial for acne prone and oily skin!


Cons of Double cleansing

  • You may over wash your skin and strip the skin off its natural oils and moisture causing dryness!
  • If your skin is sensitive, it may cause skin irritation if the right products are not used.

If you want to experience the wonders of Double Cleansing, you better get started with the right products!


The technique of Double Cleansing is the most popular one at South Asian countries like Korea when it comes to their skincare regime. No wonder why they have such glass looking skin!

Give a shot to the benefits of Double cleansing today and say Hello to the gorgeous looking radiant skin! As they say, two is always better than one!



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